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Howdy all!

I have added 2 types of link flairs:

  • Hiring
  • For Hire

When submitting, please use these instead of putting [Hiring]/[For Hire]. You have to flair after it is submitted.

I will play around with the CSS however right now red is for "for hire" and purple is for "hiring".


Guys, I got fired this week and i am totally OK with this. I ended up with the WORST job ever. Started applying but since I'd planned first ever vacation for my 14 + 11yr olds I wasn't pushing hard because I didn't want to ask for time off with a new job or cancel.

Was back 1 week and got fired.

The job was untenable at best - 4 weeks in CIO told me I wasn't allowed to touch sdwan (which I legit am one of the top engineers in USA outside of the company in) firewalls, switches, wifi....etc.

He wanted his contractor buddy doing all the work. I basically spent 8 months going "yeah, I know...I wish I could fix that for you..... well, I'd have done XYZ by now....but I'm not allowed...."

I HATED my life. LOL. If I hadn't gotten fired I was very close to quitting in a very spectacular fashion.

I've been working back to back jobs (not even a weekend off, in one instance!) for the last 15 years, working a minimum of 60hrs and at some points 100+. I LOVE WORKING....

So i'm on the job hunt, turned down a "meh" offer for contract job with a brutal drive today, and i've got all my feelers I could muster out. back in my entry level days I was victim of dot com/ 9-11 drama and had a revolving door of unemployed for 4-6m.....worked for 6-12 weeks, unemployed for 4-6m...repeat

Determined to never be a victim again (and a single mom - if I lose my house I could lose custody of kids) I've saved up 5+ years of living expenses.

So $$ wise i'm good for a decent stretch if needed. I don't WANT to blow through nest egg....but still. very nice to have.

Now i'm not a straight up cisco network person. I've crafted myself as a "jack of all trades" (jill?) and i've spent probably 20yrs doing windows/AD (NT4 and up) exchange (5.5 and up) storage (12+ years) network (mostly non-cisco, I have replaced a LOT of cisco gear) security (oh lord, pci...) etc etc.

I've done quite a bit of VMware, and took VCP class like 10yrs ago (4.2 I think?) but never took test because I just couldn't turn off phone midday for an hour. crazy job then took 8 guys to replace me.

My focus is looking for a job that is probably 50-75% network, but I still like to run backup on exchange/AD/storage etc. I like jobs where i'm one of a smaller team and I can be backup for the main systems guy, or run point on projects if we have a lot going on....and so forth.

I decided I didn't want to be bored (and having felt SUPER stagnant for the last 9m) and looked at local junior college to see if they had a cisco route/switch class because I haven't yet been able to get hands on BGP/OSPF experience.

unfortunately first class is end of aug, but they did have a 6 week class for july and beginning of aug for VCP cert.

cost is 700 bucks.

I almost certainly can pass the test without the class, between having taken class before and working with vmware for the last decade, but you need class to take test.

since I have like 0 certs (jobs that would pay wouldn't let me turn off phone for test, haven't had any training in er.... 6yrs now?) and I SHOULD.....

I thought maybe I should splash out on test. it's one of cheaper ones and I can knock it off. and it's certainly more network involced than most other certs outside of CCNA/juniper certs.

vmware is something i'm already strong on and combines a long history of windows admin, storage, network, etc.

class is 6-10pm, so if I DO get a job I should be able to finish it if I want to either way.

but alas, 700 bucks (+225 I think for test) is a lot of money for unemployment.

I'm on the fence....should I go for it with my new free time??

(also, kickass jack of all trades in the north dallas area is now for hire if you know of anyone looking. LOL)


Facts: graduating high school and applying for college (undecided major, but something in the science/engineering field, most likely). Would it be realistic to be able to find work part-time while pursuing an undergraduate degree? From acquaintances who have been working in the industry as network engineers (they're in their 30's) I have heard there is a demand in our area for people with networking skills, but I don't know if employers would consider someone going to college full-time.


BBG Management Corporation has an opportunity for a Senior Network Engineer in a company providing commercial WiFi network services to SMB and enterprises. 

