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The new rewards are not bad.

Here are the most common complaints I'm hearing:


1. "I'm a newly promoted Champ player and the reward I get is gold?"


You've actually been given 6 different coloured banners to choose from. This is one of the strongest points of the new tiered reward system. Previously, players would only use the highest reward they received since the rewards were linked to ranks. If I was a Plat player why would I use a Gold reward? In earlier seasons I would only look at the reward for my best accomplishment. Now that the rewards are free from ranks I can look at all the rewards I earned and choose the one I like best.

Furthermore, as Psyonix have stated, they made this change to free up the creative process when designing new rewards. Having to design each reward around Bronze, Gold, Diamond etc was extremely limiting and it showed every season when the rewards were boring, unoriginal and even tacky.


2. "I grinded to Champ and now I have nothing to show for it."


You literally have the rank that is shown to everyone, every game. You have the satisfaction of working toward something and achieving it. And to be perfectly honest I'm pretty sure one week after the rewards are distributed most people will be well aware of what reward corresponds to what rank. If you want to show off that you got Champ in S7 then go ahead and use your new banner; I'm pretty sure everyone already knows by now that the gold coloured banner is for Champ players.


3. Grouping the goal explosion rewards


I actually agree with most people that diamond should be in the middle tier with plat, and that Champ - GC should be the top group. But apart from that I don't really understand why people don't like the idea. Especially since it's an extra reward.


4. "The goal explosions are underwhelming and simply just different colours."


I've felt this exact way about most other season rewards. It is slightly concerning that Psyonix reasoned that the new reward system will allow for greater creativity when designing season rewards, but then they give us these 3 goal explosions that are similar to a previously existing explosion, and simply re-painted 3 times. They aren't bad though. I'm sure there are lots of players out there who don't have the money or haven't been lucky enough to find a flashy goal explosion. And these are definitely upgrades from the standard ones.

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Unranked38 points·5 days ago

Honestly I just want something I can put on my car. Something I can make a cool design with. Banners are lame, I dont need to show off my rank. Because everyone you play with/against is also at that rank. This also counts for the goal explosions, if you can't customize/personalize it, and everyone has it, it gets boring fast.

I dont care that the champ rewards aren't purple, it's just that these rewards aren't fun.

Champion II8 points·5 days ago

Agree with this We don't need new banners

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

I actually like your point! Wheels were fun because I could play around and make custom sets with the wheels, but I don't want to take off my Batman banner, so those rewards are pointless, theres no customization I can do around a banner unless I push it to the extreme and try to have a banner fitting my car (which I don't care) or those other ones that made jokes with the "Raw" banner (Player name "Going In", player banner "Raw" lul)

Champion II17 points·5 days ago

It seems like the poeple that don't mind the rewards aren't thinking of them the same way, the purpose of the rewards is to represent how far you made it each season, not to get a nice looking cosmetic item. Neither of the current rewards will really show how far you made it as they hardly have any link to the ranks. The idea of getting rid of the locked colours is fine, but the items need to at least have some representation of the rank or else the whole thing is pointless.

It's pointless anyway. In three seasons from now showing off your season 7 champ reward will just make for laughs, just like a season 3 gc title. To top it off every 12 yr old of 2019 will be better than you are currently.

The best thing to show off your skill is to have that skill to show off. It's a nice "fuck you" to boosters, too.

Champion II2 points·5 days ago

That doesn't change the point of the rewards. It also shows how long you've been playing. I personally like to be able to see all the rewards I have from seasons 1-6, but these just feel like a normal item. The others represented the rank I had then. It is nice to see how I've improved using those. Now I will just see yet another lazily made banner.

SmashMouth1 point·5 days ago

I still want the items to represent the rank, atleast this season since the ranks are tied to medals. after changing the ranks to tiers from medals im on board with this idea.

Finally GC again!37 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

I dont mind either. After all these rewards are all forgotten 1 week after the new season starts. Its always like this....

Edit: though I must say... That Psyonix stating its due to freedom and creativity. I must say, that those new banners are really really creative. Im speechless, thats how creative it is. :D

Champion I17 points·5 days ago

Nah people rockin the champ wheels to this day, I missed out and didn't get champ last season I want em so bad

Grand Potation12 points·5 days ago

humans always crave the one thing they can't get the most, but once they have it the realisation comes that it's not so special after all

#SavePurple5 points·5 days ago

Nah mate. My season 3 champ wheels will always be special to me. First season i got champ rewards and best looking reward so far (imho)

Ive been trading up for zombas and it finally happened yesterday. They are very special to me.

Grand Potation3 points·4 days ago·edited 4 days ago

congrats on the wheels! Give it a few weeks, you will get used to them, then look for the next big thing. It's not a bad thing though, it's just in our nature.

One day the realisation will come that the wheels are just virtual cosmetic items, and that your sense of accomplishment is more of a reward than having the wheels themselves. But be sure to enjoy them while you can! I'd love to have me some of those wheels as well!

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

But I love that that drives me to improve. And it is special because I know that only the top percentage of players are getting the top percentage of items.

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

Nah, I have champ wheels and they are still pretty terrific.

Yea me too, champ wheels from last season were asesome and i was just diamond, i would have licked a noodle for them :)) so instead of licking that noodle, i practiced hardcore, played focused and gave my best every game in order to reach champ and get the next awesome reward... i got to champ and now i get a banner that is kinda ok, the colour bothers me just a bit but the design is not something that knocks my socks off and it's.... just a banner, can't be compared to wheels. The goal explosion instead is also pretty important to me, but i get the same one as someone who just started playing, played 10 ranked games and landed in bronze 3 div 1 and then secured the bronze reward, just with another colour... feelsbad. I love Rocket League, i recommend it to everyone i know and plays games and this is my first time complaining, but for me the rewards... do NOT reward my efforts this season, up to the next one with hope for better ones :) wish you rocket brodas all da best !

