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Posted byStaff11 days ago

Rocket League Roadmap: Summer 2018

Original blog post:


Hi everybody! As mentioned earlier this year, we plan to provide a Rocket League roadmap every few months to give you a look at what content is coming in the next quarter or so. As May is now here, it's time to take a look at the roadmap for summer 2018!



In late May, we plan to release a Content Update including:

  • A brand new Arena

  • The start of Competitive Season 8

  • Competitive Season 7 Rewards

  • New in-game music with the release of ‘Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3’

  • And more!



Following the Content Update, June will bring additional activities both in-game and out:

  • New, summer-themed in-game Event

  • The RLCS Season 5 World Championship live from London (be sure to tune in for Fan Rewards)!

  • New Licensed Premium DLC



Every July we celebrate Rocket League’s birthday, and 2018 is no exception. In July, we’ll kick off a big Anniversary in-game Event with some special throwback content for our long time fans as well as a lot of cool goodies to earn. Stay tuned for additional details as we get closer!


Summer Feature Update (July-August)

We also have another huge Feature Update planned for late Summer. Some of the highlights include:


Cross-Platform Friends & Parties

Register an in-game ID that is a combination of a name with a unique code, like Scarab#7777 Add friends from other platforms by entering their ID into the new, in-game friends list Party up with your new cross-platform friends and play online!


Progression 2.0

Leveling Updates

  • We’re removing the level cap of 75 and rebalancing the entire level-up curve. Levels will take a fixed amount of XP to earn instead of becoming exponentially longer as you level up.

  • You’ll be converted to a new level appropriate for how much you’ve played Rocket League in your career.

  • Leveling up grants you an Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Import item (instead of these drops being randomly-timed as they are currently)

  • You can earn new Titles and Banners at level 100 and beyond to show off your status

XP Updates

  • As part of the leveling updates, XP is going to become Online-only

  • XP will now be based on Time Played in matches in addition to your Score.

  • New XP Mechanics!

    • Match Completion Bonus (for finishing games)

    • Consecutive Games Bonus (for staying in Casual lobbies)

    • Party Bonus (for playing with friends)

    • Leaver Penalty (to punish quitters in all modes)

    • Double XP Weekends

    • And more!


“Rocket Pass”

Alongside the XP and leveling updates, we’ve also been working on a new system to give you new ways to earn items and make progress while playing Rocket League.

Our “Rocket Pass” system consists of multiple Tiers of earnable content. You increase your Tier by leveling up normally and you’ll unlock new, unique content as you go. Each “Rocket Pass” will last for a few months before it’s retired and a new Pass will take its place with new content to unlock.

The “Rocket Pass” has both Free and Premium tracks so everybody has something to work for. The Free track contains new cosmetic items as well as Decryptors and exclusive in-game Titles, while the Premium track will have a flat cost to unlock. You will be able to preview Premium track content before you buy the unlock to access it.

We are still developing the “Rocket Pass” system and we’ll have more details to share as we get closer to launch!

That’s just a quick look at a few of the major highlights that are coming up this summer. We’re really excited about all of the planned updates and hope you enjoy everything we have in the development pipeline. Thanks for playing!

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Please make the pass like Fortnite so that you can earn enough from one rocket pass to get the next rocket pass for free. If I have to pay for a rocket pass every season I'm never buying one

Platinum II121 points·11 days ago

I very much second this.

It is now third-ed.


plat 1 last season9 points·10 days ago


Panic Backflip!11 points·10 days ago

The motion passes. Psyonix, make it so.

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I honestly don’t think I’d have a problem with buying every rocket pass if they removed crates from the game. Or at least discontinued new crate lineups. Then we’re paying for all the cosmetics they make

Diamond II38 points·11 days ago

Not a chance this happens

Lootboxes are starting to be banned in EU countries and the EU ist looking into it, they might want to move away from them.

I go up to Diamond just for the rewards. The fail back to plat.3 points·10 days ago

They might be forced to. Belgium has already declared crates gambling by law, that makes crate games automatically +18 titles.

If other countries follow this path all the family friendly games with loot boxes will need to find another way of making money.

Diamond II5 points·10 days ago

Ok maybe I should say, not a chance this happens voluntarily.

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Platinum III14 points·11 days ago·edited 11 days ago

What if you had to buy a premium rocket pass each season, but some % would go towards the RLCS prize pool similar to Dota 2's Battle Pass?

I would buy it just for that.

Diamond I25 points·10 days ago

As someone who isn't very invested in RLCS, but plays the game every day that wouldn't sway me at all.

SmashBevs8 points·10 days ago

Lol yeh same, it think it'd push me even further away if they said "you're only playing every time so profit can go to RLCS"

Cos let's face it, they're making (and will be making) enough to cover that themselves

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I really dgaf about RLCS.

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fairly bad rocketeer3 points·11 days ago

is fortnite entirely free after the first time u purchase? thought u just get a head start from previous seasons. but u buy it once and get it forever?

