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Some fun facts:

He could run the 400 in 49.0 The 800 in 1:58 Long jump 22’+ Shot put 53’ +

In the NBA:
Avg 50.4 points per game for an entire season Scored 100 in a game. Over 100 rules were changed because of him. He once averaged 48.5 min per game .......NBA games are 48 min. Avg 22.7 rebounds per game one season

He also claims to have slept with 20,000 women in his lifetime. Averaging 1.5 per day

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Averaging 1.5 per day

Inner teenage me is envious, but adult me gets tired just thinking about it.

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Haha seriously. Thinking about interacting with that many women verbally is tiring, let alone sealing the deal that many times.

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interacting verbally? ... The Stilt need not talk

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The stilt need simply to become the tripod

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The stilt wasn't coined that name because of his legs

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20,000 women huh. Got some work to do if I'm gunna catch him.

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Me and Wilt Chamberlain combined to bed 20,000 women.

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20,002 between the three of us

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Look at mr i-have-sex over here

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as the father of six, two are adopted and two are twins, I can confirm I have had sex at least 3 times

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Source on the rule changes? I've never heard that number, and I've been a fan a long time.

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I had heard it was in all levels of basketball. I read it in a magazine when I was a kid but you can see many of the rule changes with a simple google search.

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All due respect, to you and to Wilt, there's no way that number is accurate. Maybe a handful, perhaps half a dozen. The records though, he has/had those in the hundreds. The jury is out on number of women he slept with although I'm sure he had plenty of opportunities.

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Well, with the shot put he just has to drop it to get half that distance

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And yet he looks so fragile

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Was a bit bigger by the time he got to the NBA.

I'd insert quotes or facts about his weightlifting prowess if i cared enuff

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Hold up.... was this guy the inspiration for Wilt from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends?

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yes he was

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Was a Harlem-globetrotter and played pro volleyball after the NBA

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This dude is really tall. Super long legs, yet he had to fold his socks. Where the fuck did he get his socks from?

Edit: upon further examination, the are knee pads.

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His legs are longer than my life span

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The definition of long boi :)

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As a teenager, he worked summers as a bellboy at a resort hotel in the Catskills. He could take an arriving guest's suitcase, hoist it above his head, and deposit it through a second-floor window.

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He looks like a real-life cartoon character

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L a n k y

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Wilt Chamberlain was a freak of nature before the term was abused to describe any uber athletic player

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Ain’t this dude an imaginary friend

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7 foot 2 inches and weighs a buck fiddy.

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I go jogging through the park in my boxers and it's all 'Freeze!' and 'Get on the ground!'

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Ah, but you aren't The Stilt, are you?