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My grandfather deploying with the Seabees (1942-3) and me on the right. by MIKE11481 in OldSchoolCool

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Does anyone else have Professor Farnsworth saying "You're your own grandpa" in their heads right now? No, just me? Oh... Okay.

Queen meets "The Queen" [1974] by rhye_cl in OldSchoolCool

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$4 with $0 return in investment. I can't afford it. I've been gilded 3 times between this account and an old one. Never used it. It doesn't really do anything but signal to followers to upvote you more...which is what a ton of upvotes already does. Lol the voting system is so pointless.

Edit: lol thanks for the gold... thanks for throwing away $4.

Queen meets "The Queen" [1974] by rhye_cl in OldSchoolCool

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Yeah, when did Lars Ulrich time travel to join Queen?

Two Young Men Kissing in a Photo Booth, 1953 by GoodGriefWhatsNext in OldSchoolCool

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That's a happy-fun picture. I remember when I was a young man back in the 70s there was nothing wrong with two friends having a joke like this, and people understood that you were just fooling around. I remember Jimmy and I used to date Betsy and Gladys back after highschool, we must have been 19 and them 18. Anywho, back then the young folks used to go on double dates out to the drive in. There wasn't any internets back then so it was a lot more of a mystery what girls were hiding under their skirt. We ended up doing a series of escalating dares. They would kiss, and then Jimmy and I would kiss, that sort of thing. It was all in good fun. It also ended up being our first sexual encounter. After the kissing we ended up getting the girls to take their shirts off, but then they dared us to show our Johnsons. We had a real laugh when Jimmy ended up playing with mine and I even came a little as I was so inexperienced. We all fell on ourselves laughing. I wish the young folks could have a good laugh like we used to back then but everyone is so concerned with genders and sexualities that people forget how to have a laugh like these two friends

The oldest existing photograph in the world ~1827 by WatchTheGood in OldSchoolCool

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Or just add one space and it works:


Without indenting one space:


The oldest existing photograph in the world ~1827 by WatchTheGood in OldSchoolCool

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use \ to "escape" the code


You would write it like this, I had to use 2 \ to escape the first one, otherwise you wouldn't see it

Edit: Thanks!

Fun Fact: When writing a comment, there's a little link under the textbox that says "formatting help". It'll show you how to do things like bold or italicize using the * and some other useful ones.

Another Fun Fact: \ is used in most, that I know of, coding languages to serve the same purpose, to escape code, usually text when you want to quote or use an apostrophe, making the code think you're trying to close out of the first quote, so you would write something like:

(' Here\'s an example ')

My Grandmother, 1968 by ZooperDooper1337 in OldSchoolCool

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If anyone shot me I'd thank them

My father as a newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenant. Air Defence Artillery. Circa 1976. by ArthurCyning in OldSchoolCool

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Black person does normal human thing


The subtle racism of low expectations.

My grandma playing Duck Hunt on the NES, 1991. Also thank you for beating Bowser for me while I hid in the hallway. Miss you :( by absurd_maxim in OldSchoolCool

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Thank you :). That means a lot.

She died when I was young, around 12 years old. She helped raise me, and I lived in her house with my mom after my parent's divorce from 2 years old, and was babysat for another ten years by her, making tons of cookies, cakes, and food with her. She watched my cousins and I roleplay RPG-style adventures in the yard she kept pristine, and always had an awesome meal ready for us, even if it was just mac n cheese and hotdogs. Playing keepaway with balls on the roof, teaching my cousins and I how to swim in our tiny pool... She helped make my childhood from potentially shitty to awesome.

Hers was the first death I had to accept. When I stopped believing in the afterlife and heaven/god, I had to accept it a second time that I'd never see her again.

I'm glad to see so many people like the photo. It really made me see how much she really impacted my life -- more than I can imagine. Directly and indirectly. She introduced me to video games, which influenced my life as a major passion in countless ways.

All the cool heroes' personalities, character traits and mannerisms I emulated, all the friends I've made from mutual interests in games she showed me as a kid... Almost all of it can be traced back to her. I wish I could spend more time with her, and show her the game I recently designed myself, talk about politics and our mutual love of all the CD's I inherited from her when she died.

Dammit now I'm crying. I didn't think I would be. Thanks for your post.

My grandad and his friends in the 50’s by jjmcjj9 in OldSchoolCool

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Can't wait for a similar oldschoolcool post of me in 50 years but my friends and I are fat and all vaping and it's just me in the photo because I have no friends