Champion I12 points·11 days ago

The battle pass is 950 v-bucks and you can earn around 1500 v-bucks if you reach max tier. This is enough to buy your next battle pass plus a cheap emote or two.

fairly bad rocketeer4 points·11 days ago

Thanks for the reply :)

The game is free from the first place. You can go now and play it for free and get the same battle Royale that everyone else is playing. The battle pass is only for cosmetics, and you basically get nothing unless you buy vbucks (in game currency for cosmetics) or get the battle pass.

Every season, there is a new battle pass that you can buy using vbucks you got from the first battle pass. So if you save the currency, you can get the next battle pass

I highly doubt they will do the same exact thing, as there is no alternate currency in the game outside of the special event tokens. Fortnite is still considered early access, with a much larger publisher that has a larger cash pool to play with. They can afford to do what they're doing.

Unranked6 points·11 days ago


Not a currency.

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Champion III356 points·11 days ago

I'm actually so hyped for the XP updates!

Consecutive Games Bonus (for staying in Casual lobbies)

Literally the best part of the game is chill late night casual lobbies

Breathing Underwaaaaater140 points·11 days ago

Leaver Penalty (to punish quitters in all modes)

This, too! I'm hopeful that there will be far less join-leave-join-leave games.

D3D2 (How did I get this far?)6 points·10 days ago

IMO, I doubt this will fix much. Quitters quit early or late. They never stay for the drop at the end. If XP is just for drops, it won't do much to deter them.

10 points·10 days ago·edited 10 days ago

Quitters have been my greatest frustration with this game for the last 6 months rendering the game borderline unenjoyable to the point I just shut it off and play something else. I don’t think there’s a reason to play a competitive game if teammates constantly quit. I think quitters have broken the casual standard 3s experience and although I’m relieved that Psyonix is finally doing something about this, it’s still sad that sportsmanship has to be forced upon players through punishment. I wish the community was better than it is.

I got to plat 1 once5 points·10 days ago

I just switch to solo standard when I join a few casual 3v3s and they end within 15 seconds. Casual is a fucking mess.

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I probably will stop playing casual (for warm up) because of this. I just don't enjoy playing games when the score is already 0:6 when I join :/

I play no matter what the score is when I join. Down 6-0 when joining but the game ends 6-2? Then I just tell myself I won the game 2-0.

Can I get better...maybe?12 points·11 days ago

Here here!

Yeah! And besides, who cares losing if you already started at 6 goals behind? Just fly around a bit and try to pull of something cool

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2100hrs. Still bad.28 points·11 days ago

That's a lame attitude. It's casual. Who cares what the score is when you join. Just play the game.

Who cares, it's not even ranked.

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Think of it as determination training, to come back from your opponent leading way ahead.

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Yup, I have been playing since release and that is all I play now. Nothing more fun than finding a lobby with players of similar skills who aren't dickheads and playing multiple games with a different mixture of teams (or having mutiple cracks at a party of chill players)

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France145 points·11 days ago

You’ll be converted to a new level appropriate for how much you’ve played Rocket League in your career.

I'm really curious to see how high the pro players will start xD

Psyonix106 points·11 days ago·edited 11 days ago

Just to set expectations:

It's not going to be a linear, 1:1 mapping into the new system. The goal is to recognize time invested, but treat the new XP as a "new system" you can grow into.

Imagine something like this:

Current Level 25 -> New Level 25

Current Level 50 -> New Level 70

Current Rocketeers -> New Level 100-200

Grand Calculator124 points·11 days ago

Am I about to login after the new update and get greeted by 100+ new items for the adjustment or do the new drops start after the first time you level post patch?

Forever Rising Star44 points·11 days ago

Talk about a reward. I would LOVE this.

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Faking!20 points·10 days ago

From u/psyonix_corey on a lower comment:

Not really. You already received the same items you would have earned under the new system as random drops in the current system. The new system just makes those drops predictable.

You may receive some banners or titles allocated to any levels up to and including the level you convert to.

Diamond II15 points·10 days ago

Retroactive rewards would be sick.

Edit this was answered elsewhere in this thread. Not sure how to link on mobile

I'm guessing since the leveling is linear, probably not. That makes everyone start at the same place. If say it would take forever for a higher level person to level up, meanwhile lower levels were racking up rewards, then it'd be unfair to not do rewards retroactively

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Champion II24 points·11 days ago

How are you figuring out how much time has been invested? I know a lot of people (at least on steam), me included, have had their stats reset multiple times due to sync errors or whatever. For example, my current in-game stats say I've played ~400 hours even though I have over 2000.

That's why they're basing it time spent on their servers only, they don't trust offline client side data. Good news for you, you get your true level back!

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Champion II3 points·11 days ago

You need to be very cautious about how you approach this because you don't want players to feel like they are being punished for investing time into the game before this update.

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Not Good Anymore7 points·11 days ago

The conversion is based on time played in matches? Do you guys not have data on players total score right now? I'd be a bit miffed if I got converted to a lower level than a player with 200 more hours but half my total score.

