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[REVIEW] Off White Air Jordan White 2018 - From - THE FLAWS ARE UPDATED ON THE WEBSITE

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Original Poster15 points·4 days ago

Done - lol sorry man it’s stress and school and shit lol

3 points·4 days ago

the shoes are hella flawed, But good review

Original Poster3 points·4 days ago

It has been updated now theyre pretty decent

I do the same thing but with the inside of my cheek. It's not cool :\ but is what it is. It's like a nervous tick.


Someone bites his nailss.Ok so ,I used to have the same problrm when I was little but my mom bought this extremely awful thing that makes the nails taste bitter as fuck and fucked my whole life without doing any progress . I am sitting here now 15 years later doing the same thing .THERE IS NO CUREEE

Original Poster3 points·4 days ago

Nah I stopped doing it last week - lol the thing is it’s satisfying to remove dead skin

I am legit chewing my own flesh right now I am in pain help me

seek 1:1 help

1:1 Hangnails

Original Poster2 points·4 days ago

1:1 banned on youtube .... someone reported me :(

Dude, your account was banned?

Original Poster1 point·4 days ago

What account??

Your YouTube account, seems the video doesn't work now

Original Poster2 points·4 days ago

Some troll reported me . I got banned I’m Freaking out

Looks like Adidas/Nike etc are cracking down at youtube. Damn

Original Poster2 points·4 days ago

I think someone reported me - maybe a troll. Am I in legal trouble?

One of my YouTube accounts got banned before and I basically started up from 0.

I suggest removing discount codes or anything “helping” people buy shoes and just educate people why they are reps. That helped me so far

Original Poster1 point·4 days ago

Oh my god... but I’m not in legal trouble right?

I don’t think so, nothing happened to me and it’s been over a year.

Original Poster3 points·4 days ago

Okayy - I’m just kinda sad cuz I worked hard to grow it....

u/Anthonyb2001 babe whatsup it your daddy . im coming home in 20mins.

Would you mind posting a mirror of the video or trying to re-upload it? Thanks :)

Original Poster2 points·3 days ago

I got banned :( on youtube - i don’t have a copy of the video

Oh crap... How do you find the shoes /10?flaws??

Original Poster1 point·3 days ago

I feel your pain on the finger chewing and nail biting shit, recently bought a juul to keep my mouth busy and i’ve been a week sober off my finger biting😤

Original Poster1 point·4 days ago

You can keep your mouth doing something else WINK WINK

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