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Hello, I have quite of a problem here. I am a female, age 21. I started working about 3 months ago off the bat after graduating from university, as a Junior Software Engineer. I get about 20k/month, in a city.

So here's the problem, my parents want me to keep sending them half my salary, so I'm left with 10k for myself. I pay 3k for rent and spend about 4k for food monthly, so I'm left with 3k for savings. I'm a woman now, so I want to have at least better clothes and things but I can't do that because I'm afraid of being broke in a new, big city. I want to at least have some emergency cash.

It's been months now and I've hardly bought or done anything for myself. I always find myself computing and stressing over my cost of living, and I don't know why my parents aren't thinking about how I live over here. I have to buy my own rice and other food, whereas over in the province they grow rice and some chickens. I'm too afraid to tell them that I want more share over my salary but I'm so scared of what will be their reaction, but at the same time I don't want to live a worried life now that I have an aspiring career.

My folks are good people but you know us Filipinos, sometimes we only see the bad part of a situation. My mom will cry and say I changed after getting into a new city, and that I've become greedy. Trust me, stuff happens, that's why I know they will react like that. I love them, I want them to be happy and I'm glad they are when I send them their share of my hard work, just as they did to me while I was still studying. But it's not like they really had a hard time sending me to university, I was a scholar and I received monthly allowances from the school in which I also never failed to give to them every single time.

Is asking for more share of my pay evil? If I was to complain about this to my parents, what would be the best approach?

Thank you.


Hello r/ph! I'll be posting on behalf of someone i deeply know. It'll be in first person since she already pre-typed everything and I'm just acting as a medium to convey her message.

"I'm over eighteen now, still in college. I have an underaged sister. Taga san fernando. We're both dealing with highly manipulative and abusive parents since birth. I barely get any internet time because the moment i get home they confiscate my gadgets. A friend of mine suggested reddit. Idk how reliable the internet community is but here goes nothing.

"I don't have any recorded evidence or documentation but i want to share what I've experienced and i wanna know if i can legally do something about it (like a restraining order or whatever).

"I've lived with my parents my whole life. All i can remember was being constantly yelled at. Inuutusan left amd right. Karating ko sa bahay, konting pahinga lang sa kama tapos darating tatay ko sasabihin mag-mop daw ako and so on. This hinders my studies greatly. Ever since high school dun nagumpisang lumala ang pagutos nila.

"Di ako binibigyan ng baon, and kung bibigyan man ako, yung sakto lang para pamasahe at isang lunch meal. Kinailangan kong matutong mabuhay na di kumakain ng lunch (binabawi ko naman kauwi sa bahay). Ilang beses sasabihin sakin na wala akong kwenta at tinatakutan na d-drop ako sa college pag di ako DL (porket valedictorian at summa-cum laude nanay ko).

"Socially incapable ako. Lagi nilang coconfiscate cellphone ko pag nasa bahay ako, so sa school lang talaga ako nakakapag-socialize ng mabuti. Kapit bahay namin di ko naman masyadong nakakausap nor do i have the courage to. Tuwing may project di ko sila makausap sa group chat and kung may announcement online ako ang pinakahuling makakaalam.

"Pinatulog nako sa labas dahil late lang ng konti ang uwi ko sa "calculated time" nila. Ilang beses hinampas ng sintoron at kamay (sure it might be a common thing, but still) na minsan dudugo ilong ko or papasok akong namamaga ang mata (pirate mode).

"Kahit anong gawin ko kahit maglaslas ako sa harap nila o lumuhod ng umiiyak di tatagos sa kapal ng muka nila. Di kami mahirap. Mas mahalaga ang sasakyan ng nanay ko kesa sa gamot tuwing lalagnatin ako. Pero pag si mama may sakit dapat full force kaming nangaalaga. Puta.

"I need a lot of help. I dont know what todo or where to begin. Maybe my entire speech sounds farfetched. I dont even know who or what agencies can be contacted. Is this common in a filipino household? Idont want to be here any more. Nampipigil lang sakin is ang mga immediate friends ko. Grandparents dead. Masungit lang mga tito at tita (runs in the blood i guess). Sorry napahaba. Thank you."

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XS4ALL is al 5 jaar de beste Alles-in-1 provider. Nu gratis 6 maanden TV. Zo kunt u naast bingewatchen ook TV kijken in uitstekende kwaliteit.


(22/F/Makati) My goals are to decrease body fat % and build muscle. Basically body recomposition. I'm probably what you call "skinny fat" so I mostly do weight training and HIIT.

I work out in Anytime Fitness Glorietta 5. My fitness journey has been OK so far but I think I'd be more enthusiastic if I knew someone who has similar fitness goals. I'd love to share workout tips, diet tips or just chikahan if you want from time to time.

Walang hiyaan dito. I've got some fat to shed. I'm determined. Tell me your goals and let's do this together.

TL;DR Looking for fitness buddy who wants to shed fat and build muscle together.


Prepared for you by the_yaya.

Magandang hatinggabi r/Philippines!


Mine is somewhere 8k-9k including two 5lbs. Whey Protein. On a diet pa ako nyan. Consists mostly oats, milk, breads, and eggs. No eat out.

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