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Idiot walks through border checkpoint meant for cars, gets arrested

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72 points3 days ago

Invoked his right to remain silent? Dude didn't stop talking that entire time.

They never wish to give up their "right" to soapbox and get the last word in.

Oh gosh, and that voice ...

23 points3 days ago

I beleive he got out of the car so the person(s) he was with wouldnt be stopped or delayed because of his actions.

actually, thats kinda smart.

Considerate..there was nothing smart about that man

43 points2 days ago

Can you imagine sitting at that border in smoldering heat, waiting to cross and some dumb ass is pull shit like this in front of you?

Just FYI this isn't the border. It's a checkpoint well within the US on a highway.

There are a lot of places to smuggle drugs over the border near Loredo and it's easier to set up one checkpoint after all the smaller roads converge than to set up multiple checkpoints.

3 points2 days agoedited 2 days ago

Yeah, it's easy to see these people as just causing trouble, but can you imagine how aggrevating it would be if you had to drive through this shit everyday and sit in traffic so they can ask if you are a citizen of your own country?


Oh shit, I replied to the wrong comment.

Well, you're fucked now. May as well start a new account.

Goodbye everyone. I'll see you on the other side.

These are immigration checkpoints. Any other sort of permanent checkpoint would be unconstitutional.

Call them whatever you want, they're there to help prevent trafficking.

Which is unconstitutional and calling citizens' attention to this bullshit is the point of this type of activism. .


6 points2 days ago

Wait, you guys have literal checkpoints within your own country..? Lol. I mean, I live in Canada and you'll occasionally get cop-stops where they're looking for drunk drivers or other suspicious activity, but nothing like this. That's crazy.

4 points2 days ago

Border patrol can and do have checkpoints up to 100 miles from the border.

0 points2 days agoedited 2 days ago

Your entire population lives on the border, so who would care if some asshole wants to live in the arctic?

-1 points2 days ago

I'm sorry? What? Our entire population doesn't live on the border? Lol

Biiiiittttccchhhh. Please

-8 points2 days ago(4 children)
8 points2 days ago

B...But the border patrol officers are brown? Lol

bunch of uncle juans

Tio Tom.

Yes they need officers fluent in Spanish.

46 points3 days ago

why do some people like to make things harder for people with already probably shitty jobs, then get mad when they finally snap. I dont understand peoples logic.

Wasted everyones time involved. And what did he gain? I know somebody walking up, face covered, holding a bookbag that tight, and secure to his back... I would be thinking he has a bomb

he had a gun in the van

Bend little twiggy, every so slightly, day by day.

1 point1 day ago

Soon you have it growing towards the earth instead of the sky.

-8 points3 days ago(3 children)
2 points2 days ago

They were conducting the lawful entry procedures for entry into the US. The same procedures that you go through on international flights, the same procedures everyone goes through when they are entering any country in the world from a foreign country.

They ask if you are an American citizen or not. If you are, you present your passport. If you are not, they will ask if you are a legal permanent resident or if you are a current non-permanent visa holder of the US (H1B, student visa, etc). If you are either of those 2, they will request your proof of visa holding. If you are not either of those, they will request your reason for visiting the US, and at their discretion may issue non-permanent 6 month travel visas. If they believe you to be a risk of overstay or believe you to be pregnant, they will deny your travel visa and turn you around.

It works the exact same way whether you come from Mexico or Canada, or at an airport or a seaport. It鈥檚 how border entry works.

Except he wasn't crossing any border.

2 points1 day ago

Exactly. That was a checkpoint about 100 miles from a border. How many rights are violated by forcing you to stop and answer questions for no reason. I would understand if you are crossing a border, then you would have to answer the questions to be allowed to pass, and I have no issue with that. But if you are driving down the road and are stopped and interrogated, that is plain wrong and it takes people like this to fight back to change things.

12 points2 days agoedited 2 days ago

This guy wasn't crossing any international border. He was just an American citizen traveling from point A to B. According to the Constitution, he does not need to identify himself. He was not breaking any laws. In Texas he does not need to show ID unless there is reasonable suspicion he has committed a crime. I'm not even an American and I know this. Look at the encroachment on your freedoms. This is why he recorded and posted the video.

