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A seasoned Champion appears..

Psyonix uses bamboozle!

It was super effective!

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lol wish i could give you reddit champion gold.

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i just wanted some cool goal explosions for every tier (... plat, dia, champ...). but i got a gold banner and some reskinned poly pops lol. disappointment because my ingame colours are cobalt/purple. gold and platinum reward banners are in good colours but ofc less animated than champ reward. i love this game but psyonix plz

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One thing that would be cool with the banners is if you got all the lower banners, but with the same amount of animation as your highest rank.

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Thats actually a really cool idea. But would also involve more work.

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heaven forbid

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it's actually more a reskinned atomizer

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yeah but atomizer is a reskinned polypop

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I'm just gonna keep complaining until they do this, couldn't agree more.

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Those goal explosions aren't half bad. But the tiers are there for a reason and lumping Diamonds with Champions is a terrible choice.

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It's the lumping together that is my issue otherwise I wouldn't complain. In all honesty just changing the colour of the explosion seems poor too though.

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Look at it like that: The banners are the rewards. The higher your rank the more banners you can choose from (without them even being tied to a rank symbol or color). The GEs are just bonus.

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But nobody cares about banners, people have been asking (begging really) for GE as a reward, then as soon as it seems that they are the only thing left, we get shafted by banners that are okay at best.

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yeah i was expecting a champion banner that was mostly purple, and it shot out the champ symbol

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I know the format, I understand what they're doing. But I think it's a bad choice. I'd prefer no banners as it's been done. I'd only want a goal explosion per rank that looks increasingly awesome.

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I agree it's worth complaining about

I grinded so hard to finally hit C1 this season and get my rewards and I was looking forward to being able to show off some cool stuff for hitting a personal milestone but I get a gold banner? Unbelievable!

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You also get all the other banners below, including a purple one. No one cares about what rank you achieved in the last season, so just use the banner you like. The new color-independent rewards lets you choose a banner that you like, not just a banner to show off your last season rank that no one cares about and that also everyone else in your lobby will have.

Just get away from that "I need to show everyone what rank I had" mentality and try "I can choose one of those banners that I like the most without it being tied to a rank".

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I agree with you to an extent, although you're correct about the colours a lot of people do take pride in showing off their rank-exclusive items in game and considering this is my first season hitting Champ I was actually real excited to sport something for hitting this rank, so it's just disappointing that they are trying to get rid of that system.

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Then he shouldn't have grinded it sounds like he would have comfortably made diamond without any effort. So why even grind at all if all you are going to do is use a lower banner.

Or to put it another way regardless of the gold the champ banner is just not as nice as the other banners. Regardless of color champ rewards should be better than lower rewards

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But why do people seem to grind only to get a higher reward? I grind and try to get better to...well, get better. I want to get a higher rank not for the rewards but for the fact that I achieved a high enough skill to play at that rank. Rewards are just a nice bonus (for me). If there were no rewards at all (and never had been), would people not play ranked at all? Look at CSGO for example, they dont even have seasons. You get nothing for achieving a higher rank but still a LOT of people play it and try to get better.

Most people dont even use rewards that look alike rank symbols for more than a few days. This time you get banners that dont have that rank symbol in it. You can just choose the one you like the most based on the overall look, animation, design etc..

I agree that the higher ranked rewards should look "better" than the lower ranked ones, but thats often just personal taste and hard to please for everyone. I actually like the animation on the champ banner.

I think the best solution would be to give us the banners like they are now but with the ability to change colors. So you can choose the banner animationhttps://www.reddit.com/design (which gets better the higher the rank is) and choose a color sheme you want.

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People have different motivations. For this season the entire motivation to a grind was too get the rewards. And after I got the champ rewards tier I essentially stopped playing. I met my goal. But then I'm not rewarded for my goal.

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I personally think the main motivation to play rocket league should be because its fun. I won't disagree with you though since everyone is different and there is no right or wrong kind of motivation.

No one ever said that you will get a reward (that you like) for achieving your goal. It's great if it happens, but you probably knew that it maybe could be a reward you dont like.

Honestly, I can understand you. I achieved champ rewards for the first time in the season we got the first banners. Of course I was sad that I didnt get a cool champ goal explosion or something like that, but I knew beforehand that it could happen. It was just a bonus and since I have fun playing the game (with whatever reward) thats ok.