Is the time invested based on the amount of time the game says I've played, or the amount of time my game client says I've played? For instance, Steam says I've played for 430-ish hours but in-game stats say that I've not played nearly that long. I imagine it's similar for console players.

Champion I5 points·11 days ago

In regards to the disparity in time played, I don't think they started tracking time played until patch 1.31 (The Dropshot Update) which released on March 22, 2017. Any time played before this update was not included in the tracking stats. It's interesting that they plan on doing an XP conversion based on this metric, especially since it's incomplete. Maybe by "time played" they actually mean a set number of minutes per each match played. Whatever the case, I'd love to hear more details on how that conversion is going to work when we get closer to release.

Champion II3 points·11 days ago

The fact that some people have had their stats reset would make it even worse if they go based off of what the client says. I hope they have a different source for their data on that

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Wonder what the maximum level anyone’s going to have is

PxlBuzzard23 points·11 days ago

I'm hopeful that we won't have a global maximum level. As far as converting existing players, we're going to see some people get into the hundreds if not thousands from the start.

Between 13-15k games played here(hard to call, stats got reset) ... Whew lad can't wait

So since my stats were reset.. What will happen? Will it go off current stat sheet or do you have some additional info on your end? My stats reset at around 7.5k games

PxlBuzzard4 points·11 days ago

I have to assume they will use server-authenticated information. Which is to say, local stat resets won't mean anything, local XP won't mean anything, etc. Local can be hacked, but their servers can't (in theory). So games played online is likely what they will base it off of.

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GRAND EGGPLANT3 points·10 days ago

There won't be a level cap if I remember correctly.

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Champ 2 in Rumble tho150 points·11 days ago·edited 11 days ago
Party Bonus (for playing with friends)


edit: If you're NA, a chill human being, and play this game often we might be a match. Hit me up if you want to play! :)

I’ve played solo 100% since launch day - fuck me, right?

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Overwatch has a system like this and it encourages making new friends. Really it is a awesome way to make the player base more friendly.

I DID IT AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!10 points·11 days ago

Overwatch also has a system to party up with old teammates with one button press

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Skull41 points·11 days ago

exclusive in-game Titles


Diamond I Div III5 points·11 days ago

About time. I'm tired of seeing "Season X Grand Champion"

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Platinum II96 points·11 days ago

Cross platform parties. I've been waiting for AGES!

StaffOriginal Poster87 points·11 days ago

It's been a long time in the making and we're just as excited as everyone else! :D

FlipSid3 Tactics12 points·11 days ago

Will players who have accounts on multiple platforms be able to link their accounts together? If not, how can we tell platform switchers from smurfs?

StaffOriginal Poster27 points·11 days ago

Corey commented on combining accounts here:

Not now, but it's something we're really interested in down the road.

As for detecting smurf accounts vs platform switches, while I can't go into too much detail, there are set limitations because not all account info is shared with a game, unless necessary. However, Smurfs are still being looked into.

So as I have accounts on PC, Xbox and Switch, will I need to select 3 different unique IDs and give these to my friends to add to their in game friends lists?

I'm assuming I could also add myself to my own friends list and use my PC, my Xbox on my TV and my Switch in handheld and play in a party of myself?

riolu989 points·11 days ago

As someone who played on PS4 for around 4k hours and just switched to PC I beg you to PLEASE make it happen!

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Comment deleted11 days ago(3 children)
Gold III4 points·11 days ago

Cross-platform trading has been answered as a "no"

Thanks. Was curious.

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Platinum II31 points·11 days ago

If your XP is already maxed out does this mean you'll get a ton of new items when the new system goes into effect?

Psyonix44 points·11 days ago

Not really. You already received the same items you would have earned under the new system as random drops in the current system. The new system just makes those drops predictable.

You may receive some banners or titles allocated to any levels up to and including the level you convert to.

What about item certifications? I.E. Fantastic Scorer etc. Any word on something more fleshed out for leveling a wheel, boost, etc? Titles were suggested previously and sorta shot down. Any new banners/titles/whatever else planned for certs?

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Season 7 Champion!23 points·11 days ago

You’ll be converted to a new level appropriate for how much you’ve played Rocket League in your career.

I have over 2000 hours in rocket league however my stats (as well as many many others) were reset multiple times about a year ago. Just wondering if that will affect my “career” or not?

u/dirkened u/Psyonix_Corey

Merc Main Since Season 16 points·11 days ago

Look your profile up on some of the rank sites like rltracker or

My stats got reset several times, but it seems like in their database
all went on as there wasnt a reset and only clientside on my PC and steam storage the reset data is saved.

F.e. rltracker says for me 12k wins, but my client says 3k wins.

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Pelicram | Master Planner 29k+ Tactician Slipstream128 points·11 days ago

  • Cross-Platform Friends & Parties

  • Progression 2.0

  • “Rocket Pass”

Don't know about you but i'm FUCKING HYPED!

I’m hyped for the new arena

I too am hyped for the over saturated blues and oranges, along with framerate drops and brightness issues until they eventually patch it.

That's the spirit!

