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Ask Dumb Questions + Newbies Welcoming Wednesday ♥ (2018.05.16)

Welcome to r/RocketLeague's Ask Dumb Questions and Newbie Welcoming Wednesday!

You can use this post to ask any questions you may have about Rocket League, from advice to controls, any question regarding the game is encouraged. Feel free to introduce yourself if you're new and would like to make friends to play with, so welcome all!

Check out the beginner's megalist of information here!

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Champion II29 points·5 days ago

Why does psyonix want to expose me for my true gold rank

MLG PRO3 points·5 days ago

It represents the courage of your heart, and they know all champs posses this. ♥

Champion I2 points·5 days ago


YEET BOYS3 points·5 days ago

Because gold no longer represents gold. It's just a color. Just like purple is purple. Welcome to the future!

6 Pack13 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Why doesn't Psyonix just remove voice chat from the game? It's pretty obvious that they don't intend to fix it (as it has somehow gotten worse than when I first started playing, and literally doesn't work at all) and I don't think it's a feature players really want, so why not just remove it instead of leaving a broken feature in an otherwise solid game?

S2: P Elite, S3: Chall 1, S4: Gold 2, S5: Plat 1 S6: D1 S7: D311 points·5 days ago

When coding such a complex game like this, removing it may break something else. As we've seen with other bug fixes that have broken other things.

It's probably far down on their list of priorities due to the potential bugs that will occur during fixing of the item.

CH3 in 2v2, CH2 in 3v3, CH1 in 1v16 points·5 days ago

Because removing it actually takes effort.

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Gold III10 points·6 days ago

What on Earth is wavedashing? I'm coming back after a year long hiatus and have never heard of it.

in doubles and standard9 points·6 days ago

A wave dash is when you dodge late so your car slams into the ground, but you don't actually flip over, yet you still get the speed boost from the dodge. You combine that with drift to keep your momentum going. It's mostly good for off the wall to ground recoveries.

6 Pack4 points·5 days ago

I've just hit Champion this season and I find wavedashing to help getting back with no boost, especially if I'm going from the wall to the ground on my way back. You wavedash by jumping as low as you can, tilting your car back a little bit, and then forward rolling once your back wheels touch the ground, but before your front wheels touch the ground. You can wavedash in any direction though, as seen here:

Gold III2 points·5 days ago

Great video, thank you!

It helps a lot with recovering if you do it correctly

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PengiWin9 points·5 days ago

Exact date of season end?

Champion I5 points·5 days ago

Still unknown

Diamond II3 points·5 days ago

Late May is all they’ve said. I would imagine the last week in May due to them only just announcing season rewards

Platinum II6 points·5 days ago

I'm about to reach plat 3 and hopefully will catch up to my friend who is diamond 1 soon. I have a good handle on the basics and the flow of gameplay, rotations, etc, and I know that drilling down and learning things such as half-flips and other advanced skills (along with better strategy and awareness) will make me quicker and more mobile across the field.

My issue is that I've been in this same situations with other video games, and I've chosen to learn the advanced skills and blow far ahead of my friends causing them to not be able to (enjoyably) play with me. Right now, I'm enjoying the pace of the game and I love being able to play alongside my friend at a similar skill level. Not to say that I would immediately become champ, but I'm torn between pursuing champ/playing a more intense, stressful game, and slowly progressing/being satisfied with diamond and playing more casually with my friend.


Season 7 C32 points·5 days ago

i don't think anyone would know what you want, but you. I can personally say that me getting in to champ ranks had made my game much more lonely until recently. I had stopped playing with friends do to rank difference and refuse to smurf, because scummy. I have made some C2-GC friends that i play ranked with from time to time, but still 90% of the time playing solo.

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in doubles and standard2 points·5 days ago

It's up to you ultimately, but I would strive to try to get better as much as possible. I also play with friends in the low to mid diamonds and we can still have fun and play together even if there is a slight rank difference. I think you can still achieve both. I also helped a friend by pointing out his general positioning mistakes when watching him through Steam broadcast and helped him quickly climb to my rank. So maybe you can try to help your friend improve if you pass him, as long as he's receptive to your advice.

Champion I2 points·5 days ago

Dust him. Don't let an opportunity slip by to grab champ because I can tell you first hand its really fucking satisfying when you grind your tits off and finally get it. You don't have to not play with your friend, just focus on getting yourself where you want to be in the game. Who knows, you might even motivate him to keep pace with you which sparks a healthy competition.

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I just wanted the rewards wtf15 points·5 days ago


Champion II6 points·5 days ago


I just wanted the rewards wtf2 points·5 days ago


Is there really a point in continuing to play? After hundreds of hours I'm stuck in bronze. It seems I need 12 hours a day at least to really do anything in the game. Everyone is next level.

all my old Plat 2 flaws have returned!7 points·5 days ago

Are you having fun, are you still learning? Those are the questions; rank is a secondary concern.

Training really does help, even if it's just a 15 minute warm-up in free play or in a training pack or two.

Also find some friends , here on the Friday thread, or on r/RocketLeagueFriends ; a consistent set of teammates makes gameplay more predictable, and fun!

Gold I3 points·5 days ago

Fun is what I keep chasing yet somehow I just get better.

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Diamond III5 points·5 days ago

Just try to play in the mindset that you're just enjoying it. I know... easier said than done. But I've found that I play like shit when I start to get frustrated, and likewise play pretty well when I'm calm and enjoying it. Good luck dude.

Diamond III3 points·5 days ago

Also, I have nearly 2,000 hours and I'm still stuck in diamond so you're not alone with getting stuck at a rank for a while

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

Do you use the training packs? Have you watched any YouTube videos on proper rotations? This game is hard you won’t be great at first. Don’t care about your rank so much just play the game.

Platinum III5 points·5 days ago

Do you use the training packs?