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

This is exactly how I feel

Finally GC again!0 points·5 days ago

I understand. :) If I could, I would give you mine.

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

That's cute but I didn't earn it so I shouldn't have it, now I've earned the rewards though I don't even want them

all these rewards are all forgotten 1 week after the new season starts

That's just not true. The Season 4 wheels were absolutely stunning.

Finally GC again!2 points·5 days ago

Maybe. But I dont see people using them a lot though. I know Psyonix has statistics on this subject. Could be fun if they revealed that data? :D

How Did I Get Here49 points·6 days ago

Im actually pretty happy with these rewards, i think the only people that dislike them are champs really

Rising Star42 points·5 days ago

Can you really blame them for that? Rewards used to be distinctively different and easily recognizable. Now, as a Champion, you simply get associated with gold. I'm not against change but if you've been using a (colour) system for the past six seasons and suddenly deviate from it, it is to be expected to receive resistance.

United States7 points·5 days ago

For me it's not even that they deviated from it is that gold gets a sweet ass purple banner while champ gets IMHO the worst banner of them all.

If they made the champ banner something other than gold then I would probably use it. Quite happily

MLG PRO6 points·5 days ago

Now, as a Champion, you simply get associated with gold

The only people who would ever do that are people who don't know about or care about the rewards.

The very people bitching are the very same people who would know exactly what was achieved in the previous season.

sometimes i'm good4 points·5 days ago

Yes, you can. Because even if the reward is gold, this season the gold banner is now associated with champion. Everyone is going to know that, and know you're a champion. Not sure why that's so difficult to understand.

But if you are really champ, it will take only 10 to 20 s for other player to see that you are not gold...

Rising Star8 points·5 days ago

I think that's beside the point. People grind towards a certain rank for various reasons. Some simply want to be able to say they were in the top percentile of a video game. Others want to show that they did. And with the current array of displayable items they have added during previous seasons, it simply does not correspond.

I'm not against the idea of the Psyonix team being able to move around more freely in their designing ways. It's just that a system has been established with colours indicating certain achievements. To suddenly step away from that and to reward a high tier rank with a colour that's been used for the mid to low tiers is quite disheartening for those who have reached Champion for the first time.

To suddenly step away from that and to reward a high tier rank with a colour that's been used for the mid to low tiers is quite disheartening for those who have reached Champion for the first time.

I agree as I'm in that group, but after season 8 it won't matter, and that's what Psyonix is planning on.

Faking it and making it3 points·5 days ago

The only reason the backlash is so prominent here is because this is where the hardcore players mostly come to talk about the game. Everyone and their mother has a champ flair on here, and this sub doesn't represent the majority of the player base.

S5 Bronze 1 -> S6 Plat 1 -> S7 Diamond 24 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

I'll suggest adding more goal explosions than ruining the other ranks' rewards...

Diamond III-2 points·5 days ago

Its kind of interesting how getting 2 rewards for the first time is not enough.

Champion II6 points·5 days ago

We got banners two season ago when they were new and showed you rank. Now when there are a lot of very good banners almost noone wants them as a reward.

Rocket Powered Supersonic Midlife Crisis2 points·5 days ago

I'd prefer a damn antenna or a universal decal over the banners. At least I'd use it occasionally.

I dunno man, I'm pretty excited for that GC banner. I think it looks dope. But admittedly, I am in the minority and totally understand where everyone is coming from on this issue. I think next season when everyone is detached from the color scheme issue the added flexibility in design will be nice.

S5 Bronze 1 -> S6 Plat 1 -> S7 Diamond 22 points·5 days ago

I mean if they were to change anything based on the champions' opinions. Because, banners look pretty bad imo, the only thing I'm interested about are the goal explosions.

ayyy lmao0 points·5 days ago

Lol that’s like saying “the only people who didn’t like slavery was black people” (extreme obviously, but same situation.)

Just because it doesn’t fuck you over personally doesn’t mean that it doesn’t fuck anyone else over. You would be annoyed if you were a champ as well

Champion II2 points·5 days ago

I'll get champ rewards and I love the gold banner. Players that are ungratefully pissed need to stop saying "all the champ players are pissed".

I Was Rising Star Once3 points·5 days ago

Am champ. Am very much not annoyed. I actually really like this direction they’re taking. I’ve never felt particularly motivated to get past diamond rewards because those are the best ones in my opinion and I hate purple color schemes. Now that they’re varying it I actually have something to be surprised with at the end of the seasons. The only people complaining about this are the ones who complain about season rewards every single season. There has never been a season without people coming out and complaining about the rewards, particularly the high ranked players. Also this will make rewards better hopefully for all ranks if we aren’t stuck in a limited color scheme which I think is great. Why should the top 2% be the only ones to get nice rewards while the majority are left with gold and lower which are usually pretty bad? Now Psyonix can make every reward tier look good which absolutely should not be looked at as a bad thing. I’d be willing to bet that the complainers are just a very vocal minority.

ayyy lmao0 points·5 days ago

I’m not pissed either, I’m also champ. Rewards don’t mean much to me it’s just free stuff, can’t complain. I just want to get to GC, that’s my goal.