Another problem is that everyone likes different things. Just look at this subreddit, we have posts that dislike the banners and the new "color system" and we have posts that like them and think it is good to go away from the rank colors.

I still think the best thing would be to give us things that can be customized. If you want your champ banner be purple, just make it purple. If not, choose any other color. If people get a choice then more people will be happy.

EDIT: One idea that would be even better: Give us seperate rank symbols that we can put on our banners! Season rewards could look like this: We get the banners with customizeable colors and seperate symbols depending on the highest rank you had. You choose any banner you want, choose the color you want, and if you want you can put the rank symbol to it. Maybe a little "Season 7" under the symbol.

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I agree with that. Honestly I would be fine with the champ banner if it was not the worst banner of them all. Almost every other banner looks great. But there champ one to me is the worst it just looks bland. And then it is just gold not even some other non ranked color.

Or if they just had a purple goal explosion that would be great too. Since day 1 I have had a purple car so this would have been there first season where I could have actually used my reward and it would fit the theme of my car

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Sad... feelsbad

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Literally all it needed to be was an explosion with the rank icon exploding outwards in the correct color scheme. Given the intricacies of the other goal explosions in the game, I don’t understand how this was overlooked.

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They even already have templates of sorts with either the batman or balls/popcorn explosions. Replace the bat symbol or the balls with the ranks and boom.

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Diamond 1 player getting the same rewards as Champion 3 player just doesn't seem right as there is a gulf in skill difference between those two.

Diamond 1 players gets the same as Grand Champs even

Also, agreed.

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They are just as good as kronovi duh

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that's the same shit like last rewards: Diamonds wheels have to stand out more - Wow! now you killed a perfect simple wheel only to get some glowy near champ stuff. Probably the same guys are complaining about it because most diamonds from last season did make the jump. Mhs.

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The redone diamond wheels were sweet though. I liked them much more than the original.

And the champ wheels were still even sweeter

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Please Psyonix, I would also really love for the banners to be changed back to correct coloring. I would prefer to show off some of the lower tier banners than champ, which doesn't really make sense

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I don’t know if it’s just me but I wouldn’t even be satisfied with just a recolor of that same goal explosion. It should get more intricate with each tier as well.

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Diamond 1 player getting the same rewards as Champion 3 player just doesn't seem right as there is a gulf in skill difference between those two.

After your change i can say the following: Diamond 3 player not getting the same reward as Champion 1 player just doesn't seem right as there isnt a lot of skill difference between those two...

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But it's been like this for 7 seasons...

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Yea i know, thatswhy its not really an argument

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Haha suck it, champs!

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1v1 me

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I'm champion and I think I should get this item.


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Kinda stupid to give separate tiers the same reward. The only one that should be getting the highest GE is Champ-GC

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I concur. It feels a little disappointing to receive a shared reward with Diamond players when the skill gap between a Diamond 1 and a Champion 1 is tremendous.

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Maybe it should be just one goal explosion animation, but it comes with several palette swaps. Basically, you can just choose one of the rank colours for the explosion.

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Whilst I completely agree that it's strange to see Diamond and Champion sharing a reward as they usually just throw us with Plat, you are being rather selective with your brackets.

If it were a Diamond III player and a Champ I player, the gap suddenly doesn't seem so big eh?

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As a diamond 3 player let me just say that the skill gap between D3 and C1 is easily the biggest skill gap in any rank up to that point. It's like they're playing a different game

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whoa now are you saying if I don't take the most extreme case it does not look as bad?

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I agree completely, and I'm not even a Champion (although I've hit D3D4 a few times).

I don't think the rewards revealed yesterday are bad, but they don't motivate me to make that last minute push for Champ rewards either. I understand their reasoning for decoupling the colors to allow more creative freedom, but it makes me sad that if/when I ever get Champ rewards I won't be able to rock that iconic shade of purple.

I think they should have made the goal explosions the primary reward and had banners be secondary, especially considering we just got banners two seasons ago. I don't really see why they can't make one for each tier, because while I'm sure a lot of work went into creating the template, I don't see any difference between the different ones besides a color swap.

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Am diamond 1 getting champ reward. Feels weird.

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But are champ players elite? Maybe like a finite number not based on ranks. Like top 1% of players in a playlist for rewards or something like that? Idk what percentage distribution champ is but I think champ 2 is like 1.something% in 3s so maybe not that just a thought

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dont care, won't even be using it.

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Thread checks out.