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I like that they had to add in rowdy crowd noises after the fact because the prisoners were too well behaved.

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Yea I remember reading how a lot of the cheers were added in.

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This was a trivia question at my local bar tonight

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Is that true?

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Bar= drunk, not sure anymore what your asking

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Oh. Lol. I probably should have said this, but I meant to ask if it was true that they added in a lot of the cheers and other inmate sounds.

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Yes it’s true

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Thanks. Part of me wishes that wasn't true... But it's also kinda cool hearing that the inmates we're behaving themselves so good that they had to add it in! I love that album.

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Hello. I'm Johnny Cash.

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Cue the audience cheering.

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I hear the train a-coming

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it’s rolling round the bend

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I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when.

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Well I’m stuck in Folsom Prison

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And time keeps draaaggin on

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And that train keeps on rolling...

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On down to San Antone

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On down to San Antone...

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And I always wear black

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Why was he performing at a prison? And do we have modern day prison performers?

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He performed at prisons since 1957, his song Folsom prison blues was a hit and lots of prisoners wrote him to perform at this prison or that prison, blah blah blah. John was also an advocate for prison reform, meaning he wanted better treatment for prisoners and better living conditions and opportunities to get jobs when the inmates got out etc.

There are modern day prison performers and a quick google search can reveal some interesting articles.

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Would love for modern day celebrity singers to take up the mantle.

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Yea, me and my friends play some instruments and always thought about performing at prisons but idk.

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Sounds like you do know you just haven't done it yet

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Not modern, but The Cramps played at a mental hospital in 1978. Lux Interior dancing with the patients is as hilarious as it was awesome.

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His career was faltering and he was heavily dependent on a wide range of drugs, so his live performances were suffering. He thought that a live prison album would get a lot of attention and the prisoners would be so appreciative they wouldn't boo him if he screwed up.

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That’s right

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Not a singer but Jeff Ross did comedy routines in prison. Gordon Ramsey did a cooking class in a series, too.

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Something tells me Ramsey wasn't screaming for the lamb sauce when he did those classes.

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He just wanted a proper shank.

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I can listen to this album over and over. His interactions with the crowd are unique and amazing.

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I know, it’s one of my favorite albums of his and I’m gunna have it on repeat on vinyl tonight lol.

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One of the baddest men ever

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A true outlaw

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I wouldn't say he was a true outlaw. He maybe had a couple misdemeanors in his younger days but that's about it. True outlaw country musicians (Haggard, DAC, Shaver, etc..) always liked Cash but would actively speak out about how he adopted the persona of an outlaw but had nothing to back it up. Don't get me wrong, I love JC's music and especially this iconic concert.

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I think it was haggard that said he lived the life that cash sang about.

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You leave out David Allan Coe? OUTLAW !!!

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DAC = David Allan Coe

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A true rebel!

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I grew up I Folsom and it wasn’t until I moved away that I realized how awesome Johnny Cash was. Still, gotta represent my hometown!

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Can't remember it, but I like the quote he said about the prisoners there.

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You had me at "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."

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It's on the back of the record cover iirc.

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Can't find it online. Don't know if it's what you're talking about, but I'm talking about the movie scene where he's in Folsom already and just before he walks out on stage he says something.

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Walk The Line? Released 2005. Not sure how many Cash movies their are.

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Yes, I'm talking about the movie. And couldn't find the quote I mentioned online.

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I posted an AMA request once asking for someone who witnessed this live. No dice.

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"These men have receptions: Matlock, A50632, and Batshelter, A39879. These men have receptions."

JC: "Yeah, I doubt that."

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What's a reception in this context?

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They had visitors, typically family or friends. So Johnny's quip was basically saying "They're not leaving my show no matter what."

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Been listening to him for couple of months now and just saw "Walk the line" the other day. What a man, what a legend!

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That’s why I started listening to him, I listened to him a little bit before watching the movie but after I saw it I instantly became a Cash fan, he will always be my favorite singer.

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Yay I got to show this to my dad today, its his 50th birthday and that's his favorite album :)

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Did he know his favorite album was recorded the very year and day he was born?

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Now he does :)

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    Well, we can work this out. Yes ma'am, I think we can.

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    Johnny "I love to watch you talk"

    June (laughing) "I'm talking with my mouth... it's up here"

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    Didn’t know they added audience sounds. Takes away from it a little. But i love when an announcer says two prisoners have reception, and after a minute of silence Johnny comes back and says “yeauhh. I doubt that”

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    Lol I like that part too.

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    I bought Hello I’m Johnny Cash at a yard sale for like 4 bucks. Live from Folsom was tucked inside too!

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    Damn nice job.

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    I live near Folsom and his daughter is in town tonight to re-create the song. Pretty cool.

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    The good album is Live at San Quentin.

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    My Mom And dad had this album when I was growing up so I heard it a lot.

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    Hey I have that exact guitar strap.

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    love, love, love this album!

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    Listening on Spotify right now.

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    Ah okay, the trivia version was what prison did he perform at, but the girl I like brought another guy to the bar, so I got super drunk, so I don't know

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    Anybody else think he looks just like Jason Segel in this photo?

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    I wonder how many of the prisoners who were there are still alive.

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    I wonder that myself, I believe there’s an interview with an inmate from Folsom who’s still alive but I don’t know where to find it.

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    Besides being a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, you can tell why Johnny had to marry June Carter by listening to this great album. You can tell she has a beautiful soul.

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    Exactly, also if you listen to their album ‘Carrying on with Johnny cash and june Carter’ you can hear some great duets they sing.

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    Definitely. They were one of those couples who worked together professionally at first, but I have a feeling (too young to know) that many people thought they'd end up together because of their rapport.

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    and 29 years ago today, I was born on a Friday :D

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    Happy Birthday!

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    thanks so much :)

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    Happy birthday buddy

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    Happy birthday buddy thanks so much!

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    Long Black Veil. What a story that song tells. They just don’t write country songs like that anymore. Everything is a some shitty anthem to the supposed superiority of simple, southern life.

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    They still write those songs, and sing them, you just won't hear them on a ClearChannel radio station.

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    I kno right, music really isn’t like what it was back then.

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    June Carter once said in an interview that she became a “thief” in order to keep him alive. She stole for him.

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    Listening to it right now, Heal my Soul Johnny!

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    Someone knows how to celebrate.

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    Is it a really strange thing to say that I'm actually jealous of those prisoners? Would've given a lot to hear him perform live. Such an amazing artist.

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    I have the record. I think I'll spin it up right now!

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    Sounds like a plan my dude

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    Johnny cash, james franco's real father

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    That’s got to be James Franco

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    No he didn’t. Johnny Cash is overrated

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    "One of the greatest albums of all time" Yeah. That is if you have never heard of Florida Georgia line with Nelly.

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    Hell naw

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    ... Ima stop you right there