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Posted byu/[deleted]6 months ago

Kris Jenner at age 22.

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38 points · 6 months ago

And somewhere a poor camel is limping.


I dont understand

Somewhere a camel is limping due to aputeeded toes.

Get it now?

There are four camel-like mammals that live in South America, llama and alpaca are called "New World camels", while guanaco and vicuna are called "South American camels".


That's gotta be so fucking strange to go through family albums in a plastic surgery obsessed family like hers. Do they label them, "Face #1" "Face #2" or do they just burn all evidence and pretend they've always looked that way.

She looks like taylor swift and April from parks and rec had a baby

Yeah, she kind of does.

A brunette Taylor Swift is what she looks like, haha.

She was melted down and poured into those jeans.

This woman has no morals. A total piece of shit

Mom jeans to the extreme

Kourtney looks so much like her

Comment deleted6 months ago


Kylo Ren pants.

She has some super old looking arms/hands o.o

Y'all savage

And no squats were made

Those jeans are so tight I’m surprised she was still able to have children later in life.

Hairy arms?

5 points · 6 months ago

no they get that from their father

Caution: STD's

What year is this? You do have to put the year on.

Woops, 1978

She looks 40.

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