Platinum I18 points·11 days ago

We're removing "New Arena" from competitive playlists until further notice.

Chill, bro. It just takes them 5 months and the removal of many items and other arenas just to fix the issue. I think it's worth it.

Champion II6 points·11 days ago

After a year it might just be the smoothest map in the game.

Looking at you, Aquadome.

TheWorldOnFire4 points·11 days ago

I honestly never even realize which one I’m on.

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Rising Star130 points·11 days ago

So the Rocket Pass is basically the same thing as the Battle Pass in Fortnite.

Psyonix281 points·11 days ago

For what it's worth, we've been considering this for awhile and originally looked at DOTA for inspiration. Fortnite is doing a great job with theirs for sure.

Rocket League Replays19 points·11 days ago

Are we able to trade Rocket Pass items or are these items behind what would be considered a pay wall?

Champion II17 points·11 days ago

I don't remember where but I do recall seeing a developer say that all Rocket Pass items are tradable.

Rocket League Replays5 points·11 days ago

Yep. Just skimmed through and found it. Thanks.

Rising Star16 points·11 days ago

Oh I’m not blaming you guys, it’s a pretty good system. It is in my opinion better and more fair than the loot crates we have now.

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I've peaked23 points·11 days ago

I got no experience with Fortnite or DOTA, can you please explain how exactly this system works there, so that I can have an idea of what to expect in RL? Thanks in advance

You spend money up front, and then earn the items through out the seaosn by playing.

With fortnite for example, they say you'll have to play between 60-80 hours, (probably wrong) to earn everything in the battle pass. It lasts for 90 days, and each one has a theme.

It's a good progression system.

However, with fortnite, you have cross saves between platforms, allowing you to earn skins on ps4, and have them on your phone. I'd like to see rocket league do the same thing, so I don't have to buy the battle pass twice.

Psyonix75 points·11 days ago

We would also like to support cross progression, but need our own account system (cross platform IDs are the first step) and permission from the platforms (Fortnite has special treatment at the moment)

Champion I19 points·11 days ago

Would this mean a potential 1-time inventory/progression combination from multiple platforms? As someone who upgraded to PC after spending a LOT of time on PS4 I would love to finally be able to access that stuff again, and to combine my stats from both platforms.

Diamond II4 points·10 days ago

I feel like it would be a ton of work but so worth it for them to build a program to combine all profiles into 1. The main issue is proving the account is yours. Which I guess you'll just be linking each 1 to your psyonix ID then it'd combine everything.

4 points·9 days ago

Why would there be an issue proving the account is yours?

You log into Psyonix ID. Then from there you would have to log into your Microsoft account, PSN, Switch, or Steam account to link. Same system seen with Epic, Origin i think? , and I'm sure others.

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3 points·10 days ago

Thanks for acknowledging this. I split my time mainly between PC and Switch, would love to have one common set of cosmetics between the two. It's heartening to see it's even a slight possibility in the future.

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Forest Green, if you know what I mean5 points·11 days ago

Also important to note with the Fortnite Battle Pass is that if you buy it late in the season it retroactively gives you the premium items you would have earned if you had bought it earlier. (You do not get to benefit from the XP bonuses you would have had though.)

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Platinum II8 points·11 days ago

Your pass starts at level 0; as you earn xp your pass levels up in tier. At specific tiers (say every 5 for example) you earn a cosmetic reward. For premium passes (where you pay the flat fee), the number of cosmetics you’re eligible to earn is more and you may earn them more frequently. Essentially it’s a set of cosmetics you must level up to obtain

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Rising Star5 points·11 days ago

In Fortnite you can buy a battle pass for 10 dollars, which lasts for one season (which is around 60 days I think). You then unlock the premium tier (there's also a free tier, but it has not as many rewards). There's weekly challenges that reward you with tiers for your battle pass, you can gain up to 80 tiers during the season and at some of the tiers you will be rewarded with either a skin, a pickaxe, a glider or an emote/dance. All the rewards are predetermined though and you can see at what tier you get what reward, so everyone ends up with the same rewards.

At the end of the season when you have gotten to tier 80, you will have ended up with around 6 skins I think, and a whole lot of other things, so it does pay off (seeing as skins in Fortnite can easily be 20 dollars) and the weekly challenges can be fun too.

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Gold III3 points·11 days ago

Basically you just unlock an item for each level/tier you reach by playing the game and earning XP. There is two paths through this, if you pay a flat price, you will get more items (Both Free path items and Premium path items) and if you do not pay anything you get the items in the free path.

Fortnite also has the option to fast advance through tiers by paying even more, but it is unclear if RL will have this.

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Platinum II22 points·11 days ago

Which I have to say is a great way to get cosmetics without gambling

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Diamond I4 points·11 days ago

I'm fine with that seeing as the way to unlock things in rocket league blows.

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Is the “Rocket Pass” thing in addition to crates or a replacement to get rid of crates?

Probably in addition as you will be able to earn decryptors which would be pointless if there are no crates

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finally hit GC after 5 hours37 points·11 days ago

Let me rephrase your question to make it easier to answer: is Psyonix going to remove a major source of revenue?

