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Have her practice saying monkey really fast she'll be a pro in no time

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You are now a Korean pro /s

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When starting from scratch at an FPS, it's best to do a couple things.

  1. Frame playing as being about having fun together, and improving, not winning. Winning is a side effect of improving.

  2. Pick one or two things to focus on getting better at, instead of trying to improve "overall".

Example for #2: Focus on learning the layout of the map, where the enemy comes from, where the objective is, where the health packs are, what the UI queues to tell you where all these things are, are.

Play around with the mouse settings til she's comfortable with looking around/tracking, or quickly looking behind her.

As for heroes, Reaper is great for learning maps / transitioning from no-aim to some-aim. Winston is simple, effective, and doesn't require much aiming at all. I wouldn't suggest playing a support, because they tend to be the first to get targeted.

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I wouldn't suggest playing a support, because they tend to be the first to get targeted.

I assume they're doing QP, in which case probably not so much.

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Your girlfriend should try to play heroes from all the classes, in order to develop a wider understanding of the game and its roles.

I suggest that she should try to learn, at first, two heroes from each class.

Soldier: 76 is a great hero to start on because his aiming mechanic allows for bad accuracy, and focuses on tracking rather than flicking, which is easier for newer players. He also has healing and escape abilities, to maximise APM and faster improvement.

Pharah is also good, as although she is mechanically demanding, your girlfriend will be punished for using all her abilities at once, and therefore develop a better understanding of ability and cooldown management.

I suggest Mei, since she can freeze enemies. This helps practice aim against stationary targets. She's also fun to play, which helps to motivate her to play the game.

Junkrat (on defence) will help develop an understanding of the dangers of choke points, where the enemy team can get stuck and be punished for allowing him to unleash so.much damage.

D.va is a good tank to learn, as she can save teammates from most damage with her defence matrix, while also doing lots of damage.

Winston can be hard to play at first, but he helps develop communication and cooperation, as he is deadly when working with another teammate.

Mercy is good to start off with, since she is (too) easy and requires little skill, while still helping your girlfriend understanding positioning (of teammates and enemies) and how bad positioning can lead to death.

Moira is great because she can do lots of healing while being able to defend herself against a fair amount of opponents.

Your girlfriend can also look at youtube channels that help overwatch players (for example KarQ, Skyline and Kabaji if she understands English) or even watch professionals.

Regarding maining heroes, your girlfriend should ideally get a solid understanding of all heroes, and then pick her best and favourite few to focus on. She should NOT be a player that only wants to play one specific role or hero (a one-trick pony) and she shouldn't try to get really good with all of them at tbe same time.

Remember this Bruce Lee quote: "I fear not the man that has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the man that has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

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i think the most important thing to start with is that she just needs to play hero's she enjoys playing. have her try out all the different heros she finds interesting. then ask her to pick a few that she could play all day and not get bored. not being bored, having fun, is the best way to get her to focus on improving with those characters. for me its d.va. there are many heros i like to play. but d.va is the one hero i never get tired of playing. sure enough, she's become my best character skill wise.

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I got a couple of friends into overwatch free weekend before last and we played a lot together while they were learning.

How long have you been playing together out of interest? You might need to slow down a little with expectations and let her get to grips with it or at least the controls (movement is a time thing most broadly, unless you mean she doesn't do stuff like strafing - just leave that until later if she's struggling with other things), also the games are probably going to be very boring for you - which is fine, it's just easier if your prepared for it. You are jumping the gun a bit with 'improving' before she's even a little familiar with the game if you haven't been playing long. She might also be negatively effected by the fact it'll average your mmrs (of you have/can get a lower level account that might not be an awful idea if that's an issue)

Let her play whoever she likes, both my recent newbie friends basically wanted to play the same character for a bit as they got used to the game and then started to branch out later other people might want to play a bit of everything - but one-two characters is good cause once you know what their things do you can focus on how the game works and the maps then once you are more familiar with that you can learn characters again it means you aren't learning everything at once. Don't tell her to play two from each class, give it a few weeks before you go 'hey you haven't played any tanks want to try' it'll overwhelm her and she'll quit which you obviously don't want. That said probably advise her against picking some characters who are just going to be unfun due to lack of impact of you can't aim/can't get to grips with their kit fairly easily. (Ana comes to mind, if you aren't hitting anything you probably aren't going to have much fun)

I found the best thing to do with new friends was play healer and keep them alive - they both have more fun and learn the game quicker if they are alive more, and I'm fine cause a) no one at the learning the game level has got to 'target healers' yet and b) I can out dual most people who are completely new

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I agree, just let her pick a couple characters she likes and play those and become super comfortable with their mechanics. All this ‘learn 2 characters from every role’ is too much for a newbie. She can do that later if she wants.

Pocket her as a support and you can help her last longer and learn. Help her learn the map. Show her different flanking routes, etc.

Don’t get upset at losses, that can be really tilting for a new player. Just realize it will take time for her to learn, and make sure she knows this too!

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Playing whoever is most fun helps to improve.

That said if Roadhog D.Va or Lucio is among those characters it´s great because you don´t learn the game if you are respawning and those get away with a lot of things. It might hurt the Team if someone Plays a bad roadhog but it will help the Player to get Basic knowledge (map, medpacks, composition, enemy movement, skills....)

Just pick a good character to complement her. Fo example if it´s Bastion then you might want to circle between e.g. Orisa, Mercy and Zarya. That way she will get to know the Advantages of sticking to some characters, how important it is to protect some and how to Combo with others. Because things will go smooth if you are there and go south if not.