I played RL pretty casually for about 450 hours, I was "OK" but clearly hit a ceiling at about Challenger Elite/Rising Star way back when. This continued to the new rankings, where I'd sit at about P1. I never played often, took extended breaks, and only played RL after a few beers (probably the biggest culprit).

I then figured, "why not try some training packs"? Within maybe a few hours of just training packs instead of playing - the difference is night-and-day.

Sure, my mechanics/car-control in some situations are much improved, but the real difference is in the confidence to do what's needed without that split-second hesitation that makes all the difference in games. No more waiting/retreating to a "better" position where I feel more comfortable to go up for a ball or make a play - now it's just get right up in the air and adjust then.

Markydooda's "Awkward Shooties" was a good one for that. Lots of flying with the camera "looking backwards" and backwards off the wall stuff (ball behind you). It's...awkward.

I haven't played much Ranked lately to see where I'll get, but I instantly went from floundering in mid Plats to easily holding my own with D1/D2's. I was actually surprised as I didn't really feel I had improved much until I got into some games and saw the difference.

Another tip when doing "Redirect, Air-dribble, rebound" packs - unless you targeting a specific mechanic like the first touch on a wall-to-air dribble, don't stop when you biff one and hit restart. Use that last few seconds to regroup from whatever odd state you're in and try for the one-touch last second goal. It's keeps it less frustrating at times and you'll get great practice on recovery, dunks, pinches, second-touches, etc.

I'm no pro at air-dribbles in-game yet, though I'm now competent. But, all those screwed-up training attempts where I kept it going have made me much more confident that instead of just sinking back to Earth in shame... I'll at least have a chance to recover in-air and get a solid second-touch shot on goal, go for a good pass, or try a nasty pinch shot - depending on how bad I goofed the setup.

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

Hesitation is what kills platinum and low diamond players but confidence definitely place a big part of it.

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Season 7 C33 points·5 days ago

If you're pc i would more the willing to give you tips and advice. I'm by no means a god at this game, but i am a C3 player who has played with and against pros. Plays with and against GCs all the time and feel i have a good understanding of the game and what works/doesn't.

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

Save your replays. Find out why you get scored on. Watch higher level players gameplay (I wouldn't suggest watching pros and trying to do what they do you are not even close mechnically) but watch gold/plat play. Go into free play and just knock the ball around. Bronze is just continual misses. Try to at the least make contact with the ball as much as possible.

When I first started I hit a wall where it felt like nothing was even happening because everyone (including me) was so bad they could barely make contact, let alone aim a shot on net. Every goal was RNG basically. So, I played 1s. 1s forces you to make something happen. If your opponent scores on you, it is YOUR fault and your fault alone. You can identify why it happened. I played 1s until I was Challenger (Which I think is now equivalent to gold?).

I'd also suggest watching this video by Johnny Boi. He gives tips for every rank on what to focus on to help them improve/rank up.

If you enjoy the game there's tons of resources out there to help you get better. Good luck!

Feel the same

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Does a flip cancel shot add more power than just flipping? Or is it just the same power with a higher chance of hitting the ball with the nose of the car

Champion III7 points·5 days ago

The power is the same, but the advantage is not rolling through your shot. If you mistime your shot, it may hit the top of your car while rolling, reducing most of the power. Cancelling the flip maintains your forward momentum with your nose forward, enabling you to maintain max power on the shot when you contact the ball.

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S2 pe | S3 ss | S4 d2 | S5 d3 | S6 c213 points·5 days ago

Is champion gold?

HoraryHellfire10 points·5 days ago


Gold III6 points·5 days ago

Often I can't see my rank or the rank of my teammate. Sometimes it even shows a wrong rank. Half of the ranked games we play are not counted for one and/or for both of us. WHY?

Champion III5 points·5 days ago

It's a visual glitch that they're working on at the moment. Don't worry all matches count, you will just not see your rank on the screen. You still get the right amount of mmr.

6 Pack2 points·5 days ago

This was a problem that they said they fixed earlier but it persists for me as well. Hopefully it gets patched in the next update.

Champion II5 points·5 days ago

What is the date that this season ends?

HoraryHellfire3 points·5 days ago

Not announced yet. The only information is "late may".

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Bronze II5 points·5 days ago

When players state their playtime, is it during matches only or is it rocket league as a whole(training, menus, etc.)?

Champion II [3v3] kvd7776 points·5 days ago

I would guess they’re going off of what Steam or Xbox/PS says. Which would mean RL as a whole, not just in-game time.

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Grand Champion6 points·5 days ago

Steam hours, meaning any time the game was open. People who use the in-game stat aren't accurately assessing their time. I've encountered players who think they hit Champion in just 200 hours only to realize their actually time is closer to 800. I'm not sure what the in-game stat measures, but I believe that it only tracks time in-game. Regardless, it wasn't implemented until last year and won't be accurate for most high level players.

What does 'rnb' means?

Rhythm n bass

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Bronze III3 points·5 days ago

Help with accuracy please. I have almost 80 hours in the game, and I miss the ball in most important situations, I'm kind of desperate, I've stopped matches, because I'm tired to get mad at me again and again. I only train, but still I start to get mad at me while training, I don't see any improvements.

I know, "keep at it and eventually one day you'll figure it out". Muscle memory and so on... But I don't believe in that anymore, I've tried hard, and it doesn't work, no improvements, at all. When I turn right or left, the move of the car is very brutal, I don't get it. Same for dribbling, I continuously try to improve, but I just can't keep the ball on the car for more than half a second, as soon as the car need an adjustment to keep the ball centered, it's too brutal, and the ball is lost.

Could it be a problem with my controller ? Maybe it's just that this game is not for everyone...

Champion II12 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

80 hours is absolutely nothing. But one thing that helped me is to delay the second flip when taking a shot, i.e. instead of double tapping X whenever you're taking a shot, jump in front of the ball, and wait until the right moment to do your side flip

Also, I'm like 2400+ hours in, hit champ 3 twice, and I can't even dribble; literally like not even in the slightest lol

Champion III8 points·5 days ago

80 hours? Dude it's very normal that you miss a lot. I just finished my promotion to champ 3 and it was a match where all 4 people just missed everything. Those were all people with 1000+ hours. If you keep playing you will eventually learn how to read the ball and control your car, but don't expect 80 hours to be enough.

