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I'm sad that as soon as I reach champion (barely missed it last 2 seasons unfortunately) they no longer use a colour tier system. I've always wanted to be one of the players with the purple items which stand out but I guess not today.

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Exactly, I don’t want a gold banner. I already have 2 gold banners why would I want banners? And why do a reward which has been done semi recently. Why not go back to toppers or even an antenna

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Antenna = riot, in case you didn't follow the pre-announcement discussion very closely.

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WHAT!??!?! :( Ive been hoping for new antennas for months! I make all of my cars around ideas like invader, money machines, breast walker awareness, mudtruck, Capt bathtub, Boosting Under the Influence, Juicy J and more I cant remember the names of. AT LEAST DROP PAINTED ONES!

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breast walker awareness

I'm pretty sure this is not what you meant, but I had to chuckle a little bit here...

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No it is what I ment. It is the fast&furious skyline with cotton candy sky blue&pink paint and all pink for orange. I use heart boost and heart antenna with a pink halo it's for both breast cancer and rip Paul walker. Like I said I put thought in my cars...lolol

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As an antenna user, I'd love painted antenna drops but I think they feel it would be a waste since many players never even equip them. I'd love having a painted rubber duck or balloon dog collection.

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Okay maybe people wouldn’t want antenna’s but really banners again? When toppers haven’t been used since forever ago. Banners weren’t that long ago.

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The color scheme is exactly the problem I have. It would make sense to first change the ranks to tiers and THEN change the rewards to those colors.

But you and I worked hard for that PURPLE and now we're getting gold? I hate to be all sensitive about it but I injured my left hand recently, literally right after getting Champ 1, and now I don't know if I can get back to where I was as easily as before. It simply feels like life is throwing me little weiner curveballs just to see how I'd react and I guess it's not well, lol.

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Yeah the banners have been done enough already and these ones aren't fancy enough (except GC) so most people will just stick to the ones from crates or trade ups. Goal explosions are dissapointing too... Only 3 variants and the actual animation is basic af. Would rather have something more like hellfire or dueling dragons.

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I actually quite like the goal explosions. But I want champ rewards to feel good. I want to be able to proud of it. But nope I get a reward a diamond player gets. (No offence to diamonds) I just feel it lost all its exclusivity

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Fair enough haha but yeah Champ should be separate from Diamond. Even though they're both fairly high there's an obvious split in skill at around C2.

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Exactly! I mean no offence to diamonds at all. It’s just there is a literal massive gap between skill for champs and diamonds. But I have nothing against diamonds. It’s just they shouldn’t be rewarded for the same thing. Diamond, champs and grand champs are all high ranks and are difficult to get. So should be treated as such.

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No, be offensive to diamonds they’re basically gold /s

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Antenna? Are you out of your mind?

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We haven’t had an antenna, would prefer something new than a repeat eventually haha

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If Psyonix would make a season reward about Antennas, uproar would be 20X the size it is right now

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Yea I know, apparently people hate antenna’s. But maybe do what they are doing now and have them as an extra? That would be cool

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I got 6/12 wins last season and missed those sweet wheels. This season I got to Champ 2 and I'm getting a gold banner that looks much worse that a lot of other banners out there and I can't even customize the colour of it. This gotta be the worst reward ever.

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Same boat here dude

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Same here.... :(

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Don't worry, most people at Champion don't care and don't use champion rewards anyways. They will all see the little icon next to your name at the end of the game, if they care.

I don't get why people are so hung up about the rewards. To me, the true reward is getting the rank, and proving to yourself that you achieved your goal. Some extra cosmetic to rub it in people's faces might be the icing on the cake, but not something to get worked up about if it's not your cup of tea.

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As a diamond player, thanks for giving me GC rewards Psyonix.

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Im in the same boat as you! So happy!

Ty psyonix!

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hahaha I will definitely feel bad knowing my first season in diamond gives me the same GE as all of RLCS competitors.

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Thanks Psyonix /s

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Hahaha, honestly congrats getting to diamond, im one of the suckers that got to champion this season...

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Now I can just equip the goal explosion without the banner lol. No pls, if you want to change the goal explosions, I'll suggest adding more goal explosions than ruining the other ranks' rewards.