The point of my comment is the fact that the original commenter recognized that champs should be annoyed, but said “the majority of players are not champ so they’re not annoyed therefore it doesn’t matter”. People have the right to be annoyed, I personally think they half assed the goal explosions and champ/gc should be separate from diamond (in terms of overall skill difference from diam-champ vs plat-diam).

I don’t really care at all, but I can at least understand why people might be upset

goal explosions probably take a lot of man hours so it's not very practical to create unique explosions. That being said, I'm not sure why they didn't create more colors and therefore more than 3 options

ayyy lmao0 points·5 days ago

Uh no. They create several new ones each crate. It’s not that hard

They also expect to make money to justify the man hours. From a business standpoint this is just money thrown down the drain. I do however believe that creating meaningful rewards that incentivize people to play their game brings value but it's not something that can be measured. Therefore, it can be hard to convince management to sign off on a large number of man hours required to make the rewards unique. So in short, I agree it seems lazy, but I can understand why they may not put in the effort

ayyy lmao1 point·5 days ago

You have no idea what you’re talking about. They have plenty of money. This has nothing to do with business.

It’s lazy, there’s nothing else to it. They get constant income from new crates there’s no reason for them not to be able to make separate goal explosions

The goal of any company is to make as much money as possible but that's for letting me know that I'm clueless. I feel enlightened

Switch | "Beetis"1 point·5 days ago

My question: who are you trying to flex on? If you're Champ, so are the people you play against so they don't give a fuck.

ayyy lmao0 points·5 days ago

Okay so why give out rewards at all?

Challenger Elite12 points·5 days ago

FYI in previous seasons you got rewards for your rank and all ranks below.

-10 points·5 days ago(20 children)
Diamond I24 points·5 days ago

Well actually I've seen a lot of people do exactly that. Either ironically or just because they thought it looked better. Though I agree with your other points.

Mr. Orange15 points·5 days ago

Ya I used the bronze banner to trick people into thinking I sucked when in reality I was actually a silver!

The Great Bamboozling

Original Poster2 points·5 days ago

You're probably right for the most part. This is perhaps my weakest point and I'm just projecting. But I always felt personally as though I couldnt use the lower rank rewards as they were so closely linked to that rank. They served more as an indication of your rank rather than being something I like the look of. Rank rewards dont have to directly indicate your rank; your rank icon does that for you.

Now that the rank rewards are tiered rather than linked to rank color schemes it's the best of both worlds.

8 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

How does that make sense... now they don't serve as indication of rank and you could always use different ones..?

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

I'm not good, but I still used lower rank stuff because they were attractive and fit the color scheme I was going for.

United States1 point·5 days ago

What makes me sad is the entire time I have played this game I have rocked a purple car. I get champ for the first time and I get no purple rewards. :'( Not even a purple goal explosion.

WOL | SCarton3 points·5 days ago

Tier 3 is mostly purple. Tier 4 has purple highlights.

United States0 points·5 days ago

Then why even bother playing. I could have gotten those not playing. I tried to get champ so I would avoid the problems with the diamond rewards last season.

WOL | SCarton3 points·5 days ago

To improve? To challenge yourself? Maybe a little league competition on the side? To have fun? Lots of reasons to play that go beyond season rewards that don't see much use anyway.

United States-2 points·5 days ago

Ummmmmmm I've used season rewards every season.

And for me my entire motivation was too get the rewards. Once I got the champ rewards I essentially stopped playing.

Challenger 13376 points·5 days ago

Not a fashion league player, I see.

6 Pack6 points·5 days ago

I use Silver trails for presets that heavily feature the color white, and gold trails for gold cars, but other than that I don't really use any lower tier stuff.

All-Star3 points·5 days ago

Yeah, that silver speed trail is MVP. I used to use the silver crown from S2 a lot, too, until I went all-in on striker Hustle Brows (11k and counting...).

Diamond II6 points·5 days ago

So do you think that will change now, that Champs will use the Gold rank reward? I don't.

United States2 points·5 days ago

I will use the gold reward only because it looks better than the champ reward. I feel like champ looks the worst out of all the rewards

Champion III - LFT2 points·5 days ago

I use the gold wheels and prospect boost and silver boost all the time

Challenger Elite1 point·5 days ago

I use the wheels all the time. The gold wheels look nice.

Platinum I1 point·5 days ago

But you get a reward for reaching a certain rank. How is this any different than before? Just because they change the color doesn't mean anything. The banner from bronze is still the banner from bronze no matter the color. The only thing they took away is that you can't easily tell anymore (if you are a new player) from what rank he/she got it.

However, the only guys that got royally screwed are champs, and i'm not one of them, so i have no complaints for myself. I get artistical freedom, they can change the colors if they want to, but please don't use a color associated by everyone to another (lower) rank through past experience.

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

then you aren't very high ranked, because many people did.

It's really not that bad, just people don't know how to fucking chill lmao. Would've preferred something other than banners, but eh, they're just season rewards. I don't expect a call from the queen when I hit champ.

Champion II12 points·5 days ago

The only problem I have with the banners is the damn champion one. The pink color is too important, and my favorite

As far as explosions, I think they're just an add-on gift so I think people are blowing it out of proportion

HoraryHellfire5 points·5 days ago

It's a purple color. Sure, the bright sections can be seen as pink, but the darkened lowlights are purple.

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

I absolutely love the Champion banner.

/r/TheMantisMen3 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Their argument was that this lets players select the best option that matches their color setup.

That’s all well and good but if the items themselves are bad then what’s the point?

If I use the red banner that diamonds get, it can only be for both presets. Hell, I never even think to match my banner to the car I’m using.

