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Posted byTwitter: @BluethRL22 hours ago

It really isn’t the that bright... it all seems like a big overreaction

Posted byChampion II14 hours ago

If i mess up once, can u pls allow me to make up for my mistake. And if i do make up for the mistake and help win us the game. atleast appreciate that i did and reset the hatred against me that u so well showed the first 10 seconds of the match. Ty on behalf of the casual gamers

Posted byGrandmaster Bow8 hours ago

but if I do it I get an 'Idiot Move' and 'Nice Owngoal Dumbass.'

Posted byNRG Esports12 hours ago


Yesterday, I wrote a guide on the training regimen I used which help me rank up from Diamond to Grand Champ this season. Since it was well received and I enjoyed writing it I have decided to continue to share my knowledge with this awesome community!

Today I want to write about a specific skill which is often understated because of its intangible, fluid nature. The technical term used for this is Boost Management, but I refer to it and the broader idea of game speed as flow. In my opinion, this mechanic sorts players across the entire spectrum of skill levels, from Bronze all the way to Grand Champ and from there to RLRS and finally RLCS. Only a handful of players have truly mastered this skill which is why they comprise the upper echelon of the most competitive arena in the game: the RLCS. If you want to see what maximum flow looks like download the replay files from Season 5 RLCS Lan and watch them in game from any player of your choice. While pretty much any player will demonstrate the highest game speed, watch one of my top two players GarretG or ViolentPanda to witness perfection.

Side Note: How to watch Replay Files

I recommend watching a whole series from one player's point of view because just one game might not be representative of how they normally play as well as the fact that each team has its own style that also affects how a player navigates the map, manages boost and maintains flow.

Once you have obtained the replay file folder in windows explorer navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame

Since you can't rename replay files it's helpful to separate these from your own files. What I like to do is rename my "Demos" folder to something like "My Old Demos" then create a new folder named "Demos" (It MUST be named Demos to work) and paste the downloaded replay files in the new "Demos" folder.

Once this is done you should see just the new replay files in game. Look at the date and time to tell which one is which.

Boost Management part 1: Collecting Penny Boosts

One of the most underrated skills that higher ranks possess which lower tiers do not is collecting boost while keeping themselves relevant in the play. The way they can do this is by efficient pathing. What this means is collecting two or three small boost pads "pennies" when they are simultaneously challenging the ball or moving to a position where they are open for a pass / anticipating the other team to hit it to. Even if they don't end up needing this boost right away having it will allow them to maintain speed (supersonic ideally) around the map which enables the player to collect even more boost. Efficiently pathing across small pads increases one's game speed and thus their flow.

This skill is learned through experience in high pressure situations on offense or defense where collecting just one extra pad can make the difference in scoring or defending a shot. The best way to practice this skill outside of ranked is by disabling unlimited boost in freeplay and booming the ball around the field at supersonic speed as much as possible. Bonus points if you ignore the full 100 boost pads and only go for the small pads.

I think that Kronovi is the best player in the game at playing with low boost. This especially shows in his 1v1 verse the famous Scrub Killa whose high pressure offensive, barrage-style depletes even the most experienced 1s players boost reserves. Watch this Video to see Kronovi demonstrate excellent boost management.

Boost Management part 2: Feathering Boost

If you're serious about improving your game speed then feathering your boost can make the most immediate difference. The term "Feathering" describes the action of tapping your boost button instead of holding it. I don't have the exact numbers (It's not like I'm Rocket Science) but what I can tell you is that it's far more efficient to use boost into a flip to achieve supersonic than to hold boost the whole way until you do. For this simple reason you should be able to see how game speed is not equal to boost usage. So, when should you be feathering boost?

  • If you are already supersonic only use enough boost to maintain it. This means Let Go of boost when you first hit supersonic

  • When you know you are going to win an aerial let go of boost and opt to tap the button just when you need it for a more accurate and efficient hit

  • Rotating back into a play. This is not the time to dump all your boost just because you have it since you collected a 100 from your own half. It may allow you to get back to the opposing half slightly quicker, but the better play is to approach the opposing half cautiously because there might be an unexpected pinch, half-volley or sidewall dribble which you weren't anticipating. Saving your boost here will allow you to retreat quicker since you won't have too much forward momentum to reverse and you will have more boost to get back and make a save.

