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Posted by[Super Impressive Flair]6 days ago

Why do people get so upset over the season rewards?

Personally I don't get why people are so upset. So you won't be able to show the world that you hit champ via goal explosion...I don't understand why people wear/utilize their rewards anyway. It's like carrying around your trophy case. It's tacky. No one cares what rank you hit the previous season. The point of ranked should be to achieve your goals, and the reward is for yourself, as a reminder that you did it. No need to flaunt it to the world. No one cares. If it looks cool, fine, but why complain that diamonds got the same as champs. If it looks cool and you want to use it, then use it. If the point for you is to show it off, then get over yourself.

I'll probably get down voted for this, but whatever.

Sorry for the rant...

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Champion I94 points·6 days ago·edited 5 days ago

While I completely see where you are coming from, and think it is great you are sharing your opinion, I would like to share mine as well.

For me, it is a way to feel cool about something that you did. For example, when I hit supreme in CS GO, I thought it was the coolest thing ever, inviting friends to lobbies and seeing them go, "wtf, how", was so much fun. It looked awesome and it was a cool thing to show off.

With these rewards, nothing looks cool, or nice, they are just there. I forget the season, but the one season that had the banner rewards with dragons looked awesome, to this day I find those amazing and the champ one looks beautiful.

People put a lot of hours into the game trying to achieve better ranks, and it is a nice nod to the player to get something awesome out of it. Playing the game for hundreds of hours to get champ, and being rewarded with a gold banner, is kind of a low blow.

I see some people saying that it's just for fun and not everyone is a pro gamer, and I completely agree! For the casual players I doubt they care at all, and more power to them, but you have to understand the other side of the community as well, there are competitive players who like to show their achievements.

For example, I am sure many of you would love to have a title that says, ESL Monthly Elite, RLCS Champion, or Season _ Grand champion, and to show it off. Could you imagine winning RLCS, and getting a title that says, "Competitive Participant!".

EDIT: Another thing I would like to add after reading a lot of things, people seem to only look at the game from their own perspective. I see a lot of people saying, "If you have to grind, then stop playing the game, it's obviously not fun for you". Grinding is fun to some people, so is casual play, so is competitive play, people play different games for different reasons. I personally loved that feeling of working so hard to get champ, it felt like a real challenge and it gave the game a purpose to me, that is what is fun to me, it may not be to you, but to others it is.

Also, the saddest thing I've seen is people saying, "go work on real achievements", or, "go outside". Really? You're going to criticize people on a gaming Reddit for giving their opinion on the game they play? What's next, go to the swimming Reddit and make fun of all of them for not being able to walk on land? People are here because they like the game and want to talk about it, to them it is an achievement, and there is no need to be made fun of for that. It's these type of people that caused Esports to be such a hard thing to evolve, because constantly pro gamers were hearing these things. "Get a real job!", "Go outside!", "Get a life!", guess what, people find pride and happiness in different things. If someone wants to spend their whole life building Lego's, let them. If they are happy, who cares, and more power to them, I've seen some pretty awesome Lego builds

#SAVEPURPLE15 points·5 days ago

Fucking perfectly said man

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

You nailed that one on the head

Comment deleted5 days ago(1 child)
HoraryHellfire5 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

I played WoW, quit because it was boring. Not really addictive when you grind "X" amount of time to get to max level, then have to grind some more for gold, then have to grind some more for PvP gear or PvE gear, then grind some more to get heroic or hard mode gear. It's awfully time consuming for little "playing" there actually is.

I play this game for the fun of it. Been playing since August 21, 2015. The fun always has been and always will be the reward for me. But I hate the fact that Psyonix wastes their time on uncreative and stupid shit. They took away the color restrictions to the ranks to be more "creative"... yet there's nothing creating about reskins of the same banner and putting Gold as the highest. And people don't appreciate being lobbed in with lower earning people. If I took the time and effort to get good enough to be Grand Champion, and they release rewards, it only makes sense to make sure Grand Champion is separated from Champion, and Champion from Diamond. And so on and so forth. Especially when the pattern already existed and seemed to have worked well.

It's not about playing for the rewards. It's that the rewards were already a thing added ontop of the fun. When they used to be good enough every season, and then they botch it, it says something about the company's decision making.

Champion II-1 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

I get your point there, but for me i don't need rank rewards anyways. I rather play the game because it's fun for me. Barely anyone uses them in game from my personal experience (can't remember the last time i've seen the earlier season rewards like boosts, s3 wheels, trails). I think just from an esthetic point of view those new banners are pretty cool - thats the real point for me. Not talking about the goal explosions, i really dislike the concept of them.

In Season 8 you'll eventually play against the same rank tier as in Season 7 so everyone got the same reward level at the start - no point in showcasing your rank there, becauase everyone propably knows your previous rank. If you climb higher in ranks there is also no reason for me to showcase the achived reward. Why would you show your dia reward if you got to champ already?