Unranked2 points·5 days ago

This. I hate the outliers (or just liars) who claim to get to a high rank with only so many hours. The reality for 95% of people is it's a struggle to just hit the ball, never mind make it where you want it to go. Training can help speed things up a little but nothing substitutes in-game action and it takes a lot of games and time to get consistent at striking. And as you pointed out even in high ranks there is still a large amount of whiffing.

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Gold I7 points·5 days ago

I think I hit my first aerial goal at 70 hours and was immensly proud of that. Now I'm at 1500h and I still have games where I miss every 2nd ball.

Same for dribbling, I continuously try to improve, but I just can't keep the ball on the car for more than half a second

I couldn't hold the ball for longer than half a second when I was 1000 hours in. I still have trouble dribbling, but after countless hours in free play and dribbling challenge I'm slowly getting to the point where I can do at least some useful dribblings and flicks.

Bottomline is: This game is hard af, to not suck at it completely, you already have to put a good amount of hours in.

My tip if you want to keep playing but are tilted right now: Take a few days break. I always do that when I have a phase where it feels like nothing is going right and it usually helps. And do training packs.

Gold III4 points·5 days ago

If you haven't tried the workshop training maps yet I highly recommend them, if you're on PC. the dribbling challenge map has really helped me out. For dribbling, every time you lose control of the ball, just be sure to analyze why. If it bumped to the left or right, or you hit it too hard with the front of your car etc.

For car movement seeming too harsh, try messing around with the steering sensitivity and control stick deadzones in the settings menu. Setting the sensitivity too high will definitely give you that harsh "I meant to bend left but I turned at a right angle" result.

Apologies if you've tried those before. Also just free play and hitting the ball around can teach you some basics and refining your reads. Try and pick where you want the ball to go and keep trying until you get it right, and then just try and replicate it. Watching replays of your past games to see where you went wrong. But above all don't try and learn something dramatically above your skill level. In other words if you're still having trouble hitting the ball on the ground, then take it easy and don't focus on wallshots and Aerials and stuff like that.

That's all the advice I can think of from someone who was bronze not too long ago.

Not sure if you've fiddled with any of the game options yet, but I think the number one biggest improvement new players can make is to adjust your camera settings. The default settings are awful and make it extremely difficult to orient and position yourself sometimes.

The most important change is TURN OFF CAMERA SHAKE Field of View, followed by FOV which by default is 90 but should be increased to 100+ immediately. I prefer max 110 but it's a preference. The rest of the settings are more personal preference, fool around with them yourself or look at some pro players' settings and find something that's comfortable for you.

After that it's just practice, and 80 hours is not much. I'm over 300 hours and am solidly Plat. Just don't let your desire to git gud hamper your enjoyment of the game. Play for fun and avoid getting tilted and you'll see steady improvement. Be honest about mistakes you're making and work on them. Good luck!

Give me a decent season reward pls3 points·5 days ago

You can adjust controller sensivity on the options I think, if you feel like it's not right. But honestly, 80 hours in this game I had absolutely no idea you could keep the ball on the car (and 1500 hours in I still can't do it, though everyone else around me can).

I started out paying quick match bc that's where the funs at. But once you find the fun in progressing your skills, you learn to love training.

5 mins in striker training will get as much repetition as an hour of pub. Start your gaming off with just 5 mins of some striker drills and you'll start to notice an improvement almost immediately in your accuracy. At the higher levels, almost all progress comes from training niche situations that rarely show up in a match, but are critical to nail.

Diamond II3 points·5 days ago

Get used to it. I have 1200 hours and I still miss some open nets.

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Champion I3 points·5 days ago

As others have said: turn off ballcam. The camera constantly adjusting to target the ball screws with your perception really badly in the beginning until you get used to it and getting used to it takes forever. You will still need to hit it with ball cam ON but focus on that after you can consistently hit it with ballcam OFF.

Secondly, get good at switching between free cama nd ball cam quickly. Use free cam to look in front of you and ball cam to look toward the ball. Need boost? Toggle off ball cam real quick to align your path with boost them turn ball cam back on. Dribbling? Ball cam off, ball goes flying from 50/50? Ball cam back on again.

MLG PRO1 point·5 days ago

This isn't muscle memory so much as just understanding how the game behaves. A toddler doesn't know how to catch a ball because of muscle memory, exactly. They don't know how because they simultaneously don't have full control of their body and they lack an understanding of gravity, friction and velocity. After much practice and repetition it becomes part of their subconscious understanding.

You're in the same boat. Keep at it.

As an aside, there is one thing that might help make it easier: playing at a higher FPS with reduced input lag. This will make everything feel more responsive. I can't dribble for shit when playing on a TV or a PS4. But on my PC with my 144Hz monitor I can glue the ball to my hood.

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When playing in 2's or 3's with friends is there any in game lingo u use for making communication clearer or more effective?

Champion III9 points·5 days ago

We mainly go with: "I'll go", "I'm up", "I'm back", "need boost". "Other side". This just about covers most situations for us

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My main double partner and I usually say where we are on the field too, I find it helps hit the pass to him faster /better now that I’m trying to claw my way into Diamond.

I must take to time to say GG to all the diamonds that can hit fast plays so accurately.

Northern Gaming4 points·5 days ago

'SHIIIIIIIT' or 'OH FUCK' means 'this is totally a fake/pass and i didn't just miss that'

developed anger issues2 points·5 days ago

“Need boost” “I’m back” “I got it” “that’s yours” I feel like these things come in handy

gl hf2 points·5 days ago

There's a lot actually. You can find videos of pros in comms, which would be more useful than us listing all the examples we use.

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

Are there particularly good examples you can provide?

