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What's the fastest way to get better at Rocket League?

Is it really just a matter of playing more? Ive only logged 15 hours on the game, so I'm pretty new but I just already am tried of sucking and being not helpful in competitive matches... lol is it just a matter of playing more? what's been your experience?

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Season 7 Champion7 points·8 days ago

It's practice. You can't take a shortcut. If it bothers you that much, don't play competitive. Play casual, discover the game. 15 hours is nothing.

:downvote:2 points·8 days ago

If you really want to get better fast you should be training ball/car control, do each of these practices 15 minutes a day.

  1. Dribble challenge #2

  2. Go to freeplay and fly(not driving) around the ball in a circle without touching the ball and no air rolling, that's cheating.

  3. Play ranked duels(3 matches = 15 minutes).

  4. copy this guys camera/controller settings so you don't develop bad habits early on. Eventually you need to also learn rotation and positioning, tons of videos out there on it. Find your weaknesses and pick up training codes to keep improving, gl!

There are so many people who have thousands of hours logged into this game myself included. Its just experience man

Yes, you need to play much much more. You are probably still a pro. I’d say around master or so is when things will start to make more sense then from there it’s just a matter of getting better which all comes with time. I have roughly 2500 hours and still suck lol. Also level doesn’t really prove much for skill, I was just trying to give you some sort of time frame/reference to go by.

Play more, simple as that,

Spend some time in the free play training area where you aren't under any pressure to perform and just practice making your car do what you want it to. Jump, boost, aerial, recover, jump off the walls, fall off the ceiling. Once you have started to get some control of your car then you need to start working on positioning: such as not being a ball chaser and trying to anticipate where the ball is going to be based on who's about to hit it etc. As others have said there is no shortcut for working hard to get good at something. Put in the time if you care to improve.

Platinum II Somehow1 point·8 days ago

Honestly if you are like really new it might be best to get a bearing playing offline matches against all star bots.

After that I'd recommend playing unranked a bunch first, and with a bunch I mean like 25 hours at least. Meanwhile watch rocket league youtubers, anything from tutorials to watching pros play can help you learn and get better.

Only after that I recommend playing competitive. Even bronze and silver players have sometimes over 100 hours in the game so untill you reach that point you might still struggle. So for now I simply wouldn't recommend trying to compete.

Champion III2 points·8 days ago

Why not play ranked right away? Whats the difference beetween ranked and unranked so that he should be playing unranked at the start? A variation of competitive and then some training after a while are the fastest way to get better.

Platinum II Somehow1 point·8 days ago

First of all OP Said he is only 15 hours in. Even in bronze 1 people know a little of the game and have some mechanical skill. For certain players bronze 1 can simply be too hard 15 hours in.

Secondly OP says that he doesn't like feeling as useless and he doesn't like not helping his teammates much. If you play unranked people won't care as much and people won't move you messing up nearly as much. Also the chance of toxic players in ranked is simply larger.

Also it doesn't matter if you play unranked or ranked to get better honestly. The only difference is that unranked is gonna give you a more relaxed way of playing. (Maybe a more fair way too)

Training and competitive are definitely a good way to get better later on but at this point he should just get the grip of the game and have fun. Just playing unranked for now and maybe some of the default training will be a fun and extremely good way to get comfortable with rocket league. When you finally do then I recommend you start playing ranked, as there is no reason to rush into it.

Wow this is hard1 point·8 days ago

Definitely play more Casual mode and just have fun with that until you're at 100-200 hours, minimum. You won't be 'good' until 500+ hours :D

Northern Gaming1 point·7 days ago

15 hours? Welcome to the game. It's a long road to get good.

Play a LOT of unranked early (that's what i did) and take advantage of hte luxury of custom trainer. that wasn't around when i was that new. Work on ground shots and defense. I wouldn't worry about Aerials, air dribbling, flashy stuff for a long time. no need

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