I think it's way easier to build up a good looking combination of both - car and banner - if you are interested in that. I get the point that it's a little confusing that the colors don't match properly, i personally don't mind it.

There are way to many people complaining about this, for the rewards not getting used that much anyways. There are people using them and i get that but i don't get why there are soooo many negative posts. A little percentage of the playerbase is using them anyways.

I really don't agree with your last example. RLCS and ESL titles are coming from other sources than the game itself. No one gets those by just playing ranked. For me it's more like a trophy for beeing extremly good in what you are doing and not everyone has those. If you play ranked everyone should be at a somewhat similiar rank and so everyone got the same season rewards, so no point in showcasing your reward for me. But there is just a small amount of people which are playing competitively - ESL, RLCS- and an even smaller amount will get the rewards for it. In my opinion there is way more incentive to showcase these compared to the usual ranked reward

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

While I see where you are coming from, and agree with some of your points and understand your perspective, like I said in my original post, there is another side in the community who do care greatly about this. While it may just be fun for you, some people grind super hard to achieve these rewards, and now after months of doing it, they are being handed a gold banner.

In terms of people not using rewards, I personally see the old banner and the wheels a lot. I mean, every 5 games I would say I at least see one, and I still think the champ banner from that season is amazing.

For the RLCS and ESL point, I think you hit it perfectly yourself,

"For me it's more like a trophy for beeing extremly good in what you are doing and not everyone has those"

Exactly, it's a trophy, something to be proud to show, and quite honestly, none of these new banners or explosions have that much pride in them. Again, people were looking forward to that beautiful, purple, crazy nice looking champ reward, but what are they getting instead? A gold banner. Imagine winning the NHL Stanley Cup, but they changed it this year, instead of a nice, huge, silver cup of pride and awesomeness, it's just a little bronze mug that has the words "Good Job!" printed on it, not as satisfying

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

I've got to say, this is the most productive discussion I've seen in a while. I love this community.

Champion I2 points·5 days ago

It's nice to be able to talk about something without people, (at least some), not freaking out. At the end of the day constructive criticism is important, and I am happy that people from both sides are talking, at the end of the day, the ultimate goal is for everyone to be happy! For me, I would love to see give out alternative versions, maybe release what they were going to, but also put out traditional color versions.

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Yea. I'm not sure why they changed the colors of the banners.


i need status symbols

-6 points·5 days ago(0 children)
WOL | SCarton-3 points·5 days ago

Could you imagine winning RLCS, and getting a title that says, "Competitive Participant!".

Sure, that would be insulting, just like if everyone got the same reward after the end of the season. That's not what's happening, though.

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

But it is kind of what is happening, not to the same extent, but Diamond players and Champ player are both getting a same reward, those are very different ranks. To use that example again, that would be like the 1st place winners of RLCS getting a title that says, "RLCS Competitive Team", and a 5th place team getting the same one, one of those teams worked harder for the achievement, but both are getting the same thing

WOL | SCarton0 points·5 days ago

You were talking about the banners in your previous post, not the explosions.

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

I was talking of both, if that wasn't clear than I apologize, I should have been more specific. But even with banners, while they may not be "Shared", as a champ I would rather show off the gold level banner than the champ banner, because the gold level banner actually looks like more of the high tier banner. That doesn't make much sense.

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

I can't speak for Psyonix, but it seems they wanted to do goal explosions to give the community what they asked for. The goal explosions aren't actually the rank reward. The banner is the rank reward. I'm not sure if you've ever won a sports tournament, but you win a plastic trophy. It's not exactly flashy. But it's a memento for your hard work paid off. It's for you.

WOL | SCarton-1 points·5 days ago

I suppose I'm lucky in that I absolutely love the way the Tier 4 banner looks. It will probably take the place of the one I've been using for the last month or so.

-20 points·5 days ago(16 children)
HoraryHellfire11 points·5 days ago

Except, it's not. If everyone got GC, they'd change the rank distribution to make it so only "X" percentage can get them.

-7 points·5 days ago(0 children)
-5 points·5 days ago(0 children)

May I ask if you've ever tried 144 Hz? I have to say, from my own experience, that it helped me play better.

I do agree though, that obtaining high skill is multifactorial and cannot simply be done by spending time wisely.

HoraryHellfire1 point·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

No, I haven't. I'm not saying it doesn't make a difference, just that's it's not necessary.

Edit: Downvote facts. There are plenty of people who've reached GC on 60hz, including me.

/r/TheMantisMen1 point·5 days ago

If you have not tried it, you cannot claim too much about it. My university has 240 Hz monitors in our esports lab and the quality is incredible.

