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Posted byPlatinum 35 days ago


Just at the title says, let’s gather together and be heard that we are not on board with this new content! Psyonix has listened before and they will again if we all speak as one.

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Champion III17 points·5 days ago

I support your right to petition Psyonix for whatever you want, but I don't support your cause.

I am perfectly content with the season rewards.

Platinum 3Original Poster-2 points·5 days ago

You’ve probably been a champion for a while so it doesn’t really matter to you. Personally this is my first season earning champ rewards and this is really disappointing.

Northern Gaming6 points·5 days ago

Welcome to life bud. not everything is going to shower snowflakes upon your dandy unique self.

get over it

Platinum 3Original Poster2 points·5 days ago

I’m not surprised to see your the same person flying off the handle on other comments. Again chill and trust me when I tell you I don’t need you explaining how life work to me “bud.”

Northern Gaming2 points·5 days ago

You call responding to people with bluntness flying off the handle? Such a dandy.

Why on earth would i trust you about anything? lol

Platinum 3Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

No I call responding to everyone who feels differently than you do without tact or considering that this is a subjective matter and doesn’t have a right or wrong answer flying off the handle. Also unnecessary cursing, and calling people derogatory names, your the only one here getting worked up.

Northern Gaming1 point·4 days ago

It's ok ma'am. You'll survive someone being harsh to you. And why on earth would i care what some random on the internet thinks of how i respond to their crybaby bullshit?

Platinum 3Original Poster1 point·4 days ago

Still being a dick

Northern Gaming1 point·4 days ago

and still dont, nor will i ever, care.

You're still being a fragile snowflake.

Platinum 3Original Poster1 point·4 days ago

And that’s why you’ll never have any real friends, only people that put up with you but you’ll always be to blind to tell the difference. You big internet tough guy

Unranked13 points·5 days ago

I am literally amazed by how entitled players are coming out to be after this rewards announcement. Guys, nobody actually looks at your cosmetics and banners etc and goes "oh wow that dude is a gamer". And as far as your rank goes, only you care about your own rank plus you only play competitive against people with the same rank or around it so they would all share the same rewards

All-Star5 points·5 days ago

I'll be honest. I'm a grown man and I've been seeing purple items for two years and thinking, "I want that. I'm gonna get that." It's a prestige item and pretending that it means nothing is silly. It says, "I've achieved Champion."

Now I've hit Champ for the first time and I'm not getting a Champ item. Nasty surprise. It would be slightly better if I'd been warned from the beginning of the season. I'd still have reached Champ because getting better is its own reward. But I'd be lying if I said I haven't been looking forward to some purple bling as a "cherry on top" when I finally reached that rank.

Platinum 3Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Well said.

#SavePurple4 points·5 days ago

What is wrong with asking for a change to the rewards? Psyonix listens to community feedback so here is the feedback.

Unranked3 points·5 days ago

I am with you if you don’t like it, I just think that every extra perk should be welcome even if it’s not ranked related at all. Aren’t you just grinding for the joy of it?

#SavePurple4 points·5 days ago

I grind for the joy of getting to a rank where rocket league becomes like soccer with people passing and shooting in a competitive way. So yes I play for fun, but it's nice to get rewarded for the grind.

All-Star2 points·5 days ago

Aren’t you just grinding for the joy of it?

I'm not the one you asked, but I want to answer this. I do improve my skill for the joy of it, because RL is the most rewarding game I've ever played, just in terms of how amazing it feels to do things you never could before.

But those purple items have been around for years, and I've been really looking forward to equipping some of my own one day. Now that I've hit Champ, it's a nasty surprise to learn that I'll never have a champion-purple item.

I'm not going to stop playing, or stop trying to be the best I can be. But it feels bad.

Platinum 3Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Much better words for how I feel.

Platinum 3Original Poster-2 points·5 days ago

Your clearly just not as competitive as some of us which is fine. But for the ones who are literally practicing this game to get better it’s annoying when we’re not rewarded as expected.

Northern Gaming4 points·5 days ago

that's what people are talking about

"well I practice and play this game so... reward meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

No. They dont need to reward you for anything. They choose to.

the top players don't give a flying fuck about season rewards, they care about getting better. There is a difference.

HoraryHellfire2 points·5 days ago

I'm pretty sure many GCs are displeased that Diamonds get the same reward as them in goal explosions.

Northern Gaming2 points·5 days ago

well considering all they got previously was what... a title? I dont think they got a special banner but i may be wrong.

It's just a cosmetic GE. get over it.