Are the banners good enough to replace the playerbase’s current banners? (most of which are either immediately obvious to show off rank, (dragon banners) or are already paintable!) I don’t think so.

I think the banners are uninspiring. The higher you rank up, the more options of banners you get and maybe one looks cool enough to use with a color scheme?

People don’t use banners to match presets the way Psyonix seems to think. This idea of separating colors from ranks should have been started with a boost or dedicated goal explosions. They half assed two things instead of whole assing one thing.

e: I still use the soccer splash banner from the spring event, I still think it’s better than any of these banners

Champion II2 points·5 days ago

I dont have any good banner to use right now, except from the ones from 2 seasons ago. This will be my new banner for the following season (the gold Champion one)

Champion III :o6 points·5 days ago

65% upvoted damn. I was going to say I was happy for the sanity in your post but damn those numbers annoy me.

Have we ever been given two season rewards? I dont think I remember that ever happening... and yet here we are shitting on psyonix for them not being cool enough or the right color.

Psyonix fucked up by spoiling us all these seasons.

Either way all yall bitches, the only good season reward is the silver boost from season 2 anyway.

Someday i'll be sober enough to play ranked.10 points·6 days ago

Yeah I love the new stuff. The banners are awesome nice get different colors not tied to a certain rank. The goal explosions look great to me I feel like they could/should have just done 7 different explosions and have that be the only reward but it's fine the way it is.

Totally agree with the point about usage too. You hardly see anybody actually using the rewards and using them as a "show off" factor is pointless since everyone you play has the same rewards.

#SavePurple2 points·5 days ago

The show off factor is very well given if i equip a champ reward from the past seasons which the other people might not have achieved.

Comment deleted5 days ago(7 children)
Champion II4 points·5 days ago

Well to be fair, isn't that the whole point of the tiered reward system? That the rewards you got shows you made it to a certain rank and gives you a way to distinguish yourself from those who didn't? Whether or not people should have issues with that is another question. Also, disagreeing with the season rewards or being grouped together does not mean people want to feel more special than the peasants below their rank, it's a claim based on nothing and just makes you sound salty.

Comment deleted5 days ago(0 children)
Champion I1 point·5 days ago

I'm only champ in one playlist. I worked hard to get there. I want to show that on my car.

#SavePurple1 point·5 days ago

Rewards should feel rewarding after all, not something just for participation.

Except that's absolutely not how it works. Sure everyone around you now will have them, but that's not going to remain the case. People who got the champ tires in season 3 still use them, and there's champs now who werent even playing the game a year ago, let alone at a high level. They not only don't have those tires, they will likely never get those tires (unless Psyonix changes their policy on trading season rewards). And this is the case for every season, new players continue to join the game or old players continue to get better, and you end up with champs all around you who don't have the previous season rewards. It's not like everyone has them.

ayyy lmao-1 points·5 days ago

Shut the fuck up. The difference between diamond 1 and champ 1 is astronomical. They should not be receiving the same rewards, period. The gold banner just doesn’t make sense to be the standout champ reward in my opinion. They should be getting their own goal explosion

Grand Potation1 point·5 days ago

Do you need a hug? I think you need a hug.

People are hooked on colors so you can't take that away from them. I mean, almost every post about it could be turned around; like, the Champs who are actually Gold (play some PS4 and you will see lots of Gold players who crush you like Champs because it's so cool to play against weaker players when you "reached the top" on your main account), "the colors are copied from game X" - orly? I wonder where that orange/blue scheme comes from, definitely must be coming from a game and not some simple thing like color analysis (= art) ...

It's like people telling composers their music is lame because it "sounds the same as..." just because they recognize an instrument that they are not used to in pop stuff, ignoring that music is way more than just tone and acoustic color.

Champion II0 points·5 days ago

Yes, and that will change this season. People wont be "hooked on colors" anymore, and thats a great thing.

While I don’t mind that they are banners. What’s the point of having ranks color coded then go against them for banners? Gold/dark blue/purple are easily and widely associated with specific ranks in this game. Why use them for other ranks?

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

They wont be widely associated with specific ranks in the following season. Thats the whole point. Its the first season like that and people need to get used to it. They will. I will. You will.

Grand Calculator2 points·5 days ago

You literally have the rank that is shown to everyone, every game.

Jokes on you, my scoreboard doesn't even show me my rank anymore!

#SavePurple6 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

They are bad. Colours shouldn't be removed. And purple is iconic. This not how you treat your top players.

And what people still don't understand is that instead of 1 really good rewards we're getting 2 "meh" rewards. Players wants goal explosions as reward since last season. They had plenty of time to make great rewards. This is lazy and silly.

Edit: Btw ofc only champs complain about changes because they are the ones who didn't get what they deserve. I'm sure people from other ranks that have common sense are care and complain about it too. And I'm sure that there are players exactly happy about champs are gettin bad rewards. Being jelly is a common thing you know.

They are bad

There is a "mock up" on the front page that has 2xgold that coloured them like they used to be... Those are the most boring and ugly banners I've seen. I know people have different tastes but dear god I'd take that Tier 5 banner over anything purple in game.

I do think that maybe giving a gold banner for champ might be too much tho the design is not bad tho.

WOL | SCarton-3 points·5 days ago

Not jealous--I just don't think Psyonix should care about the bellyaching from less than 2% of the player base.

