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And somewhere a poor camel is limping.

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I dont understand

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Somewhere a camel is limping due to aputeeded toes.

Get it now?

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There are four camel-like mammals that live in South America, llama and alpaca are called "New World camels", while guanaco and vicuna are called "South American camels".

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That's gotta be so fucking strange to go through family albums in a plastic surgery obsessed family like hers. Do they label them, "Face #1" "Face #2" or do they just burn all evidence and pretend they've always looked that way.

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She looks like taylor swift and April from parks and rec had a baby

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Yeah, she kind of does.

A brunette Taylor Swift is what she looks like, haha.

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She was melted down and poured into those jeans.

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This woman has no morals. A total piece of shit

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Mom jeans to the extreme

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Kourtney looks so much like her

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Wait, I thought she just had the surgery like only a few years ago? Wow, she looked stunning back then, would never even guess she was born male.

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Kylo Ren pants.

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She has some super old looking arms/hands o.o

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Y'all savage

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And no squats were made

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Those jeans are so tight I’m surprised she was still able to have children later in life.

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Hairy arms?

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no they get that from their father

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Caution: STD's

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What year is this? You do have to put the year on.

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Woops, 1978

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She looks 40.