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G2 Esports vs. TBD / RLCS S5 Worlds - Quarter Final / Post-Match Discussion


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RLCS Season 5 WC

G2 Esports 0 - 3 compLexity Gaming

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G2 EsportscompLexity Gaming
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only way to explain this is that Gibbs predicted G2 to win

28 points16 days agoedited 16 days ago

Fr don鈥檛 want to ever hear Gibbs predict a g2 W again.

17 points16 days ago

He should just abstain from predicting the match, it's the only way to make it a fair game.

No. The only way to explain this is complexity is a very good team that鈥檚 been slept on since EU regional.

I'm obvously joking, but you gotta admit that G2 were the clear favorites, especially after complexity's shaky performance against Tainted Minds, and G2 usually doing really well at lans.

-15 points16 days ago(7 children)


If by not doing well you mean taking out Mock-it and PSG, and then going to 5 games before losing to C9. Also coL haven't been 2nd seed level this season, I would personally put them below Vitality, but above nV. They've just been inconsistent.

Hey man, just want to go back to you here and have a little laugh because G2 are out now, and I did call it. Thanks for reading.

lmao we can laugh together then. coL seem to be doing really well as well, so let's hope they do EU proud.

Yeah the salty NA kids in here downvoting all my posts has tickled me. G2 never do well at worlds, everyone knows this.

-20 points16 days ago(0 children)

I'm not a fan of G2, if there is a team I'm a fan of it is nV (who almost did get swept to be fair). But yeah, I usually favor EU teams over NA ones, and I'm all for underdog stories. That doesn't mean I can't be surprised that coL won, I'm just pleasantly surprised.

Now, yes. But right up to this match, no.

57 points16 days agoedited 15 days ago

G2 cannot really be blamed TOO heavily for getting swept.

C'mon guys, al0t came out blazing. The shots he was hitting were straight missiles. He shot, what, 65% in the first 2 games? That's insane. The first 3 or 4 weren't even G2 mistakes.

al0t playing at that level, his best level, forces two things. The most damning one was that G2 had to scramble to adjust on defense. They HOUNDED al0t. They tried to dunk him, demo him, bump him, basically shut off his shots before he could even get 3 pixels of space, because that was all he needed to hit some of those lasers. Obviously, that fucks with your rotations, so Mognus cleaned up in game 3, but that's what happened.

Secondly, if your opponent is single handedly banging in 2-3 goals at a 60% clip, guess what? You need to generate equally efficient offense. G2 won the shot differentials in game 1. 8-3. Except al0t converted at a 66% rate. Every miss costs boost and time, which is not optimal when your opponent is a one man laser barrage. To counter it, either Rizzo, Kro, or JKnaps needed to match that level of production. Defense was not stopping at least 4 of those 5 al0t goals. You needed scoring. And no one on G2 stepped up. Not good to be called best team in the world, but can you really blame them for not turning into offensive Jesus in their first game?

TL;DR coL, and al0t especially, smoked G2 to hell. They got outplayed. But coL was at such a ridiculously good level and at such heat that G2 really didn't have any other option unless they stepped up to 100%, which is really hard to do. Less choke, more thoroughly trounced by a clearly better opponent.

To be honest, I just watched this match now since I was at work during the live, and I think G2 made a lot of mistakes. Not to take anything away from coL because actually this group of players has been my favourite since I began playing Rocket League, but the majority of their goals were due to G2 mistakes. Although that's how it goes with high level Rocket League.

2 points16 days ago

I just watched the series too and I agree with both you and the OP, I think it was a little bit of both al0t magic and g2 mistakes. Game 2 al0t popped tf off, but g2 made really crucial mistakes throughout the series. I felt like for the most part, g2 held it together against the coL offensive, but whenever they messed up they were scored on.

Offensively, g2 wasnt at peak performance but I felt like they played well enough for the first lan day, their offensive was at around the same quality as the other teams (maybe except dignitas). I dont like picking out names but it felt like rizzo was uncomfortable on defense for large portions of that series, and before he was able to collect himself the series was already over. Offensively he was still there, maybe not to the extent many expect of him though.

Yeah you can always discuss whether the winning team was just this good or the losing team was just making too many mistakes. The truth is always somewhere in between.

G2 made too many mistakes but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have made as many mistakes if al0t didn't pop off the way he did. If you get bombarded like that and practically every shot results in a tough save you tend to look bad.

tl;dr - it's all Gibbs' fault

damn, G2 really looked cold out there, the same way they looked cold when they barely beat EG in regionals. CompLexity shouldn't have been 4 seed either, they came in hot and they completely outclassed G2.

