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I necessarily don't want to love forever but I want to have the option to be frozen and wake up for a few years every hundred years or so.just to learn what happens in the future and see how we advance. Mainly I want to see the colonization of our solar systems and others and possibly aliens.

What are your thoughts and opinions?


The true intentions and motivations that lie in the heart & reason of humanity as living things & machines & like phenomena (all, ultimately) are often arbitrary or at the very least contradictory to the apparent motivations as perceived by our senses and the perceptive & thinking faculties linked with them. This reasoning through appearances limits humanity's hopes for the future to the confines of material knowledge and technological advancement. However apparently progressive this confidence in our own inventions, whether they be material or psychical are inevitably hollow. These hopes and the response created by our invention craft a positive narrative in appearance while the process at work itself is dark and entropic, imposing a sameness on humanity that limits the harmonious integrated distinctiveness upon which mind & nature thrive. Tis rigid sameness which assimilates subjects through an apparent yielding to one or another side of an argument, it is imposed through keeping society divided & in a state of mutual hypocrisy, as slaves to the whims of trends that work through those divisions. It will be successful in spreading like a thick, confusing and dividing fog over our atmosphere, and into every part of our lives through cognitive integration with our binary invention. Once this integration reaches a total climax of ultimate essential 'sameness' (which is reflected in appearance as a state of division) or rather, a tightly-closed-loop-of- reasoning-within-which-we-can't-escape. At the perfect moment and in the midst of a humanity without hope, intervention will come and will be as simple as a switch flipping from 'of' to 'on'. When that switch flips, the True, implicit narrative of the light of hope and life as anticipated and lived by those who sought it in every place and time throughout history, both known and unknown will reveal itself in it's Fullness. The light will be made manifest and reflected through every particle of matter. Every division will be reconciled, being brought to balance through the easy imposition of divine agency on the material world. What will make this easy is precisely the very same mechanism with which the governing entity in the system would have been successful in imposing it's agenda of ultimate sameness through division and uniformity on humanity. We can examine these dueling narratives in detail, as well as how one works within the other. The manifestations of these two narratives and the narrative existing between them are too numerous to count. Certain transformations throughout history are worth our observation as they will help clarify what is occurring now and what we can expect in the future. If we can interpret events in history by the symbols that they embody rather then through a causal and literal reasoning about them, we can discover many meaningful connections between phenomena that would otherwise in appearance have no meaningful relationship one to another. The true narrative lies hidden and in secret, and works in secret. It reveals itself to all those who seek to know it and ultimately join with it. The false narrative, also works in secret, but imposes itself with deception, either through the conscious or unconscious yielding of the public and it's rulers to it's yoke. An organism cannot be understood without the 'ecosystem' within which it exists and actively partakes. Te subconscious, conscious, and unconscious all overlap each other and link & distinguish individual conscious minds together through both experience occurring as a result of & through the deeply rooted channels in the unconscious that connect our experience in feedback loops of information to our inner-most perceptive faculties within our conscious mind, specifically where they overlap & interact with the subconscious. These perceptive faculties, being formed from hereditary as well as consciously unknowable influences, whether they be benign or malevolent, shape and color our experience of the surrounding world. The world to our minds is the world we seek, whether that be through prayer, meditation and contemplation or through active acquisition of experience. We sympathize, receive, form strong relationships &/or feel antipathy, close doors and mufe out infuences, either for better or for worse, within & between, both the unconscious and conscious mind in the perceptive faculty. Tis also goes for all surrounding infuences existing in both worlds of mind whether they be of a material or immaterial character. In the unconscious & conscious mind we can account for the existence of all forms of more meaningful & less meaningful and combustible & less combustible forms of psychic information & energy. Since the initiation & development of the automation machine during World War II and after, we have seen a parallel, reciprocal growth between the digital device itself, the ever expanding systems which they comprise, ourselves and every aspect of the natural mechanics of our daily life. Te 60s saw the rise of large console computers for personal use, along with many other technological advancements, and into the 70s and 80s with the successful commercialization of computers and other digital devices making it into most American homes. Te 90s and the first decade of our millennia saw the optimization & perfection of the model for the interface within which we navigate through global and local systems of information. Since 2008-2010 we have seen a vast ubiquity of digital devices and their use and application in a growing number of physically related systems of people and things. We are also now in the gestational phase in the development of the Quantum computer. The Computer has developed successively in accordance with Moore's law, which has both obvious and discreet implications for the effectiveness of communication, production, management, information compilation etc. The same can be said for the parallel & causal relationship that the device shares with humanity – the discreet lying precisely in what is happening at a micro level within the device's processor. It relies on either affirmation or negation of a variety of values to execute the input, processing and output of information. As the processor size shrinks and the number of transistors on that processor increases, so like wise does the friction of yes and no become more apparent on the macroscopic level, as between (most) people who rely on the devices for communication. In parallel and perhaps acausally related with this development, we see in social media and other global digital outlets becoming a medium for divisions to occur, representing alternating yes's and no's as comments & reactions processed in direct relationship to a data set, i.e. a posting, video, pic, gif, etc. That data is then collected for use in reprogramming the subjects who are using it to whatever aim the collectors might have. This happens on the chemical level through dopamine spurts, yet on the symbolical and psychological level what is happening is that the energy that we used to solely exchange in the open air between each other, is now gradually more and being routed energetically through the binary systems we use, piggy backing on the data that is being collected by the large online corporations that host these systems of interaction. Conscious or unconscious, the data collected is being collected for the imposition of power and control. The apparent intentions behind this collection, whether they be good or bad, are null in argument to the obvious institution of a system of control that is rapidly revealing itself as an entity all on it's own. The quantum computer will be integral in resolving how we consider data collection, data processing, communication, and how we regard the phenomenal, psychical and spiritual universe of which we partake. Upon the quantum computer's ubiquity and commercialization phase it will be a very sensitive and responsive device and will have many features that we likely cannot conceive of right now. It will function in sympathy and exist in tandem with the molecular and atomic level of being within us in a number of ways, again inconceivable though many things may be deduced by the symbols within this relationship. The binary device with it's emission of electromagnetic rays has had mysterious effects and consequences on our environment, not the least of which is the endangering of the Honey bee population. The quantum device could have the same radial character, but that radial character will be different in some way, and possibly positive or negative depending on the intention applied through it's programming. In a quantum processor the qubit symbolically embodies the reconciliation between yes and no, being capable of carrying a high number of possibilities between the two opposite poles of value and uniting them in a smooth uninterrupted cycle. Te ever-growing divisiveness in our society, being the acausal & causal refection of the binary process on the micro level, will likely change significantly through the same acausal & causal effect that the quantum processor will have upon it's eventual commercialization and ubiquity. When the switch spoken of earlier flips, the integration of solely quantum or both quantum and binary devices will be an integral factor in the unifying imposition on our senses and being of the mysterious and ecstatic yoke of freedom. It will be the Chariot prepared in secret for the descent of living information.