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Yeah now everyone will know i managed to hit diamond! /s

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I can understand changing the rewards up but damn I was looking forward to some cool platinum wheels for grinding out of gold.


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I'm in your boat. :(

Plat wheels have been so nice in the past. I want some, now that I'm finally good enough.

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Same from me except Diamond, I was so close to getting those Diamond wheels but I barley missed

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Hahaha I’ve played a total of 3 diamond matches.

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Purple champ explosion would be sick that only champs, gc get. And that banner needs to be reworked, what the literal fuck?

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Yup, purple ball in the explosion and most of us champs would be pleased about it.

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Then a diamond rank only GE? Might aswell revert back to the old system then.

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That would make the most sense.

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It would not make any sense, hence the way they approached this

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If they did that I would be happy.

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As soon as I saw this news my first reaction was:

« OMG their's gonna be so much whining on reddit… »

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that's a gimme. Reddit complains about everything

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Yeah I'm the exact same, spent years tryna get the awesome champ stuff to show off. But I won't be getting anything more than the same as diamond players. Genuinely so upset.

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I have went up a rank every season. From bronze to gold in one season. Then plat the next season. Then diamond the next season. And finally Champ. It’s a long long road and now I’m getting a reward made for diamond players? And a banner which is gold??

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Same here, it is so sad, that it starts to be funny... :(

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Same here..

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I would have much rather they cycle boosts again over these half assed excuses

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I am afraid that at my next visit at my parents house my brother will laugh at me. I was always mocking him when i saved my rewards and was higher ranked than him. Now he can mock me for receiving a golden banner.

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Yep... bad season for the high ranks, good one for lower ranks

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Dont complain, now lower ranks can get more "flashy" stuff instead of dull looking gear.

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Dull looking gear should also be the motivation to stop getting them and improve... my opinion

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Idk what rank you are, but can you improve from (example) gold 2 to champ 1 because of dull items? Think not.

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It can be one of many reasons, but after all it is called "reward", and if the bronze goal explosion looks the same as the one for grand champion, colours for bronze can in some opinions even be cooler looking, then there is something wrong with the "rewards". When i was diamond i was happy for those champs and gc cause i knew they deserved those nice rewards, it is not about me, it is about rewarding hard work ;)

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I have been diamond the last 2 season and allways loved the champ and gc rewards which i missed cause i did no deserve them at that time, now i worked hard and got there, i dont complain, i feel unrewarded and im sure every champ feels the same

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Yeah, but we cant change anything. Every rank has that, same with bronze - silver all to dia -champ.

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Diamond and champ are still 2 different things..

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Just like bronze and silver, dia and champ do differ from 2 other ranks.

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Life's tough bruh…

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I was going to make a post like this, but you pretty much said it. First off, Psyonix is awesome! I think they do a great job so no hate.

I don't usually complain either, but these rewards have me vaguely disappointed. This is just my second season where I'll be getting champ rewards, and it doesn't even feel like it was worth the fight. I got the wheels last season and I was so stoked! This season is a bit disappointing.

I think that the idea of having colors dissociated from certain ranks is not necessarily a bad idea. It could work. The problem I'm having is similar to yours in that the rewards are all pretty much the same. As a champ, I don't feel like I'll be earning rewards that are really any better than if I'd only achieved gold. They pretty much all feel the same, although the GC banner is marginally cooler.

It's pretty lackluster and pretty uniform, there isn't much differentiation between ranks, and if this is what ranked rewards are becoming I really doubt I'll be pushing hard to earn them. Like I said, I love Psyonix and the game they give us but this is just a little disappointing.

EDIT: I used the word disappointing a lot, but I'm going to leave it because it's true :( At least this isn't English class...

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Exactly! Rank rewards should be to motivation to get to a new rank. But now I don’t feel remotely motivated to get champ again next season if this is the calibre of the rewards

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I agree there really is no incentive to grind at all at higher levels. Plus all the disincentives e.g waiting times for games, I sense a lot of the harcore player basse losing interest in this game.

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I am motivated to rank up because I love this game and playing on higher ranks is so much more fun than on the lower ranks. If Psyonix only gave "Season X rank Y" titles as rewards I'd be as happy as I could be.

