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I just finished the series and holy shit the acting was phenomenal. I had heard about the show but never knew anyone who watched it. I decided to give it a go and I am so blown away. Reading around I see why they wanted to end it but why now have a spin-off? I just wanted to sing my praise of this show.


I’ve just rewatched S1E05: Closer Than Sister. I couldn’t imagine having a job where I had to be that raw and incredibly vulnerable in front of a camera, let alone a whole crew and knowing an audience would watch it.


Try vampyr. Its got a heavy penny dreadful feel. Sadly we wont ever get a PD game but vampyr comes really close in feel and tone.


So I asked a few day ago about the chronological order of the score cues for the Penny Dreadful soundtracks as I always find it, well, "dreadful" when they jump all over the place on the soundtracks. I think listening to the tracks in the right order makes a much more interesting listen. So, I have now rewatched the ENTIRE show and shazzamed my ass off! And I was luckily able to trace all the cues and take notes.

So here is the complete and correct chronological list from the season 1 soundtrack + the season 2/3 soundtrack:


  1. Demimonde (Main Title)

Episode 1:

  1. First Blood

  2. Explorer’s Club*

  3. Reborn

Episode 2:

  1. Street. Horse. Smell. Candle

Episode 3:

  1. Abomination

  2. Modern Age

  3. Mina

  4. There Is A Place

  5. Welcome To The Grand Guignol

  6. Allegiance

Episode 4:

  1. Dorian Gray

  2. Where Do They Go?

  3. Never Say No

Episode 5:

  1. Transgression

  2. Asylum

  3. Right Behind You

  4. Closer Than Sisters

Episode 6:

  1. Mother Of Evil

  2. Secret Room

Episode 7:

  1. To Be Beautiful Is To Be Almost Dead

  2. I’m Not Myself

  3. Let Me Die**

  4. The Last Rites

  5. Back Hand Of God

  6. In Piece

Episode 8:

  1. Everyone Likes Oranges

  2. Pull The Trigger

  3. Too Many Monsters

  4. I Was Never Going To Go To Africa

*Bonus track from the season 3 CD

**In the actual «Let Me Die» scene they tracked a small part of the «Reborn» cue. Not sure why they used a different track with this specific title. The album version appears several times during season 2 and 3. Even in one of the final scenes of the last episode.


Episode 1:

  1. Verbis Diablo
  2. House Of Wax
  3. The Unquiet Grave
  4. Memento Mori

Episode 2:

  1. Until The Storm’s Past

  2. Dolls Have Hearts

Episode 3:

  1. The Cutwife Of Ballentree Moor

  2. Joan Clayton

  3. Be True

Episode 4:

  1. Gossamer Tennis

  2. Wallpapers

Episode 5:

  1. Weapon. Ritual. Superstition.

  2. Poison

Episode 6:

  1. Melting Waltz

Episode 7:

  1. Ethan’s Waltz

  2. We Are Dangerous

  3. Killing Sir Geoffrey Hawkes

Episode 8:

  1. Up The Side Of A Mountain

  2. Ghost Waltz

  3. Breaking The Spell

Episode 9:

  1. Coffins

  2. Entering The Castle

Episode 10:

  1. Vanessa’s Dream

  2. Know Your Master

  3. Little Scorpion

  4. Boat To Africa*

*This is the last track on the season 3 CD but it should really be the last track on the season 2 CD as this is what

closes the second season.


Episode 1:

  1. New Mexico
  2. Guardian Angels
  3. Dr. Jekyll

Episode 2:

  1. We Butcher Them

  2. Common Red Fox

  3. Madness

  4. Nocturnal Danger

  5. Rejection

  6. The Master

Episode 3:

  1. Las Cruces

  2. False Mirrors

Episode 4:

  1. White Room

  2. One Day Soon

  3. Revelation

Episode 6:

  1. Little Deceptions*

  2. House Of The Night Creatures

  3. Ethan Kills

Episode 7:

  1. Us And Our Kin

  2. Such Is Our Power, Such Is Our Kingdom

Episode 8:

  1. All Light Will End

  2. Werewolves

Episode 9:

  1. Let It End

*This is on the Season 2 cd and there is a scene in season 2 where they mention "little deceptions" but a different version of this cue is used. The album version appears first in this season 3 episode.


Is anyone able to tell me which episodes the different cues on the season 1 and the season 2/3 soundtracks belongs to? I hate that it's not in chronological order and would love to rearrange the tracks as they appear in the show! :)


Does anyone have a link to download the cards or have the deck and could share on imgur? I search the images a long time and without success.. :((((


Does anyone know where I can find a print of that naval battle/ship painting above the fireplace? Or what it's called? Was it just made for the show? The greenish one, possibly with moonlight

Posted byu/[deleted]1 month ago

Oh how much I've missed this show...

I have yet to find anything that comes close to replacing Penny Dreadful. Not in terms of character development, writing, and most importantly script.

What was your guys favourite moment looking back now? I'd enjoy a trip down memory lane here :)


Is the Poet William Woolworth which both Vanessa and Caliban reading a real poet or at least based on one?


This was an intense series: dark, drama, love, intrigue, conflict ect.

For me the ending was a nice wrap up of the entire show without leaving to much in the dark or unresolved.