#SavePurple1 point·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Wow. Without that %2 of the players this game wouldn't be this good this day. These people you think Psyonix shouldn't care started to play this game since day 1 or first months. Meaning they are the first players gave feedback and testing new stuff and giving ideas to Psyonix. They put more than 2.5k - 3k in this game. Thanks to our feedbacks and Psyonix gave a ear to us this game as it is now. I'm not bragging or we don't want any "Thank you guys" but you are being ungrateful right now.

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

To be fair, I was speaking specifically about cosmetic season rewards. With respect to game mechanics, YES, they should have a larger than proportional voice.

Generally speaking the top 1% of spenders account for like 50% of dlc/key purchases for games like this (I think that is the right numbers for that statistic). My assumption is that the 1% is probably on Reddit so it would make sense for psyonix to pay attention to the community. That being said, I like these rewards and I've probably spent 400 dollars on this game

WOL | SCarton1 point·5 days ago

I don't want to look at how much I've spent. Nope...

Haha that's an approximation so who really knows. You lose track after the first 100

Champion I4 points·5 days ago

Yeh im in the whatever crowd. I finally made champ this season and very nearly pushed it to champ 2. Ive also never lost champ once i got it. The satisfaction of knowing my work is paying off is all the reward i need.

Champion III4 points·5 days ago

It's not an extra reward. the banners should and will most likely be supplemental every season.

The goal explosion is the reward here, and 3 for what we usually get 6 items for is just lazy.

Platinum I3 points·5 days ago

The goal explosions are supplemental this season (that's the way the season seven preview post reads). There is a banner for each tier. We get goal explosions in addition; more variety in rewards received than any other season so far. I'm not saying anything about the designs themselves, but it doesn't seem like laziness to me.

Champion III7 points·5 days ago

The only reason they said that was because they didnt have 6-7 goal explosions and knew it would make them look better to word it that way.

We just had banners in season 5 , they have never repeated a reward that quickly. (3 seasons for the wheels) Banners certainly seem like something extra that would be possible every season, and it looks as if they may do that. Therefore I see the goal explosions as the true reward.

That is definitely laziness.

6 Pack4 points·5 days ago

I liked the Diamond+ goal explosion (looks kind of like Fireworks), but the banners are just a waste. Frankly, no one really cares about banners, and having gotten them in season 5(?) I'm kind of pissed we're getting them again so soon, especially considering that we still haven't gotten season decals (decals painted the color of your rank would be nice, with a secondary color too, of course). I want updated boosts and trails, personally. But, there are plenty of seasons ahead and I still love to play Rocket League, so with time I'm sure we'll all get what we want.

Champion II4 points·5 days ago

Frankly, no one really cares about banners

Frankly, you should not put "no one" anywhere when stating your opinion. I personally love the gold banner and will most likely use if for weeks if not more.

6 Pack3 points·5 days ago

That is a fair point. I'm sorry.

-6 points·5 days ago(2 children)

Tupac cares, if don't nobody else care.

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

lol.. Have a good day brother. Hopefully you're not as shitty of a person in real life as you are on internet.

Grand Champion2 points·5 days ago
  1. This isn't a good point. A Champion reward isn't just 6 different colored banners, it's 6 different colored banners that progressively improve in quality, so the tier 6 design is still much nicer than the tier 1, even if you happen to like the tier 1 color better; it has animations, shine, and stands out. Looking at them as different colors really isn't that relevant and if your argument here did in fact make sense then it would still beg the question as to why Champion and gold colors needed to switch, especially since they chose to remain color-coded. They don't have the rank symbol on it, but they're still rewarding increasingly prestigious items, songs not like it makes less of a statement.

I also don't buy the "creative process" argument. Again they still chose to make rewards color-coded and in a seemingly random order. Maybe they're just bad at their job? Other season rewards seemingly boring and tacky have less to do with color and more to do with failure of the design staff.

2. Season rewards are an acknowledgement of our achievements. Yes - we might have the rank and most other players at our level will generally have the same rewards, but that's not even the point. If you want to point out that the reward system is boring and unimaginative, then that's also a good point to make. But season rewards aren't cool until several seasons after, anyway. Everyone knows that ;)

3. Yep - if they were going to do GEs after the community has been so vocal about it, it was a huge oversight to make it a low-effort design and implementation.

As for it being an extra reward, that's bs. They partnered it with a repeat item, which also happens to be the easiest time for them to make. And being as requested as it was, it didn't deserve to be an afterthought if it was going to be anything at all.

4. I agree with you about season rewards. Honestly, they've been so underwhelming compared to what is released in crates and often times they simultaneously release either a free or crate item that looks very similar and often times better.

Anyways, you have some fine points, but Psyonix has shown that they're completely out of touch with the community. Their priorities are more apparent now than ever.

Still hoping people respect your season 3 gc title, ey?

No one will care by the end of next year if you got gc in season 7. It's always been that way. Trying to use "acknowledgement of our achievements" as a strong argument doesn't make sense. I mean, yeah, it'll be acknowledged, with giggles.

Grand Champion1 point·5 days ago

What does my title have anything to do with any of this? Why does my reward have to be for other people to look at? My title is for me and I use it because I'm proud of my accomplishment. I started Season 3 as a Challenger 1 and ended up hitting GC after a stressful and rewarding grind - easily the most rewarding experience that the game has offered me thus far, including finally hitting GC and getting the rewards this season. Who cares if other people don't respect it or insult me because of it. I wear it because it was a proud moment for me and I like to remind myself of that. This is the first season I've gotten GC rewards since then and I may still use my season 3 title.

So, yes, "acknowledgement of our achievements" is a strong enough argument. Reconsider your perspective because common sense tells us that rewards won't be impressive to other people at the same rank as us, obviously. Open your mind a bit.