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Didn't know videos like that existed, thanks

Diamond II1 point·5 days ago

I got diamond for the first time this season and even then we are not communicating that much. The only time we really call out information to our teamates is when we need boost, are below 15 on boost, and are not up to receive a center. Other than that we don't really communicate that much because the more you play with people the better you will get at knowing where your teamates are on the field without needing to tell them. If you want to get better at knowing where your teamates are on the field, try playing a week or two without any communication in game.

I'm the bad teammate4 points·5 days ago

What can i ask in order to sound noob and pro at the same time?

gl hf14 points·5 days ago

Showing your plat rank states exactly this, no need for a question. :D

I'm the bad teammate4 points·5 days ago

LOL, that would be true if it wasn't for the fact that i still feel like a noob even if i'm plat. The more i learn the more i know how bad i am

Keep that mindset. You will want to work more and more to improve yourself :) Dont be arrogant

I'm the bad teammate2 points·5 days ago

Nice shot!

Nice shot!

Nice shot!

Chat disabled for 4 seconds!

MLG PRO1 point·5 days ago


Platinum III4 points·5 days ago

Hello! P3/D1 player here who cant do flicks. Why do my flicks only work ~50% of the time? Is there a timing secret such as do the dodge just before the ball hits your car? Just after? Rapidly jump then dodge? Jump then delay the dodge? I cant figure it out lol.

I notice other players hold the ball on their car so smoothly, but when I do it, it kinda bounces continually, perhaps this is the reason?

Any tips?

HoraryHellfire6 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

There's a sweet spot when dribbling. Draw a straight line from the center of mass on your car, to the ball's contact point. That's generally where it will go, which some alterations for flat cars to make it less drastic.

Try to keep the ball about 45° forward when balancing it. Or for simpler explanation, about on your car's front windshield. The arrow will draw a line forward and up, but since it will already be moving horizontally some, it will even out and stick to the car more to match the arrow better.

The sweet spot for flicks is also the same. I normally hold jump for 0.3 seconds, then use my dodge ASAP after letting go. This way the car catches up to the upwards momentum of the ball and stays closer to it, making it easier to flick.

Try not to go too fast. The faster you're moving, the more difficult it is to get flicks. At supersonic, front flip flicks don't really work anymore.

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Diamond I3 points·5 days ago

Make sure you hold jump to keep rising with the ball. If you just tap it the ball will fly away from you. Use a training pack with the ball rolling slowly towards you to practice.

Diamond II3 points·5 days ago

It's mostly just a grind. Found myself in the same position once. I'm not saying I'm a pro flicker, but I can play around with them and do lvl 1-18 in dribbling challenge #2 which I greatly recommend you check out if you're on steam. Otherwise just try to ballcarry with little boost in freeplay. Also: play 1s to get your practice into real play. There's a difference between those. Good luck on the grind!

Champion I2 points·5 days ago

Depends on the placement on your car. The further on your roof the ball is the more it pops up, so most flicks only work when it's nearer your windshield/hood area. It's different on every car by a slight margin so it's based a lot on feel.

Aside from the normal advice of "practice in free play", focus on where the circle of the ball is under your car. Usually for front flicks (either diagonal or straight on) in an octane your back wheels are slightly behind the back edge of the circle.

Grand Champion2 points·5 days ago

GC here. Your 50% flick success rate is probably better than mine. In fact, I couldn't actually flick the ball until about a month and a half ago. It's a very useful skill that I just never took the time to actually learn.

When you flick the ball, you want it to already be resting on the top of your car and not bouncing around at all. Cushioning the ball like that takes practice, as do the types of jumps and tilts you can do to be sure the ball stays close. My advice would be to look up kevpert's dribble and flick video. He does a good of describing the different one and showing where it should be on the car, as well as providing drills. Also, you may want to give SlowMo a shot.

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Platinum II4 points·5 days ago·edited 4 days ago

Did Psyonix change the way the match ends? I swear it used to end right when the clock hit 0, but recently I've hit a couple of goals from the ground with the clock at 0.

It seems like they added the extra second from 0.99s to 0s, and I'm into it.

HoraryHellfire5 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

It's always been that the match ends when the clock hits zero and the ball is touching the ground. If it's in the air, the game will not end yet.

Platinum II3 points·5 days ago

I know, maybe I worded that awkwardly. The ball was rolling on the ground and the clock hit 0, but I still had time to take a shot. Before, it seemed like the game would end as soon as the clock hit 0 but this time I had a second to get to the ball. I dunno, maybe I was just lagging.

HoraryHellfire2 points·5 days ago

Sounds like lag to me. If your connection is perfect, or you play locally, the exact millisecond the ball hits the ground, the game ends.

I had one game where I noticed the same recently. Was sure the game was over because the clock was at 0 and the ball was in the air but then there was one bounce more than expected.

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Platinum II3 points·5 days ago

If you could add any quick chat that would be short, effective and nonvulgar (S#!& is available I know but no need to fill our wheel with wordie dirties) to the game what would it be?

Champion II6 points·5 days ago

"I'm Open!" for team chat

"Nice try!" for global (I'm dying for this one actually)

Switch | "Beetis"2 points·5 days ago

I feel like "In position." and "Close one!" are effective enough stand-ins for those, respectively.

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Gold III5 points·5 days ago

Or for team chat, "Rotate!"

Give me a decent season reward pls7 points·5 days ago

Last thing I need in rocket league is toxic teammates being able to quickchat orders to me. It might work with friends, but outside of that it would be a nightmare.

all my old Plat 2 flaws have returned!3 points·5 days ago

at least then they could get it all out in quickchat really fast instead of sitting still to type out a manifesto about what you're not doing correctly during the next kickoff (which often leads to a quick second goal against)

Champion II2 points·5 days ago

“Rotate” is such a boogie man word

WOL | SCarton2 points·5 days ago

Yeah, I can't see any possibility of that being misused constantly.

waiting for season 73 points·5 days ago


Gold III3 points·5 days ago

"Good attempt!"

