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Ripple Subreddit Rules


Helpful Links

Ripple Insights - Top 9 Frequently Asked Questions About Ripple and XRP (Jan 18, 2018)

Ripple’s Ultimate Strategy; why XRP will increase in value

Removing inefficiency of international payments with XRP

Reasons to expect XRP to be the most popular bridge asset

"XRP is competitive now in the USD/MXN corridor"

Ripple's Decentralization Strategy Update

XRP Market Performance

List of Ripple Partnerships and RippleNet Implementations


People to Follow

Ripple on Twitter

Brad Garlinghouse, Chief Executive Officer at Ripple

Yoshitaka Kitao, executive chairman, CEO and president of SBI Holdings, Inc.

David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer at Ripple | aka u/sjoelkatz

Stefan Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at Ripple

Patrick Griffin, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Ripple

Miguel Vias, Head of XRP Markets at Ripple

Warren Paul Anderson, Product Manager, xRapid/XRP at Ripple


Hodor's XRP Blog

TplusZero - research & analysis on #XRP


Most Discussed Topics and Answers

● The Case Against BankCoin - Banks need an independent digital asset to enable truly efficient settlement

● Ripple Technology → Fast Payments → XRP → Fast Settlement

● Solving the chicken and egg problem - FI's bridging payments with XRP & companies saving money by holding XRP

● Banks hold XRP under a contractual agreement | Build liquidity to bridge payments to raise the demand for XRP

● How the global adoption of xRapid (XRP liquidity tool) would affect the value of XRP

● Besides instant cross-border payment settlement, XRP can capture other use cases, value that doesn't yet exist

● XRP Ledger has numerous technological advantages over blockchain systems that use proof of work

● Ripple is committed to making the XRP Ledger as decentralized as they possibly can

● Quantum-resistant signature schemes - Adding a new scheme is easy and fast


Ripple Wallets

You need 20 XRP to activate a Ripple wallet. Fees can be changed by the validators through the voting process.

The reserve requirement protects the XRP Ledger from spam or malicious usage.


When you are sending XRP to an exchange, destination tag is very important.

Destination tag is not needed when you transfer XRP to your own wallet address.


● Toast Wallet | FAQ

A free open source Ripple XRP Wallet for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux


● Ledger Nano S | Tutorial | FAQ | Buy Online | Ripple Recovery Tool

Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

When you get your Ledger wallet, you must reset it and get a new set of 24 words seed before using it.


● The World Exchange | How to Create a Cold Wallet for Ripple

A free user-friendly and purely client-side wallet


● GateHub | Support | Network Statistics

GateHub XRP Web Wallet



Check Ripple wallet balance - Bithomp | Graph | Transactions

Print raw information about an account, a transaction or a ledger - RPC Tool



The best way to support XRP is to buy/sell XRP directly with your local currency, not with USDT, ETH, LTC, or BTC.


You can find the complete list of XRP exchanges and supported XRP/fiat pairs Here.


USD - US Dollar

Kraken | Bitstamp | Bitfinex | CEX.IO | Gatehub |

Exrates | Exmo | Mr. Exchange | Bitsane | Sistemkoin | BitBay | Quoine


EUR - Euro

Kraken | Bitstamp | Gatehub | CEX.IO | | Anycoin Direct

The Rock Trading | Bitsane | BitBay | BitFlip | Bitlish | Quoine


KRW - South Korean Won

Bithumb | Upbit | Coinone | Korbit | GOPAX | Coinrail


JPY - Japanese Yen

Kraken | Bitbank | Quoine | Mr. Exchange


CNY - Chinese Yuan

RippleFox | Ripple China | Fatbtc


TRY - Turkish Lira

Vebitcoin | BTCTurk | Koineks | Sistemkoin | Ovis


INR - Indian Rupee

Zebpay | Koinex | Unocoin | Bitbns | BuyBitcoin | BuyUcoin


AUD - Australian Dollar

BTC Markets


THB - Thai Baht

BX Thailand


MXN - Mexican Peso



IDR - Indonesian Rupiah

Indodax | Quoine


RUB - Russian Ruble

Exmo | BitFlip


ZAR - South African Rend

Altcoin Trader


CAD - Canadian Dollar



UAH - Ukrainian Hryvnia

Kuna | BTC Trade UA | BitFlip


GBP - British Pound



BRL - Brazilian Real



SGD - Singapore Dollar



AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham



PHP - Philippine peso

CX | Exchange


USDT - Tether

Poloniex | Bittrex | Huobi | OKEx | CoinBene | Upbit | HitBTC | | | Sistemkoin


ETH - Ethereum

Binance | Bittrex | Gatehub | OKEx | OTCBTC | Upbit | HitBTC |

Bitsane | Mr. Exchange | CoinFalcon


LTC - Litecoin

Bitsane | Mr. Exchange


BTC - Bitcoin

Kraken | Bitstamp | Bitfinex | CEX.IO | Gatehub | Binance | Poloniex | Bittrex |

HitBTC | OKEx | Upbit | Huobi | BTCTurk | BTC Markets | CoinEgg | Exmo | | OTCBTC | Coinrail | Bits Blockchain | Triple Dice Exchange | Indodax |