You will work with multiple departments and projects phases, the position is located in Latham, New York.


  • Liaise with sales team and customers to understand the need, level of the project, integrations, and expectations
  • Create network diagrams which are easy to read, functional and easy to adjust
  • Manage deployment practices, quality control, perform network installation engineering tasks, and oversee juniors in the team
  • Ensure services and capabilities of the solution matches customers' needs


  • At least 10 years of experience in a network implementation and support environment
  • 3+ years of experience with network design, sales engineering, or deployment management for network installations
  • Experience working with networking deployments and wireless networking for events, venues, and conferences
  • Solid background in network administration and architecture
  • Experience with network diagnostic, monitoring and analysis tools (e.g. SolarWinds network tools)
  • Organizational and mentoring skills
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related field

If you have the required experience and are interested Apply now!


I'm looking for someone who is up for some contract work to initiate proper templates, and then diagram many elements of a large service provider network. Must be able to use Lucidchart for it as that is our choice for ongoing maintenance of the maps.

Shoot me a note


So I'm going to start getting learned up on networking. It's always been a dream of mine to be a network engineer for example. Ive never done it professionally but at a consumer level I have fun figuring out why shit doesn't work and how to fix it. Now I want to get certified and make a career out of it. My question is, afyer I get the basic certs, what is the future of networking and what will be on demand going forward? I heard cloud is becoming more and more of a demand but what does that exactly mean? What job title would it be that I'm looking to go for then? I'm just wanting to specialize in an area of networking that will be in high demand in the future!


Here's the link to apply with job description. Closing date is June 12, 2018.

This job is for the St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) in Longmont, CO. SVVSD has 50+ sites (schools and admin buildings) spread along the Colorado Front Range. All are connected via 10GB fiber.

This position is for a field network engineer that will support the network at our remote sites. You will be on a team with 3 other network engineers. At the moment, 2 of us work in the office the majority of the time while the other 2 travel to remote sites. We are 100% Cisco for wireless, VoIP, routers, and switches with Check Point as our firewall and web filter.

The CCNA is required or must be obtained within 3 months. The school district pays for all training and certifications as needed.

Pay would be a minimum of $70k, but probably around $75-80k, based on experience. We’ve gotten over a 4% raise each year since I’ve been here for the past 6 years. We do not pay relocation expenses.

Here is the most recent benefits guide.

My favorite benefit...lots of time off! We get 4 weeks of vacation plus 12 days PTO, on top of 12 holidays. Also, the option of working 4 10-hour days in the summer months to give yourself a 3 day weekend.

Ask any questions you may have.

EDIT: I got a message with some questions, and I just wanted to add those responses here for everyone to see.

With over 20,000 iPads for students, thousands of Chromebooks, and over 3,000 laptops for teachers, we have no problem getting money for IT projects to make sure all of these devices run flawlessly.

We have dedicated server admins, so this job is just for the network.

My co-workers are great. We have a lot of fun at work and I even hang out with some of them outside of work (including my boss).


Hey r/NetworkingJobs, I'm trying to find the salary range for a Level 2 bilingual VoIP support technician in Canada, even just a Level 2 VoIP support technician, as I know the bilingual part is really just extra. Unlike any other major title where you can find multiple salary listings, I've found only one, and I'm not sure if it would be a good starting point.


Edit: I have searched google, glassdoor, even indeed looking for job postings with salaries. This is by far not my first stop to look for an answer. Thank you!


Hello. I am in need of a pro to configure an HPE 5900af switch properly for iSCSI. I have tried mulitple times with instructions being sent to me on reddit and HPE. I still cant get it to work or i am not explaining the issue well. Paying well for your time to come to the location near Yonge and Bloor and set it up properly. Thank you.


I am trying to find more tools/platforms that allow for virtual testing of candidates for modern #neteng roles i.e. including use of CI/CD tools, python, route/switch, linux. Disclaimer: This is a kinda' research question as I am building my own attempt but am also tracking tools like and TechnicallyCompatible for infrastructure skills testing. Essentially there is Codility, HackerRank, and StackOverflow for Business for pure software dev/coding but what else is out there for recruiting/hiring in the infrastructure space that you know of? Is anyone actually doing skills testing (local/remote) in their hiring funnel, how do you measure candidates's hard skills, and when? (even if just your own physical labs).