Learning how to use just enough boost to accomplish your plan of action is a valuable skill which will create more options for you as a player. If you can maintain boost while putting pressure on your opponent then this imbalance will often lead to "boost starving" the other team and a goal for you.

Boost Management part 3: The Big Boys

We've all done it, we've all gotten tilted when it happens to us and we've all had a laugh when it happens to the other team. What I'm talking about is the decision to prioritize boost over ball which leads to an empty net goal. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, but also one of the easiest to avoid. If you want to consistently win more games, never prioritize boost over the ball when your net is threatened. Seriously, I mean it. Don't go for that full corner boost when the enemy is threatening a shot. The level of play has risen considerably since the game came out and that means that more players are consistently able to put accurate shots on net. Respect this fact by opting for 2 or 3 penny boosts which is enough for almost any challenge near goal and save that corner boost for later when your net is not threatened.

Full boosts are great to pickup though! It's better you get them than your opponent so take them when you can. On offense you might opt to take your opponents full boost and make a challenge at midfield if you know your opponent has low boost. This is not an example of boost over ball because your net is not immediately threatened when you are in the opposing half. A boost steal is not always the right decision, though, because your opponent might have read this guide and been stocking up on penny boosts to catch you by surprise with a breakaway. As with most advice, context is key. I'm writing in general terms here because boost management is heavily dependent on game mode, current positions, and momentum.

One more thing I'd like to mention in this section are the all-important mid boosts. The team that controls these is usually the one on offense. As third man in the rotation your main job is to support the second man. That means being able to cover them if the first loses possession and the opponent sends it over or around your other teammates car. Doing this job requires that you maintain a sufficient level of boost to either retreat and defend or to rotate in as an aggressor. Since you have the most space on the field as the third man on offense you should be able to collect full boost. The best way to do this is not to camp the mid boosts, but to collect small boost pads as you shift around to support the second man. Ideally, you should guard the mid boosts for your rotating teammates and prevent the opposition from taking one which will allow them to make a hard clear. If that means taking a full boost at midfield when you have 99 then do it, because your rotating teammates can afford to go all the way back to your half whereas the opposition cannot safely take boost from the opposite side of the field. This part might be a little confusing, but I trust you all have a solid understanding of the basic 3-2-1 rotation scheme and please ask for clarification in the comments if this does not make sense. Also let me know if you have a different perspective on this since I love discussing tactics!


This is probably the most abstract part of the guide since I won't be talking about anything tangible on the field like boost pads, but instead just about the way you navigate the pitch and the routes you choose to take. These can make a big difference in determining the outcome of the game, but are the least obvious aspects of the game to analyze on paper. The best way to evaluate your own ability at this is to actually watch your own replays. Choose a close game where you played well, but still lost. These usually reveal more opportunities for growth than wins or blowouts. I discussed analyzing your own replays in my last post, "Diamond 3 to Champ 3", because it's honestly the most helpful thing you can do as a player to improve your tactics and decision making.

Watching your own replays will show you where there are gaps in your flow. For some this could be aerial recoveries, and for others it might be hesitation before challenging, but no matter what it is that slows you down, watching your own replay will highlight these mistakes for you. I think this is because when you are playing in game you are so focused that the game feels faster, contrastly as a spectator, you aren't faced with the same pressure so you will notice how slow you can be in certain situations.

Once you have identified where there are gaps in your flow you can begin to fix them. Since there are so many different areas that can slow a player down I think it will be the most efficient if I just list as many as I can think of and how they can be fixed. Please let me know in the comments if I missed any!

offensive mistakes

1: Not going for bump/demo on goal into corner boost steal when possible

2: Expending all your boost on a low percentage shot

  • if you aren't certain you can score or at least put a threatening shot on net then try to keep a little boost for you to recover out of the opponents half. Avoid expending all your boost leaving you with zero boost and zero momentum to recover

3: Landing in the opponent's net

  • know when to put on the brakes, when to half flip out of their net, and when to drive into their net and out from the top to maintain your speed

4: Aerial Recovery

  • make sure to land with the front of your car facing in the direction of your momentum. Even if it is 180 degrees away from where you want to be going it is faster to land with speed then to land poorly and start from nothing.