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Merc Main Since Season 111 points·11 days ago

well, they didnt mention any "NEW CRATE" in their roadmap.

fix fast car bug23 points·11 days ago·edited 11 days ago

They also didn't mention the triumph crates in their previous roadmap for april Edit: word

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/ S6Champ1 / S5Dia1 / S4Plat2 / S3Chal186 points·11 days ago·edited 11 days ago

For season 8, will we be getting the reward item the moment we fill the reward bar, instead of at the end of the season, like you mentioned in Summer last year of wanting to do that for future seasons?

Edit: Really wanted this is S6 and S7, but didn't happen. Hoping S8 it gets implemented.

Edit 2: HOPING FOR S9 I guess

StaffOriginal Poster36 points·11 days ago

Competitive Season 8 will follow the same reward unlock system as the previous seasons

/ S6Champ1 / S5Dia1 / S4Plat2 / S3Chal116 points·11 days ago

sighs Another feature that's gonna take a long time to be implemented.

June 30th, 2017.

Season 9 could maybe be the first season, which comes out in around September, 2018. 14 months.

S1 Silver S2 Challenger S3 All Star S4 Diam 3 S5 Diam 3 S6 Champ19 points·11 days ago

I gotta agree with you. Psyonix always announces cool ideas, but takes too long to implement.

S3 GC62 points·11 days ago

Honestly I don't like this idea. Seasons already don't feel super distinct - giving the rewards whenever you earn them would just make it all an indistinct blur.

Agreed. We shouldn't get rewards during the season.

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GRAND EGGPLANT7 points·11 days ago

Would you prefer if they don't announce features until they are just about to release?

S1 Silver S2 Challenger S3 All Star S4 Diam 3 S5 Diam 3 S6 Champ12 points·11 days ago

if it's something that's a year+ out, yes IMO better not to say at all

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Champion I22 points·11 days ago

Any word on the Xbox One X enhancement? RL would be glorious in 4k.

Also waiting on this. Disappointed with no news about it again.

Champion I3 points·11 days ago

This is the one I'm waiting for too. Please, please, please...

Champion I9 points·11 days ago

I know they said that it's an issue with using a new XDK and to expect a release in late 2018, but I figured Psyonix would have been on top of this. I know they've got a lot on their plate, and appreciate their hard work, but I can't help but feel they've dropped the ball here.

It's been 6 months since the X released and more than 200 games are already enhanced. If you had told me 6 months ago that Rocket League would take a year to release an X enhancement patch and wouldn't be one of the first 200 games to offer it, I would have laughed.

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Grand Champion Jsu41 points·11 days ago

The tournament system needs some major updates:

Rewards need to be incorporated into the tournaments system. Tournament hosts should be able to insert a 1st place prize, 2nd place prize, and 3rd place prize.

Psyonix should sponsor daily tournaments for each region in 1's, 2's, and 3's. The winners of those tournaments would receive some reward in keys (15 keys for first, 10 for second, 5 for third).

The winners of the daily tournaments would ideally get their names listed somewhere in-game (cool idea, menu item like leaderboards).

Tournaments would be awesome if anyone could see tournaments in place and view the bracket and speciate in game, not just the tournament host. I believe dota 2 has a system for this, and the old guild wars 1 game (GVG) had this.

If we had those changes the tournaments I feel like it would be much more popular and give pros something to actually play for.

Psyonix43 points·11 days ago

We have a bunch of Tournaments updates still on deck for future updates. Thanks for all the feedback.

Gold I5 points·10 days ago

Also if you register for a tournament, that starts in 15 minutes or more, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to queue for a normal game inbetween.

Right now there are sometimes tournaments for a few hours from then listed and you don't even know if people are gonna be playing, because everyone only registers 3 minutes before it starts.

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G1 | RS | AS | D1 | D2 | D3 | ...D337 points·11 days ago

Still no combining accounts in any way, right? Having a PC account and an Xbox account both at level 71 makes it hard to get excited for the new progression when I know I could be so much higher...

Psyonix85 points·11 days ago

Not now, but it's something we're really interested in down the road.

please do. I've got so many items in my inventory on psn (including season rewards). wouldn't even care if they became untradeable

Champion I12 points·11 days ago

I have easily a thousand hours on PS4 and a ton of items but have since switched to PC. I would love this.

I DID IT AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!6 points·11 days ago

same situation here. My entire inventory is now just collecting dust

Sell it for cash and use the cash to buy items on the new platform?

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Diamond III4 points·11 days ago

With the Cross-Party system it would be nice to just sync your accounts in different platforms so you can get your levels and inventories combined and further progress on one global account.

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You going to add "stay as a team feature" at some point?

Psyonix108 points·11 days ago

We want to do this but have been holding off while we finish the full party system for cross-play first. Once that's in place, it's a much more manageable task to form ad-hoc teams within our own system than developing it for every platform separately.

I understand. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the reply!