As a recent compsci graduate looking for a career in networking, what would be some good first steps?


Very excited! I just graduated this past Saturday and called some connections and was able to land my first network administrator position. This is honestly my first time having an enterprise level networking position and to be honest I'm super nervous. I have a few weeks for my start date and have been reviewing some fundamentals of networking and servers and such.

Could anyone recommend, maybe from experience, what types of things I should prioritize? I know this may be an impossible question because it depends on the kind of environment I'm going into for specifics but..I'm just nervous I'm going to get there and be wholly, completely incompetent.


So I don't know if this is a good place to post. I'm currently ready to get out of the place that I'm working. I had bad experiences with job search sites in the past and what got me into my current role was contract to eventual hire. I attempted to apply to some internal jobs but I wasn't considered for them. Apparently I didn't copy/paste all I had expected, sorry it's been a very lousy day. The question is: Where should I start looking for other places? Are there good websites or applications these days that really help stick your neck out in the best places? Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Recent grad, studied telecommunication systems, learnt a fair bit on metro ethernet, WAN technologies, CCNA/CCNP level service provider (I don't actually have the certs yet, still working on that last 15% that wasn't taught in class). Finished in the top 5% of my class with a 3.8 GPA


about 7-8 months ago I was laid off from a well paying job, and had just bought a house based on that income. I found a new job a few weeks later, and the job is great, however the pay is quite a bit lower than my old one.

I'm trying to figure out if there are any options out there for Network Engineers to 'moonlight' or do work on the side that wouldn't interfere with their day job - work that can be done evenings and weekends. Even non-Network jobs (that aren't uber/lyft) I'd be open for.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions? anyone do this currently, and could help with a few pointers?


3 NW Engineer openings for several large Data Center Migrations

If you are interested please email your resume to I will call you asap.

-60-70% of work in McLean, VA, rest of time in Herndon, VA

- Due to contractual regulations these openings require US citizenship and the ability to obtain a public trust clearance

-There are 3 openings: one is lasting 4 months, another lasting 8 and the last goes for 12 months (the longer the more contract the more complex the migration and more Sr. Engineer needed)

-Need Engineers with experience migration/provisioning new data center in a virtual environment


• Experience with Cloud Networking Technologies (NSX, VRF, Context Firewalls)

• Extensive hands-on experience with the configuration of Cisco routers and switches

• Experience with current industry LAN/VXLAN/WAN technologies and products (VPC, VSS, VLAN, VPN, IPSEC)

• Experience with load balancing technologies like F5 Load Balancers

• Experience in TCP/IP and routing protocols (BGP,OSPF, RIP)

• Experience in switching platforms and Ethernet technologies (Cisco 6500, Nexus)

• Experience with command-line interfaces, graphical user interfaces, SNMP agents, statistical monitoring and analysis

• Ability to develop and document detailed lab test plans and reports, document procedures and new configurations, provide training for operations departments and other engineers, provide written troubleshooting, debugging, and problem detail to vendors

• Ability to design, plan, and coordinate network maintenance and installation windows


Hopefully, the mods will allow this posting!

If you aren't already on LinkedIn, make a profile stat. GO LINK WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN, THAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT! Go read some books on how to make your LinkedIn profile great - there are some great ones on Amazon. When you are done with all that, do some searches on LinkedIn, for example:

"Network Hiring"

"DevOps Hiring"

"CCIE Hiring"

"NOC Hiring"

"Cloud Hiring"

"AWS Hiring"

"Azure Hiring"

etc. Try out a bunch of keywords. I can't tell you how many hiring managers I have found who put in the title of their profile - "We are hiring" or "We're Hiring!" Many recruiters who specialize in IT put it in there too. From there you can use your InMails to contact them. Or, if you are sneaky, you can easily figure out their work e-mail address. :)

Good luck!