Understand, he was trying to pass through, to pass through you have to prove your an American citizen, he refused to prove it making everything difficult his options was to listen to what the officers where saying OR go the other way he wanted to go through the checkpoint without proving anything so they had to make sure of things, you cant just do anything you want because the amendments say something, he woulda saved him self an hour of his day if he just showed his ID for 2 seconds and then went about his way, but nooo the amendments and state law say this and that, and thats when your just being an idiot wasting everyones time

6 points2 days ago

The whole point is that you can't just go around. Just imagine these checkpoints were everywhere.

0 points13 hours ago

You can do a lot of things for reasons that are hypothetical.. but people don't generally waste their time with that.

1 point12 hours agoedited 12 hours ago

This guy is performing a service for you. He's showing you the extent that the state will go to abuse your constitution while convincing you that it is necessary.

Edit: Their Constitution. I realize now you're not American.

0 points6 hours ago

He didn't do anything for Americans.

-1 points1 day ago

They are everywhere.. it stops people from illegally entering the country (in a way)

0 points13 hours ago

I think he doesn't understand that these checkpoints have a purpose, and he's just experiencing a minor setback to this purpose. It's like some people don't have any analytical reasoning... or the forethought to understand that these checkpoints wouldn't exist if it wasn't beneficial in an immigration context.

He understands very well what their purpose is. He challenges their very existence.

Arresting me for what.

I thought this was 'merica

'dey terk ur jerbz

"I'm traveling" oh boy here we go.

"Invoking your rights is as American as you can get." Bitch that's not how citizenship works. Laughter is the appropriate response to babies like this.

"Once we do our inspection you'll be on your way." "Okay." "So you gonna let us do the inspection." "I don't have to REEEEEE"

And then comes the usual bullshit of "what crime?" "not letting us inspect" "I'm not stopping you, I'm just not letting you."

I'm as "you need a warrant" as the next person but these jackoffs just make it harder for everyone. And not in a "that's how hard it should be for law enforcement" sort of way. In a "now when people are actually in a position to defend their rights they'll be lumped in with assholes like this" sort of way.

And the icing on the cake to all this is a perfect fucking counter-example to the "but muh rights" asshat: The two people in the van? In and out of the checkpoint in five fucking seconds.

"You can believe I was not fun to deal with." No shit, sherlock.

Douches like this guy are so self-absorbed thinking they're important enough to do shit like this.

P.S. The star wipe was the best part.

-10 points2 days ago(5 children)

Time and place. This sort of activism is self-aggrandizing bullshit for his YouTube channel. He's not causing change to happen by wasting everyone's time and going against "the man" or "increasing awareness" by showing us that checkpoints... exist?

If he actually wanted to cause change (i.e. remove these checkpoints), that happens by changing the law. Not by being an ass.

that happens by changing the law

And how do you do that? You get arrested illegally and when you go to trial and win a precedence gets established legally. See Turner vs Driver of a self-aggrandizing youtuber doing just that. Here is his video on it

Time: all the time

Place: in fucking America

Incorrect. Going "Murica" and assuming that gives you carte blanche to be a dick is not how it works. And further, it's not even effective.

But being a dick does give border patrol carte blanche to violate your constitutional rights, apparently.

Can we shut down the part of the internet that indoctrinates people with this nonsense?

18 points3 days ago

Not rolling over when authority barks a command at you is what being in a free country is all about. You should be allowed to defend your rights.

lol okay, try it next time a law enforcement officer gives you a lawful order and see how well that goes for you.

Be sure to tell them you're "traveling".

23 points3 days ago

Not everything a cop tells you is a lawful order. Cops and people in places of authority are just as human and shitty as everyone else.

-9 points3 days ago(11 children)
21 points3 days ago

No one has crossed a border in this video. This is an inland customs checkpoint not a border checkpoint. It could be up to 100 miles away from the border.

Ooooooh, okay. That was unclear. Looked kinda...permanent for an inland 100-mile-zone CBP checkpoint.

