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Socorro for work, what to wear?

Hello! I'm going to be in Socorro for work next week and I was wondering what sort of clothing is recommended this time of year in that area? I've never been this far southwest before (from the northeast) so I have no idea what kind of temperatures and weather is common for NM mid-April. Any advice would be appreciated!

Edit: Thank you for all the tips, taking everything from here into consideration when packing!

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Bring a fleece or a pullover or two and a pair of thicker pants. Temps drop pretty quick after dark even if it is hot out in the day.

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Original Poster0 points · 4 months ago

Gotcha, thank you!

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You're looking at temperatures as high as the upper 80s in the daytime and as low as the upper 30s at night.

It is likely to be very windy (20+ mph sustained) on at least a couple of the afternoons.

The sun here, if you're not used to it, is very strong. The combination of high elevation and low humidity means sunlight is very direct, as there's not as much air and humidity to scatter it. As a result, even if it's in the 50s, if you're standing or working in direct sunlight, you might feel very warm. And because of the dryness, it will feel very comfortable in the shade, even if it's 80F outside.

Given the weather, I'd dress for hot, dry weather, but also pack a hoodie or light jacket for when it gets cool outside.

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Nice and warm (70+) in the daytime, cool to cold (50-35) at night.

But prepare for wind, especially if you're spending much time outdoors. March and April is the windy season here, and winds can pick up suddenly in the afternoon, and that can lead to a lot of blowing dust, so take heed of this if you're outdoors a lot and bring a wind breaker minimum, but not too heavy for the daytime or you might be too warm. Also if you're going to be outdoors much, contoured sunglasses or even just some cheap polycarbonate safety glasses if you don't need tint, would be quite handy to have if you get caught up in some blowing dust.

Also check out the stars at night. And if you can drive a couple miles outside Socorro on Highway 60 (it only goes one way from Socorro), you'll have some even more amazing views of the sky. If you feel like exploring in the daytime, Highway 60 further on leads to the town of Magdalena and then on to the VLA, or Very Large Array radio telescope. You'll see dozens of giant satellite dishes on rails spanning a couple miles.

Have fun!

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It will be in the 70-80s and dry.

Coming for First responder training?

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Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

Thank you, and I am!

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Pachuco Pants, A-style t-shirt, black suspenders and polished Stacy Adams tuxedo shoes should do you OK in Socorro. Just bring a flanel for the morning, but make sure it’s not “the wrong color”.

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Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

“the wrong color”

Oh no I'm colorblind!

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Then you better be quick on your feet esé! Just kidding. Jeans and flannel are fine for this time of year.

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