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Unranked19 points·11 days ago

Hey, any word on the months-old bug of not being able to see ranks correctly? It's been fucked since the last update, and it would be great if we could actually see what rank we and our opponents are.

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#SAVEPURPLE15 points·11 days ago

Can you guys release anything about how long the pass will last, how much it will cost, and how many "levels" are included in the Rocket Pass?

#SavePurple8 points·11 days ago·edited 11 days ago

I hope new exp system will be converted based on in game hours not by career stats. I know people will disaggree with this because some people spent a lot of time trading/training. But, there was a bug/glitch years ago that resets your career stats. So, yeah, my career stats reseted. I've more than 2k hours in this game and this happened when I had like 1.5k hours. A lot of people's stats reseted because of this and nobody cared about it that much because it wasn't that much important thing. But now, system is gonna change based on career and I don't think it's fair to the people who suffered that bug/glitch.

They cared. There was a sticky post in that time where you had to post your account and it got restored...atleast some stats

#SavePurple3 points·11 days ago

I didn't say developers didn't care. I just said lots of people didn't care about it because stats had no real value back than. I'm visiting this subreddit nearly everyday from my first day but I guess I was just unlucky and missed or didn't see that sticky.

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Finally hit Rocketeer25 points·11 days ago

Leveling up grants you an Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Import item (instead of these drops being randomly-timed as they are currently)

For those of us that have reached Rocketeer and have 1k+ hours do we get all the rewards of the new level adjustment?

Psyonix49 points·11 days ago

Your hours played already resulted in random item drops, so you didn't "miss out" on rewards in the new system. They were just random instead of on a predictable schedule.

You will of course be given any level-based unlocks up to your converted level. For instance, if you are 75 now and convert to level 150 in the new system, you'd be given any Banners and Titles unlocked up to 150.

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24 points·11 days ago

I rly hope the lvl bar fills up slowly one by one. So the first minutes after the patch i can just sit there with my 3k+ hours and watch how it goes higher and higher and need to hit accept for every new item :D

Diamond III6 points·11 days ago

My guess is no and the reasoning is that level up xp requirements will be fixed no matter the level. So you're not at any advantage or disadvantage for all the levelling up you did previously. All those hours you put in means you probably got a lot of drops anyway.

All-Star7 points·11 days ago

Dang, as someone with an embarassingly high number of hours played, I hate to say it, but you're probably right. They'll probably give us all the rewards that didn't exist previously (titles, special items, whatever) but hold back on the standard drops.

Would love to be wrong.

S4 G1 -> S5 P1 -> S6 D1 -> S7 C18 points·11 days ago

Imagine how bad the painted Octane economy would crash if everyone got hundreds/thousands of non-crate items to trade up with, all at the same time - I would love to see that just for the memes

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Champion I14 points·11 days ago

Any idea when we can expect Central servers? Everything else sounds great though

Diamond I13 points·11 days ago

This is cool, but the free part of the rocket pass should have some valuable items.

The reason why the "battle pass" in Fortnite BR works is because it's a free game. Rocket League is not a free game, don't just put all the somewhat decent items behind the premium pay wall.

GRAND EGGPLANT4 points·10 days ago

They already are... Crates.

Champion I6 points·11 days ago

Does this mean crates are going to be extinct? I’m really curious as to how much this pass is going to cost, and whether I will be able to buy it once and earn enough in game currency or whatever to keep renewing it each season, if that’s not the case I won’t bother buying it

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Don't Freestyle Don't Count11 points·11 days ago

Just the fact that there is an actual dev in here responding makes me love this community.

It’s not absolutes, just “Yeah that would be cool!” or, “We are working on that!”

Just piping up to say “Hey guys! Cool ideas, we are listening, so stay tuned.” You have to love Psyonix man. Fair treatment for the past 3 years.

Gold I3 points·10 days ago

Yup, even with all the growing pains of a small time dev that suddenly has a massively successful online game to manage and improve, they've always kept it transparent and always tried to let players in on their thought process and decision making. While I don't agree with every decision they've made for the game, I really respect that attitude!

18 points·11 days ago·edited 11 days ago

It's an interesting roadmap, but I must admit I'm really nervous about the prospect of taking away random drops and tying it only to leveling up with their new system, which presumably will not happen very often. I think the game should be smothering you with random drops at a much higher rate; let us get a bunch of duplicates so we can make use of the trade up system and try for some cool wheels and stuff (which they inexplicably removed as random drops).

I would really encourage Psyonix to keep random drops (and increase the drop rate!) in addition to their plans to give us drops for leveling up and these Free/Premium pass things. Let some of the people who don't want to invest tons of money into the crate system get some more barebones items and chances at colored common wheels/boosts.

I wish they weren't so nervous to give their players chances to get cool stuff -- over the last 6 months I have really become to feel slighted by the crate system and how sparingly Psyonix gives random drops both in-game and during the RLCS streams.

Psyonix12 points·11 days ago

Leveling will be much more frequent than it is currently at higher levels (50+).