Yeah, fuck those. I honestly didn't know they had built temperament inland checkpoints, I was just familiar with the random DUI-style checkpoints. Shit's unconstitutional as hell and needs to be burned down.

Border check points aren't international borders...

disobey and disregard the cops and see what happens. You're going to get a lesson in authority one way or another.

You have a coward's view of doing what you're told to do. Not everyone is afraid. Not everyone is ignorant of the law or rights.

Keep your advice and your predictions of the future to yourself.

And to your opening premise: No, sir, the fact that you are crossing a border does not mean everything a cop tells you is a lawful order. Otherwise, there would be a lot more blowjobs at the border.

Looks like a few sovereign citizens are brigading this post.

Look, you can challenge authority when they're overstepping their bounds. This guy could have easily gotten through this checkpoint without losing any of his dignity. They didn't ask anything unreasonable of him. If you don't like all the border checkpoints, maybe don't travel through areas that have them.

Im not even a border hawk. I don't think the vast majority of people who cross the border mean to do harm, but if someone does, I don't want it to be completely open to them. "I refuse to participate". Isn't an acceptable answer, when you could be anyone, with any intention.

What's with this notion of accusing anyone who challenges authority or asserts their rights of being a sovereign citizen?

Because this is petty shit! I feel like elaborating on that, but it's really that simple.

If you don't believe in anarchy, then you believe in having reasonable measures of authority. You just don't want safety to override freedom. I don't feel like this overrides freedom. I can't relate to this guy, I'm too busy to pull some shit like this.

Am I an American citizen? Yes. (And that's usually good enough at checkpoints north of the border)

Do I have anything illegal on me? No.

And then I go on my way.

Now, if these were all over the country, that would be one thing, because that wouldn't make sense. But to have them on a border we share with a violent, corrupt, impoverished country, it makes sense.

Things like this are why the cartel and the violence stays on one side of the border, which is why I'm not a border hawk and don't agree with the right wing narrative about how a bunch of criminals are coming into our country in droves, because I know things like this exist. Normally, I'm the one telling people to calm down about the border.

And that's another thing. Border patrol agents don't decide to do this on their own. They do it because their fellow citizens want them to, and because their superiors order them to. So why fuck with these guys? That's not going to accomplish anything! Get involved in politics and convince your fellow citizens. Don't argue with the basic protocol that people have to follow to not get fired from their jobs.

Oh, so you are a fascist.

(I don't really think that, but see how easy it is to dismiss a viewpoint you disagree with. The same way you did by labeling someone a sovereign citizen.)

Some people just love the taste of boot polish.

Simple dude, "looks like we got ourselves..." is a sure sign whatever follows is bullshit being said/posted by a someone who makes Boss Hog look slim and smart. ancient are you to start so many sentences with "look"?

If you cannot understand AUDIT or any of the rest of my post, maybe don't respond.

Let me speak in the song of your people:

Look, you're having some weird argument with yourself. Look, it ain't with me. Look, I can't keep doing this. Look, I have a boyfriend. Look, no chemistry between us.

You auditors are fucking insufferable.

You cast yourself as freedom fighters, but you're a bunch of narcissustic piss ants with delusions of grandeur. Lawyers and politicians make the laws and give/take freedom. Not rogue assholes filming themselves making regular people's jobs harder. You think you preserve freedom. You don't.

The issue is that you don't know what a lawful order is and the cop might not either. The auditor in videos like this does know what lawful orders are. Legit auditors listen to lawful orders. They do not engage in unlawful orders or general requests for information they are not obligated to provide.

You could use the internet to learn things. Ever think of that?

Do you know why you can use your phone in public and not get beaten silly by cops?

Because someone did something just like this so that cops and courts had to figure out how to honor citizen's rights.

Next time you aren't getting beaten silly, thank someone like the guy in this video.

Those fucking YT comments though

Texas law doesn't apply at the border bro. How dumb can u be?

28 points3 days ago

They have a lot of these checkpoints on american roads on our side of the border, this isn't a customs checkpoint at the border or anything.