I suppose archaic achievements don't mean much to me. A gold medal gymnast 50 years ago would be scoffed at for an olympic position now. Rocket League is much, much faster paced though, and a year or two is enough to make old achievements obsolete.

I'm more interested in where my skill is now. The season rewards have always been little more than a nod from Psylord that I got so far in a season, cool, a notch in the doorway for how much I grew. But more importantly they look sick on my car. I got the old champ wheels but I preferred the star and challenger ones for looks.

I don't agree with banners as season rewards because I have no desire to show off old achievements, but the reasons everyone else is against them is overdramatic to me. They're free mystery items and everyone's screaming betrayal and disgust. "How could they do this to us?!" It's eye-rolling.

Grand Champion1 point·5 days ago

A % based achievement is an achievement no matter how much time passes by. Even if you can say that people are a lot better now than they were a year ago, being the top % was relatively the same in terms of competition.

Also, not everyone wants to keep going at a certain pace. This game is stressful. They reach their goal, decide they want to just have fun and play casually after that, which is fine, and they get a token of their achievement. I don't see the big deal. Again, it's about them.

Rewards aren't free items. A lot of people are motivated by them and so be countless hours trying to earn them. Saying their free is kind of ridiculous.

Boost over ball3 points·5 days ago

Last Season we had wheels, the one before that trails, and even before we got 2 banners. And this was for every single tier. And now we get goal explosions for 2 ranks, and banners that don't even reflect the player's rank. Okay there is two rewards but I'd rather get one GOOD reward rather than a couple that doesn't look like I'm getting what I was supposed to get

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

that doesn't look like what, in my mind, I thought I was supposed to get


Champion II0 points·5 days ago

News flash brother, you werent SUPPOSED to get ANYTHING, thats the thing. NOWHERE does Psyonix guarantee season rewards, and yet they give you 2 this season and you complain?

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

Not sure what you're saying. The reward indicator in-game clearly indicate that rewards are to be expected. You can argue about how good the rewards are all you want, but don't try the "NOWHERE does Psyonix guarantee season rewards" argument

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

Yeah but what I mean is this could be taken out at any moment. Nowhere do they guarantee rewards each season.

Boost over ball1 point·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Well why making 6 seasons of purple champ rewards to suddenly change colors. People grind this or that rank to get the color that represents their rank. Now not only they're not granted that, but they also have to share à reward with people from another rank. I've been champ for two seasons now and I get why people complain about those rewards. The grind is hard and again, you have to share with someone from a complete different rank.

Besides, it's like giving a Olympic gold winner a green medal and brand car for his win. Well yeah that's cool, but he fought for that golden medal. Not something else

Edit: add another point

Most games I’ve played end of season rewards are pretty terrible, in comparison RL do quite a lot in regards for rewards.

Criticism will always help it to get better, but the toxicity just makes people look like kids

WOL | SCarton-1 points·5 days ago

Most of them ARE kids. That's the problem. :P

#SavePurple2 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

I Disagree

You've actually been given 6 different coloured banners to choose from.

You could do the same before but had a way to show off your achievements. Purple was iconic for the highest ranks, just as a gold medal is for other competitions.

The whole point of adding rank rewards back than was that people have something to show off. They have identified with the colors associated to the rank.

You literally have the rank that is shown to everyone, every game.

That was not the point of rank rewards in the first place. Current rank ≠ highest achievements. People might learn it for this season, they will know what rank a gold banner is associated to but it gets mixed up each season now. Imagine you go to a competition where Gold / Silver / Bronze is established as a norm. You get your medal and pin it to you wall. Now you have some gold medals on your wall already but this time you get a green medal for first place, a blue for second and a golden medal for third place. How does it look to put a green medal besides all your other golden medals and lower ranks get the same iconic color you got before as beeing the highest rank.

I actually agree with most people that diamond should be in the middle tier with plat, and that Champ - GC should be the top group. But apart from that I don't really understand why people don't like the idea. Especially since it's an extra reward.

Does it matter that its an extra reward? It's a reward after all and should feel rewarding. Putting D1-GC for the same reward is pretty ashaming. This is more like just a reward for participation instead of your work.

The goal explosions are underwhelming and simply just different colours.

This was a homemade problem and is actually the source of the trouble. Pick all available pictures of the past rewards, remove the colors. All rewards look almost identical and have barely any unique featuers that make them stand out. This is why the colors are so important. If you create a reward and use it without variation throughout all ranks the established colors make them special.

The only way i see of getting rid of that is to create rewards with an increasingly impressive look for higher ranks, with added details and better looking effects that can still be recognized on the first look, regardless of their color.

To give you an example. Look at the Season 3 wheels. It has been literally the same wheel for all ranks but there they still made the effort to add a different icon in the centre of the wheel and added different effects on the tire. The added effects do the job well enough to differentiate the wheels just by that.

On top of that they should probably randomize the colors of the ranks (scoreboard, menus) too now at this point since there is nothing left to associate them to anymore.

If they are getting rid of the iconic colors then they at least should make the effort to create iconic designs, regardless of the color.

This is just a copy and paste of almost the identical template just painted green, yellow or red.

PENTA Sports2 points·6 days ago·edited 6 days ago

"I'm a newly promoted Champ player and the reward I get is gold?"

This complaint makes no sense to me. Barely anyone is going to use season rewards after the first half of the new season anyway. Everyone you play will have the same rewards as you making it not as special. In relation to the gold comment... most other games have "golden" weapons as a higher tier (see overwatch and cs:go). This is the first step to not associating colour rewards with rank.


v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v


There would have been more backlack if Psyonix did banners with rank, using rank colours again. Those who played in season 5 don't want another banner that will be 90% the same as what they already have with a different theme (banner shape/background or picture on right). They're giving us generic looking banners that won't get outdated.