Yes, playing 144 or 240 will not make you a better player instantly. But it will mitigate the extent, if any, that tech specs had as a limiting factor on your rank.

My xbox and PC ranks are almost perfectly even. Granted I only play PC a few hours a week. If I had consistent access to that insane PC setup I could probably push Champ 3 and it would be easier than on my xbox.

HoraryHellfire3 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

I didn't claim anything about it. I stated facts. 144hz is not necessary for GC, as most players who are on PC are on 60hz monitors, and that includes many GCs (plus me on 60hz reaching GC multiple times and achieved RLCS top 70 something in RLCS S4). That's not a claim about 144hz, it's a fact. Meaning 60hz is very unlikely to be a limiting factor in one's rank.

Finally GC again!3 points·5 days ago

I wont say its overkill. :) Its definately an advantage. And I would take any advantage any day. You are right about the last part though. I really struggle to learn new mechanics as Im kinda old in RL terms (32) ;-)

But... Let me guess. You play on console and therefore neglect the advantage? :D Id say.. If you went to PC with 144hz you would easily rise 50-100 MMR. ;-)

You probably meant


-not definately

Beep boop. I am ^^a bot whose mission is to correct your spelling. This action was performed automatically. Contact me if I made A mistake or just downvote please don't

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

Good bot.

HoraryHellfire2 points·5 days ago

No, I don't play on console. I play on PC and am well aware of the advantage. I'm not neglecting it, but it really is overkill if you are saying the "requirements" to get to GC for "any" person. It's nice, however it's not necessary.

Finally GC again!3 points·5 days ago

I agree. Its not a necessary, but it make things easier. :)

Worst Champ Ever3 points·5 days ago

No it's not. Grand champion is still less than 0.1 percent of all players.

Finally GC again!1 point·5 days ago

And those (I think its more like 0,25%) ;-) Either play shitloads... Almost exclusively +3000 hours players, or are very gifted. So yes... If you play a ton... Lets say +4000 hours, and you use that time ingame wisely and trying all you can to improve. Anyone can become GC. I forgot to mention that having a stable 144 FPS and a 144Hz monitor is a must as well. :)

Plenty of people make it to GC on PS4 which is only 60fps, and that’s with Crossplay enabled too.

I love my 165hz monitor, and I agree that it’s an advantage, but it’s not entirely necessary to reach GC.

Finally GC again!1 point·5 days ago

"Plenty" is a wide definition IMO. My guess is that only 500-800 players on console make it to GC each season. :) Just a wild guess. Im pretty certain, as I wrote earlier, that anyone moving from 60hz console to 144hz pc will gain an easy 50-100 MMR by moving platform. Ive played 2000 hours on ps4 before moving to pc. And the difference is pretty significant. I werent able to break out of champ 2 on ps4. 4 hours after I started on PC, I was GC. (And yes... I was playing on a 1ms monitor on my ps4) ;-)

I never realized how much motivation there is for the season rewards. I always thought ranking up was about achievement and personal goal setting and satisfaction. I don’t understand grinding, training and putting all those hours in for ANY cosmetic reward.

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

It's a fairly common cultural trope. People are always getting some thing that represents the achievement whether it be school, military, sports, or something else. Psyonix tapped into this cultural aspect to motivate people to play a lot and get better. They did this for a long time. Now they are devaluing it after a lot of people bought into it. I'm not going to weigh in on it but they made the ranking system and of course the people that bought into it will be pissed now that they are changing the standard they created. Psyonix is creating this mess because people are acting like people after they bought into it the way psyonix wanted them to - and profited from. Rock the boat too much and people fall off. If people get mad about participation trophies how do you think they'll feel when weeks or months of effort are not met with expectations psyonix created. IMO this is just dumb all around and could easily he avoided by understanding what they successfully tapped into.

Rising Star15 points·5 days ago

You are being awfully full of assumptions OP.

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Well it's my opinion and I was ranting a bit. You have every right to disagree right here in the comments and I'll totally respect that. Much love my dude.

11 points·5 days ago

If the rewards are meant to be half-assed and not that appealing, then they should be removed entirely.

If they exist, and Psyonix tease them, it's fair for people to have expectations. Especially when you compare to the quality of the stuff in some of the most recent crates. We know for a fact they can come up with really cool looking stuff, it's there in the crates.

A big portion of the player base doesn't care about ranks, but a significant portion still does. Ranked game mode have more players than casual I think, so to some extent, it matters to people.

Gary Oak2 points·5 days ago

This. When I see the "bi-monthly" crate items, most of the things look really cool... Then I seen the rewards and it looks pretty dull in comparison.

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Keep in mind also, that the more desirable a ranked reward, the more likely you'll have smurfs and boosters. No amount of regulation can stop that from happening. I completely understand your point though.