11 points3 days ago

Oh didn't realize that.

10 points2 days ago

Yeah, i can belive in the USA there are these checkpoints. Did y'all forget what freedom is?

That's what I'm saying. We don't have them in Michigan.

4 points2 days ago

There's no reason we can't. They're allowed within 100 miles of the border. We don't have them up here because Canadians aren't crossing lake Huron in droves.

But when we start watch out!!! We can blend in. I can stop saying "Eh" and I hear that you guys even have Tim Hortons in the US. We're coming man watch out.

Please no Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons has better coffee than any American company but their donuts and food suck.

In detroit Canadians come over in droves. But they just buy a ton of shit and go home.

Just you wait.

15 points3 days agoedited 2 days ago

This guy is actually a prominent 1st Amendment auditor.

I was told about "audits" when i was a freelance camera op. I had to learn about filming in public, what i could or couldnt, etc. and learning how to talk to/deal with cops and stand up for your rights was important.

So i have a little bit of a like for "auditors" as they call themselves.

/r/amifreetogo for more

-10 points3 days ago(2 children)
3 points2 days ago

It's not common knowledge unless you live down there.

Also, "common knowledge" is a tricky one.

-18 points3 days ago(2 children)
9 points3 days ago

I just mean they're on roads that don't go across the border, or even on roads that don't intersect with roads that cross the border. They have a lot of checkpoints just near the mexican border that you can go through without crossing the border.

The checkpoints can be within 100 miles of the actual border not JUST on the border itself.

The bootlicking in these comments is amazing.

Probably a bunch of europeans too.

3 points3 days agoedited 3 days ago

He didn't want his gun taken so he walked right up the checkpoint? Oh and "in the interest of saving time" he gave his I.D. He wasted an hour of BP for youtube fame, but once inside he squealed.

And the two people in the behind him? In and out in five seconds.

Yeah, sir, you're fighting the good fight all right...

yea cause they weren't dumbasses. They waited in their car like they were suppose to get thru the checkpoint since they were in a designated car lane to get thru the checkpoint.

What country was he in?

On one side of the checkpoint is the US and on the other side is still the US. This wasn't a border crossing.

2 points2 days ago

They have random checkpoints in the US?

Within 160 km of the border yes.

Star transition effect, instant trash

I鈥檓 not sure I get this guy鈥檚 point.

2 points2 days ago

American citizen travelling within the US gets stopped and searched.

I agree with the principle, but covering one鈥檚 face with a scarf and never explaining one鈥檚 objections may burry the principle issues... poor tactics, I guess.

-2 points3 days ago

I'm 100% for invoking your rights, constitutionalist all the way. But for God's sake why do these people insist on not answering the question of whether they're citizens or not. You should be proud to say yes to that

18 points3 days ago

Because every day people starting a car trip in the United States, and staying entirely within the US, have to stop at a checkpoint. At these checkpoints there are drug dogs and such, so it is in essence a mandatory checkpoint without suspicion of a crime.

People object to this.

One way that they point this out is pointing out how silly some of this is.

You pull up in a car and they ask "are you a citizen". You say yes and they let you go. Well, how dumb is that? Won't everyone just say they are a citizen?

Well the issue of course is that they are racial profiling. If you pull up in a shitty car, and you look Mexican, etc. they won't just take your word for it that you are a US citizen.

So again, people object to this.

You should be proud to say yes to that

Bugger off you bloody traitor! God Save the Queen!

Show me your papers.

1 point2 days ago

A lot of ICE fans on here. I love the U.S., and love when the common man exercises his rights. It sure doesn't make him an idiot, if that's what he chooses to do. People who denigrate others for being different from them, are generally miserable, insecure people without any real intimacy.

Reminds me of the Sovereign Citizen folks that think theyre being assertive with presumed legal loopholes and are almost always ending up in handcuffs.

Sovereign citizens are so fucking pathetic. Unless your ass native American and you're on your own tribal land, you will follow our laws. Nobody gives a shit about your obnoxious "audits" and you'll never win a single court case. Please just pack it up and leave already

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