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What's on Palestine: Weekend 10-12 February 2017

Theatre: "Mrawweh ala Falastin (Going back to Palestine)" at Yafa Cultural Centre, Balata, Nablus - 12 Feb | 15:00

Jad, a US-born Palestinian man, travels back home in an attempt to reconstruct what he heard and saw about Palestine while in the diaspora. His journey takes him back to Jenin in an attempt to get to Gaza to deliver a letter to a distant friend. The Al Hurriyah Theatre group travels to Nablus for the second showing of this new play.

Film Screening: 3000 Nights - Khalil Sakakini Centre, Ramallah 12 Feb | 19:00

Arabic with English subtitles, the film narrates the story of Layal, a Palestinian woman who is arrested at a checkpoint, and forced to give birth to a child while in captivity. The trailer can be seen here.

Classical music concert: Edward Said Conservatory Orchestra - Qasabji, Mozart, Schubert and Borodin at Nasib Aziz Shaheen Theatre, Birzeit University, Birzeit - 11 Feb | 18:00

The winners of the 2016 Concerto competition perform with the 65-strong orchestra with Maestro Elena Schwarz.

Children Play: "'Ard Zebalah (Garbage Show)" at Al Hurriya Theatre, Jenin - 11 Feb | 13:00

Young Palestinian rappers, Ahmed and Amjad Ajjawi and 25 Palestinian children present a children musical show on the concept of "garbage", and how it is impacting life in Jenin and its refugee camp. The show will be held also on 18 February.

Talk: The Army of Shadows - a lecture based on Hilel Cohen's book on Palestinian collaboration with Zionism 1917-1948 at Hamdi Manko Cultural Centre, Nablus Municipality, Nablus - 11 Feb | 16:00

In Arabic, the lecture will present facets of Palestinian collaboration with the Zionists prior to the 1948 war.

Sport: Palestine Marathon 2017 - Registration - Ongoing

The Palestine Marathon (previously Right to Movement Race) will be held on 31 March. You can get more information about registration here. The route begins at Church of Nativity in Bethlehem.

More Listings:

Shopping Palestinian goods

  • Llacuna - Nabulsi soap

  • Zaytoun - Olive oil and Zaatar (thyme) (offline, mainly UK shops)

  • 5th Gospel Retreats - Olive woodcraft items sourced from local businesses in Bethlehem.

  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign Shop - Activism paraphernalia, stationary and clothing items

  • Atfaluna Deaf Children Society Craft Shop - Clothing items for children and adults, handicrafts and furniture, Gaza-based (WARNING: Contact them first before buying to be sure whether or not they can ship out of Gaza as it might be difficult or impossible because of the blockade). This is my favourite shop and I happened to visit them in Gaza. The products reflect an amazing creativity in using Palestinian cultural motifs in a variety of products. The association has been run by a great American woman for decades. I hope they can ship out of Gaza.

  • WholeFoods: Olive oil - US-based

  • Palestine Literature Festival Tote Bag

  • Shop Palestine - This charity shop has an excellent collection of items. It may be pricey but some items are totally worth it.

  • Five45 - Clothing and paraphernalia items. 10% of sales go to Palestine Children Relief Fund.

  • Kufiya - "<---legit OG Palestinian Kuffiya, not made in china printed crap," according to /u/MacNCheeseOnUrKneez.

  • Traid Online Shop - UK-based, has various Palestinian products.

  • Hadeel Palcrafts - Various items from Palestine.

  • Phoenician Glass from Hebron - UK-based with nice products for your home or garden.


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