This discussion point is in no way meant to negate the positive advances reached in the fields of global communication, medicine, public safety, etc through the interconnection and processing power of digital devices. I seek to present a point of view that asserts, though somewhat indirectly, the belief that the optimization of those crucial systems will occur through the influences discussed in the text. My focus is primarily on the social, cognitive, psychical, social, material and spiritual implications regarding our common use past, present and future of the digital device.


Is it not true that

A) Daniel 2:43 suggests a last corrupt kingdom will involve beings mingling themselves with the seed of man?

B) Daniel 8:10 (LXX version?) concerns host of heaven falling to the world?

C) Daniel 11:30 concerns mysterious ships called tsiyim showing up with war looking imminent? As an event with such importance it was also mentioned in days of Moses in Numbers 24:23-24?

D) Daniel 11:31 (very next verse?) suggests mysterious ships showing up will be followed by something called the abomination that maketh desolate? Something with such importance that there is a warning by Christ associated with it in Matthew 24:15? Note?: Check an English LXX version of Daniel 11:31 and see bonus mention of seeds as opposed to arms and compare with Daniel 2:43?

E) Daniel 11:33 suggests that there will be some individuals with understanding among the people who shall instruct many and be persecuted?

F) Daniel 11:38-39 suggests a world leader will embrace alien elowah associated with fortresses despite his fathers not knowing them and they will rule over many?

What are we left to believe if we add in Isaiah 24:21 and what is referred to around it and more? Perhaps the world as a whole should really be informed about stuff like nephilim and Genesis 6:4 and 1 Enoch and help others be informed. Will there be millions or billions of humans who will fall to deception involving fallen angels and demonic nephilim masquerading as benevolent primate evolving aliens or savior elohim or both?


