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Listen to the popular rap song now. See the music video


Hot new rap song.. trending indie Hip hop song with the catchy chorus and dope music video


So I was laying in bed and had this idea. I want random redditors to comment on this post and create a song. I want someone to start with a phrase and want everyone else to take over and make a whole song. If it works out I will record it and post it. (If this doesn’t belong here could someone link me to where I could post it.) Good luck y’all :)

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My favorites have been:

Daytona - Pusha T

Dirty Computer - Janelle Monae

God’s Favorite Customer - Father John Misty

Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts

Year of the Snitch - Death Grips


I see that a lot of the artists have been banned from this sub because they're HoF. I understand that. Artists like the Beatles are so famous that they deserve to be in this category. However, many of the artists have such a big repertoire that it's extremely difficult for an average fan to be completely familiar with the entire catalogue & discography.

Take Rush for example; they have released close to 20 albums over a span of almost 4 decades. Only fans deeply into Rush would be familiar with the entire musical output. Iron Maiden is another one in this list, with a catalogue of 15+ new albums over a time span of 3+ decades. The Beatles themselves have 20+albums over just 8 years.

Restricting the submissions from these artists limits fan access to their music to only those who know their music from the Greatest Hits albums they've put out. I say this simply because there's so much music through history that it's simply not possible to take up listening to prolific artists The Beatles, Rush & Iron Maiden in their entirety, while listening to other artists as well.

On the flip side to that coin, a few 'songs' here are so popular that they gather 1k+ upvotes almost every time they get posted, and they get posted quite a lot. Just search 'You can call me Al' by Simon, 'Shipping off to Boston' by (I forget the artist) or 'Waiting Room' by Fugazi. These are just from the top of my head. There's a lot more like these, where people post them a month after they brought in 8k upvotes, and they again gather 5k upvotes. This limits other submissions from the artist too, like has Fugazi not put out anything else of note?

I suggest limiting songs* to be submitted based on the amount of upvotes they gather. i.e.- (and I'm only spitballing here) If 'You can call me Al' gathers 10k upvotes when it's submitted, it can't be posted again for 3 months. Submission by Simon get restricted to 5 for the next month. If a song gets 100k 'career' upvotes at this sub, it gets 'retired' to a r/music HoF.

This way, over submitted (& overly popular) songs will get phased out over time (you'll be able to check them out on the HoF list in the sidebar) while the Artist will remain open to be submitted. If a hardcore Iron Maiden fan knows of a little known gem than never because a hit, fans might like to know about it.

It'll also not be too difficult to implement because some programmer can simply develop a bot to keep a track of the upvotes a song has received, much like the month long submission ban on an Artis that crosses 100 upvotes.

This is what I think. I find the Artist list in the HoF increasing, while the Song list is thin, but it's the Songs that get repeated most often.

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