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Keeping in mind low cost of living/nice area bring the main factors, can anyone suggest towns to check out? I’m avoiding Albuquerque and Roswell as viable options and I’m thinking I’d prefer something on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Well done Broncos for choosing 505 Southwestern as a partner. Now serving superior Hatch Green Chile at the Bronco stadium.


My BFF and I booked a trip to NM next week with next to zero research. Mostly we're excited to catch up and hang out, but I'd love to have a handful of suggestions of places to go/see/eat/drink/etc.

We're in our thirties. Animal lovers, nature lovers, food lovers, art lovers, culture lovers. We're flying into ABQ and randomly booked airbnbs in taos and santa fe and have 5 nights.

I'd love suggestions of favorite restaurants and bars and easy-ish hikes (probably 30 min to 3 hours, with minimal to reasonable elevation gain) and art exhibits and and musuems and roadside attractions and animal sanctuaries and cat cafes and breweries and distilleries and kayaking adventures and historical sites and amazing ice cream shops.


I know this is a longshot that someone would be familiar with this, but a buddy of mine and I are planning on hiking this route here in about a week or so. I would like to get a better idea of where the water is on the trail before we set out so that we can ration appropriately.

I can see there is a small lake in the southwest part of the trail, and a river that runs along with the trail for a section in the northwest part of the trail.

Does anybody have some experience with this loop? I can't find anything other than what I can deduce by zooming in on alltrails. Thanks in advance!


Long story short, my uncle who lives in Dallas sold a car, now he has a littering arrest warrant because the buyer dumped the car in New Mexico. It’s too far for him to go to court, a lawyer can represent him but I can’t find anyone near there. Also if the lawyer is Spanish speaking, even better.

Thank you for your time.


Hey, Reddit! I hope to relocate to New Mexico by the end of this year. I just love the state so much and have been thinking about relocating there for years. I've saved quite a bit of money for moving (not taking much) and living expenses for at least 9 months. My main concern is finding a job though. I am open to all types of work (have a diverse job background), but was curious as to what industry is most prevalent for job seekers? Just stating--I know New Mexico is a poor state and jobs are limited, but a job is not the reason why I want to live there. It's just a necessity of life. (:


First off, from one "new" state (NJ) to another, hello!

Second, and more importantly, I am here to ask for some input. Basically, my significant other is from New Mexico and desperately misses chile (or are they chiles? Again, not from NM!). For reasons, they are unable to return home for the foreseeable future, causing them to be woefully homesick. Right now my SO is in DC for work/school.

So, my question is two-fold:

What is/are chile (s)? Are they peppers or a powder or a sauce? I'm so confused!

And do you know of anywhere, be it online or in the DC/MD/VA area where I could get some for my SO?

Thank you so much in advance!


Hey /r/NewMexico - I live with and take care of my Grandpa (96) and just learned that the hospice facility here in town offers a 'Respite' period for caregivers every 3 months or so.

I'm down in Las Cruces and I'm thinking of bringing my dog with me and taking some days to come up to Santa Fe or Taos & northern NM in the first two weeks of June.

Are the any particular events going on or places I should look out for the first couple weeks of June?

Last year a buddy of mine and I had a pretty good time visiting Santa Fe, Durango and Mesa Verde. I enjoy camping and trails (nothing terribly difficult, bad hip)


Note that this is a combination of their salaries, but one is being paid +-$400,000 and another is being paid +-$500,000.

Where did all of that money come from?


I was born in New Mexico so I have a NM birth certificate. Now I live in Los Angeles.

Every single time I present my birth certificate for whatever, the next thing I'm asked is "where are your citizenship papers??"

It drives me crazy each time.

Am I alone in this? Lol


My husband and I are moving to Socorro soon for my new job. We have been there a time or two, and lived in Portales for three years so we are excited to be going back to New Mexico.

Does anybody here live in Socorro? We are probably going to have to rent a house sight unseen over the internet so I am a little concerned about that. Also, any general thoughts on the local job market? My husband will be looking for something like landscaping or working on grounds at the university or a job along that line.

Can anyone recommend which internet provider to go with (if there are options) and just in general, what is your favorite thing about Socorro?

I'm from rural Kansas and lived in Portales for 3 years so I do have appropriate expectations of Socorro and am excited to be living there. Thanks!


Anyone have a link to site(s) helpful to determine the water issues in given areas of the state? Specifically concerned about water table issues, wells drying up. and the contamination of ground water from point sources (i.e. Kirtland, other PS contamination of groundwater.


I’m going to get my chemical engineering degree in a few years but there’s not that many jobs for that kind of thing in Seattle. New Mexico is a place I’ve always wanted to go to and I saw some decent jobs there.

Would people be annoyed at a transplant coming in or could I make friends pretty easily?

I’m not a hipster Amazon Seattle person at all. I’m a pretty standard dude with middle of the road politics and I love the west and mountains.


hey folks two fellas and i will be in one of us' hometown of taos, new mexico and we'd like to get married - it's wouldnt be legally recognised, of course, but are there any hippie communes or wherever where we could do it anyway?

we're roadtripping so anywhere within nm and the area (co, az, ut) would work!

fun times

thanks and cheers


So, I hope to not make this too long. TL:DR- I need help learning the spanish my mother and grandmother spoke. My mother's family came from Northern and North Eastern New Mexico. They moved to Texas before I or my mother was born. My mother was born about 3 years after they moved with all of her older siblings except for 2 who spoke this spanish.(One speaks what my mom told me was Mexican Spanish. The other spoke just English). Anyways, they can trace their roots back to colonial times(with apache influence) and have never hailed from Mexico, except if you consider that New Mexico was once apart of Mexico. Anyways, my mom chose not to teach I or my siblings spanish growing up as she was made fun of heavily by people in Texas who spoke spanish differently from her. However, as a very young child, her and/or my papa and nana(nah nah) attempted to teach me it. I remember getting in trouble by my papa and nana for not speaking spanish to them, with my papa telling me until the day he passed away that I knew it and refused to speak it. In addition, when starting school, I could barely speak english at all, and was put into speech therapy for a little over 6 years in order to get my english pronunciations correct. I know that is probably too much information. However, my mom passed away when I was 11, and unfortunately my mom's true sister does not speak spanish. My grandparents both passed away(my nana when I was 4, and my papa when I was 20). Our family has always been matriarchal. I guess, I was wondering if there were anybody out there in reddit land that might be willing to help me learn how to speak the spanish my mother spoke. I don't really care about getting made fun of, but I would not want to intentionally offend others who speak spanish differently. I remember times when my mother and I would attempt to practice speaking seems that rolling my r's was always the hardest part. Although I can roll my r in the front of my mouth, I am not great at it, although I can roll my r in the back of my mouth pretty good. I do not mean to offend anybody with this, but I tend to get alot of backlash because I don't know spanish. If anyone is willing to help me learn, I would like to become fluent someday. Everything I read online tells me it is a dying language(New Mexican Spanish), and I only have one family member left who can speak it the way our family spoke it, but chooses not to. If anyone can help guide me in this, I would be greatly appreciative.

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