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Such a friendly and awesome pair, Hattie (holly) was real chatty!


Does anybody know what the name of the music that plays when Low Kryten attacks Lister by smashing through the boxes?


Does anybody have an electronic copy of the series XII DVD cover? I am looking for the reverse side that is in keeping with the older series? Mine got ruined and I would like to get it back looking fancy!


I bought Red Dwarf Season 1 on YouTube and the See You Later Alligator song was replaced with a different song. Why? Is it copyright? I had the DVDs 15 years ago and they had the original song.


smeeeeeeeeeeeg heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I know it's a bit pointless to ask of a show that's blatantly contradicted itself many times, and cares about laughs over continuity... but they start off clearly as employees of a mining company (JMC), and yet the ship is full of people of different 'ranks' that happen to resemble a military.

And then in later seasons, they encounter people who are not from JMC but insitutions like the Space Corp, who say they can 'promote' Rimmer from Second Technician.

Is there any possible explanation in which all these things make sense?


So, I'm watching through the series and just got into Season 3, where suddenly Kryten is back, Lister is in a new (consistent) outfit, and Holly has changed themselves to look like Hilly. I know there was a speedy text crawl at the beginning of the S3E01 (I did read it and it explains some of the changes, which I thought was a funny and great way to do it) but I feel like perhaps I am missing something. Was there a special or "lost Episode" that I missed which does a little more explaining or did the writers jump to this point exclusively for the sake of the joke (and to save them from having to make an entire episode or two dedicated to showing the change)?

I'm fine if it is the latter, but if it is the former I'd like to know so I can at least see the thing I missed. Thanks for the help in advance! :D

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