But, we know that G2 can regroup after defeat so they can tear up the loser's bracket without much issue.

they face vitality and tbh vitality looks stronger but its gonna be interesting

I thought both G2 and Vitality looked quite bad in their respective series.

I thought G2 didn't go against EG in regionals. Didn't they sweep C9 then 4-3 NRG?

Yeah I think he鈥檚 thinking of league play

1 point16 days agoedited 15 days ago

Oh shit, i meant league play, mb

23 points16 days ago

rizzo really didn't play that well...

he had one nice double bump but other than that he really fell flat

I feel like he played a much better defensive game than offensive which is his purpose. If i had to put blame on one person (which isn鈥檛 fair i know) it would be jknaps. He wasn鈥檛 the usual jknaps which would take the game away

21 points16 days ago

Wow G2 looked lost. No cohesion
16 points16 days ago

I think complexity really benefitted from their earlier series. They looked shakey earlier and were able to clean it up. Meanwhile G2 looked terrible.

Had a tune up match before the tougher test

15 points16 days ago

Rizzo didn鈥檛 play well but neither did jknaps. A lot of his touches were meaningless and he squandered a lot of opportunities

24 points16 days ago

Rizzo mate, you really weren鈥檛 on your game

am I the only one that felt that Rizzo had to play too much of a defensive role?

30 points16 days ago

That was it, for whatever reason he was playing that 3 role that Kro grew into during league play. Such a strange decision for G2 to switch up their style now

well, on the other hand it's pretty hard to leave Kro alone in that position when there is a guy like Al0t who just takes the most dangerous shots from every angle you can think of.

10 points16 days ago

I get that, but do you leave Rizzo alone in the back there when Kro鈥檚 been doing it all season against guys like Squishy and Jstn? I don鈥檛 know why they decided to change things up unless it was working in scrims, but whatever the reason it bit them hard.

Alot is a better striker than squishy, imo.

4 points16 days ago



The third.

5 points16 days ago

Nope. It鈥檚 like neither rizzo or kro knew he was gonna be the third man.

3 points16 days ago

Agreed but even when he went forward, he was just off. Weird after a great season from him.

Yeah but did you see that nice double bump in Methods net. Savage!

6 points16 days agoedited 16 days ago

Yeah he was real bad, at least 3 goals were directly his fault because of whiffs or just poor touches. If G2 plays like this tomorrow they鈥檙e out for sure.

al0t is the rocket messiah

no meaningful hits + no follow-ups + so many double commits = recipe for disaster

Canada jersey = Toronto = sweep

al0t just went LeBr0nt0 on them...

6 points16 days ago

These are my two favorite teams so having them play each other broke my heart

That鈥檚 how I felt about C9 vs Vitality :/

embarrassing performance by G2


8 points16 days ago

Complexity looking strong!

9 points16 days ago

Unfortunate showing for G2. Hopefully they can bounce back. Good thing NRG and C9 performed!

10 points16 days ago

It's gotta be brutal to go up against a team that's already had a game that day. Yeah you can fart around or whatever they do in back but it's not the same.

I feel like it was basically Complexity already stage warmed up going up against a G2 that was stage-warming up.

Every team should play their first game against a team that also is on their first game of the day. Just IMO

Alot is nutty
13 points16 days ago

Group play solves that. Other world championship events do it. Group play into a final bracket.

I really wish RLCS would do this. Scrap the Regional Championship and put in Group play for Worlds. NA pool, EU pool and then split OCE
4 points16 days ago

You'd still need regionals so you can properly sort the teams into Worlds groups.

5 points16 days agoedited 16 days ago

I mean you could just take the Top 4 and skip Regionals; it puts a lot more pressure on playing well during the season.

How often do a 5/6 seed make it into Worlds? I remember Denial making it over G2 in S3, but I can't remember any other occasions.

Edit: totally forgot EnVy was a 5 seed over F3.

and Mock-It was #5 too back in season 3.

Who was on that squad? I legitimately can't remember.

I believe Season 3 Mock-It squad was Kaydop, Fairy Peak, and Miztik.

Oh that's right, thanks!

Ahem. Envy was #5 in EU this season

Oops you're right, I totally forgot that.

I would much prefer that but I'm pretty sure the reason they don't is because of how many games they'd need to play. It'd mean they'd have to add an extra day or two to the event (assuming you want to stream every or most game).