Grand Champion17 points·6 days ago

Season rewards are the primary motivator for a lot of people. People like to have goals and they like to challenge themselves. Getting rewards are an acknowledgement of them achieving their goals. So what if you think that the game should only be about fun and not rewards? That's great for you. But then again, don't be so ignorant to think that the game would be the same without rewards. They are a major factor in what pushes people to get better, so the entire community has them to thank for it. It's a competitive game, and rewards often drive competition.

Maybe you don't care about the rewards, but many people do. It's in everyone's best interest that the season rewards are as appealing as possible. At the very least, it serves as a "Thank you" from Psyonix for being a part of their game and dedicating a lot of time to keeping it alive.

Finally GC again!3 points·5 days ago

The rewards are kind of meaningless, as it is "only pixels". But I totally agree. Back in s2 and s3 I was always like: "How cool would it be to have an ingame title saying Season X Grand champion". That really made me push my limits in regards of training. Now that Ive achieved GC several times in several modes, I dont care so much about the title anymore. Sometimes I use it, sometimes I dont. But.... Surely... It felt very exclusive the first time (even though it was s3, lol) :D

I agree with you aswell. Regardless of downvotes. I almost wish they wouldn't have rewards. It makes people Smurf for an item they'll use for 20 minutes and get over. Extremely frustrating for people on the cusp of their rewards and want to reep the benefits of the grind.

Champion I5 points·5 days ago

When you understand how much you have to put in to get champ and how exciting it is at first, you'll know how disappointing it is to get these as rewards

I'm on the cusp of Champion 3?

WOL | SCarton5 points·5 days ago

Yeah, but you didn't feel the pain that N8-97 did. You don't know the struggle!

Champion II3 points·5 days ago

I don't pick my rank reward items in a customisation to show off for other people I pick it to show it off to myself, it looks good to me. obviously no one else at my rank cares that I have champ wheels because they are all champ too. I don't care that no one else cares or that you don't care its not about what you think its about me and what I want my car to look like. I know I sound like a prick wording it that way but you are trying to paint everyone who wants champ themed rewards for champ players in a bad light anyway.

Platinum II1 point·5 days ago

I hear what you are saying and it makes completely sense, but since you hit champ this season it means you are able to do it next season, which means you will have another round of champ rewards that maybe will be better looking.

In a sense it's normal to be disapointed, but in another way it's a bit cringing to hold against something that will be replaced anyway....

it's paradoxal.

Gold III18 points·6 days ago

People tend to forget that they’re playing video games and not everyone is a professional gamer and we need to have fun. I agree with you.

Don't @ me haters2 points·5 days ago

Im just a competitive person by nature, grinding and such is how i have fun.

Comment deleted5 days ago(More than 24 children)

I love how some people in this thread expects everyone to approach a game the way they are. Some people like to be competitive. Some people like to grind for stuff like this, and that IS fun for them. You judging them for that and acting as if they don't have a "right" to complain is what's painful to read.

Comment deleted5 days ago(0 children)

To be frank I don’t care about the cosmetics in this game at all, that doesn’t mean I can’t relate with the people who are upset.

I mostly play hoops1 point·5 days ago

Right, I don't find grinding fun, so why do I have to grind through bronze rank rewards when I've been Champion+ since season 2?

Comment deleted5 days ago(0 children)
I mostly play hoops-1 points·5 days ago

I have about 1,800 hours in this game. Skill-wise, getting champ rewards is completely trivial. The ~50 games RL suddenly insists I play to be eligible for rewards I've earned for six consecutive seasons is a chore. RL insists on making this aspect a chore rather than the old system which instantly recognized your highest rank. Either way, the vast majority of time I spend playing is in playlists I actually enjoy.

I don't want to hear you babble about your philosophy of gaming when RL has deliberately changed to enforce the grind.

Diamond I2 points·5 days ago

I think that forcing players to win a certain number of games in a rank before getting the rewards is actually a good idea, but the way they implemented it was horrible. If you start out in champ, you shouldn't have to grind your way through the bronze/silver/gold/etc. wins before getting champ rewards. It should be something like you have to win 10 games in the rank before you get the rewards. If you start out at champ and win 10 games then you get all the rewards. If you win 10 in diamond and then get promoted to champ, now you have to win 10 to prove you're actually champ level.

Holy shit how did I get here1 point·5 days ago

Agreed. I fell from Diamond after 2 wins in it because I wanted to play with some gold and silver friends. It was kind of a slog getting back and then getting the reward

#SAVEPURPLE-3 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Let me put this in perspective for you, since I'm assuming that you're older due to you referring us as "kids".