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


Imagine using a banner with a rank on it after not playing for a year and the ranks staying the same. They'll just be toxic and say you were boosted. People don't care when you earned it. This is already happening with old GC and ESL titles.

My only gripe is the diamond reward not being crimson enough.

3s Champion I on a good day7 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Barely anyone is going to use season rewards after the first half of the new season anyway.

This argument would only make sense if you were trying to say that season rewards shouldn't exist (or that they suck in general, even the S7 ones).
As soon as they exist, the community has the right to create expectations around them.

Everyone you play will have the same rewards as you making it not as special.

This isn't true for people close to a barrier between tiers. Also, I use the S6 champ wheels, for example, because they look cool, are more flashy/detailed than the wheels of the lower ranks and I like to have a purple car, not because I want everyone to know that I reached Champ in S6. I don't know if everyone uses it for the same reason, but I'm just saying that it's still special for me and other people.

Imagine using a banner with a rank on it after not playing for a year and the ranks staying the same. They'll just be toxic and say you were boosted.

This is a community/toxicity problem, not a "rank-related season reward" problem. Also, it would happen with any kind of season reward (including the S7 ones), because everyone would obviously know the rank requirement to get each reward, even if the colors don't match.

This is the first step to not associating colour rewards with rank.

This makes sense, even though I personally would have preferred 6 or 7 decals or goals explosions (with colors matching the ranks) instead of 3 goal explosions and the banners (which were done just 2 seasons ago).
By the way, if they really wanted every banner to be desired/used by people in high ranks, they shouldn't have made them get progressively more detailed; the only difference between the GC and bronze banners should be the colors. The way it is now, the vast majority of GC players will use the GC banner anyway, because it has the most fancy design.

PENTA Sports-3 points·5 days ago

As soon as they exist, the community has the right to create expectations around them.

The community should have expectations but they shouldn't be playing just for season rewards. There's been a lot of posts I've seen complaining with "first time getting champ rank and getting gold reward". They're basing it off of colour even though in a season or two we'll be used to not associating reward colour with rank.

I consider season rewards more as trophies. They're not special at first, but as time goes on, you appreciate them more. Some people just use them because it looks cool or goes well with their car design.

This is a community/toxicity problem, not a "rank-related season reward" problem. Also, it would happen with any kind of season reward (including the S7 ones), because everyone would obviously know the rank requirement to get each reward, even if the colors don't match.

My comment was suppose to link up with season rewards being more generic. I moved some sentences around reorganizing mu thoughts and it killed the flow. Whoops.

Main point was we already got banners with rank icons. If we keep getting those, then it'll be hard to distinguish the season based on design.

The way it is now, the vast majority of GC players will use the GC banner anyway, because it has the most fancy design.

GCs have only gotten exclusive banners and titles. The rewards should look nicer in higher ranks to reward their progress. Most people will use rewards until the next event or crate release with the reward item type.

However, back to the argument of disassociating colour to rank. Due to the fact that champ and gc share the same colours, this means gcs might start getting rewards that aren't banners (finally). They'll also be able to add in different shades, brightness of colours and other colours that are not used in a rank icon (red, green, orange, etc.). I'm all for this.

Gold rank is usually a dull yellow. They're using a super nice yellow that is similar to the yellow glowing titles. I'm stoked for it because the banner won't get dated unless they change it based on the negative feedback.

I personally would have preferred 6 or 7 decals or goals explosions (with colors matching the ranks)

Universal decals with rank icons, text or colour wouldn't work well. Whats centred on the hood of the octane is the windshield of the merc.

Generic animated decals would be hard to rate as the best and wouldn't have anything to do with competitive at all.

Designing decals by distinguishing it off of rank is near impossible.

I mostly play hoops4 points·5 days ago

Those who played in season 5 don't want another banner

Well, you said one thing that was right. We didn't want them in season 5 either.

#SavePurple1 point·5 days ago

Now if this was any other item, I would be all for it. However, banners don't affect your car preset. And im still going to want to use my highest earned item, why wouldn't you? The Season 4 (I think) Banners were amazing, and they made you be able to show what you achieved without affecting your car. I just don't see these banners as showing that, except for GC

Champion I1 point·5 days ago

People will never stop complaining about season rewards. The irony is that no one really uses them.

Diamond play is closer to champion play than it is to gold play, definitely should not be grouped in the same league as gold players

Diamond II1 point·5 days ago

From one of my comments to the original thread.

So that's fine to move away from tier colors but each tier needs to be noticeably better than the previous at a glance to the average person. If I sit there and study them I can pick out how each one is more intricate than the last but at first impression tier 3-5 are far more similar than they should be.

But, let's be honest, the longest anybody sees an item, especially banners, is a few seconds on goal replays and a few seconds at the end of the match. So having them identifiable in less than a second is absolutely crucial.

This is defined in Apple and Googles general UX design principles and they're, arguably, the world leaders in UX. An icon should be uniquely identifiable and convey exactly what it does at a glance to the average person. The same should be applied here.

I'm not saying you guys didn't fall prey to any pitfall that I would have fallen for myself. The issue that I run into a lot is that I spend too much time looking and thinking about UX. I'd suggest something like taking these banners, removing the text, and showing them to somebody who hasn't ever seen them before and hasn't ever played RL before and ask them to put them in order. If they hesitate on deciding between two then those two need to be reworked. If they get them in the wrong order then they definitely need to be reworked.

