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That's damn fast tbh. Bolt go home

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That's a mile every 3 minutes and 43 seconds

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Not too bad for people on steroids.

I mean Red Bull.

I mean... Strong Man Juice.

...or something.

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freakishly enough, elite marathoners are not far off that pace.

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You’d have to run a sub 4 minute mile to complete this in 65 minutes. A 6 minute mile is still fast for most and that would put you at 104 minutes. My current 9 minute mile is 156 minutes. Time to hit the treadmill.

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Doesn't that also mean you'd have to have the same pace the whole time though? I can do a 5 minute mile, I cannot do a 5 minute mile for 90 minutes.

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I could do a 5 minute mile, too, if the track was vertical and I started at the top

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According to this: https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Movement_Speed data, you'd run it in 73 minutes and 50 seconds at the fastest.

According to this: http://goedhartvoordieren.nl/?page=r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/82odav/run_speed_is_16_seconds_per_100m_not_12/

You'd run it in 74 minutes 40 seconds.

For you to run it in 65 minutes, you'd have to run at a pace of 7.2 m/s, which I've seen no data to suggest is possible

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and thats like 25 km/h

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I would play 50 man race game here

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Miramar Marathon

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Seems like a normal game for miramar

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I want Death Race around Miramar with Mirados dammit

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Me too. I hope we get a mode for that eventually. It's my dream.

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That's because Miramar is modeled after Kenya. Everything is faster in Kenya.

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Energy legs!

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Thank you so much, was looking for this information kappa.

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I was going to see if I could drive around the whole map the other day on that route. I think you would end up getting shafted by the blue though. Might try next time I'm bored and the circles/my landing point aligns to give me a chance.

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How long for the GTA V map?

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Yeah, full military kit going that distance you're maybe getting a kilometre every 10 minutes, maybe.

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I bet i could do it faster

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There's actually a part you missed just above valle del mar, you could go more west on a hard to see dirt path

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Good to know when I choose to not ever play Miramar.

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You would die to the blue zone ;)

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How come you run 7 m/s here and only 5 m/s in Sanhok?

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Trust me, when those snipers start shooting, it'll take you a lot less.

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Is this a dejavu im feeling

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didnt think its polite to just answer one thread and not the other.