Champion 2 points·5 days ago

This would revolutionise the 1v1 toxic quick chat meta

somewhere between bronze and gc2 points·5 days ago


6 Pack2 points·5 days ago

Dropping it! Or even just Passing!

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6 Pack3 points·5 days ago

Why do so many pros use the Cristianos?

S2: P Elite, S3: Chall 1, S4: Gold 2, S5: Plat 1 S6: D1 S7: D34 points·5 days ago

It's a non-distracting, plain black wheel. A lot of the pros like to keep their cars quite plain so as to not distract them.

Champion II2 points·5 days ago

Probably because it just looks clean. It looks almost like a completely black wheel, probably the closest wheel you can get to that look.

Similar reason to why white zombas are so popular - a clean look, 1 solid color, fits with any car design.

6 Pack1 point·5 days ago

I was in my head thinking it helped visualize your hitbox or tire position better or something because so many people use them. I like your idea better. Then I don't feel obligated to use them (though I do use them frequently anyway).

Champion II2 points·5 days ago

Yea the pros seem to all have similar tastes in expensive and clean cars. Really any customization is just cosmetic, and doesn't affect gameplay at all. No reason to use wheels you don't like.

The only thing I find myself doing that pros do is taking off toppers and antennas - this actually does help me visualize the top of my car, and I find them to be distracting. Otherwise, your car design is your car design :)

Champion III2 points·5 days ago

I use them also as I prefer having a very simple car. The wheels have some sort of plecebo effect over my gameplay, I feel I play much faster.

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No more ranked, servers suqk3 points·5 days ago

What's the difference between servers that have names (EU-Scarab) and the servers that are just numbers (EU-12345)? And why do the ones with numbers perform better for me while the named servers never work?

3 points·5 days ago

It seems likely that the different naming conventions of servers represent different server suppliers that Psyonix are contracted with. I believe the last major update introduced changes to the core programme that the servers running older versions of Ubuntu / Debian struggled with and caused the issues you list.

Just from my experience with server providers, don't expect an improvement anytime soon, or in fact, at all - what we've got now may well be the best it will be. I hope not, my latency also increases about 50% to the named servers (PC / EU).

The Floor is Lava1 point·5 days ago

Weird, I've been having similar issues but the USE-Named servers are the ones I get better latency on and the USE-Numbers are where it is exponentially worse. (PC/USE)

Diamond II2 points·5 days ago

Could be because named ones are substantially closer to you.

No more ranked, servers suqk1 point·5 days ago

Location might be a factor, but I live pretty far from EU so ALL EU servers should equally suck. However the numbered servers are actually playable (ping 180) unlike the named servers (ping 360~996)

Diamond II2 points·5 days ago

That's a big difference. Most likely network is not the issue here. Still, you might get completely different routes from your place to a server in Germany and to one in the Netherlands, for example. BGP can be nuts! Just saying.

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Champion III2 points·5 days ago

Numbered servers were implemented later, so could be better, not sure

(3's) points·5 days ago

So, the numbered servers were virtual servers and the named ones were physical servers committed to hosting games. The idea was that virtual servers allowed psyonix to scale up quickly when their player base scaled up. This meant that one physical piece of hardware could host multiple games, but they were never meant to be a permanent solution. I dont know if Psyonix ever changed their course of action on it but i do know that virtual servers have become a more viable solution due to technology just getting inherently better. I'm also pretty sure that they have been signing agreements with new server hosting services- Newer servers= Better hardware running the virtual servers

Platinum II3 points·5 days ago

Should I be controlling how much I push my joysticks sideways to control the radius of the turn? I pretty much control my car by doing 3 things with the right joystick: I leave it alone if I want to go forward, I push it right if I want the car to go right, and I push it left if I want the car to go left. I was wondering if maybe I should be slightly pushing it to the sides to make the car turn less? I feel like I might do this when I need to slightly adjust the car for a shot but most times I just do those three things, right left or center.

That's like playing on a keyboard. You should take advantage of the analog stick. Tilt it slightly if you don't want to turn immediately. It's just like throttle control, you don't have to be always at the full speed.

Practice dribbling. That's the best way to improve ground control of the car and ball. You'll have to make slight turns, and subtle changes in your speed. It will take a lot of practice, but the results are great, especially in 1v1s.

How do I add my rank (Grand Champion) to my reddit name. Like the blue font behind the dot after the name. Never really used reddit before...

How long?3 points·5 days ago

At your right you have the subreddit stuff. Down it appears "Request GC Flair" You must prove that you are grand champion and follow the instructions.


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Gold I3 points·5 days ago

I have a friend who is in gold, who refuses to do any rocket aerials. What is the ceiling for him before going to the air is necessary?

11/12 wins RIP4 points·5 days ago

Really depends on the playlist his ceiling is gunna be higher in solos because there’s less aerial play than in 3s, I personally have seen gold 3 games with a ton of aerial play but granted most of it is just hitting the ball in the air just because and not with any particular purpose or direction

Northern Gaming4 points·5 days ago


Platinum III3 points·5 days ago

Assuming you mean he can't control the car in the air at all...saves, 50/50's, etc. (not just shots)

When should he be getting comfortable flying? Now.

When will it impact him more? Probably G3. There will be a LOT of whiffs he'll be able to take advantage of, but people will be going up often enough.

When will he be at a pretty severe disadvantage? Low/mid Plats.

Unless he's an amazing defender (which he can't be at higher levels if he's stuck on the ground), he's toast past Gold if he plays 2's. If he refuses to get in the air at all for any reason, he'll get steamrolled by any competent team.

I agree with u/crunchy_underpants that his ground game/awareness could save him for a while - but, I struggle to see how someone who can't even get up for an easy save or 50/50 will be good enough in other areas to compensate for that past Gold...

