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Posted byGlobal Elite3 months ago
Stickied postModerator of r/RecruitCS

Hope you all had a wonderful holidays and wishing you all a Happy New Year. May you all find your special team mates and start your esport career this year.


I'd also like to thank the people who have been doing a great job at reporting rule breaking posts. I apologise for the absence, work and holidays were keeping me busy. But we've managed to automate some stuff, so things are going to be better now.


I'd like to remind everyone of our rules, you can find them here


I'd also like to bring attention to one specific rule, Discord Servers. You are under no circumstance to post your Discord Servers.


" Well my team use Discord for communication, what do we do"

You can share your discord username or share it via steam. Just not on this sub as a post/comment.


"why are you banning Discord Servers"

We've had numerous cases, where people are using this sub to promote/Advertise their servers. This isn't a place for that and we are not making an exception for anyone. So we have Zero Tolerance towards breaking this rule. It's even mentioned in the Submit Recruitment page.


Failure to follow this will result in 7 days ban, followed by Permaban (if you repeat it again) no warnings, nothing


If you spam the subreddit with multiple posts in a day/week or spam the comment sections of another post with link to your post/discord server. Then it's a permaban


Once again, a big thanks to the people who've been supporting us, Have a good one.


Posted bySupreme Master First Class1 hour ago

Only team with older guys(18+), with stable and experienced IGL and not that much strat heavy!! Only teams that need fifth!! Fluent English and understandable German. For more information add me on steam: . My schedule in CET : Monday 15 00 - 23 00 Tuesday 17 00 - 23 00 Wednesday 16 00 - 23 00 Thursday 15 00 - 23 00 Friday 15 00 - 23 00 Weekends 11 00 - 23 00

Posted byLegendary Eagle Master26 minutes ago

I am an 18 year old Brit who is looking for a serious team to play in leagues, tournaments and maybe even lans but not to bothered about the lans. I am capable of playing every role apart from IGL however I would say that I am best being a rifler, entry and support. Steam Profile:


Looking for someone to play MM with me because I'm tired of playing with people who can't speak english.Add me


Im an mg 1 player. I have 1300h in cs. I am an awper. Looking for a serious team to play esea leauge with I can practice 4 times a week and play pugs


Hello! I have roughly 5k hours on all my alts combined, I have played CS since 2014. I'm 18 years old from Norway. I mainly lurk but i can entry and 2nd awp.

Add me if you want me to try out for your team!


18 yo, looking for a serious team to play competitive mm or faceit with. I want to have a team to grow with, and possibly join small tournaments and such. Leave a comment about yourself, and then add me if you're interested.


Hello,I am from Bulgaria 15y/o,DMG faceit rank 6,I want to find ppl that are good and will train everyday with me and the team to get better and to play in tournaments. If you think i can fit in your team just add me on steam:


Hi all, I play AWPer, but can entry frag too.

Decent IGL, but more than happy to take the backseat and let someone else call the shots.

I'm currently GNM, but have been playing against MG1 and MG2s lately and have been holding my own well, usually top or second fragger.

If you're interested, leave a comment so I know who you are and add me on Steam:


Hey! I am currently looking for other streamer / youtube content creators to play together and ''collab'' tryna grow together! (Ofc you dont need to be either youtuber/streamer but would prefer it but not necessary)

A lil bit 'bout myself, I stopped playing CS:GO late 2015 and just played from time to time but not consistently until now! People I used to play with either quit cs or playing professional/semi-professional so no time for me FeelsBadMan

About me; 24y old from Sweden, currently lvl 8 1700+ elo on Faceit been 10 couple of times but lost alot due to playing with irl-friends. Been playing since beta really early 2012, 4k+ hours at this point. Won Dreamhack Winter 2015 BYOC with Leaf-Gaming: me, Bååten, CEYN, rinsu & PHRYN.

My stream/youtube; Been streaming alot of WoW classic servers before with stable 60-70+ viewers, currently at 3000 followers on twitch, and havent done any CS:GO related videos on youtube yet so only 100 subs @ yt due to some streams there :>

What I want from you; Be chill person, open minded, positive, and active! (Could probably have used this in dating apps as well lul)

CSGO rank I dont care that much but be atleast LEM+ This is my steam profile if you wanna take a look, comment before you add otherwise its insant decline.

Posted byMaster Guardian Elite4 hours ago

awper or entry just looking for a 5 man to improve and play as much as possible with feel free to add or message me


17 years old, looking to play in a team environment again. Open for most roles but have the most experience as support/second awp. I'd prefer a team with experience in leagues/scrims.

Can practice/scrim every day of the week.


Looking to join an established team to compete and play serious. Add my steam

Posted byGlobal Elite5 hours ago

I played CS 1.6 circa 2005 for most of my childhood and teenager years - I came back to CSGO, already stacked up 1000 hours since March last year - was GE but I don't have a rank right now because I don't really get anywhere near MM.

ESEA: I ranked down from B+ due to solo queueing. I'm not toxic at all so no problem in whiffing shots or missing calls, just want to have fun.

FACEIT: Just joined the platform, currently at level 3.

You can check my stats and profiles in the links below.