Imagine that you work at a firm, and you're a level 3 lawyer (assuming that's a thing). Well, you spend 6 months working hard and winning cases so that you get a promotion to a level 4 lawyer. Well, with that comes some benefits. You get a pay raise, better benefits, a new office and more say in the company decisions. Obviously, the main drive for you to get a promotion isn't the new office - it's the pay raise, benefits and the pride of being an excellent lawyer. Well, let's say that spring break comes round, and when you get back you see a whole bunch of changes. Instead of having the tiers separated by floors, they have them all on one big floor. And you no longer get a nice office with big windows, a nice fluffy chair, a big mahogany desk, and your own nameplate. Instead, they decide to unlink the floors/offices from the level of the lawyer. So now, it is a big common area. You can work wherever you like, but there are certain areas that are off limits to lower tier lawyers. You can go to this exclusive Tier 4 area, however the only thing that only you can use is the new Keurig coffee maker. However, now Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5 are the ones with use of that. And, the pay is being leveled out a bit between Tiers. If I was in that situation, I'd be angry. I do my best and try my hardest to get to the highest level I can, and as a reward (other than the pride and accomplishment), I basically get the same as the lower tiers. What would be the point of working your ass off to get up to Tier 4 if there is almost no reward.

My point here is that people who are Champ and above feel cheated. We worked super hard to get up to where we were, and as a reward we get grouped in with Diamond I and above players and a Gold banner. Hell, the Season 5 (non-dragon) banner is basically the same thing as the Season 7 Champion banner. It's ridiculous, and not fair to insult us for not liking free stuff because it sucks. You strike me as the kind of person to say "Oh, kids these days have it soooo easy. Back in my day, we had to actually work for things. Damn millenials!"

EDIT: Well since apparently this is a super shitty analogy, just go look at what u/TellMeAboutGaming said cause he sums it up perfectly

You wouldn't do the job if it wasn't for the money. Would you quit playing the game if it wasn't for the season rewards?

#SAVEPURPLE1 point·5 days ago

No, I love playing RL. But, I also love being recognized for my achievements

I also love being recognized for my achievements

Honestly, go out and obtain some worth while achievements. Your analogy of being "recognized" at work is pathetic and not how the world works at all... at least pre-millennial.

With all of this recognition and reward BS will surely change the state of how business' operate though. HEY, you did great on that sales pitch. Instead of commission, here is a hat that says "great job". Everyone can see it, and will be in envy of you... but they'll also know that ALL that extra work you put in was useless because it didn't improve your overall life/career position at all.

#SAVEPURPLE1 point·5 days ago

Wow... Well, first of all, thanks for basically telling me that my dedication to a game that has improved my life by tenfold is basically fucking useless. Second of all, I think that I've made it very clear that I have almost no experience in an office scenario. I'm a teenager and am still on my first job at a hockey rink. And third, I never said that proper recognition is getting a reward like an office or a hat. And the statement that "I also love being recognized for my achievements" doesn't portray that at all. If you do a good job on something, if people are grateful or appreciate your contribution then they express that. Whether that is by sending you a thank you card, recognizing you in the company newsletter (is that even a thing anymore) or throwing you a party doesn't matter. I have no fucking clue how you took that and got the assumption that only public recognition matters. And the fact that you assumed that all that I care about is public recognition, paired with the direct insult to my achievements, based all off of a shitty hypothetical analogy is absolutaly ridiculous.

thanks for basically telling me that my dedication to a game that has improved my life by tenfold

This. This is all that matters. Nothing else. Not what you wear, where you work, or even if people recognize you (let alone what you do).

WOL | SCarton1 point·5 days ago

Haven't been in an office setting much, have you? That's pretty much how things go. New title, pay raise if you're lucky, still sitting with all the same people you sat with before.

#SAVEPURPLE1 point·5 days ago

No, but it was a hypothetical

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

A hypothetical only works if the premise is sound. Yours was based on a Hollywood fantasy version of an office, not a real office.

#SAVEPURPLE1 point·5 days ago

So ur gonna focus on the accuracy of a hypothetical instead of the content of the said hypothetical? 11/10 rebuttal

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

Your hypothetical's content is useless because it is fantasy land. It is completely divorced from reality.

#SAVEPURPLE1 point·5 days ago

Defenition of a hypothetical, from Merriam Webster: "2 : imagined for purposes of example <a hypothetical case> "

So, no, my argument is still completely valid.

Diamond I1 point·5 days ago

It's really not. Your hypothetical doesn't work because you're posing it as a situation that the person could relate to and say "yeah, you know what that would suck if that happened in real life" but the issue is that does happen in real life so you're not making any point. I actually agree with you, it's just your example was bad.

WOL | SCarton1 point·5 days ago

Well, I say in a hypothetical world where the sky is chartreuse with magenta polkadots, everyone has alpha boost. Can't say I'm wrong, you don't know.