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FlusturGlunkus4 points·11 days ago

It sounds like the "Rocket Pass" is pretty early in development conceptually, but any idea of the price range you're shooting for?

Gold III5 points·11 days ago

As comparison, which may or may not be relevant:

Fortnite Battle Pass is about $9.50 (1000 V-bucks is $10 and pass is 950 V-bucks)

DOTA Tier 1 pass is $9.99 and Tier 75 pass is $36.99. You can buy 5 tiers for $2.49, 11 tiers for $4.99 and 24 tiers for $9.99.

They did mention up above that they've been looking at DOTA as inspiration for implementation, so it's possible we'll see something priced similarly. Although a $10 pass for a $20 game, especailly with a new pass every season, seems a bit steep.

FlusturGlunkus4 points·11 days ago

If it comes out to $1/item or better, it won't be any different from crates, except you'd know what you're getting.

Unranked9 points·11 days ago

This is the key. Guaranteed items for your $$$ coupled with a progression system. No surprises. Much more in favor of this vs crates.

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Champion II5 points·11 days ago

The Rocket Pass is interesting, but also concerning. I would love to have this style of progression system replace crates, or merge with it so we don't need to buy keys and everything stays tradeable. Most people can't afford to buy keys AND a pass every season.

The pass system works well for games like Fortnite, but one main reason I find it works is because of the challenges that help speed up your progress. Such as, Get so many kills with a sniper, do X amount of damage with supressors, etc. With the possibility of boosting, and people throwing games to get specific challenges, I would hope Psyonix will stick to their previous stance on challenge based rewards.

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Where does fixing all the bugs from tournament update go on the roadmap??

Diamond I6 points·11 days ago

In another post Corey replied to this question by saying bugs are in patch updates and constantly being worked on, the road map is more so to introduce upcoming features.

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Out of curiosity, nowhere is it mentioned about fixing bugs, like spectating glitches, server health, etc. Are these always going to be something RL staff works on as a default without the need to mention it? I feel like before adding all these shiny new bells and whistles, we'd all like a perfected game with no issues probably first and foremost.

Thanks for all the feedback! I love reading any update it keeps me excited and wanting to continue playing.

StaffOriginal Poster51 points·11 days ago

Bug fixes are always a focus in our updates. Our Roadmaps players with new features and content that we want to share and that includes quality of life updates too. However, bug fixes will mainly be discussed on a more conversational level and in patch notes.

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Rising Star 6 points·11 days ago

i better start grinding ranked because i haven't even played it this season so far.

Still got time :)

REUNITED3 points·11 days ago

Youtube link to second track released from Rocket League x Monstercat vol. 3:

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Champion II5 points·11 days ago

I hope this update doesn't break the game again/more ♥️ cautiously excited!

4 points·10 days ago·edited 10 days ago

Here is some complete speculation on the new roadmap:

The features included in this roadmap have undertones of we need to give players ways to earn items that don’t incorporate paying for random chance:

  • Leveling up earns you items

  • There is no level cap which means you can continue leveling up (i.e., earning items) for as long as you play the game

  • The “Rocket Pass” enables you to earn items by playing the game

  • You can see all “Rocket Pass” premium track content before you pay

  • No new crate

This is because Psyonix needs to immediately begin reducing their dependency on the crate system due to the recent crackdown on loot boxes. There are two very real scenarios that Psyonix now needs to make efforts to avoid:

1. Their major in-game revenue stream is the crate system which is suddenly made illegal and must be removed.
2. Rocket League becomes the poster child for video game gambling.

Psyonix doesn’t want to move away from the crate system because it’s implemented, stable, and a cash cow but there is a possible future where it may not be their choice. These new features address both scenarios. They:

  • Diversify Psyonix’s in-game revenue streams

  • Put pieces in place in case the crate system needs to be removed from the game

  • Allow Psyonix to say ”Hey government/activist group, we heard your concerns and we responded immediately. Look at all the ways our players can earn items that aren’t blind and/or based on random chance!”

Here is even more speculation

These features are the reason the Tournaments update was a little buggier than usual. Psyonix was developing Tournaments mode when the loot box uproar happened and the new legislation started passing. This changed their priorities drastically. Tournaments is a nice feature for players to have but it doesn’t immediately help generate revenue nor is it a response to gambling concerns. Therefore, it was no longer the most important thing to be working on. Psyonix’s top-priority had to be designing & developing solutions to the two new scenarios they saw on the horizon. That said, you can’t completely stop development on feature midway through.Thus, the team pivots to focus on the new tasks while doing just enough to get Tournaments out the door.

Now, with all that utter speculation out of the way, I can say that I’m really excited for the new features. I’ve been dying to get cross-platform parties and the people I know who play games with “pass” systems seem to like them.

EDIT: Formatting

I'm the bad teammate5 points·11 days ago

God only knows how much i'm hyped for this roadmap, well done Psyonix, WELL DONE!

FlusturGlunkus3 points·11 days ago

Will cross-platform parties work between all platforms, or just the same platforms that have the "cross-platform play" option?

