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I'm sure they're working on fixing the game still but you should consider your own set up too on things like this. I used to get a lot of connection errors, blamed RL for a long time until I got a new router and I stopped getting lag spikes. As of now I do get a fair amount of crashes but this is on Xbox and we don't have quality settings but I know that if they were lowered I wouldn't crash so much if ever again. As for items, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe any items in RL hold any actual physical properties (except the bodies). They're about as optimised as they can be because they don't actually exist. Wheels are designed and attached to cars based on default co-ordinates so that they give the illusion of well, wheels.

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A company has different workers for each job. They can add crates while working on the known technical problems. The one doesn't has to exclude the other from being worked on.

Besides, the crates are a form of income for them.

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Do you really think hes saying that the crate caused all the issues? I'm fairly certain hes just talking about the timing of everything.......

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Do I say that? I'm only saying that techinical difficulties are resolved by a different part of a company. There is a difference between tech and design.

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Thanks Zuckerberg

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yeah, before adding more stupid crates that generate the income for them to work on the previous bullets.

stupid persistent income generating mechanisms and their inflow of money to pay engineers to look into the games issues.

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The thing is, before micro transactions gambling, games already had support after the release. All multiplayer games were patched to some extent.

Yes, they need a steady income to keep dedicating people to RL, and yes the people working on the new crates content are not the same people working on bug fixing, but let's not pretend Psyonix is a small indie company with no income. RL is big, and they make big money selling crates.

As a player, you're allowed to feel cheated when an update brings mostly bugs and downgrades alongside "new content" gated behind gambling real money.

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if we're being honest. I dont experience any of these bugs people fly off the handle about on this reddit. Yes i dont see my rank after a game... i already know my rank, why should i care about this like it's the end of the world?

Games didnt have as much support as you think after games. Back in the day games also weren't only $20 pre-microtransactions.

If we're looking at all Genre's, even Wow with it's monthly sub was an absolute garbage fire full of bugs on it's release and for several years after.

it's difficult to really define what costs what. A $60 game has $40/unit sold of 'working room' over rocket league. I have no idea what RL's sales figures are but if we just go without transactions and sales, at $20/unit sold, it's proooobably not as high to say 'oh well they should be able to throw money at the probably duhhhh'. And even if they did, and the game ran smooth as butter, but sales waned (as i believe they already have) then what? They run on fumes until support can't be afforded.

I play almost every day for a varying amounts of time and honestly i don't run into 90% of the issues that are posted on here.

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I think a lot of the issues come from their own setup/ ISP. I have a newer computer with a wired ethernet connection (its even xfinity) and never see any of the "issues" (at least on USE) that 90% of this sub complain about.

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umm no maybe its just you i have 500 hrs and have not had all this porblem ,, over reach much?

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Oh wow 1 person has problems and another person doesn't. Thats insane. Unheard of. Cant even fathom..

Usually something that is true for me is true for the entire world because I am the center of the universe

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i have RL on 3 Pc's one with a intel i5 1050 dell mobo

other i7 1050ti asus mobo

other amd Fx1700 gigbatyr mobo fxf gpu

and no problems.. i dont see how people how soo many problems its crazy

1 minotor 120hz 2tv @ 120hz 3 monitor 60hz

3 times where it could go wrong and it does not.. maybe user problem???

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hmmmm explain the people with console who have problems then?? If a game doenst run on console its a broken game. We dont have control over our specs. plain and simple.

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oh yeah it runs like crap on my ps4 pro, i just tought we are all on pc... now i just sounds like a dick...