  • ideally you want to land with your wheels facing downwards along the wall to get back into the play quicker

5: Not using Drift when you land imperfectly

  • if you can tell that you are going to land awkwardly (front of car not facing direction of momentum) then hold your drift button until you can correct yourself

6: Ball Side Rotations

  • A ball side rotation is when you rotate back to your half on the same side as the ball

You should avoid doing this for a few reasons:

  • you can't create space to make a play when your whole team is on the same side of the field

  • you might bump one of your teammates or prevent them from challenging the ball from their desired angle

  • boost starving your own team if you take the mid / corner boost from the side they're on

Refer back to my example of fireburner rotating all the way around the offense to see the correct way to rotate out.

If you do find yourself making a ball side rotation it's okay - don't take yourself out of the play for an extended period of time by cutting all the way across the field just to fix your mistake. Instead what you can do is jump over your incoming teammate which helps avoid a team bump and shows to them you are fully rotating and won't cut them off with a sudden turn.

defensive mistakes

1: Rotating in front of your teammates in net

  • it's best to rotate into the far post so you can cover the whole net if need be. This way you can have enough speed to reach a near post shot or hit the brakes and cover the far post. Most of the time your team should have the near post covered if you are the third man.

  • I will also mention the obvious risk you run of bumping your own team or causing them to hesitate if they think you will skip the rotation and challenge before them because you rotated in too close to them. Trust your team.

2: Not fake challenging

  • A proper fake challenge allows you to maintain speed and boost at the cost of becoming the third man in rotation. You should fake challenge if you are the first man and know your opponent has you beat. Failure to do so has two outcomes: you challenge and they beat you easily because they have enough space and boost && you don't challenge at all and they now also have plenty of space and boost to beat your next teammate.

  • When you fake challenge you are effectively eliminating options for your opponent by forcing them to expend boost in anticipation of a challenge and also limiting the free space they have.

  • A good fake challenge can be turned into shadow defense in many situations

3: Not collecting penny boosts when you can

  • this one's pretty simple: just collect the small pads when you safely can and SAVE them for when you need the boost to make that crucial save.

4: Not knowing when to be on the backboard

  • backboard defense is a vital tool for defending because you can stop backboard rebounds and use it to half volley hard clear or funnel the ball into one of your corners

  • you should try to anticipate when the opponent will hit your backboard and be there before them

  • do not leave your net open in favor of being on the backboard; make sure your team can cover the net if the play doesn't go how you anticipated

In conclusion, flow is the process of stringing together good decisions and good recovery mechanics in order to maintain a high game speed and pressure on your opponents.


A faster game speed can be developed when you analyze your own play for mistakes in rotations, boost collection, boost usage, and navigating the field. Watch pro play from the players perspective to gain a better understanding of all these things so that you can enhance your in-game flow.

Please let me know in the comments what techniques you use to achieve a faster game speed and maintain flow.

If you found this guide helpful then checkout my other post on Training Regimen

Posted byDiamond I15 hours ago

There have been countless posts complaining about Salty Shores for different reasons. It's time to finally address this problem and do something about it. Let's overlook some cases argueing why Salty Shores is a problem:

  1. The Brightness. We all know the feeling of playing in a dark room at night enjoying our favorite game. Then all of a sudden, Salty Shores starts loading and we get a shock of immense pain from our eyes. (Not to mention some players are more sensitive to light than others so they end up getting headaches. Not pleasant.)

  2. Eye Fatigue. Another problem caused by the extreme light that comes from this map. Eye fatigue stops you from being able to play normally. Most players who suffer from this end up having to look away for a few seconds just to give their eye muscles a break (usually resulting in a goal scored against you).

  3. Frame Rate. Finally the most evident issue, the frame rate. This problem is by far the worst because it actually effects the way you play. Everyone in the game, and I mean everyone, starts playing worse because they simply do not know what is happening. It really just ruins the experience of the game entirely.

I have also happened to see a few suggestions on how to fix this issue so I think it would be an injustice to not lay them out.

  1. Turn Salty Shores to a night map. This would fix the brightness problem but it still wouldn't fix the frame rate.

  2. Let players chose what map they join / see. I really like this suggestion because it fixes the problem indefinitely. Something to consider.

  3. Abolish of the map completely. I really doubt Psyonix would do this because Salty Shores just came out and it would seem inconsistent of them to remove it.

Psyonix, we really appreciate your responsiveness to this community a lot. And I, for one, am astonished at how detailed Salty Shores is; you truly have great designers. But on behalf of this community, do something about this once and for all.

Edit: I would have format it better but I'm not to sure how posts work on reddit.

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