To get banners and goal explosions is amazing though. I even envy all those grand champs who will get that shiny rainbow banner.

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I am motivated to rank up just to see how high of a rank I can get. But also love the reward system. Why can’t I be motivated from both? :)

But I still am disappointed this season with rewards. Maybe not the rewards themselves. Just how it was executed more. And I would love a title which said season 7 champion or that. That would be awesome!

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I like the logic behind the banner designs. It feels very Call Of Duty esque, in regards to the next prestige being more ‘detailed’. I am a fan of having colors different than the ranks, but I just feel the designs are underwhelming themselves. Other than that Goal explosions are just atrocious imo.

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I like the colors not matching ranks. But if they are not matching ranks then they should not match a different rank either.

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It's a nice idea but without one more addition it's a failure. I'm talking of course about customized colours which would make those banners a passable reward.

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I mean when have season rewards ever really been that awesome? Relative to past rewards, these are great.

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They can't make the rewards too nice or else people won't spend as much money on keys lmao

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Did not even think about this, but good point

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they def can do better!

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People said the same exact thing about the dragon banners lel, guarantee you that not nearly as many people will complain after the rewards are released

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Honestly, why are they so ugly. I love the dev team, but they are so terrible looking. Why can't it just be normal rewards?

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I know right, but tbh I quite like the goal explosions but again. I don’t like how diamond 1’s and grand champs get the same reward

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Same, Im diamond 3 now and dont even want to push for champ rewards buy im ganna finish my last 3 or 4 games for diamond rewards and stop playing

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When the goal explosions mentioned Striker I thought it meant they'd be earned via training, which I think would be a neat change.

The banners though... eh. I don't care about the colours, it's banners as season rewards that's annoying. It's already been done, we all want goal explosions, that's not a secret. They seem tacked on, though.

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It’s more they were done not long ago that annoys me. If you are repeating reward types at least spread them out

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You're not the only one who disappointed this season. I get that they're trying their best to please their fans, which is nice, but they can just never get anything right. I feel really bad for all of the people who grinded to get champ this season, because they might as well of not bothered because the diamond banner looks the best out of all of them anyway. People were complaining that diamond players don't get as much as champ, so they give diamond players the same explosions as champ and grand champ. But personally, I preferred it when the lower ranks didn't get as nice rewards as champ and such, not because I don't want lower ranks to get anything good, but because it made people want to grind and get better to get the better season rewards. With the amount of negative feedback that these rewards are getting it wouldn't surprise me if they changed the colours or something, or maybe even the item as a whole. They cannot go through with this lol.

[–]DregenFley[S] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

A lot of people’s motivation for ranked is to get the rewards, and if the rewards are going to be like this, especially the goal explosions having diamonds and grand champs getting the same reward then what is the point of grinding past diamond?

[–]AlexRL1031Champion III - Season 7 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Exactly, I also preferred it when the season rewards were the same colour as the rank which you achieved because it would be easier to tell. But if platinum and diamond players are going to be getting better season rewards than champs then what's the point of grinding?

[–]DregenFley[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Exactly, I feel like the extra work I put into grinding to get champ is now redundant...

[–]DregenFley[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I agree!

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I don't see whats wrong. Im not as good as you, so what? I want fancy stuff aswell and finally Psyonix is allowing more people to get the "cool rewards"

[–]DregenFley[S] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

They are rewards, not participation medals. They are supposed to be rewards for doing well and grinding the game. It helps take you through the process and gives a goal to work towards. Some people need a visual goal and not just a hey I got to champ, that’s great. Some people need confirmation they made it to champ and can show people.

Plus it gives people a reward in a way like, good job you made it to champ or diamond or silver. Every level deserves its own reward to keep players motivated to do well

[–]YannisBESame .. but different .. but still same 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Because Im not champ doesn't mean I dont grind ;) GC gets a title anyway, they can already show off. And yea I know they deserve a reward but the higher players always get way cooler stuff + the lower items. I like how the goal explosions are more "equal"

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I know, hence why I said multiple ranks. Grinding to a new level is great for everyone no matter what rank it is. I have been at bronze 1 division 1 and know what it is like to go from bottom to quite high. I know how getting to each rank feels. And how grindy it can be at lower ranks

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As a player with 4000+ hours and being on Champ ranks for 2 Seasons in a row, I can tell you, that I was not playing for the Rewards this Season, I've just been playing for my rank, to see where I'm at...