It is well known that space colonization is not going to happen anytime soon. You can shoot folks around in tin cans as a stunt but the frontier for sensible, economically self-supporting colonies is still confined to Earth. It's in places like Svalbard, Arctic Bay, Yakutsk and other extreme northern settlements. I was thinking of visiting one or more of these places as a gesture toward expanding our frontiers. Someday I hope they will be in space.


The University of Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) is recruiting for an Academic Project Manager. This is an opportunity to play a shaping role as CSER builds on its first year's momentum towards becoming a permanent world-class research centre. We seek an ambitious candidate with initiative and a broad intellectual range for a postdoctoral role combining academic and project management responsibilities.

The Academic Project Manager will work with CSER's Executive Director and research team to co-ordinate and develop CSER's projects and overall profile, and to develop new research directions. The post-holder will also build and maintain collaborations with academic centres, industry leaders and policy makers in the UK and worldwide, and will act as an ambassador for the Centre’s research externally. Research topics will include AI safety, biorisk, extreme environmental risk, future technological advances, and cross-cutting work on governance, philosophy and foresight. Candidates will have a PhD in a relevant subject, or have equivalent experience in a relevant setting (e.g. policy, industry, think tank, NGO).

Application deadline: November 11th."


Volunteer/Intern Position: Media Engagement on Global Catastrophic Risk

The Global Catastrophic Risk Institute (GCRI) seeks a volunteer/intern to contribute on the topic of media engagement on global catastrophic risk, which is the risk of events that could harm or destroy global human civilization. The work would include two parts: (1) analysis of existing media coverage of global catastrophic risk and (2) formulation of strategy for media engagement by GCRI and our colleagues. The intern may also have opportunities to get involved in other aspects of GCRI.

All aspects of global catastrophic risk would be covered. Emphasis would be placed on GCRI’s areas of focus, including nuclear war and artificial intelligence. Additional emphasis could be placed on topics of personal interest to the intern, potentially including (but not limited to) climate change, other global environmental threats, pandemics, biotechnology risks, asteroid collision, etc.

The ideal candidate is a student or early-career professional seeking a career at the intersection of global catastrophic risk and the media. Career directions could include journalism, public relations, advertising, or academic research in related social science disciplines. Candidates seeking other career directions would also be considered, especially if they see value in media experience. However, we have a strong preference for candidates intending a career on global catastrophic risk.

The position is unpaid. The intern would receive opportunities for professional development, networking, and publication. GCRI is keen to see the intern benefit professionally from this position and will work with the intern to ensure that this happens. This is not a menial labor activity, but instead is one that offers many opportunities for enrichment.

A commitment of at least 10 hours per month is expected. Preference will be given to candidates able to make a larger time commitment. The position will begin during August-September 2016. The position will run for three months and may be extended pending satisfactory performance.

The position has no geographic constraint. The intern can work from anywhere in the world. GCRI has some preference for candidates from American time zones, but we regularly work with people from around the world. GCRI cannot provide any relocation assistance.

Candidates from underrepresented demographic groups are especially encouraged to apply.

Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis until 30 September, 2016.

To apply, please send the following to Robert de Neufville (robert [at]

  • A cover letter introducing yourself and explaining your interest in the position. Please include a description of your intended career direction and how it would benefit from media experience on global catastrophic risk. Please also describe the time commitment you would be able to make.

  • A resume or curriculum vitae.

  • A writing sample (optional).


FHI is accepting applications for a two-year position as a full-time Research Project Manager. Responsibilities will include coordinating, monitoring, and developing FHI’s activities, seeking funding, organizing workshops and conferences, and effectively communicating FHI’s research. The Research Program Manager will also be expected to work in collaboration with Professor Nick Bostrom, and other researchers, to advance their research agendas, and will additionally be expected to produce reports for government, industry, and other relevant organizations.

Applicants will be familiar with existing research and literature in the field and have excellent communication skills, including the ability to write for publication. He or she will have experience of independently managing a research project and of contributing to large policy-relevant reports. Previous professional experience working for non-profit organisations, experience with effectiv altruism, and a network in the relevant fields associated with existential risk may be an advantage, but are not essential.

To apply please go to and enter vacancy #124775 (it is also possible to find the job by searching choosing “Philosophy Faculty” from the department options). The deadline is noon UK time on 29 August. To stay up to date on job opportunities at the Future of Humanity Institute, please sign up for updates on our vacancies newsletter at

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