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They all look related.

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Wtf I swear you said retarded

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For those of you wondering about his unit size, I will do some reconnaissance, promise.

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"hey Mom, does Willem Dafoe, y'know, have a big dick?" Mom, looking to dad, "...yes"

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Hah, awesome

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Its pronounced Wilhelm/

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I was being sarcastic, no need to traumatize yourself child.

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I've heard he has a giant penis, can your mom confirm?

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To shreds you say

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Just watch the film 'Antichrist' to find out

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That or The Dance of the Sphinx & the Chimera

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That was a body double. They wanted people to stay focused instead of asking questions about his giant wang.

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Can’t tell when this picture was taken. He looks the same now.

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What's their story, how did they meet?

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Mother’s long term boyfriend during the 80’s was (and I think still is) Willem’s best friend. He might’ve also been involved with the Wooster group with Willem, but I’m foggy on that.

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I heard he has an uncomfortably large penis. Confirm or deny?

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"Bobby Peru...Just like the Country ".

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Took me a second to get the orientation of the photo right in my head. You should tweet it to him lol

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Is your mom left or top?

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Bottom left of triangle

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I’m pretty sure that’s Norman Osborn dude. You know, James Franco’s dad? Your mom met the Green Goblin.

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I think I heard he got kicked out of high school for making a porno. You should ask your mom about that!

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He still looks creepy lol. Great actor but always creepy.

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Who took the picture?

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Mom’s bf I assume. Have to ask her.

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Rather looks like Willem Dafriend.

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Which one is Willem?

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On the right lol

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Who took the photo?

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Willem Dafoe, Daniel Defoe.

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Defoe's girlfriend's left foot looks like his hand holding your mom's head on a stick.

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So Willem Dafoe is your Uncle? Bad ass!! Now I need to see you smile...

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How did he have the same face as he does now? I like to imagine that he never had a kid voice lol

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What is with commenter and Defoe's dick? This is the first I've heard of it.

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Cheyenne jacobs?

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Man are you sure it's not the 70's? If it's the 80's it would have to be early. 80-81.

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I'd check my DNA, if i were you.

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Your mom looks like his sister

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I wonder what kind of Orgasm Face Wilhelm Defoe makes...OP, can you ask your mom?