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This is the monthly ticket thread for May. Be sure to be respectful and be careful with who you work with. The Mods are not responsible for any selling or buying on the thread. If there are any issues with a particular person please let us know.

If your tickets are sold or you are pulling them for sale please be sure to either cross out the post or delete it so there isn't any confusion.

Games this Month


Date Opponent TV Official Links
May 6, 5:00pm RSL Ticketmaster, StubHub, SeatGeek
May 13th, 6:00pm Atlanta United Ticketmaster, StubHub, SeatGeek
May 26th, 7:30pm Chicago Fire Ticketmaster, StubHub, SeatGeek


Date Opponent TV Official Links
May 18th, 8:00pm @ Toronto FC Ticketmaster, StubHub, SeatGeek
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Hi everyone!

As some of you may have noticed the new Reddit design is now the default for some visitors to Reddit.

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-The Mod Team


I went ahead and closed everything. Thank you for the 44 responses.

Jason Kreis: 4.88 ± 1.66

Allen Chapman (Referee): 6.51 ± 1.62


Joe Bendik: 5.65 ± 1.67

Mohamed El-Munir: 7.09 ± 2.00

Cristian Higuita: 7.88 ± 1.63 (Your r/OCLions Man of the Match!)

Will Johnson: 4.37 ± 1.66

Sacha Kljestan: 5.51 ± 1.56

Justin Meram: 4.81 ± 1.86

Chris Mueller: 5.93 ± 1.61

Stefano Pinho: 3.93 ± 1.25

Uri Rosell: 6.16 ± 1.27

Lamine Sane: 5.70 ± 1.52

Amro Tarek: 7.07 ± 1.11


Josue Colman: 6.53 ± 1.53

Richie Laryea: 4.14 ± 1.66

Dillon Powers (Peters): 3.70 ± 1.72

Note: On the broadcast, his name was listed as Dillon Peters.


When you watch the Orlando Health ad, and they tell you the "patient" talking is not an actual patient, do you trust them less? (36 responses)

Yes - 61.1 %

No - 38.9 %

When you're 60 minutes into a 90-minute game, is that when the chess match begins? (37 responses)

Yes - 54.1 %

No - 45.9 %

Are passing love letters around the pitch a viable strategy? (36 responses)

Yes - 58.3 %

No - 41.7 %

Better performance defensively. (38 responses)

El-Munir, Tarek, Sane, and Johnson collectively - 63.2 %

Chris Mueller - 36.8 %

Is the TV27 production crew ran by students from Full Sail? (39 responses)

Yes - 87.2 %

No - 12.8 %

NOTE: Those who voted No must have believed that Full Sail students would have done better.

Does a black squirrel contain the same bad luck as a black cat? (40 responses)

Yes - 65 %

No - 35 %

Are you panicking? (40 responses)

Yes - 40 %

No - 60 %

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