But this is really my 1st time I'm distressed about what they've done.

I have been supporting this game and playing in it for more than 2,5 years. I can't find the right words.

I'm sorry for all of you, who has reached a Champ rank 1st time.

Hope, they will do something with these rewards. But unfortunately, the reward are still banners, so that sucks for sure.

The boost would be the 1 of the best choices for the 7 season's rewards.

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I agree, I enjoy the game and I got to champ to prove I could do it and I was so happy when I did it. And then I got the wins for the rewards and I was like yes!!! I can’t wait for these. But then completely disappointed. I play for the rank itself more than the reward but why can’t I want a better reward for something that is quite an achievement.

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I get a reward which I would of got even if I didn’t get champion.

Really? This is how you think? Are you not happy that you passed the diamond tier? Did you only train yourself to get good to get a season reward you might never actually use?

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Yep, I fully agree

I worked for that diamond reward level..

The disappointment..i can't handle it

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tbh i've never loved the season rewards. of course, the real quality is in the crates.

i already have a car i really like. i'll just leave these in my inventory like the rest...

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I spent... the entire season... grinding away in solo 3s. I know it's toxic but I like to be toxic too so it's kinda fun. Swimming in the trash. Swimming for so long... lap after lap after lap.

I started to perfect my defense. Before every game "read, defend, read, defend, read, defend" and I started to win. Dribbling challenges. REBOUND challenges. Suddenly I'm winning more and more and I get into Diamond 2 Solo Threes. Okay.


Okay. I'm ready. Let's do some real threes and try actually teaming up for once. We win and keep winning. I'm so close, at least one game away and we miss it. The guy I was with was definitely better than me and he had carried a bit but we lost and two of us raged. The shooter (read: carrier) ranked up but not us. Savage!


Nice one! But not good enough. I go back into the garbage for a while. Try to see what I'm still doing wrong. Communication? Wouldn't hurt to tone it up. Left-right air swivels seem to be helping. Wow! These Champion Rebound levels just taught me how to launch faster.

That was fun!

I'm back at it again, this time with a tight group of threes-2 of us had won 10 doubles games in a row-we're fuckin' getting this tonight. Read, defend, read, defend. Holy shit AERIAL REBOUND AND POOF literally only two wins later and I rankup to Champion 1. I feel drunk. I go to sleep, get up the next day. I feel high. Start playing with pugs and quickly win the 10 games needed, now I'm Champ 1 div 3 and feeling pretty good. Finally, I think, I don't have to worry about spending my time on Rocket League as if it were my career! Maybe just a job... oh hey a new update-


Tiered Rewards are now available! Here's a gold banner, champions! Oh and Grand Champs get their own reward lmao it obviously looks superior and all that work y'all put in is just being reversed to season 1 but with even more tiers Savage! Nice one! Now you'll never have to leave us have fun perfecting ground to wall dribbles into air dribble to rebound for the next 300+ hours if you're fucking LUCKY


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You said it perfectly, same here ... :(

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I just want wheels/boosts/decals/paint finishes to make my cars look cool. :(

Was hoping to finally get a set of sweet platinum wheels that I have missed out on twice in the past. Finally got good enough and now the rewards suck.

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I'm just sad that I have to actually score a goal to see my rewards in game. If only I wasn't so bad.

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They are also a pretty young game so give them some time to become better.

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Don't be mad! They will Change These Colors and than you are all fine. Every Season Rewards, 30% of all Players are instant triggered. You should be happy, that they give These rewards. At Season 8 we will only get paintings for your Venom :>

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I’m not mad, I am trying to show what I dislike about the rewards as feedback to psyonix hence why I stated how much I like rocket league to begin with. I’m not mad I’m just disappointed with the rewards and hope they get revamped or changed to some feedback

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We should protest and not buy anymore keys until they change the rewards.

[–]DregenFley[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I Move for a vote of no confidence in the rewards team!

