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Am I the only one bothered by the fact that entire artists are put into the r/Music Hall of Fame?

I think it’s completely fine that individual songs are inducted into the r/Music Hall of Fame; this prevents the same songs from being posted constantly. I just don’t understand why an artist’s entire catalog has to be restricted.

There are some great lesser-known songs by Foo Fighters or the Beatles that won’t ever see the light of day here thanks to the rules of this subreddit. Just a few thoughts, I guess.


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I agree, I can't post two of my favourite Pink Floyd songs in this sub, although they aren't very popular:

Jugband Blues

9 points · 6 months ago

Man I love Jugband Blues

Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave Grooving With a Pict

It's pretty amazing that such a "serious" band, led by one of the most po-faced sourpusses in rock, actually made such a whacky, loony song.

It's from the Syd Barrett days, the songs were a lot wilder when he was at the helm. Or- I should say a lot more surrealist.

IIRC, Ummagumma was well after Syd left, and was written by Roger Waters.

That's why it sticks out so much, since Waters is normally one of the more sour-faced grumps in the business....

Exactly. I completely get putting a good number of pink floyd songs in there, because there's only so many times you want people to flood the front page with Comfortably numb and Shine on you crazy diamond. But there's so much Floyd that is completely off people's radar; I mean even half of the wall is stuff most people won't have heard.

Its even more egregious with Led Zeppelin in my eyes; sure, most of LZ IV could be put into the hall of fame. But then you've got LZ III, an entire album of fantastic acoustic songs that are nothing like anything else the band has put out, and yet the people that are sick of Stairway to Heaven don't even know it exists.

an entire album of fantastic acoustic songs that are nothing like anything else the band has put out,

Except the similar acoustic songs in LZ4 and Physical Graffiti.

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I think this is just one of many massive issues with this sub. The posting guidelines on here are absolutely ridiculous, and seemingly no matter what you try and post, the mods will somehow say it breaks on the rules and remove it. I've pretty much given up on this sub in general. It's far and away the worst place to try and post actual music that you want to share.

The title formatting fucks me off. like why is it so pertinent that it HAS to be brackets instead of Parenthesis? Or the fucking bot that tells you the same thing was posted like 6 months ago.

Whenever I try to post What Is Life by George Harrison onto this sub, the automod mistakes it for a discussion post. Annoying as fuck, that is.

Do you know any other sub to share music? Im looking for new subreddits

3 points · 6 months ago

There honestly aren’t really any music subs that I wholly recommend. They all have strange rules. r/ListenToThis only lets you post new, non mainstream music, which is cool but limiting. Same with r/Popheads which only lets you post stuff from the last few months, even though there is a lot of great classic pop music worth sharing. I haven’t really found a sub that fully just lets people post good, older music without the mods ripping it apart.

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As for what you said in the 2nd paragraph, add The Eagles and Beck to that list. Man... About time someone pointed this out!

Edit: Add Talking Heads and David Bowie to this list.

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For Bob Dylan, there is one loophole. His duet version of “Girl From The North Country” with Johnny Cash.

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I agree aswell. I think that songs should be put in hall of fame, if they reach the front page 3 or more times or something. But entire artists ? exactly as you said. I doubt many people know The Inner Light by the beatles, Catapult by Arctic Monkeys, or some early Dylan tunes. Yet we get the same songs all the time (looking at you The Less I Know The Better, although I love you) Soon Tame Impala will be banned, with songs like The Bold Arrow Of Time, or Led Zeppelin ever reaching front page...

I agree

Side note, free my brotha Deftones

As with all of Reddit especially big subreddits like this people are typically posting for big karma and because of that it’s really easy to post a super famous song that will be bound to get upvotes. While it would be cool to open it up to songs so people could post unknown songs those don’t tend to get upvotes as people dont know them. Its the weird situation of Reddit

Exactly. This isn't /r/listentothis, I don't get why we can't post popular artists on a music subreddit just because they're popular.

