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This was such a beautiful episode! What did everyone else think? Discuss away!


What color and brand of lipstick does the Black Fairy in Once Upon A Time? Does anyone know?


He’s a total sweetie, a little shy and totally nerdy (all things already known) but honestly one of my best celeb encounters ever, just so genuine. I didn’t fan girl or ask for a selfie because he was there as a customer so I only spoke to him about what he was interested in not his acting career xD


I know this isnt EXACTLY ouat related, but i literally cannot find anything on the internet about them. I loved all of their singles, and I went to look up if they had anything new recently and its like they fell off the planet. I cant find them in any music service i've used (amazon, spotify, google music)

their twitters are non existent.... and in general its like they just evaporated. and since i know the OUAT fandom was pretty supportive of them with their connection to Lana i'm wondering if they made some announcement that i just missed.....


I’m rewatching the show, and Zelena’s constant hissy fits are driving me crazy. I know she gets better, but for now it’s awful.


Rewatching season 3 A and it’s seems that the shadow was supposed to be a guardian of neverland to prevent adults from hanging around based on wha he told Malcolm about how he didn’t belong and I think he was corrupted by Malcom and his thoughts. If neverland is powered by thoughts and beliefs then he could have used his thoughts to make the shadow subservient.

Posted by
warrior librarian
3 days ago

Does anyone have a link? Preferably one that works?? I know one exists and I'm like.. such a super fan and I would like to find others who enjoyed the show as much as I still do.


Dr. Frankenstein in this show? I thought it was based solely on fairytales? Is Frankenstein a fairy tale?


I seem to have lost it...can someone help me find it? It means a lot to me, it's for a gift.

EDIT: I found it!


Too bad for her, Mary Margaret has the adorable factor to her <3

Posted by
With the right ingredients, I can do anything
6 days ago
  • Prince Charming (Emma, Prince Neal)
  • Prince Henry (Regina/Evil Queen)
  • Henry Mills (Lucy)
  • Rumplestiltskin (Baelfire/Neal Cassidy, Gideon)
  • Peter Pan/Malcolm (Rumplestiltskin)
  • Baelfire/Neal Cassidy (Henry Mills)
  • King Leopold (Snow White)
  • Marvin (Jiminy Cricket)
  • Geppetto (Pinocchio)
  • Robert (Prince Charming, Prince James)
  • King George (Prince James (adoptive))
  • Sir Maurice (Belle)
  • King Midas (Princess Abigail/Kathryn Nolan)
  • Jefferson/Mad Hatter (Grace/Paige)
  • Alphonse (Dr. Frankenstein, Gerhardt Frankenstein)
  • Brennan Jones (Killian Jones/Captain Hook, Liam Jones I, Liam Jones II)
  • Miller (Cora)
  • George Darling (Wendy, John, and Michael Darling, Baelfire)
  • Poseidon (Ursula)
  • Jonathan (Zelena)
  • Woodcutter (Zelena)
  • Robin Hood (Roland, Robyn)
  • King of Arendelle II (Queen Elsa, Princess Anna)
  • King of Arendelle I (Ingrid/Snow Queen, Helga, Gerda)
  • Cronus (Zeus, Hades)
  • Zorro (Lily) LMAO!!!
  • King Fergus (Merida)
  • Zeus (Hercules)
  • Sultan of Agrabah (Princess Jasmine)
  • Captain Hook (Baby Hope)
  • Wish Realm Hook (Alice)

I'm sure I'm missing others so please feel free to inform me! Thanks!


I know this show has had 6 seasons that were obviously mostly successful. It I just finished season 1 where the curse is broken and am confused as to where the show can go from here. It seemed as if that was going to be a driving plot point for a while (I assumed at least a few seasons).

So without spoiling anything, does the show get better, worse, stay the same? After season 1


It didn't take me long to fall for Killian Jones and from the episode where He and Emma had their first kiss I was totally in love with his character. Anyone else obsess about a character from OUAT?

Posted by
Wicked always wins.
7 days ago

When everyone was trying to find out who the Wicked Witch was, did it cross anyone's mind that she wasn't the random woman in Granny's that nobody saw before and offered to be Snow's midwife? I'm surprised that after three or four curses, Snow and Charming would just trust some stranger with their baby.


In this episode, booth convinces gold that he is his son and gets him to dig up the knife. When he dies, booth tries to use it to manipulate gold and gold realizes he isn’t actually his son.

What he says is that his son knew that you “cannot harness any magic in this world” (meaning storybrooke) “because there is no magic in this world” He then proceeds to say that’s why his son chose story brook.

So I must have missed something. Was it Rumplestiltskin’s son who sent them to storybrooke? I thought Regina did that


Rules for the vote: - Upvote so we can get a big poll! -Start your comment with the princesses name so it’s easy to find your vote - if you see your fav has already been voted for, upvote that comment and feel free to reply. It’ll be easier to tally up the votes that way!

I’m sure if you go back through my posts you’ll realize mine is Snow White/ Mary Margaret (mostly cause of MM). But who is your favorite? There are no wrong answers.

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