So would PS4 be able to party with Xbox, or will it only be Xbox/Switch/PC or PC/PS4?

Psyonix5 points·11 days ago

Same as current crossplay restrictions.

/ S6Champ1 / S5Dia1 / S4Plat2 / S3Chal110 points·11 days ago

Sony sucks.

Champion III5 points·11 days ago

The second I think unless PlayStation starts changing their policy.

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Diamond I3 points·11 days ago

I know people who have increased their level client side - will this be accounted for to make it fair?

Camber | RankedHoops.gg3 points·11 days ago

Any mention of a competitive mode for alternate game modes like you talked about in the last road map update?

I think this Rocket Pass might replace crates, since there is no mention of a new one.

But crates are such a staple of the game, you'd think they'd HAVE to mention getting rid of crates. And crates make them so much money...

Unranked6 points·11 days ago

The premium pass will make lots of money as well. I stopped buying crates as it's straight gambling and just throwing $$$ away. A premium pass is much more attractive option because you know exactly what you will be getting.

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Burnt Sienna King6 points·11 days ago

How about cross platform trading? I hate to be a stickler and am extremely excited, but trading is nary mentioned in this post. Are there trading updates planned? Improvements? Working with the community figures to improve it as well?

Platinum II5 points·11 days ago

I think cross platform trading is banned by the console providers. Can't think of a single game that allows it.

Imagine how much money would console players gain from that lmao

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Champion III :o30 points·11 days ago

I feel pretty negatively about the rocket pass. Am I supposed to believe the crates aren't vacuuming up enough money, now i have to buy a pass every couple of months to unlock all content? Will the premium pass items be tradeable? because if theyre not im kind of sickened.

Psyonix62 points·11 days ago

The pass items are tradable.

It's an experiment in letting people buy and earn items directly, similar to DLC but with longer term goals you're always progressing towards. If it's too much we'll make adjustments. Similarly, if it's really successful, we can re-evaluate how we do monetization long term in favor of this type of system instead of alternatives.

Champion II28 points·11 days ago

Could be the end of crates? That'd be very nice!

I made it13 points·11 days ago

Crates make a ton of money. And making money isn't evil. Don't get your hopes too high that crates will go away because its basically Psyonix saying they don't want more money

Diamond III41 points·11 days ago

I'm guessing this is a way to prepare for the inevitable "crates are illegal/gambling and must be removed" domino effect that's going to spread across EU (and possibly NA) in the near future.

Might as well get out in front of it, right?

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Splosion10 points·11 days ago

Crates are also facing some tough criticism and legislation. They are thinking ahead and for the countries where new rules are already in place.

Diamond I Div III6 points·11 days ago

And making money isn't evil.

But they way they have crates setup to drop the items is...

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I'm A Starboy6 points·11 days ago

Will the items available in the Rocket Pass be the same as you can get in crates? Does it essentially give players a new avenue to unlock the same items, or are the items in the Rocket Pass and Crates completely different?

Champion III :o3 points·11 days ago

Thanks for the reply. This puts me at ease.

S2:Chal1/S3:All-Star/S4&5:D1/S6:D3/S7:MAKE IT TO THE TOP33 points·11 days ago

OMG, because you need those items so badly that you HAVE TO buy this pass every couple of months... MAN, they are just cosmetic items.

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G2 Esports12 points·11 days ago

I don’t get this obsession with having all the items. Imo it’s way better if you can’t get all the items yourself, it makes each player unique and forces you to be creative with your loadout.

All-Star9 points·11 days ago

You may not have it yourself, but "completionism" is super common and not hard to understand.

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I miss open nets frequently8 points·11 days ago

A leaver penalty sounds great! People in casual always leave after one goal is scored on them.

Prospect I3 points·11 days ago

That used to happen when I played in Competitive, too.

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Actually rising star2 points·11 days ago

Any idea what the current to new level mapping will look like?

Champion I 3solo (D2 1s, D3 2s, D2 3v3)2 points·11 days ago

You’ll be converted to a new level appropriate for how much you’ve played Rocket League in your career.

Just wondering, what data will be used to determine the amount of time spent playing Rocket League? Because a group of people (me included) have had their in-game stats reset because of a failed cloud sync.

Diamond II2 points·11 days ago

So will the level-up rewards be all given at once for someone who has leveled up a lot before the update?

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Platinum III2 points·11 days ago

So how I am taking this is that we are not getting random drop after matches anymore and that we only now get them once per level? Do I have this wrong or am I right? I hope I am wrong!

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Champion I2 points·11 days ago

If your stats got reset does that change your updated XP level? My online league stats didn’t (I.e., the page that shows goals, assists, shots, saves, MVPs) and my XP didn’t just my stats on the stats page changed.

Will the existing titles (Master, Legend, Rocketeer, etc.) still be obtainable after the Progression 2.0 update, or will they become unobtainable?

Also, can we be awarded all previous titles in this sequence, instead of only being able to equip the highest earned one?

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So yall going to fix the game so it doesnt freeze and ban us when in a comp match?

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