Jk I’m sure they are great and some of the rewards show this. But please fix :)

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I don’t see why it’s a problem that there are only 3 goal explosions and they’re divided as they are. Of course being a Diamond player I would say that as it works in my favour, but I don’t see why every single reward should require 7 tiers just to satisfy the superiority complex all of us have over the ranks below us.

I respect that you don’t like the banner you’re getting, even if I do honestly get tired about reward moaning at the end of every season when there are much more important things Psyonix needs to worry about. At any rate, with the usual backlash they’re getting I’m sure they’ll chuck out some colour-coordinated banners.

[–]DregenFley[S] 0 points1 point  (4 children)

I think the rewards for goal explosions should be split bronze, silver and gold. Then plat and diamond. Then champion and grand champion. As I personally see those as the biggest breaks in skill level. Especially when you look at rank distribution.

[–]Cream147Diamond I 1 point2 points  (3 children)

To be fair, that’s how I personally would’ve split it also, so I do agree with your basic premise. I just think it’s not a big deal - and there would have been moaning any way you slice it (in your scenario it would be Gold 3s moaning about getting the same as Bronze 1s). The goal explosions are just an extra, the main reward is supposed to be the banner.

[–]DregenFley[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

But I’m getting a gold banner haha. I already have a gold banner for being gold. I don’t need one for being champ haha

[–]Cream147Diamond I 1 point2 points  (1 child)

That’s why I say “supposed” to be!

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Personally I like the idea of the banners, but use colours which aren’t taken already for ranks. Like use red instead of silver. Use green instead of platinums colours. I think it’s the fact I am getting a gold banner that disappoints me. Make the colours have no correspondents to other ranks if they aren’t going to match a ranks colour

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I one hundred percent agree with this. I actually like the idea of tiered banners.

I like them as an every season bonus reward.

So every season you would get a coloured to your rank reward (or tiered if they found a good way to make higher ranks recieve better rewards rather than re-coloured) and then the tiered banners as a bonus.

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My problem with rewarding someone who reaches a certain rank/tier with the reward for the lower ranks/tiers is why would a Plat/Gold/Champ ever want to use a Bronze reward? I mean, I guess if you like the color that's cool, but if I work hard to get a pair of Air Jordans, why would I want to wear velcro shoes instead?

Make the reward tiers actually reward better item types with higher tiers. Trail for bronze, antenna for silver, boost for gold, wheels for plat, goal explosion for diamond, universal decal for champ/grand champ.

[–]DregenFley[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

I mean I use the silver wheel trail because it matches my white themed car. So I politely disagree with this and like the variation of the same type of item. But for things like banners it’s obvious I am not going to use a silver banner. But for cosmetics for the car I think it’s different

[–]captain_intensoNever trust a Merc 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I have actually gone back and started using the Season 3 reward wheels on some of my presets, as (a) they're retro now, (b) they actually look good despite what rank they denote.

[–]DregenFley[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Very true!

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Other games don't give these rewards for achieving any rank.

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You said it on point, the same goes for me, first time champ, was really looking forward to the rewards and i also love this hole concept of rocket league, i love everything about it and than this.... these are the worst possible rewards, could not have gone much worse, and truly wanted the rewards to be about a goal explosion, but this one, i can't say the 3 goal explosion, cause it is one, in different colours, atomizer looks better. I have seen concepts from fans which looks awesome and i thought if a single guy can do stuff, psyonix will rock it this season, but to be honest, if i would rank psyonix art/concept department regarding these rewards it would be a lower silver.....

[–]iggyiggz1999Platinum II Somehow -2 points-1 points  (11 children)

You already got exclusive banners, any other season that would be the only thing you'd recieve. Now they give something extra that is more generally baes on ranks. Percentage wise diamond is still pretty high.

Also if they give every rank a better goal explosion I feel it would be too much exclusive stuff. I think this is completely fair, and more fair than going it your way.

HOWEVER I do feel the banners aren't that great and the champ and GC could be better.

