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Tackle or linebacker you'd think. Saying that, I wouldn't be surprised if Bill goes for some unheralded safety or a damn gunner.

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I think we keep the 31st (if not trade up a few spots if necessary) and draft a left tackle, then draft an OLB with the 43rd or whatever our next pick is.

We have always had a lot of stability at LT and I think we will get as close to a blue chip player there as we can, and Bill will trust his own ability to make some combination of what we have work at LB if necessary, especially given we have already added two pieces to the front seven in FA.

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This is my optimistic take, essentially. A talented LT + Scar is a prospect that arouses me. I just can't shake the possibility of some odd Belichick shenanigans.

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Hopefully this. I think our DL is in good shape. Just need a fast coverage lb