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Companies will create fleets. For example, CVS. Ok, if someone is sick and needs meds, they put the order in with the self driving car. Some Medical facilities now, utilize uber for patients. Self driving car fleets only make sense! Here they come.. 😎

Also - it would be great if they made them all sustainable

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What if Tesla Semi cargo was a series of Portable Powerpacks (80k lbs worth) used as an on demand mobile energy source deployed after natural disaster or other power failure. At 15lb/kwh, this truck could easily supply 5MW! #Juicebox #Voltswagon

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Is it not true that

A) Daniel 2:43 suggests a last corrupt kingdom will involve beings mingling themselves with the seed of man?

B) Daniel 8:10 (LXX version?) concerns host of heaven falling to the world?

C) Daniel 11:30 concerns mysterious ships called tsiyim showing up with war looking imminent? As an event with such importance it was also mentioned in days of Moses in Numbers 24:23-24?

D) Daniel 11:31 (very next verse?) suggests mysterious ships showing up will be followed by something called the abomination that maketh desolate? Something with such importance that there is a warning by Christ associated with it in Matthew 24:15? Note?: Check an English LXX version of Daniel 11:31 and see bonus mention of seeds as opposed to arms and compare with Daniel 2:43?

E) Daniel 11:33 suggests that there will be some individuals with understanding among the people who shall instruct many and be persecuted?

F) Daniel 11:38-39 suggests a world leader will embrace alien elowah associated with fortresses despite his fathers not knowing them and they will rule over many?

What are we left to believe if we add in Isaiah 24:21 and what is referred to around it and more? Perhaps the world as a whole should really be informed about stuff like nephilim and Genesis 6:4 and 1 Enoch and help others be informed. Will there be millions or billions of humans who will fall to deception involving fallen angels and demonic nephilim masquerading as benevolent primate evolving aliens or savior elohim or both?


The Idisguise 3 is too uncomfortable, and the Idisguise 4 is too expensive. Any good middle ground?


Like we are considering putting up a giant wall and all it would take is ruining one guys life for him to go off and do something stupid like a terrorist attack on American Soil.

President Trump sees his chance to drop some freedoms down south and wants to emulate his super pal Putin with Crimea. Plus he could annex Cancun.

War that close would be insanely cheap and would give us a reason to jump ship in the middle east because we have a whole different set of brown people to fight.

I'm predicting the future here.


Vice-President Pence has stepped in and has the full support of the GOP behind him to continue leading the government while President Trump convalesces privately in his Trump Tower in New York.


Here's a quick list of some shows from the last five years:

Who are your favorites?


Be sure to check it out! :)


And they say this won't be posted until 2676 because of something about signals and transmission and everything, also the fact that I'm using Internet Explorer 188. I NEED HELP NOW!


Today is the anniversary of the biggest accident in history not taking place on Earth, when a few hundred years ago today, poor construction techniques lead to the depressurisation of a colony ship from Earth to Mars carrying 5248 people. Of those on board, 3748 died within minutes, and those that did make it to escape modules mostly died in interplanetary space due to the poor space rescue infrastructure and services of the time. The only three survivors were picked up by colonists, having luckily landed on the Martian surface a few kilometres from the now shut down Eternity Base.

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