#SAVEPURPLE0 points·5 days ago

For the people who are angry, having fun is when they are in a 4 minute overtime with Grand Champ on the line. So when they make the climb up to the highest ranks in the game, and aren't able to be publicly proud of that, it sort of takes some of the meaning of ranked away. They play because they love to play and they hare having fun while playing, but it still feels shitty to get all the way up and get treated to a shitty reward. Most people would use the champ banner, but they won't because it doesn't represent the struggle that they took to get up there. Why would I get all the way up to Champion II if I could just place in Diamond I and get the same goal explosion and skip out on a banner that I won't use? It doesn't make any sense. I gaurantee that if you had climbed all the way up to the highest tier group, or the second highest, you would feel cheated right now.

I strongly agree with what your saying. I feel like it is meant as a reward system to remind yourself of your accomplishments. Because tbh. No one cars what rank you hit last season. I fully support The dev team on this one.

Champion I8 points·6 days ago·edited 6 days ago

No one cares

This is very much false

I think the real complaint comes from the fact that the quality of crate-items is unreal, and season rewards are recolors of an already existing goal explosion.

People deserve to show off when they put the effort the reach a new rank. The fact that you don't care doesn't mean that others don't. I would be thrilled to have a purple banner as I finally frikkin reached Champ for the first time. I don't want a Gold banner I already got in Season 5. There is litterally a topper named "Mount Champion" which I put 800h to climb. If it took me 700h instead, I would have some sexy purple wheels instead.

(I'm trying not to be rude, I think most people who are pissed are new Champions 1 and 2 like me)

Finally GC again!1 point·5 days ago

It seems like that in the official thread. (Like its new champ 1 and 2s)

And If I were in your shoes, I think I would have the same feeling. ;-)

Don't @ me haters1 point·5 days ago

Agreed. GC reward is actually one of the coolest ones yet, but the champ one not being purple is annoying. That color is so iconic with the rank.

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster-1 points·5 days ago

I get that, but why do you want to show off to others so badly? Be proud of yourself. The gold banner is still a banner that only champs get, if you want to show off your achievement, but you don't need other people's approval of your achievements. Congrats on making it dude. Keep grinding.

Platinum I9 points·6 days ago

Agreed. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with the changes made to season rewards, or not enjoying the next ones specifically, but the way people have been voicing their opinion is so pathetic. This toxicity is one of the biggest pitfalls of the gaming community right now (imo), and I really wish people could learn a thing or two about communication, as stupid as it feels to say.

I agree with your comment on toxicity and gaming in general, but in this specific case, I haven't seen it.

I only read about season rewards on this subreddit, so maybe that's why, but in every post/comment about it people are not rude or being dicks. While disappointed, comments are still fine and no one is insulting the devs.

WOL | SCarton5 points·5 days ago

Uh, calling someone's hard work "trash" is insulting. Calling it low-effort and lazy is insulting. Those aren't words one uses when offering constructive criticism.

That original thread was full of entitled children, not people offering useful information to the devs.

Unranked2 points·5 days ago

Lol, got me. So many people with Champ wheels in Diamond. You're not fooling anyone. You are just making people judge all your mistakes more harshly. It's what rank you are now that counts.

But yeah if someone really likes the look of something by all means use it and enjoy it but these people are likely in the minority.

Diamond II2 points·5 days ago

The only reason this game makes so much money is because people are obsessed with vanity.

Champion II5 points·6 days ago

It's a nice reward to get something at the end of the season for your work and improvement. People have been asking about goal explosions for a while now and they finally release group rewards. I just think someone who is champ 3 deserves a different reward than a diamond 1. These players have been begging for goal explosion rewards and this is what they get.

Diamond I-1 points·5 days ago

You get a different reward. It’s the banner.

Platinum II-1 points·5 days ago

Well technically speaking they got their goal explosion....

Champion III4 points·6 days ago

I totally agree with you. Nothing to add :-)

Platinum III 1 point·6 days ago

Ah danggit. Thanks for ruining the streak of champ's replying in disagreement...

Platinum barbarian here so obviously I don't have any resentment towards the rewards. But For the most part, those complaining appear to be mostly champs (which may be completely valid), just kinda funny.

KBM 2,3k hours1 point·5 days ago

Funny reading the first 10 of them, annoying when you read the following 200 :)

Unranked3 points·6 days ago

This is spot on. 100% agree. It’s like people only care about rewards and drops.

The stuff they've gotten for free wasn't to their liking :(

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

It's not for free though, you have to earn it from hundreds of hours of practice and commitment to the game.

Northern Gaming2 points·5 days ago

You'd be playing the game either way. This is just a free add-on to make you feel warm and fuzzy

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

It's an incentive to keep players playing. If they have no incentive for achievement a lot of players will stop playing.

Northern Gaming-2 points·5 days ago

i haven't used any rewards i've gotten at champ level since i started the game in season 3, i still play.

MANY MANY MANY MANY other players also don't use any of the rewards and still play.