Complexity2 points·5 days ago

Honestly contrary to what everyone else said, I believe grand champ/pro level ground play could make him diamond

Edit: if he isnt allowed zo leave the ground ever it is unlikely to reach dia, but double jumping isnt really an aerial

MLG PRO6 points·5 days ago

No, but effective aerials force you to learn concepts like air roll and greater car control, which translate to improved ground-ish performance: half flips, general recovery, goalkeeping, shot/vehicle alignment orientation, others.

Removing that third dimension from the game is such a waste of opportunity.

Complexity2 points·5 days ago

I said perfect ground play. Like take a pro and say: Dont aerial and see how far he goes. yes its unlikely for anyone who cant aerial to become like diamond, but Ive seen plat players on twitch who cant aerial properly. And honestly if you can top corner from everywhere on the map you can easily become dia. But of course if a player is that good he would most likely be able to aerial too. Its just an hypothetical thing of how high someone can climb without aerialing

He will learn to do aerials. He will have to. It will happen. It all starts by doing a tiny little aerial like 5 feet in the air. After a while the 5 foot aerial turns to 10, then 15, then 20, next thing you know hes flying everywhere. It's all about incremental steps. That's how I learned. Plus it just looks awesome to score aerial goals so he should want to learn

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About a year ago i switched from airroll and Powerslide on L1 to Powerslide and AirRoll-Left on L1 and AirRoll-Right on R1, now I noticed, that i struggle abit too much with keeping the momentum via Powersliding and the readjusting after a bad landing. The Reason is, that I'll always AirRoll Left when I try to Powerslide. When just on the ground there is no Problem... Do you have any suggestions where to bind Powerslide? I definitely want to keep L1 and R1 for my AirRolls!

Hey there, I asked a similar question last week on this thread. I was doing the same thing. I switched almost right away to air roll left/right to L1/R1 when I started playing because I couldn’t wrap my head around left and right on the stick controlling both roll and turn.

I ran into the same problems you’re mentioning with the power slide and I’ll add that it also hinders wavedashing when trying to land and slightly roll to the right to land properly.

What I found to work is not changing the powerslide off of L1 but actually using R1 when trying to power slide when you don’t want to roll left. This causes both rolls to cancel each other out and you’re left with just the powerslide action.

That said.. I switched my controls to just L1 and back to analog left/right.. it’s been surprisingly not too difficult of a switch. I still find myself wanting to use R1 in really fast, no time for thinking moments and it’s cost me. I’m likely going to put air roll right back onto R1 because of half flips.

The reason I switched was power sliding issue .. Looking at my aerials closely also revealed I was tornadoing (rolling and turning at the same time) unintentionally. Usually when I wanted to go from one to the other, I started the second before actually finishing the first. I could have worked on my timing rather than switching, but I tried the switch and it seems like something I can get use to.

Diamond I2 points·5 days ago

I have asked about this before too. Never thought about holding R1 when recovering. Nice tip. I really don’t want to go back to no air roll left/right.

Platinum I3 points·5 days ago

For real, how hard is it to attain GC? Asking for a friend. Also, how far off is an average GC player from a pro player?

Northern Gaming7 points·5 days ago

Pro's routinely clown on average GC players on streams. Like brutally bad.

also GC is quite difficult to get.. as it should be imo.

kern0in6 points·5 days ago

GC is pretty hard to get. You get GC at 1515 MMR and most pros are right now >1900. So like the difference between Gold 1 and Platinum 3

I have been at diamond 3 or 2 for 2 seasons now. Just hitting champ is hard. GC takes real dedication.

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

Well it's less than a percentage of players that get there, very difficult to get to

It's hard. And I'd say the skill game is probably like the difference from a C1 to a GC. I've played many pros. And while it's not obvious why they're leagues above me, I know they are. It just comes down to the small tiny things that aren't noticeable. Boost management, rotations, decision making, consistency, and yes some skill. But let me tell you, I've seen much worse players do crazier shit that pros. They aren't pro though most likely because they lack everywhere else in their game.

Platinum I2 points·5 days ago

Thanks for the response!

Merc Main Since Season 12 points·5 days ago


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Why do so many high level players use octane as their car of choice?

Rocket Powered Supersonic Midlife Crisis4 points·5 days ago

It's not too tall, not too low, turning radius isn't too large, overall handles pretty decently and doesn't look too bad.... :D

It's your jack of all trades type of a car. It's also a car that has been in the game since the beginning and its stats didn't change much since then. Players got used to it.

In the end it's a matter of preference.

GameCube controller or nothing3 points·5 days ago

I'd just like to add that the stats thing is a bit of chicken-and-egg. Players main the octane, Psyonix leave it alone to keep them happy, players feel more comfortable knowing they can learn a car that won't change, etc.

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Platinum III5 points·5 days ago

Where can I find the upcoming season rewards?

Platinum I (learning to use controller)3 points·5 days ago


Ask Jeeves ?

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Champion I5 points·5 days ago

Any artist here? How much time and resource do you think it would take to make 7 versions of a goal explosions that has increasingly more details? Would it be a good idea to make the most detailed one first and reduce some aspects? (Not a sarcastic question, I'm legit curious about the time required)

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Do new bodies only come in crates or can they be after-match rewards?

S2: P Elite, S3: Chall 1, S4: Gold 2, S5: Plat 1 S6: D1 S7: D37 points·5 days ago

The original bodies are unlocked after matches, The rest are mostly crates, some can be obtained through DLC and painted bodies can come via trading up very rare items.

When the Rocket Pass comes in (See summer roadmap for more info.) we may see more unlockable bodies through gameplay.

I MADE IT FAM I MADE IT2 points·5 days ago

What's the easiest/quickest way to grind out wins for comp rewards? I haven't played much this season and now I only have a couple weeks max to grind out most of my reward wins. I'm 7 wins into silver rewards and I have a looooong way to go. I want to get the diamond tier complete as soon as possible so I can work on the 10 champ ones because I really want to seal the deal on that before the season is over.

