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Posted by
Warts Angel
2 years ago
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Please do not: Post someone's personal information, or post links to personal information. This includes links to public Facebook pages and screenshots of Facebook pages with the names still legible...


I'm watching his kiss scene in Finding Frances and I had to go take a Xanax. I'm a huge fan, I've watched everything, for some reason this is just causing me panic. Anyone else get that?


For some reason he made some of his videos unlisted. Some of those are my all time great youtube videos which i check regularly to laugh at them again. Nathan's Nook, No, Don't(seriosly wtf) are some them.

I can only access to Don't and NO cause i had these two o bookmarked but if u have the link to the rest of the videos i would greatly appreciate it.

Seriously, I really need those videos to carry on with my life, im not sure i can live like this.




Hey guys, I was just telling my sister about the appearance Nathan had on Jimmy Kimmel where he was dressed like the guy from The Blacklist for some hilarious Nathan For You ad campaign but I can't find the clip on youtube anymore. Can someone help me out? It was gold.

Posted by
Shout out to J-squad!
7 days ago

If you're a voter or somehow have access to a voter's credentials, don't forget that aside from just the show being up for "Outstanding Variety Sketch Series," you can also separately vote for Finding Frances under "Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded)."


I find his ideas to be very creative and I feel that he could easily become a successful businessman if he wanted to. It motivates me to pursue my own things and to always look outside the box. It also makes me think of how far can I push the limits like he does. Everything about the show I find inspiring just as much as I find it funny.

Posted by
Grandson's pee
8 days ago

I want to show finding Frances to someone but don't necessarily want to wait until they see all of the episodes prior (although I'll insist she does at some point).

are there specific episodes I should have her watch prior in case of callbacks or recurring personalities (like the age progession dude).

thanks in advance! maybe we can all get a beer or something.


Found this Subreddit because I was imagining how hard it might be for the cameramen/crew to keep a straight face while filling the show. Anyone seen behind the scenes footage and witnessed any slip ups?

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Welcome to the Nathan For You subreddit! This is a place to post and discuss Nathan For You, which will be airing its second season on Comedy Central this spring! Please feel free to discuss any Nathan Fielder topics, because this is the only subreddit geared towards him. Lets help get the word out about Nathan For You!

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