The fact that this 'generation' of gamers always need some fucking handmeout reward for eeeeevery little thing is just sad.

I hope one day a publisher just goes 'ehhh you know what, go fuck yourselves you entitled brats' and just shuts the servers down. It'll never happen, but one could hope.

Champion I2 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

You do realise it's a business right? They're not doing players a favour it's for their own monetary gain.

Northern Gaming-1 points·5 days ago

no shit it's a business. what i said still stands. I see less players using Season "rewards" than i do actually using any of them. Even the banners.

Diamond I2 points·5 days ago

That's cause the banners are trash. I still love the blue wheels because it was a huge accomplishment to get to rising star and they look awesome. Most of the rewards since those wheels have been extremely underwhelming because psyonix has realized that they make a ton of money off of keys so they don't want to make the rewards better than the items people pay for. This game is starting to fall into the trap that TF2 did and hate it.

Northern Gaming1 point·5 days ago

those the Season 3 wheels? i forgot the order. S3 was wheels, 4 was uh... i dont remember, 5 was trail, 6 wheels again?

somethin like that right? I've gotten champ in all of them. use none of them. Wheels are too.. i dunno just bleh to me.

If you don't like it go play another game.

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

That's not that attitude to have. I want this game to reach its full potential because I love it.

Does the full potential of a game need to hand out cosmetic items for those that play more often?

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

Definitely yeah

Gary Oak1 point·5 days ago

Just for a different perspective. I still wear my Season 1 Gold crown, been wearing it since I got it. I still rep my S2 Gold Boost on my Gold car, S3 Champ wheels on my Gold car, S5 Champ Banner, S6 Champ wheels on my Purple car. The only reason Rocket League is my current 'main' game is to grind to Champ every season and have fun doing it, without an incentive it's easy for me to pick and choose other games over RL.

WOL | SCarton-1 points·5 days ago

People that need incentive to have fun are the problem, not the people to be catered to.

Champion I2 points·5 days ago

Those people are also the ones who buy keys and make the game run. I don't consider myself someone like you describe, but I think your comment makes no sense.

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

Do you have evidence of this or are you making assumptions? I find it hard to believe that 1% of the player base buys that many more keys than the rest of us. The claim is ridiculous on its face.

Champion I0 points·5 days ago

That 1% you speak of is an assumption... This number is way higher than you think.

WOL | SCarton1 point·5 days ago

It really isn't an assumption. I'm going off of Psyonix's own released stats on what percentage make it to each rank. Champ players are a vanishingly small minority and it stands to reason that they would also be a minority in dollars spent as well. This isn't Hearthstone where having more stuff can make you a better player.

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

Since when are you talking about Champ players? You were talking about players needing an incentive to have fun.

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

It's not a case of needing it... Its something that adds to the experience. It's good for players and its good for keeping the game running. You don't seem to understand from a player or business perspective at all

You're doing it wrong if you're playing RL for rewards that everybody knows will not be that great anyway

Northern Gaming2 points·5 days ago

I dont use any of the rank rewards i've gotten since i started in season 3. it's adorbs when people do and play like buttcheeks though, it's like a shout of 'how'd he get here!' lol.

RL Reddit complains about everything. Even if they changed it so every snowflake got something unique, they'd still find something to complain about.

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Haha! So true.

sometimes i'm good2 points·5 days ago

Great points. Like you said, nobody cares what rank you got last season. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be proud that you got champ 1 for the first time, that's awesome. However, nobody else really cares except for you. Not sure why it's so important to people to have a purple item (that they're more than likely not even going to use) to show others their rank when no one is going to look and say "holy shit that guy's a champion". This step from not associating reward colors with rank is going to make for much better rewards in the future and players are actually going to want to use them because they're going to fit well in a loadout, rather than force a purple loadout to match purple wheels. The rewards are great, some of the best yet actually.

Unfortunately, this is the new society we are in. Unless there is a specific reward or acknowledgement for doing something, most won't do that something. Even playing video games, before it used to be about the fun and adventure, but now people will "GRIND" to a level just to get some ingame visual add-on to show for their grinding effort. If it weren't for that reward, half the people on this game wouldn't play it.

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster0 points·5 days ago

Unfortunately, I agree with you dude.

Still Climbing2 points·5 days ago

Yeah ppl need to stop complaining. One year I won gold at the Olympics but they couldnt be bothered to spend any time or money on the medals so all i got was a lump of chocolate.
Didnt matter though, all those months of training and working to get better than everybody else was worth it simply for the privilege of standing on the podium.

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

I'm not sure if that was sarcasm, but either way you proved my point. Winning the gold is the reward. The medal is the memento. Do gold medal winners wear their medal around in public? No. Because they have dignity and humility and that would be tacky.