S2: P Elite, S3: Chall 1, S4: Gold 2, S5: Plat 1 S6: D1 S7: D35 points·5 days ago

If you're only champ in one playlist, I'd earn your Diamond rewards in one of the other playlists, then it'll only take you 10 wins at champ to win those rewards.

I MADE IT FAM I MADE IT1 point·5 days ago

I'm champ in both 3s playlists and I'm only a game or two from getting a rank again in doubles. I'm probably going to just grind doubles until I get my diamond rewards.

Just btw you have to get to each rank before you can start getting wins for them, so if your silver now and get all 10 wins you have to get to gold rank before you can start getting those wins counted towards rewards.

No more ranked, servers suqk3 points·5 days ago

So.. you actually want to grind all that for those rewards?

I MADE IT FAM I MADE IT2 points·5 days ago

I mean, I've gotten my rewards every single season of competitive Rocket League and I've never gotten champ rewards before. I'm not thrilled with the rewards but it's more of a "sweet I'm a legitimate season 7 champion" thing than it is me caring about the reward items. I just want to see that bar light up purple ya know?

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When streaming a Rocket League event (ex: a "tournament" with a couple of best-of-3 matches), is there a fast-and-easy way to get a highlight reel put together for the downtime between matches?

I'm not only dumb, but pretty hungry, so here goes. I did my placements for the first time and got them all through and it gave me rank. I don't have to play the ranked mode anymore to get the season rewards (although I probably will as it was fun), right?

Season 7 C36 points·5 days ago

No, you work your way up the season rewards by winning games at or above the season reward your working on. Example: You start at Bronze season rewards when you get 12 wins in bronze or higher rank you get that reward.

HoraryHellfire7 points·5 days ago

10 wins now per rank, for future reference.

Thank you both, I could have potentially bottled this.

in doubles and standard2 points·5 days ago

When you search for a new game in competitive, there is a progress bar at the bottom of the screen. On the left side of the bar is the current rank rewards that you have already obtained. On the right side it will say you need to be at the next higher rank and win X/10 games to get to the next level.

So since you just did your placement matches you probably won't have any season rewards yet. You'll need to win 10 games at bronze or higher to get the bronze rewards. Then you need to get to silver or higher and win 10 games for the silver rewards, etc.

Champion I2 points·5 days ago

You need 10 wins at each rank or higher to rank up after placements. Unranked(No rewarD) -> 10 wins -> Bronze Rewards -> 10 Wins -> Silver Rewards -> 10 Wins -> Gold Rewards etc. Wins have to be at the rank of rewards you are playing for. You must win 10 times as a gold ranked player in any playlist to achieve Gold rewards for the season.

2 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

What's the best controller setup? I've been using default but find it kind of clunky to be pressing down multiple of AXB (xbox controller) at the same time often

EDIT: thanks for the suggestions, I’m gonna play around in training to figure out what works best for me

Grand Champion4 points·5 days ago

There are a lot of good players who play with default bindings. I will quickly describe my Bindings to you. I have Airrol and Drift on LB, Boost on RB, Jump on A, Ball-Cam on X and Scoreboard on Y ^ Like this, my right thumb can concentrate on only Jumping and triggering the Ball-Cam while I have my two Index fingers for Airroll / Drift and Boost. The Boost on RB can lead to some wrist-pain if you grind too hard though ;) I hope this gives you an idea of what changes you could make to your own setup. Always remember to play with, whatever feels comfortable to you!

I second this and really suggest making sure that boost and jump are used by different fingers. My setup is exactly the same but air roll left and right are Y and B.

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Diamond III2 points·5 days ago

It's down to preference, really. I don't how you hold your controller, but I use the "claw" grip. Everything is default, but I changed the bumpers to left and right air roll respectively and put the right thumb-stick to scoreboard.

Platinum III 2 points·5 days ago

So I use:

X-boost A-jump LB-power slide.

It feels a little more natural to be Hitting x and a at the same time, and you can still hit the slide without sacrificing another control.

I don’t think there’s a “best controller” setup, but if you’re looking for something else, that’s mine, workin pretty good.... Now I just need to be better.

I switched score board to B for some reason.

Champion I2 points·5 days ago

I encounter this one really annoying problem, and I was wondering if there is a way to fix this. Sometimes when I try to simply dodge left or right, rather than do so, the front end of my car flings upwards in the air and my cars stalls completely like some sort of awkward flip cancel. I want to think it has to do with dead-zone or something, but I dont really know how that works.

S2: P Elite, S3: Chall 1, S4: Gold 2, S5: Plat 1 S6: D1 S7: D32 points·5 days ago

Yeah you might need to adjust your dodge deadzone. I believe the higher the number, the further you have to push your analogue stick.

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Platinum II2 points·5 days ago

Hello fellow leaguers, to make a long story short I was very terrible for a while so I started grinding a ton of mechanical skill in free play and custom training. Now when I go to play ranked the outcome of my matches is not any better despite the fact that my mechanical skill is ten times what it was. I even get called a smurf often which is very obnoxious when I am not smurfing. My main questions is what can I do to practice my rotation or anything that will help me get more wins in general, I am stuck well below my skill level at the moment.

I hate this game.3 points·5 days ago

SunlessKhan does a great video on this. Essentially you have your mental ability and you mechanical ability.

You may have good mechanics but if you don't learn to use them well (or can't rotate or other issues) then the mechanics will only help so much.

Honestly its just an issue of practice. Don't be afraid to hit the unranked playlists so you don't feel so pressured while experimenting new strategies and getting comfortable with different rotation techniques.

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Welp I didn't think this would happen2 points·5 days ago

I suggest playing more preferably in comp so you do not have to deal with AI and every time the ball gets scored don't blame your teammates right away always think "What could I have done earlier that would have stopped that situation?" If you lose a game by a lot save the replay and watch from your player perspective. Watch what you are doing wrong based off how easily they cleared the ball past you or how closely you were to your teammate. I can't say I am that good compared to a lot of people here but if you PM me a game of yours that you lose I can let you know what I am noticing and maybe how to improve.