Looking to prove my place on a team. Looking at all offers if you message me. I'm very plug and play, love watching my own demos, and love practicing a lot. Here is where I play on each map for CT side

  • Cache: Solo A
  • Dust 2: Solo B'
  • Inferno: Apps/Halls
  • Mirage: Solo B
  • Nuke: Ramp
  • Overpass: Toxic Barrels/B
  • Train: Solo B

Here are my links, feel free to contact me any way you want! :D


We aren't just developing the most disruptive technology to hit eSports. We are also recruiting to create one of the most enthusiastic and successful up and coming eSports Teams. Currently we only have the support role to fill. Please apply by emailing through the below address. Email us at or message us on Twitter at If you believe you have the skills and the talent.


Just trying to start a new account to place my way out of the Silver Elo hell I put myself in while playing in unfavorable situations on my old account.
Would like to work with those who can cooly make call outs (where you got picked), while also not mutinying on the team (this is huge). Looking to Land a Nova placement, hit me up here or preferably in game/add me!! I have some strats and am not a ball buster, but I would like to take this seriously.


1 point

Guten tag. Looking for play in the evenings, around 18:00-19:00 (+3 UTC). Began playing in CS (1.4-1.6) since 2002. Start play CSGO only in January 2018. Because in 2014 I didn't like this game, I only got a few achievements before I left the game for four years. Right now have only 666 hours. Play with randoms (LE-LEMs) and with friends when they can.

I would like to find some mates/team to play with consistently. My rank is LE(M) and I’m 29 from Moscow and I hate playing with Russian random mates (it's about MM ofc) in the main for obvious reasons - toxic. I prefer to play agressive awp, but this moment can be solved :)

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to add me:


Currently looking for a team to play with, used to be GE before I quit. Currently on my main I am an unranked player since mm isnt something i care about. I have solid game sense and know all major smokes on maps along with setup spots. I'm a main AWP but I can also rifle. Interested in joining a team to play in tournys with and to practice. I do take night classes on wed-friday but im free friday nights - tuestday. If you are interested in picking me up feel free to comment down below.



Hello, my name is Jacob, I am 16 y.o. and from Slovakia.

I am really hard-working person, that wants to be in one of the best teams in the world.

On CS:GO I have got 3700 hours - so I am really experienced.

I have got pretty much good experience with me being IGL and even better when I was playing as Support.

I am ranked as LE (was C on ESEA and lvl 5 on faceit) and I always want to improve.

I am looking for team, that has time and wants to become PRO one day.

Usually I play since 17:00 (Slovak time) up to 22:00 and on weekends I am totally free.

I am willing to put in effort to learn nades and improve my aim on really high level (by everyday training).

I can fluently speak English and also Slovak/Czech and a bit of Russian.

If you are interested because of my post and you need IGL/Support into a team, I am the right person to contact:


Ethereal Female Team is recruiting coaches

Game: CS:GO

Hello! We are a hardworking female amateur team who are currently looking for a coach who is serious about coaching and willing to put a lot of effort and time into our team.

The team was founded in 17 January 2017. We are just some female players who are hungry for success, and are willing to get better together as a team. As such we are not sponsored by any company. We are from the UK, Norway, Sweden and Portugal. We are not perfect as a team. We lack things. Which we are trying to improve and get better as a team. Right now we consist of the following Raina the founder and entry fragger/rifler, Julz the captain, Arione main awper, Cutie the support and Vårin our igl. We also have a manager by the name “Pavel”.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who is willing to put a lot of effort and time into Ethereal. You must have some kind of experience of coaching a cs:go team, preferably being a coach for other team(s) before. As a coach you will need to have patience with the players. Each players have their own personality and their view of things.You need to be able to diffuse a conflict in a manner that takes both parts views in account.

You should also know what a coach should be capable of and do. It's a must that you have time for us. One of your task in the team will be helping the team prepare for our opponents whenever we participate in a tournament. you will not just be helping us mentally but will also have to watch demos and analyse games

This will require a lot of your time. You must also like any other team member not be late for team practice. You will also be working closely with our igl to make sure our tactics are adapted to each of our players .You are also going to need a good mic so we can communicate properly.

While there won’t be any immediate rewards for you as a coach, we want to make it worthwhile for you too. By getting to experience the rush of victories and seeing the team grow we hope to see you as a coach satisfied with your effort. In the future, there might even be prize money won!

But if this sounds too hard, too much for you, don't apply. While we are happy about every application, only a truly enthusiastic coach will benefit the team. You should never feel bored or like its a drag.

If you are interested after reading this, send us an application!

Or contact Julez(captain) , Pavel(Manager)


I've been playing a lot of cs recently and started ranking quite quickly. I went from S3 to SEM in two weeks via solo queue, with a few duo's here and there. I'm on almost daily and would really like some people to queue with regularly. I realize at first we'll need to figure out communication and whatnot and that's fine, I just wanna have fun and win. Steam ID Below:


southeast region, currently C+ with 9 to 10 rws, so im looking to play with people who have similar stats. have to be at least C no trolling pls <3 add me on esea or steam, let me know you are from reddit.


Hello! We are currently looking for two new players to finish our lineup. At the moment we are running trials for a lurker and support to play with us in scrims until we're comfortable together and then move on to online tournaments, leagues and possibly LAN events (thus the UK only requirement however an exception can be made for EU players if you can travel to the UK for these events).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Anyone interested can add either me or our IGL Keelay


We are 3 players with UK open experience who are looking for two players to complete the roster.

We desperately need an IGL but can make do without an AWPer. Also if you want to AWP/IGL that is fine too.

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