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Posted byu/[deleted]5 days ago

PSYONIX should really scrape the season rewards for ever


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Struggler III Div II6 points·5 days ago

Play the game because you enjoy it, not just for the season rewards. And whatever the reward looks like, at least anyone who sees it will know what it represents. I understand keeping car stuff consistent for colours possibly, but banners don't go near the cars so who cares?

Beyond that though, you're right the community could do with being less cry baby about it all. On top of general toxicity in game its pretty unbearable.

Diamond I1 point·5 days ago

Yup, and I agree these rewards are not amazing but whatever there's always something else, or if isn't a new reward it's not a big deal, heck they are even adding stuff to 'grind' for in the next months for people who actually have the time and want to reach a goal if they want

Champion I3 points·5 days ago

IMO, I like being able to grind for stuff. That's part of what draws me to this game. I think they should add even more grind-able stuff to keep players occupied when they get bored.

Psyonix could create a bunch of different training packs focusing on certain mechanics (wall clears, tough saves, etc.) You would have to complete the pack without resetting to unlock the item. It would provide incentive to do training and give players more things to do when they get bored.

Diamond I2 points·5 days ago

That's why they're adding stuff to grind for, it's all in the roadmap

Champion I7 points·5 days ago

I mean what they are doing makes sense. I don't want purple shit forever or else we are going to get more dragon banners and other nonsense.

Diamond I1 point·5 days ago

Variety is a beautiful thing, I'm no where near champ and I don't think I'll ever will but seeing the same color as a reward, if I were one of those people, it would not have the inspiration to grind for champ again, that's why I think they're mixing things up

Northern Gaming2 points·5 days ago

absolutely agree.

remove them. no one cares if anyone got anything other than GC

I mean, if the rewards are lame, don't people have the right to speak their mind? I could understand on other subreddits, but this is one specifically dedicated towards these sort of topics.

FWIW, I agree they should go a different route with the season rewards because you are right, nobody really uses them except for a save few

Champion III5 points·5 days ago

There is a big difference between speaking your mind and mindless crying over some items and using insulting language, which most people here do.

Yeah but OP is also mindlessly crying with insulting language

Diamond I1 point·5 days ago

So you can't complain about thousands of people acting like whiny little babies because you bacome part of the problem? and you don't see the issue with that? You're enabling that behavior if you don't speak up against them, and you'll prolog that kind of behavior

You can speak up against them, but you aren't doing that. You're crying about them and ranting. You're adding salt to the already full salt shaker and spilling it everywhere.

Diamond I1 point·5 days ago

I'm not crying, I mean ffs you're the one saying I'm complaining with 'insulting language' lol get a grip

Diamond I1 point·5 days ago

They have the right, that I completely agree, but they act like psyonix owe them anything, trust me I'm very critical of psyonix because I absolutely love this game, but come on, they act like whiny little babies which really pisses me off

Okay but like, whining about them whining isn't going to change anything

Rocket Sledge - (20k Demos)1 point·5 days ago

Season 1 we got crowns guys. Anything is better then that!

Leveled | RLCoaching Moderator9 points·5 days ago

The day we get antennas people are going to flip... and I will enjoy it :D

Diamond I2 points·5 days ago

Antenas plus topper, that would really trigger them lol

Leveled | RLCoaching Moderator2 points·5 days ago

Psyonix: "Wow! Look at this brand new item reward for season 13!.... Door Handles!"

Champion I1 point·5 days ago


Grand Champion0 points·5 days ago

Hah! You really think that scrapping the season rewards won't lead to people playing less and focusing less on ranking up and improving? Take away the primary motivator for a lot of people and that's exactly what will happen. Don't be so ignorant.

Diamond I0 points·5 days ago

If their primary objective is getting season rewards they're playing for the wrong reasons, as simple as that

Grand Champion1 point·5 days ago

Assuming there is a right way to be motivated to play the game is ridiculous. Simple as that.

Diamond I-1 points·5 days ago

Again, is pathetic for someone to even complain about seasonal rewards, when the game is fun, there's a lot of room to improvement, bonding with a team, I can go on on how playing for rewards is absolutely wrong, if you can't keep motivated for the sole purpose of getting better, again, playing for 'grinding' for the wrong reasons

Grand Champion1 point·5 days ago

Stop trying to define right and wrong. What's pathetic is your attempt to judge people for being motivated by something different than what motivates you, and your assumption that it's mutually exclusive.

Diamond I0 points·5 days ago

Not judging, just stating my opinion, if a season reward motivates you, that's pathetic

Grand Champion1 point·5 days ago

That's a judgement, genius. Lol

Diamond I0 points·5 days ago

Still an opinion, it's not a dick, dot take it so hard

Grand Champion1 point·5 days ago

You get smarter with every response.

I’m loving all this drama. Psyonix is laughing all the way to the bank. Can’t really expect much from a third-rate developer who doesn’t have an actual IT department.

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