[–]DregenFley[S] 5 points6 points  (10 children)

I just think the goal explosions should be shuffled perhaps. Bronze silver and gold. Plat and diamond. Champ and grand champ. Champion and grand champ are hard ranks to get and should be rewarded for getting there! But I do like the explosions. But I personally don’t think grouping ranks like diamond and champion and grand champ together is fair

[–]iggyiggz1999Platinum II Somehow 0 points1 point  (9 children)

I mean that is sorta fine too, I just don't feel every rank needs their own one considering its technaically an extra. Also the rank groupings are hard to determine I guess, and is more a opinion based thing.

[–]DregenFley[S] 1 point2 points  (8 children)

I mean I don’t mind what people think. But I have went from bronze 1 division 1 to champ 1 division 3 and I know that champ is a new ball game compared to any other rank I have been in. Same with plat to diamond, big change.

But I mean I am greatful for rewards. I will use them when I get them. But I just wish they had more exclusivity since I have played for over a year to get a reward that I don’t feel is worth it. I wish I was champ last season, or the season with wheel trails. Or even the season with the dragon banners.

But I do respect your opinion, I just personally am discouraged from doing something I thought was note worthy and getting nothing special in return

[–]iggyiggz1999Platinum II Somehow 0 points1 point  (7 children)

The thing here is, its basically one reward like usual and a extra, and I don't think the extra should also be THAT exlcusive. Next year the extra might be a banner and the main rewards a goal explosion.

[–]DregenFley[S] 0 points1 point  (6 children)

I wouldn’t mind if my exclusive reward wasn’t a gold banner. Especially since I am champ, why do I want a gold banner? Especially since I already have 2 gold banners that I don’t particularly don’t want to use

[–]iggyiggz1999Platinum II Somehow 1 point2 points  (5 children)

I mean I agree the banners are kinda bad and the champ ones aren't as sepcial as they should be. But they will probably keep this system going and next year that banner might be cool wheels and the GE a banner.

I wouldn't mind making the champ banner better and more special than them making more items exclusive to champ.

[–]DregenFley[S] 1 point2 points  (4 children)

I just don’t think a diamond 1 player. Should get the same “extra” as a grand champ player. Or at least make champ or grand champ rewards even better. Because I feel really let down and don’t feel champion is even something to be proud of now

[–]iggyiggz1999Platinum II Somehow 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Its an extra, should you get more decryptors in events too as grand champ based on that logic? The rewards is what is supposed to be rank specific and not this extra thing. I don't think a champ or GC should get everything exclusive. Just like always they already get their exclusive rewards.

Being in champ is something to be proud for, but so is ranking up to every rank. People in diamond can also be proud. Being proud is something in you and not based on a reward you get IMO.

[–]DregenFley[S] -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Well that’s your opinion and I respect that. I just feel differently about it to you I guess

[–]Zantonyo 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Actually this season in my opinion high ranks lost this one and the lower ranks won it

[–]TM8MANDiamond III -5 points-4 points  (0 children)

why can't anyone just be happy lol

[–]w1nstarMatchmaking? More like "messmaking" -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

Don't try to complain about something on reddit. You're likely going to be scolded for beign a kid.

[–]muszka9Champion II 2 points3 points  (1 child)

To be fair the last time we complained we got normal banners too instead of only dragons. So it does make a difference if we do it in a civilized manner.

[–]Zantonyo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I do believe that psyonix will admit this mistake and upgrade these "rewards" to real rewards.

[–]sobson91 -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Free stuff! Waaahhh free stuff!

[–]pethy00Sometimes in Top 100 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

To be fair it's free stuff that people worked hard for though. Even though I'm not gonna use the champ banner so I don't care.

[–]lohkeytxNorthern Gaming -1 points0 points  (0 children)

I wish they'd just remove the rewards so people would stop bitching about free things that are just obtained by playing the game.

who am i kidding. you people would find some way to bitch anyway.

[–]SynkkaSiiseliChampion II -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Why tf yall complaining champ isnt even an "achievement" anymore since they made it so easy to get to smh

[–]GrayBrad -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

Psyonix are getting greedy day by day. It was right for some countries to take action against crate system. How long has the bug been present in the game where you are unable to see your rank at the end of the match?

Decryptor keys are just given to intice susceptible users in to buying more keys, as it can turn to addiction.

Adding cars in crates instead of dlcs like before is another example.