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Posted by#SavePurple5 days ago

Peaceful Protest Against Season Rewards

I'm a little bummed out because I hit champ for the first time ever! And we get a downgraded and reskined polypop that we get to share with diamonds and is a different color from what bronze's receive! I get it Psyonix, you don't want to give out goal explosions that are better than the black market goal explosions. I understand you need to make money. But, Please please please make all the goal explosions different and at least the diamond, champ, grand champ goal explosions should look pretty awesome. Please don't allow diamond players to get the same reward as the less than 1% of grand champion players that exist. Higher rank players should get more than just a different color explosion :(. Please upvote this so psyonix can understand as diamond and GC are now equal in Psyonix's eyes.

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Northern Gaming8 points·5 days ago

I downvoted for two reasons

1: jesus there are a ton of these, you aren't special

2: grats on champ, stop stomping your feet with your hand out like you should get a scooby snack just for playing the game.

Just appreciate that we do get something.

So much greed and entitlement in this reddit. it's pathetic.

Sometimes in Top 1009 points·5 days ago

just saying that people complaining made Psyonix change the rewards in season 5. It does work and thats why people are doing it.

#SavePurpleOriginal Poster3 points·5 days ago

Well you see, I'm mostly complaining that diamond players and grand champion players get the same goal explosion. Do you think that diamond players are equal to grand champs or champions? I'm protesting because psyonix is a pretty good company and they listen to the community. Many of us are "complaining" so that psyonix will see that the majority of the community wants something to change.

Northern Gaming1 point·5 days ago

No not equal by any means, but i have guess my viewpoint is different in that wouldn't use the GE anyway.

KBM ¯\_(ツ)_/¯6 points·5 days ago

It seems like they need to extend the duration of seasons.

Apparently 3 months aren't enough for them to make proper rewards..

#SavePurpleOriginal Poster-4 points·5 days ago

They actually probably took 15 minutes to make the goal explosions.

Step 1: take polypop.

Step 2: Make it worse

Step 3-6: Change the color 3 times.

Silver III1 point·5 days ago

But they aren't stating that diamond and champ are equal. The Season Reward is a banner dependent upon your ranking. Champ gets their "tier 6" banner and Diamond gets a "tier 5" banner. The goal explosions are extra, I don't see them as the season reward. They are more like a bonus for being in a certain rank range.

Why are you complaining about getting 2 rewards even if 1 is for a broader range?

#SavePurpleOriginal Poster0 points·5 days ago

Because the goal explosion reward is the reward that most people wanted and were hyped for. I would much rather have the goal explosions as the "main" reward and then the banner as extra. We already got banners 2 seasons ago so it's a shame to get them again as the "primary" reward

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