Champion I1 point·15 hours ago

The amount of people using the bronze and silver banners at the champ level is absurd.

Northern Gaming3 points·5 days ago

this is just way too much sound/rational thoughts for the kids of RL reddit.

they will literally complain about anything and everything and tantrum with their hands out.

and then wonder why Psyonix doens't post often here.

Gold I-2 points·5 days ago

Too many spoiled kids...

Champion II0 points·5 days ago

You forgot : Downvoting people that use rational thoughts that are of different opinions than theirs.

Northern Gaming2 points·5 days ago

gah, you're right.

KBM 2,3k hours1 point·5 days ago

I dont mind what rewards were going to get, im actually enjoying the banners though, and im looking forward to another treasure in my title collection :)

S2: P Elite, S3: Chall 1, S4: Gold 2, S5: Plat 1 S6: D1 S7: D32 points·5 days ago

I actually agree with most people that diamond should be in the middle tier with plat

I disagree with that one. Maybe I'm biased because I'm only Diamond 3 myself and haven't sealed that purple rank yet but I think the jump between Platinum 3 and Diamond 1 is quite significant. Yet, the jump between Diamond 3 and Champ 1 doesn't seem quite that large a gap.

/r/TheMantisMen3 points·5 days ago

Yeah you definitely are biased. You have to get many more things right at a consistently faster pace to bridge the gap to C1.

If you just learn a few things quicker by the time you hit P3 than others, D1 won’t be far away.

I agree also, also biased but I've been in diamond and i've been getting queued with more champion players and even players with grand champ banners, and the games can be really competitive. The jump from gold and plat to diamond is large. And to be paired with those two ranks is a huge disrespect to anyone in diamond

KBM 1,7k hours point·5 days ago

Yeah, personally I do not think they are bad either.

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

OMEGALUL at the kids downvoting everyone thats saying the rewards arent bad. Are you THAT entitled and retarded, to the point where if anyone has a different opinion, you feel the NEED to downvote them?

BTW, go ahead and downvote me, might help you get through the day better. I DGAF

GRAND EGGPLANT0 points·5 days ago

THIS! This is exactly what I have been trying to say. Thank you.

Champion I0 points·5 days ago

The rewards are terrible and your opinion is bad.

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

The rewards are great and your opinion is bad.

REEEEEE0 points·5 days ago

I like the season rewards the colors are different from every other reward. Been playing since season 1 and it’s boring getting the exact same colored item every season.

All-Star0 points·5 days ago

5. "I've been looking at purple items for two years and telling myself I'll get them eventually. Now I've hit Champ but I'm not getting purple stuff. I'm still proud to have achieved Champion, but I was really looking forward to some purple items and this is a big letdown."

England0 points·5 days ago

This reads like a r/ChangeMyView thread.

The new rewards are not bad

Yes they are.

I have not gotten any rewards. Anyone know why that might be the case?

Diamond 1 rewards0 points·5 days ago
  1. Stupid point, we want the exclusive purple that is for champs, having color schemes that only really work well if you're a fairly high ranked player is nice.

  2. Once again, we want the purple, and people that start playing in season 8 will assume we're golds.

  3. We all agree this is good in theory, but totally half-assed.

  4. Again, good in theory, but half-assed.

Champion II-4 points·5 days ago

The thing is that it isnt even an accomplishment to get champ anymore. Over 3% of the playerbase has champ rewards or higher. In season 4 that used to be like 0.3%. And also, think about the players who already have champ banners, why would they want a banner that looks almost the same?

Skull Kid3 points·5 days ago

How do you know over 3% of the playerbase has it? According to the season 6 distribution chart, it was a little more than 1% for 2s and 3s. I’m also going to question the 0.3% from season 4 because that sounds a bit exaggerated without some proof.

Here’s the season 6 distribution chart:

Edit: Yeah you’re right. It’s not quite 0.3%, but I found the distribution chart.

Champion II-2 points·5 days ago

Oh my bad on s4 that 0.3 was champ 2 but still 0.6 to 3 is five times more players which is way too much and ruins the rank.

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

Yeah, 1.52% in champ 1 or higher in standard is sooooooooooooo many people. Give me a break.

Champion II0 points·5 days ago

Was talking about doubles, and yes that is still a shit ton of people who should be ranked lower.

WOL | SCarton1 point·5 days ago

I mean, Psyonix disagrees, and it's kind of their call, so whatever.

Champion II2 points·5 days ago

Yeah they might, but almost everyone who has been in the higher ranks for a while agrees that we need a hard reset to get people out of the higher ranks.

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

Also, I'm inherently skeptical anytime anyone suggests that almost everyone who matters agrees with them. I'd ask for your poll information, but I know it doesn't exist.

Champion II0 points·5 days ago

I didn't rely on any facts, just stated what I've noticed talking to other people in game.

WOL | SCarton1 point·5 days ago

Did any of them think that they didn't belong in champ? Probably not. That's the problem, isn't it? We all get the bad teammates, it's never us. ;)

WOL | SCarton1 point·5 days ago

That's understandable, but it won't change the overall percentage of players in those ranks since that's set by Psyonix. It may change the who to some degree, but not the how many, in other words.

Maybe not for you. But fuck off with that mentality. Plenty of us are down here grinding away just to hit diamond.

Champion II1 point·5 days ago

Yeah i know that, but doesn't change the fact that grinding just isn't fun anymore in the higher ranks because you can barely seperate a champ from a diamond player.

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