Looking for some sort of networking experience opportunity, I was able to land a tech support at a networking company but they don't deal with routers/switches but like web filters/firewall products and my CCNA feels useless here.

I am looking for an entry networking admin position or a jr network engineer, or some sort of internship to use my CCNA r/S knowledge. Every post on indeed is asking for years of experience for any engineering position. I have started to learn some python on the side as well slowly off Udemy.

I am based in bay area, any advice is welcome!


Hi everyone! I am Looking for job at any of this areas and around, I have an experience with this field for about Five years but out of the states I want to start my career in the United States.



I am currently looking for networking internships in the United States. I live in North Carolina, but willing to go anywhere for continued experience. I have a current CCNA R&S and several Networking internships worth of experience. If you know of any opportunities please PM me.

Most appreciated,


Entry, mid and senior level positions near Huntsville, AL. Get your foot in the door with the DoD. Clearance not required to apply. Please private message me.

Edit; US citizens only plz


About me: I have a MS in Telecommunications and Networking, CCNP and CCNA Security. I currently work as a NOC Engineer at an MSP. Sadly, the position involves helpdesk work, though I did get to work on Cisco Meraki, configuring VLANs and the Meraki firewall rules. I also work with the Cisco Unified CM, configuring IP phones.

I am looking for an opportunity where I can actually put my skills to test. I am also proficient with Python programming, Wireshark and basic Linux systems administration. I am open to relocating anywhere. I am finding it incredibly difficult to get my foot in the door at a proper network engineer job right now. I just want to be able to use my networking knowledge and hone my skills at work. I have hands-on experience configuring routers and switches. I studied really hard to get my CCNP.


We have a need for CCNA with ipv6 experience for a 1 day job (8 hours). You would need to be onsite in New Hampshire. Please pm me your resume and hourly rate.


First, some background information about me:

I'm completing my bachelor's degree in IT with a focus in network administration in 3 weeks. My degree coursework focused heavily on IT and business concepts, rather than specific "hard skills." With this in mind, I spent the past few months studying for the CCNA exam. I'm happy to say that last week I passed the composite exam on my first try.

I also have about 3 years of experience between previous jobs as a help desk technician and a product support specialist for an AV technology company. I'm located in upstate New York, but realistically, I'm willing to relocate anywhere for the right opportunity.

I'd like to think I'm a reliable, motivated person who's capable of (almost) anything I put my mind to. As a personal point of pride, employers seem to agree: in my life, I've had 6 job interviews, and I've gotten an offer after each one.

I could also use a little bit of advice:

  • Given the facts listed above, what are some positions/keywords I should search to apply for? e.g. NOC Technician seems to be a common path.

  • What is a reasonable salary expectation? After some investigating on Payscale, Glassdoor, etc., it seems like the median is around 45-55k. I've gotten several calls from recruiting agencies, and the trend seems to be an upper limit of 40k.

Edit: Got hired as a T2 network support for a smaller MSP. Thanks all for your advice.


I've been looking around on Glassdoor and the likes and have applied to a large handful, but haven't heard anything back yet. I wanted to try here as well to round out my chances, although I don't know how active this sub is.

I currently work in NE PA at a multi-million dollar resort in a very small IT department. As a result, the job responsibility boundaries are quite blurred, so I've spent my tenure mainly as network & systems administrator, but with additional managerial and project planning / management experience mixed in as the property has undergone other projects. I'm also support levels 1 through 3 because of our size, so when there aren't new projects to work on the bulk of my time is spent on break-fix work that I would like to get away from. I previously held a CCNA that expired earlier this month, and am currently pursuing a CCNP, MCSA Server 2016, VCP6-NV, and OSCP certs through our department's training budget. I've been with my current company for 3 years but have 5+ years in the industry.

Like the title suggests, I'm interested in something that would get me away from level 1 helpdesk calls and allow me to flex my networking knowledge more than I do now. I'm open to a position that encompasses network and systems roles together as well. My ideal salary range is in between 65k and 80k. I'm primarily looking in and around Philly for now, as I haven't put much consideration into New Jersey or further elsewhere yet.

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