Still Climbing1 point·4 days ago

They wear it in public when doing interviews and they keep it on display at home. They also spend the prize money, which depending on what country youre from, could be upto $1mil.

:downvote:1 point·6 days ago

The season rewards are fine but grouping diamond with grand champ is just stupid and the color scheme for the banners was a joke.

Platinum II3 points·5 days ago

For sure, and that goes the same for grouping plat 3 with gold 1 Psyonix got a tad too lazy on this one

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

When.i saw the Champ wheels last season I fell in love, and I was just short of making Champ last season and I regret it ever since

So this season me and many others grinded through the ridiculous ranks between D2 and C1 to hit Champ for the first time.

Although I'm satisfied with my rank, what pushed me to get here was seeing a cool reward in the past, so yeah this was a a bit of a disappointment more than anything.

I'm not angry or raging I'm just disappointed is all It is what it is

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

I get that entirely man. And I'm sorry you didn't get what you hoped for. But congrats on achieving your goal. That's awesome.

I’m diamond 1. I get the champion goal explosion. Think about it.

Diamond I1 point·5 days ago

We do?

Yep. There are 3 explosions. Bronze/silver get one. Gold/plat get one, then diamond and champ get one

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

No. You get the third tier goal explosion and a diamond banner. Besides, you're still hung up on the reward. If you achieve your goals, be proud, and keep that banner as a trophy; a reminder.

Yes. The third tier. Out of three.

Washed up S3 Grand Champ1 point·5 days ago

I think it’s less about showing off and more about creative rewards. In a game with finite categories for customization it’s got to be really hard to think of new things but they’ve already done banners and these banners don’t even match up with your rank. The gold one is pink and the champion one is gold which doesn’t make sense imo. The goal explosions on the other hand are a cool new idea but there’s only three thresholds with the top one being fairly low. I know some people may be like oh diamonds hard to get but it’s not like it’s really high up there. One thing I like is the end of season grind for rewards and with the threshold set to diamond for the best goal explosion and what I think is a horrible banner for grand champ, I don’t have that same motivation :/ rant over.

The issue in question being the rewards reflect the wrong colors. It just looks odd for a gold player to have a purple item when that used to be reserved her higher tiered players.

I agree with you that it’s really not a big deal, but it’s just a goof on Psyonix’s part to reflect rewards on other colors of ranks that are below them.

Unranked1 point·5 days ago

ya you are absolutely right. idk either what they expect every season. maybe any TW wheels with a funky purple shine? its just ungrateful.

rewards are banners this season plus goal explosions BONUS! play this game for fun guys, be proud if you reach champion, but dont be toxic about some rewards lol. its a game and im glad that this game exists. thanks psyonix. cant wait for season 8 !

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster2 points·5 days ago

Well put man.

HoraryHellfire1 point·6 days ago

Personally, I'm sad that I don't get rewards at all because I haven't had internet in 3 months. The season they do goal explosions, and I don't get them.

S1 Silver S2 Challenger S3 All Star S4 Diam 3 S5 Diam 3 S6 Champ1 point·6 days ago

Aw, why don’t you have internet?

HoraryHellfire1 point·5 days ago

Had to move, broke, etc etc.

Grand Champ S41 point·5 days ago


Champion I1 point·5 days ago

I just reached Champ this season, and I'll totally swap my White Zombas for champs wheels. I grinded so much to get there, and I'm sad there is no cool item to show what I'm proud of.

I'm sad

Here are a few funny cat pictures for you u/th_33, to cheer you up!

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You are my hero

KBM 2,3k hours2 points·5 days ago

you are mine, ive had a rough day and you carried me the other day #NeverForget

Diamond I1 point·5 days ago

based on how shit the previous rewards have been, i think you were a fool to expect anything great.

personally, i am delighted with a goal explosion reward. i don't buy keys really, so this is my only way other than trading to get a non default goal explosion.

Tune into the RLCS streams. You can get the Ballistic goal explosion which has actually become my favourite explosion.

[Super Impressive Flair]Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Well said.

Would be champ if rubberbanding wasn't so bad1 point·5 days ago

also you'll be playing with people who have the same awards.
Hey you got this rank too? noice!

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

Personally I grinded all the way to champ from diamond 1, and I’m pretty disappointed that I’m getting basically the exact same rewards. I worked so hard just for a gold banner that I don’t even think looks good.

Awe, poor thing.

Don't @ me haters0 points·5 days ago

I literally put in close to 50 hours a week grinding because i really wanted that gc title. The reward is the biggest motivation for grinding for a lot of people.

-15 points·6 days ago(0 children)
Platinum I4 points·6 days ago

What are you even talking about? Who said he was arguing about anything?

-8 points·6 days ago(0 children)
Unranked2 points·6 days ago

Get off your high horse.

-5 points·6 days ago(0 children)
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