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Posted byChampion I7 days ago

Gas during arials?

I've noticed at some point in RL that holding gas will make you move ever so slightly forward when you are in the air, just stay idle, jump, then hold gas until you land, and you will notice that you have moved a bit.

Now up until now I thought it had no impact, but today it hit me, maybe that small momentum boost is what is ruining any air dribble or precision arials I attempt? Which brought up the question, how about you guys, do you hold your gas trigger while arials? Have you ever noticed a difference?

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Grand Champion10 points·7 days ago

I constantly hold the trigger for gas unless in backing up or sitting still, so it's not necessarily a bad thing. It might make a difference, but you can learn equally either way, as far as I can tell.

Side note: does anyone know if holding the gas midair while pointing vertically affects how fast you fall?

HoraryHellfire2 points·6 days ago

Yes, holding gas adds a tiny bit of momentum towards your nose. In fact, Rocket Science's first YouTube video shows that. Though, it's so small it's unnoticable.

I sometimes let go of gas to catch an air dribble, or even reverse depending on how fast upwards I am going to catch the ball. I also use gas or reverse to land faster by a small amount of time. And gas or reverse to increase my hang time mid aerial when running out of boost.

Not really answering your question but I always point my car down when I'm in the air without boost. It might not do anything but it doesn't hurt

4 points·7 days ago·edited 7 days ago

Just tried it out and it's crazy. Never noticed that before. I'll try some air dribbles and see if it makes a difference

Edit: HalfwayDead's channel might have already answered this but I'm not positive

Champ Rewards 2 seasons in a row!2 points·7 days ago

I hold gas when I air dribble, but I also haven't disciplined myself to not hold it down lol

LF HOOPS PARTNER2 points·6 days ago

I remapped my air roll button to left trigger so everytime I air drag I’m holding reverse down. I haven’t noticed it affecting my speed and can hit my shots pretty well. I wonder if changing it to right trigger would make a difference.

Diamond III2 points·6 days ago

I haven't seen anyone else that uses the left trigger for air roll. I've been doing it for about 400 hours now. My Left Bumper broke on my controller so I switched it to L Trigger. Do you find any difficulties with it? Sometimes I'll jump while driving in reverse and air roll on accident and it totally throws off my aireal. So annoying. haha.

LF HOOPS PARTNER2 points·6 days ago

I haven’t had any difficulties. Haven’t noticed a difference whatsoever. It allows me to not play with the claw grip

Diamond III2 points·5 days ago

Gotcha. I gotta try and change my bindings again.

LF HOOPS PARTNER1 point·5 days ago

What is your current setup? My brain can’t seem to use the bumpers for anything without taking a god awful long time. I always thought air roll LT was some secret god tier setting but maybe there’s a valid reason no one talks about it.

Diamond III2 points·5 days ago

Literally, the only thing I've changed is my air roll to LT. I don't use LB or RB for anything. I used to use LB for air roll but LB broke which is why I switched it to LT. I finally bought a new controller. I've gotten so used to air roll on LT that I'm nervouse to put it back to LB. I guess I'll try it out again today.

LF HOOPS PARTNER1 point·5 days ago

Honestly, I would leave it on LT. there really isn’t an issue that I have come across and I’ve been playing this way for just about 1,200hrs. Much faster transition speed off the wall.

Diamond III1 point·5 days ago

I was thinking about making LB my Air Roll and Powerslide. You're probably right though.

I miss open nets frequently1 point·7 days ago

I had no idea that this was a thing. I'll probably mess with this in training to see if it's been affecting my gameplay.

Reverse works too

You're telling me I can actually learn to air dribble if i stop holding gas in the air?

Diamond I1 point·6 days ago

I’m telling you nothing.

Don't worry I can keep a secret

Champion IOriginal Poster1 point·6 days ago

No, I'm simply womdering if that might be a trick!

Northern Gaming1 point·6 days ago

yes, sometimes while in the air i get a little farty

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