Yet I have some issues, especially in the last season (3) as some things were to much in your face - we have to end the show soon :

The Therapist of Vanessa had a great influence on the plot and the whole lore as we learn about The Pale Dudes first encounter with Vanessa when he was human yet possessed. So at first glance a great character with great potential for the future and a cool ability. BUT her badass-attitude in the last episode felt wrong, just wrong. there was no build-up for that and there is no way her psychic encounters in the mind of Vanessa or Dirk Gently have prepared her for a epic battle against hordes of vampires and other creatures of the night. Not with her struggeling against Dirk when he was facing here in the office or freaking from the toads.

The Fencing Gal was just a plain copy of the Old Helsing the producers killed of way too early, closing the door of a cool, monsterhunting, beast-knowing badass with incredible fighting skills.

The Dracula storyline felt way to engineered with too fast end of all days - scenario . From my point of view Dorian would have been a better Dracula, because his power and story actually have a lot of build-up and he has a lot of character (+ -arcs). The actual Dracula is just there .

And i have the suspition that the writers needed three seasons to know what they want to do with Vanessa. Like at first she was just mysterious and they hinted a kind of possession by the devil, then she became the scorpion witch - amplifying her devilish powers and in the last season she is the mother of all evil. like damn . make your mind up pls. But at least they made a great effort to conceal this transformation by giving the viewer more insight in the backstory throughout the series thus "explaining" the changes. But it was painfully obvious when taking 3 days off work to watch the series in one go as i did ..... a season a day keeps spoilers away as i say

so what are your thoughts on the series and my points

(keep in mind that i actually really like the series, so im not a dumb hater, those are just points that kept coming to my mind while watching)


I’ve been turning this over and over in my head and I think it’s time I share it here. I think the song is about Vanessa.

Please, go back and listen to it again if you want

At the beginning, she says that her “mother would sing me a song” that she would keep “close to my heart because I know my time on earth won’t be long.” Vanessa seems to have known about her fate from the start. She then wonders if the place “we go to die” is real, as she asks “is it true?” before saying “I pray to God it’s true,” as though she is hoping she will go to heaven after all that has transpired in the last year or so.

Throughout the whole series Vanessa struggles with her faith, more so towards the beginning of season three. She reminisces about her childhood and how “the land was heaven on earth and green hills were all you could see”, how happy she was being friends with Mina. But then she hurts Mina, and her worlds turn to “steel and brick”, referencing London “so it looks more like hell to me; and each day brings more and more suffering,” because she hates herself for what she did but knows she has the chance to make it right.

She also says that each night brings “silence and fear”, meaning that she is afraid of the darkness that not only surrounds her but is within her. The song says that she wakes “to the sound of your voice, but your not hear. Why aren’t you hear?” She wonders if she’s hearing God’s voice but also contemplated the fact that God might have abandoned her.

In the second half of the song, it seems as though she has made peace with her death by singing “So now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep.” She hopes that after everything she’s done, God will still accept her. “Please let me die before I wake so the Lord my soul can take,” meaning she doesn’t want to see the destruction she’s caused and wants the Lord to take her soul and protect her.

She also hopes that she’ll “finally find you admongst the beauty of paradise,” meaning she hopes that she’ll find her faith once again after all is said and done and the world is at peace and how God’ll sing of “not of dying but living.”

At the very end, it almost seems like she’s talking to God directly because she says “wouldn’t that be nice?”

This song is a plea for help from a woman who has lost all of her friends and family, and only wants to end her suffering. She is praying that God will finally take her away and bring her to a paradise where she will spend the rest of her days... and that’s what happened. This song was foreshadowing the end of Vanessa Ives from the very beginning of the episode.

What do you think though? What’s your opinion?


At the end on season one we learn Ethan is a werewolf and in season two the inspector says he’s been in London for a year . And the events of the last episode of season one follows right into season two with Ethan waking up in the Mariners Inn . So why didn’t Ethan change any other time throughout the year ?


I have a question. I finished Penny Dreadful about two months ago, and have blanked on the name of the theatre owner that takes The Creature in and let’s him work as a stage hand, as well as the actress The Creature falls in love with at the theatre. Also, did they die in the show?


I have a YouTube Channel where I do segments called EDI (Every Death In...). When I do these videos, I showcase the clips in order of every character death. So only CHARACTER deaths, not unnamed characters such as the prostitutes that die from the vampires. Characters such as Joan Clayton, Sembene, Vanessa Ives, etc. I need help compiling a list of every named character death. Those who help will get mentioned credit in the video. Thanks a lot guys!


She makes an effort to leave the house (shopping, museums, balls etc), she goes somewhere that will give her a feeling of helpfulness (soup house), she makes sure shes near her friends and offers them help, at no point is she rude about their questionable life choices, she follows advice and gets a therapist, and she stays kind despite having a literal satan curse.


On my first watch through, just finished Episode 2, season 2. Whilst I'm enjoying the show, anytime Vanessa speaks with this overly forced raspy dramatic bullshit I just want to choke her out... It's like a character has been transported from Days of Our Lives and dropped into Victorian England. The majority of other characters seem in tune for the most part but Vanessa's actress just seems so over the top it's embarrassing/ annoying to watch.



Is Frankenstein’s first creation. The creature fucking blows, I can’t stand when he’s on screen.


"I am nothing. I am no more than a blade of grass. But I am. You think you know evil? Here it stands." (Followed by chanting that I have no hope of spelling appropriately.)

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