Edit: Watching my own videos has really helped me noticed how many times I messed up and know exactly where to improve.

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Silver II2 points·5 days ago

I have an older thinkpad that's pretty much capped out at 45 FPS on linux. Does this actually affect my game at all, like how much am I at a disadvantage?

Whoever you are and whatever your skill level having a lower fps does leave you at a disadvantage. For me, going from 60 fps on PS4 to 144 fps on PC the difference was huge, it was noticeably easier to play on PC, the car feels so much more repsonvie. However a mate or mine playing on my PC says he hardly noticed the difference, so it varies from person to person.

TLDR: It depends, but 45 fps is really quite low, so it will be affecting you a lot compared to PC.

Platinum II2 points·5 days ago

How the hell do I predict the ball when it's above me? For the love of God I can never see the ball when it's above me no matter what camera I'm on. Plus the camera always goes mayhem and changes, I always get lost. Should I just ignore the ball and go back to rotation?

Champion I4 points·5 days ago

Try not to be under the ball like that

Bronze I2 points·5 days ago

kinda what the others said, if you're sitting under the ball, you're not going to be able to do much with it, and you're preventing your teammates from safely going because you're not backing them up

GameCube controller or nothing4 points·5 days ago

Indeed, you should rotate. Even if you could read the ball, there wouldn't be much you could do to advance the play.

2 points·5 days ago

It says I’m in the platinum division but there’s no icon next to my name after games, just an X. What does this mean? I’ve played a lot of games in competitive mode

Champion I2 points·5 days ago

it's a bug that will be solved in the next patch

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

For that Season Reward, could u/Psyonix_Devin inform us if they're gonna rework the champ one ? :)

Do new crates usually come with new seasons? I saw that Psyonix mentioned a summer crate but nothing about a new crate; is it safe to assume that we won't be seeing a new crate (non seasonal) any time soon?

Diamond II2 points·5 days ago

is it safe to assume that we won't be seeing a new crate (non seasonal) any time soon?

Nope, Psyonix will continue to release crates pretty often if you look at their recent history. I don't know for sure if they'll release a crate with the new season, but I think so

If we ignore the Special Event crates and look only at time between crate releases beginning with Turbo, the intervals are as follows: Turbo released 3/22/2017 -> 7 weeks -> Nitro -> 8 weeks -> Overdrive -> 12 weeks, 1 day -> Accelerator -> 9 weeks, 4 days -> Velocity -> 9 weeks, 2 days -> Victory -> 7 weeks, 6 days -> Triumph

The period between the Overdrive and Accelerator crate releases appears to be an outlier. Throwing that period out and averaging the rest works out to 8 weeks, 2 days. Based on past history, I estimate a new crate release on/around Thursday, May 31 (assuming, of course, that there's a new one coming).

Diamond II3 points·5 days ago

Nice data there mate, thanks for that! May 31 is a nice estimate. So it basically boils down to a new crate most likely coming together with the update which should be late May. I also remember the updates coming on Tuesday or something early in the week. So maybe 29. Thoughts?

Edit: 29 would also means 8 weeks, which sounds perfect

I noticed that there were some updates on Tuesdays, but I also saw at least one Wednesday and one Thursday update, too. Would be fun to see a new crate, that’s for sure.

Why am I bronze II in solo? 1 point·5 days ago

The Chumpion crate. Good rewards will be twice as hard to get, painted gold if you’re Champ and the BME will be the season reward goal explosion painted in champion purple. The BMD will be a plain car that spams every server error possible on your hood every few seconds.

Champion 1 point·5 days ago

Is there a competitive use for the stall mechanic?

Champion III3 points·5 days ago

I have made a few decent shots using a stall but most of the time I havnt needed to use it.

I mostly play hoops2 points·5 days ago

Yeah, when a normal flip would make your wheels ineffectually hit the ball.

gl hf1 point·5 days ago

Do you mean front flipping and then pulling back, to cancel the flip, or do you mean using the air roll left/rigth button while flipping the opposite way?

The latter version works as a surprising thing to do, but I don't recall seeing it used in a pro level game. I've used it at my own level in situations where it worked, but I probably could have done something easier which would have worked as well.

gl hf2 points·5 days ago

Aah aye, that's the one where you use air roll left/right button in conjunction with the right/left analog direction on the stick. Squishy has a tutorial video on it.

I don't know if you consider styling on someone a competitive aspect of the game, but I know I'd be terrified if someone scored a stall goal on me. :x

There are situations where you and the ball are in the air, going the same speed forwards, and you want the ball to hit your car. So you do a stall flip, hanging in the air, aloing the trajectory of the ball, and the ball drops and hits your car. A flip would send you off course and no flip at all has you dropping as the same speed as the ball. I think that answers your question, but obviously that would be a very err.. Unique situation.

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Champion 1 point·5 days ago

I think my question has been misinterpreted, I’ll link a gif to what I mean when I get home

Still no way of getting a Takumi RXT on the Switch, right?

2 points·5 days ago

There was a post about 6 months ago where the PCC crate was deferred from retirement and updated to include the Dominus GT, Breakout Type-S and Octane ZSR, so that Switch players could obtain the cars. They did address the lack of a Takumi-RXT for Switch players, something was coming within a few weeks, but I can't remember if they did anything (I think not).

I'd raise a ticket with Psyonix, as the RXT decals you can get from current crates are absolutely useless to you.

Comment deleted5 days ago(1 child)
Champion III1 point·5 days ago


Diamond I1 point·5 days ago

Is it a severe disadvantage to bind the basic air roll to LB? Currently I have drift and air roll on LB, and air roll right on RB. I tried to make LB/RB for air roll left/right, respectively, but my brain couldn't handle not using the analog stick in order to air roll.

It seems like having a button dedicated for each air roll direction creates faster/tighter rolls but I wasn't sure if this was something I should invest time into, or if my current set up was adequate. I know it probably comes down to preference but I would love some input from the community.

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