HoraryHellfire2 points·5 days ago

Season 5 were banners, and yes GC got one.

And no, I won't get over it. It's one of the few things I would complain about. I don't complain about servers, ranked, casual, etc etc. Only the occasional illogical thing they do, like now. It'd be different if I whined about every other thing like I see many specific users do.

Cosmetic or not. Psyonix lacked communication and didn't follow their previous pattern throwing everybody off practically last second. It is kinda dumb to do that. They should have communicated something like this a season ahead of time like they normally do so.

Northern Gaming2 points·5 days ago

who knows, maybe they are finally getting to a point where they realize that no matter what they do Reddit will cry about it and are just starting to not give any fucks about what reddit says?

who knows. I wouldn't blame them.

HoraryHellfire1 point·5 days ago

Maybe, but it's odd that they didn't communicate a change like this further in advance like they normally do. And it really shafted those who believed the rewards would be purple all season. I mean, why wouldn't they if the past 6 seasons meant Champion and above we're purple?

I probably won't get any rewards at all (no internet for the last 3 months), but it's the principle of the thing.

Platinum 3Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

First off calm down, this is a discussion. And of course the top players don’t care about season rewards, they are trying to win the RLCS, and they do care to try and win. And of course they don’t NEED to, but they are the ones who created this system, it’s not insane for people to expect/want them to continue with the good thing they have going.

Gold VI5 points·5 days ago

Don't care, rewards are fine.

Platinum 3Original Poster-4 points·5 days ago

What rank are you?

Gold VI8 points·5 days ago

Plat. I get it, all the champs are mad that purple no longer represents their rank. I think it's silly. The banners are good enough, just as good as the wheels from last season. The goal explosions are a bonus.

Northern Gaming6 points·5 days ago

I'm champ.

don't care.

Platinum 3Original Poster-1 points·5 days ago

Not to be rude but you can’t get it if your not the one losing out on something you earned. It’s not a deal breaker it’s just annoying.

Gold VI6 points·5 days ago

I'm trying to get diamond rewards before the seaon ends. I don't care that it's red.

Are people this upset over a cosmetic? I think they’re fine tbh.

-5 points·5 days ago(0 children)
Unranked3 points·5 days ago

im good. i just want them to focus on other stuff.

Unranked3 points·5 days ago

awkward post

Platinum 3Original Poster-1 points·5 days ago

Haha, and to think I thought people world agree with me for the most part. O well, it’s good discussion and getting a lot of perspectives.

Unranked4 points·5 days ago

but everyone is opening a new post about rewards and complains. how can you discuss it? its just awkward. its a game. you get two different rewards this season and you cry for better/more/others. there will be alwys anyone who dont like this and that. play for the fun and be proud what you achieve.

you are trying to reach lvl 2 in complaining... "official petition...." sorry man, just awkward

Platinum 3Original Poster-1 points·5 days ago

Haha, chill out man. The point was to hopefully stop everyone from making a new post and condense it all to one place so we can see what we’ve got collectively. And I play for fun sometimes, but it’s not wrong to play to win so I’ll do that when I want to too.

Unranked1 point·5 days ago

all cool, im chilly af. just dont liked your "petition" ;)

Platinum 3Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Petition is a formal way of requesting change, it’s not awkward.

Unranked1 point·5 days ago

np, thats just my opinion. good luck with it

Diamond III3 points·5 days ago

Nah I'm trying to start the new season actually

GRAND EGGPLANT2 points·5 days ago

I am totally on board, I love the changes they are making.

Platinum 3Original Poster-1 points·5 days ago

It’s not entitlement, you earn a rank you earn that ranks reward. And your wrong that no one looks, apparently you don’t which is fine but some people enjoy making cool looking cars (hence the presets option added a while ago.) And I don’t know about you but I play RL with a ton of friends, the rewards are bragging rights and adds layers to the competition.

Unranked3 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

I understand where you are coming from, I just see it differently. It’s a game I love and all I need is to have fun playing it so I can relax after a stressful day at work and make good use of my limited me time. Sorry if I sounded like I am blaming you or anyone else for anything, I am just amazed at how many people prioritize cosmetics or titles or even worse, wins, becoming toxic eventually

Platinum 3Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Just because you care about winning doesn’t mean you eventually turn toxic. Look at professional sports for example, it’s rare that the best players get toxic.

Northern Gaming1 point·5 days ago

And your wrong that no one looks,

People may glance, but then they move on with their life.

ESPECIALLY with season rewards.

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