Because if we lifted that ban, people would leave because it'd literally be the same songs over and over again. Like Stairway, for instance.

nobody is arguing that popular songs should be allowed

Not if we leave bans on certain songs. I can see how this could become an issue with popular artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or Zeppelin where there are so many well-known songs and it's sort of a grey area, but a blanket ban on all songs by certain artists is going too far imho.

To use the Zeppelin example, I'd love to post underappreciated gems from their catalog such as Night Flight, Down By the Seaside, I'm Gonna Crawl, Wearing and Tearing, or even popular bootleg material like The Song Remains the Same from Listen to this Eddie or No Quarter from For Badgeholders Only, but I can't under the current rules.

Plus, the situation that you described already happens to a certain degree. Look at how many times Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" has been posted.

You're completely missing the point though. I get banning stairway, and honestly most of LZ IV. But take something like Bronn-Y-Aur Stomp, it's a fantastic song that most people don't know exists, and it's got a sound that most people wouldn't even associate with Led Zeppelin.

radio reddit
2 points · 6 months ago

That's exactly what we have right now though, people are re-posting the same songs NOT in the hall of fame over and over again.

How about if you post stairway it's an insta-ban? That song was great the first few times, but I think about 95% of the first world has had enough of that song

No. If a by an artist gets posted to much, into the hall of fame it goes. Problem solved

Popular!! The subreddit is called Hall of Fame, the pantheon the famous of the famous! It should be nothing but! Silly really...

I ranted about songs not being put in the HoF when Bitter Sweet Symphony once again scored 100 and that prevented me to post other songs from their great back catalogue.

I tend to agree. I'd prefer songs to be put into the hall of fame, not artists.

Shouldnt it be just artists and not songs? or am i confused by the type of hall of fame as there are apparently multiple

Original Poster14 points · 6 months ago

This sub has individual songs that can no longer be posted due to their popularity.

Ah ok now i get it. Then yes i would say it is annoying whole artists are in there as there are some littleknown gems for even the most well known artists

And just to be sure, there are artists from whom you can no longer post anything from their catalog?

Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

Unless they’ve released new material within the past two weeks

Weird, i always think of Hall of Fame as someone or something who is done with their career, not folks who still have time to ruin it all.

Absolutely agreed. Some of them don't even make sense to be banned, since they were never posted much to begin with (Aerosmith and Santana, for example).

I get Aerosmith kinda, but not Santana. I always figured Santana to be very popular, but not “Led Zeppelin/Beatles” popular, if you get what I mean.

Well, I was looking specifically at how many times songs by HoF artists broke 100 upvotes (at which point the artist can't be posted for 1 month) before they were put in the HoF, not their overall popularity in the music world. In both cases, neither band ever broke 100 upvotes at any point in the history of this sub (excluding one fan-made mashup of Aerosmith's Dream On and I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables), so it's not like the mods can say they were overposted or anything.

radio reddit
2 points · 6 months ago

I think we should just remove the hall of fame, because all we're getting right now is a mixture of odd songs here and there and other songs that get reposted like every week.

And the same two Fleetwood Mac songs.

I’d like to add something else that is annoying as FUCK! Anyone. Try posting a Jeff Beck song to this sub. The auto nod won’t let you, because it mistakes it for “Beck”, who is in the r/Music HOF.

Edit: Proof

Original Poster2 points · 6 months ago

Report it to the mods, they’ll take care of it.

One of my biggest pet peeves with AutoMod is that it catches everything. Even if there is a new release from an artist in the HOF, AutoMod will flag the post so that you have to contact the mods for approval.

I don’t understand why just using the New Release flair would disable AutoMod. Makes more sense, cuts the hassle down a bit.

I will, when I really want to post it. I just did this as a demonstration.

If we didn't have the Hall of Fame this subreddit would be nothing but Radiohead and Tool.

If only there was a way to listen to Beatles songs other than on Reddit

Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Sure, you can listen to music on other sites. The point of this sub is to share your musical tastes.

You can also buy the Beatles albums and listen to them!

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Original Poster3 points · 6 months ago

Haha, funny and original.

I would prefer they only put in their bottom-half.

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Original Poster7 points · 6 months ago

What the hell?

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