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[PC][NA][2700 SR] looking for 5 more people to DERANK with. Want to practice(not smurf) my terrible tracer play at a much lower SR.

As per title. I have an Alt account I use for practice. I would like to derank it as low as possible so I can practice Tracer and other dps. It's not to smurf, I normally play tanks and supports and want to practice my aim on a character I truly enjoy playing. Would like to drop to low gold or lower. Bronze if i could swing it. I just want to group up with 5 other people looking to do that same. I feel it would be unethical to throw games or even go tryhard with Tracer at my current rank and lose people games because of my lack of skill. If all goes well, maybe we can six stack for next seasons placements as well.

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go play her in QP, get used to it. tracer does not rely on any other character so its a good thing to get used to her kit. observe who kills you and how they did it, find ways to duel each other hero

then go play her in comp. farming bronze noobs wont get you far when you log into your plat account, you will get destroyed and lose games anyway.

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