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Hey, I’m basically in the same position as your girlfriend! I’m new to FPS but have tried OW off and on. I’m currently playing Reaper as I find him pretty straightforward— get in, shoot stuff, get out. Like, I don’t know enough yet to know where to put Torbjorn’s turrets or place Bastion or warp back with Tracer or whatever, with Reaper it seems I just need to know how to shoot things.

My husband and I have been doing a bunch of vs. easy AI matches in training so I can mainly get used to moving around the world and aiming/shooting without people bitching at me or me getting killed every five seconds.

I’ve tried some support as I like playing support in HoTS— mainly Lucio as he feels like LiLi to me. However, my husband pointed out that as support I’ll be targeted quickly on real matches, so I may stick with just doing damage for now.

That said, I know that the main thing is to play a character you like. If she finds Zarya cool, then hell, play Zarya! If McCree inspires her, go with that!

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Get in FFA and let her play as Soldier. Let her naturally get used to aiming.

Try to get her not to mirror opponents in 1v1 situations. This can stop her telegraphing moves and makes the opponent focus on moving their controller/mouse.

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Mercy and dva. Had the same thing with my wife. She fell in love with those characters. Has slowly grown and is tracer main now.

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I would say try to show her a hero you personally are familiar with and can help guide her into the experience slowly.

OW in particular can look really simple on the surface, while having a ton of depth the further you get into it.

Patience is key, my friend. In terms of finding a main (while i feel i have somewhat of a different opinion on this than most) I'd say just help her understand which heroes are some of the more difficult ones to play, and some which are more simple.

If i have any tips for her specifically;

-don't give up

-figure out what is the most fun and stick with it to get better

-just keep playing so you learn about the maps and who all the characters are over time

-if you get stressed then take a break

Good luck to you both :D

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I started off with Lucio so that's what I would recommend- you can mostly use heal aura and follow some people around until you start to get the hang of things and learn the maps. Speed boost and run when you get in trouble.

Mercy could do similar I suppose but things like rez may be a bit more tricky for a newbie and her escape relies on seeing where your teammates are. Also from the social aspect, in NA at least Mercy is more likely to be subject to complaints about healing, whereas Lucio can slide under the radar a bit.

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I never played an online FPS before Overwatch, and I sucked at single-player FPS because my aim was bad and I had a really hard time maintaining my sense of orientation.

Depending on how much time/interest you have, you could do things like go into custom games to help her learn the maps or do your own FFA duels to practice aim (assuming she likes heroes that need aim). You could give her hero more health or something to make it fair.

But since she's playing to spend time with you, you should help her improve at whichever hero she likes best. You want her to have fun too.

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  1. As a flex player, I think main tanks are a good way of not really needing to aim but working on her aim. Main tanks, imo, require more game sense than aim so it's a way for her to learn the and have pseudo decent aiming. You should be a healer if u just want to pocket her and coach her.

  2. To improve, she honestly needs to go into a custom lobby and just practice her aim on a character like soldier. Soldier because he has so many bullets in a clip (forgiving) and because most characters play at a range a soldier would (so teaches good positioning). Also, make sure she has a decent mouse dpi/sens

Note: you should understand if she is just playing for fun to bond vs. involved in the game and wants to get good.

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At this stage, having fun is more important than developing specific skills. Every hero will help her learn how to walk around, control her field of vision, and hide behind objects effectively; the key is to make sure she's motivated to keep playing despite struggling with these basics.

So let her play the heroes she enjoys playing. That might be Mercy if she likes nurturing, or Bastion if she enjoys doing lots of damage, or D.Va if she wants to bully the other team. Then you should pick a hero who can help her—maybe a Brigitte to peel for her Mercy, or an Orisa to shield her Bastion, or a Moira to keep her D.Va alive. If this pulls you out of your usual role, that's fine—you're going to be playing lower-skill games with her, so your best heroes would probably be unfair for the enemy team. You don't want to carry her into games where she'll be ineffective.

Encourage her to try new roles, but don't make her keep playing things she's not good at, because it's frustrating to fail constantly. Once she has basic movement down, you can focus on specific weaknesses like aim.

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My gf plays with me too and previously had zero fps experience. We started playing since OW release day.

We did bots for a while until she felt comfortable with quickplay or competitive.

She started off playing lucio/zen/soldier/orisa. Heroes that usually sit in the backline sheltered and able to see the entire field to do call outs, but aim isn't as important. I would either play support or tank with her so I can be near to provide protection from flankers. Avoid playing tank or dps because I would carry too much skewing her rating.

As she got better, the tank roles was the next step up; roadhog/dva, she hated rein as she can't do close combat well or move fast enough. I would follow behind her as mercy or lucio protecting her while she tries to do stuff. Basically giving her more HP to cover up her mistakes but still let practice without dying so fast. Since I am behind her all the time I was able to instruct her where to go and what to shoot at.

Now she is up to taking on the roles of dps. Starting with junkrat/phara & dabbling a little with tracer/sombra. But it takes time, we been playing for a while now being silver portrait level and still in the silver/gold for competitive.

tl;dr play support roles, stick near/behind her while instructing her to do stuff.

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I don't have a suggestion for a hero but I do have a suggestion for how you two play together. If it's possible (I don't know how PC Bangs work) I would suggest a new account where you only duo queue with your GF. That way you will get matched against people who are on the level you play at together instead of her getting put in matches that are closer to your level and might be overly challenging or frustrating for her.

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She should pick mercy and pocket you 24/7

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simple you just say to her "Go Mercy DO NOT TAKE THAT HEALING BEAM OFF ME!"