Exrates | Qryptos | | Bitsane | Bitso | Ovis | BCEX | BitBay |

Mr. Exchange | Orionx | CoinFalcon | Abucoins | BitFlip | LakeBTC | Coinbe

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XRP is the undisputed best choice for 𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠-𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐦 𝐢𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐬.

In today's blog, I discuss the reasons behind Ripple targeting the non-banking market, as well as what it means for their long term strategy. Then, I connect the dots for you and show one possible outcome in a 𝙨𝙘𝙚𝙣𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙤 𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙡𝙮𝙨𝙞𝙨 stretching to 2021.

The blog covers exactly what Xpring and Coil mean for XRP owners, and what to expect in terms of additional liquidity and when we might see utility-driven demand take over the network.

Let me know what you think: Please leave any feedback below!

Thanks & Sincerely, -Hodor


Don't go transferring XRP late at night when your tired, an incorrect destination tag can mean the XRP you transfer is gone for good. Yes I have now learnt from my mistake... the hard way.


Back in Dec 17, Ripple Posted this and Today 05/22/18, Krungsri posted this: "Krungsri once again achieves a success in the real-time cross-border funds transfer service based on Krungsri Blockchain Interledger"

What are they actually using? xCurrent? or their own blockchain tech?


Hi, so hopefully the title of this post is correct and doesn't just come off as attention seeking (I guess we'll see).

I decided to take a look at the XRPLedger network "topology" on XRP Charts, which shows you all the active ripple nodes running Rippled.


I was browsing and one node caught my eye - it has 220 Outbound Connections at the time of writing, the most out of all the nodes.

(I would provide the Public Key and IP address here but I worry that could break some rules regarding sharing personal info, I don't know. But you can go and have an explore for yourself.)

When I looked up the IP address on the latitude and longitude took me directly to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. (This website gave a few slightly different geo-locations, but the other was in the middle of a park a few blocks away, so I'm assuming the Gov building is correct).

I don't know how IP works, especially with regards to geo-location. Can anyone with knowledge about this clarify?

Is this evidence that someone in that massive building is running Rippled?


My first twitter account was created at the start of 2017.

Never used it much or had any problems with it.

Now, i read a lot of posts that claim to have locked accounts and it all started with the xrp community event at may 15th.

I had to confirm my account 3 times before it getting shadow banned completely for automated suspicious behavior.

My second account lived not much longer.

I didnt spam, insult, aggressivly follow anyone or anything.



Do any of experience similar things?

Support doesnt work and they ignore my emails.

I dont what to do!

Whats going on?


If the entire Ripple and their XRP scenario played out, 100 times, how many times will the following 7 things happen?

  1. XRP climbs to over $100 in less than a year.

  2. XRP climbs to over $100 in less than 5 years.

  3. XRP climbs to over $100 but takes over 5 years.

  4. XRP has slow and steady gains and about doubles every calendar year for the foreseeable future.

  5. XRP never really takes off and never goes above all-time high.

  6. XRP crases to under 50 cents and stays for the foreseeable future.

  7. XRP crashes to under 1 cents and the project completely fails.

Feel free to post other scenarios in the comments.


I really believe Ripple and XRP are there, to make it easier to do cross-border payments with minimal fees and short time but, I don't see why XRP would increase in price.

Let's say I want to move 1000$ and XRP value is @ 1USD. So it would move 1000 XRP. Now let's say XRP value is @ 2USD. It would move 500 XRP but it would stay the same amound of FIAT money. So why would XRP increase? All I see is that the minimal fee around 0.014 would just mean an higher fee no ?


Has there been any talk or rumors of Ripple and XRP pursuing partnerships with Paypal and Venmo?

Right now if you want to withdraw funds from Venmo it takes at least a day, typically more.

It only stands to reason that if this could be done with XRP in a matter of seconds people would use this (or another) service more.


Wanting to take advantage of the .66 price I made a move and transferred a few bitcoins from Coinbase to an exchange. It’s going on 2 hours and I’m up 35 confirmations. Is this normal? I’ve only transferred at most .5 bitcoin at once in the past an it usually only took 30mins or so. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Ripple connects banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce their costs and access new markets. XRP is the fastest and most scalable digital asset today.

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