+1 Tjeu should really do this. More games also equals more shots and more chances to clips on the internet. More games means fairer seeding when you get to knockout rounds. While we're at it let's make them all bo7.

I thought kronovi played well, but Rizzo wasn't at his best.

3 points16 days ago

Everyone's blaming individual players but imo the biggest problem was the rotations. I've never seen a team rotate that slowly before. They just took way too long to contest and take shots at goal.

To be honest Jknaps was the G2 player that under performed the most here.

Not sure we watched the same match.

Well, after rewatching, yeah Rizzo did make alot of mistakes, but I still feel that JKnaps performed very poorly, and here is why I think that. On the first match:

-He whiffs at over time and CompLexity wins.

2nd Match:

At the beginning of the game threw himself out of position (along side Kronovi) then Al0t scored the kick-off goal.

Whiffs at a very easy shot at 3:17.

Very bad clear from him at 0:54 that allowed Metsa to pass to Al0t to score.

Although Kro and Rizzo left the goal his challenge at 2:54 ended in a goal for ComPlexity when he could have maintained possession but tried a mid field pass.

Yes we did. Jknaps is the xfactor for g2 and he didn鈥檛 show up. He had a lot of missed shots and didn鈥檛 impact the game like an xfactor player should

Well, I was not wrong.

5 points16 days ago

ITT: People complain about G2

haha yeah, just watched it and to be honest for their first match of the day they played much closer to their usual selves than what i've seen from NV, Chiefs, EG and Vitality who looked truly out of it with stuff like triplecommit whiffs all over the place. Couple of missed chances but the same goes for CoL. I think both teams looked decent which for a LAN setting is actually great as alot teams tend to flop.

well, that sucked

Two things.

  1. al0t is a beast, obviously.

  2. Rizzo's double bump in net was savage af!

What the fuck is the point of a boot camp if you come out and get absolutely flattened?

The break between Regional Finals and Worlds killed their momentum. NRG looks just as good as they did, C9 is back in full force, G2 were just flat and uninspired.

6 points16 days ago

Yikes what a horrible series from G2, Complexity wasn鈥檛 even playing that incredibly. Better figure out their offense tomorrow to avoid pulling a S5 NRG

10 points16 days agoedited 16 days ago

I think Mognus was great this series. You really can't fill that role significantly better than he did.

Edit. Replied to a wrong post by accident, this was for the guy saying al0t was the only one playing well this series.

2 points16 days ago

Don鈥檛 get me wrong, Complexity played really well but it was nothing special. G2 were just awful, no cohesion going forward and scrambling too much on D.

Only person who played well that series was al0t lol

Mognus was actually pretty strong and Metsa didn't make any mistakes and played really solid.

That鈥檚 how they run their offense. It鈥檚 worked out for them so long that why change it? Al0t is the only player in the tournament that doesn鈥檛 need to rotate all the way back. Why? Because metsa and mognus are straight rocks holding down the D and setting up transition.

4 points16 days ago

That was just really bad by G2. Missing shots left and right and really poor communication. Rizzo didn't play well either, but I feel like a lot of his defensive lapses were based off of overall poor communication.


Holy shit that's alot of triggered G2 fanboys

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Everyone trying to call out Rizzo for the sweep. Kronovi was playing crazy slow and making horrible reads. JKnaps was throwing up softballs towards the net and crossing his fingers. Rizzo was losing every challenge. G2 played terrible.... not just one player. They played like they were hung over.

10 points16 days ago

They all played bad, but Rizzo stood out as the worst out of the three, that鈥檚 why people are calling out Rizzo.

What are you talking about. They depended on rizzo because their offense was shit and he was the last man back every time. That鈥檚 not his fault. The offense is supposed to hold off so other people can rotate to help so it鈥檚 not a break away. Obviously he is at fault for some plays but a lot of the offensive plays were very lackluster when rizzo wasn鈥檛 even in the play and had to defend the breakaway

2 points16 days ago

First off, 鈥淭hey all played bad鈥 was literally the first thing I said in my comment. Second, regardless of how the offense side of things were going, objectively, Rizzo stood out more as being off because he was the last back on defense. Meaning his mistakes were more glaring because that鈥檚 what people saw before the ball went into the net. Which, getting back to the point of the initial comment, is why people are calling him out.

I get what you鈥檙e saying and that鈥檚 my fault for going after you kinda for your comment but you didn鈥檛 really defend rizzo at all in your statement. Sadly I鈥檝e been drinking this entire tournament so I kinda went off on all people who blamed it all on rizzo. In my personal opinion i would sort of blame it on jknaps as I have said in my other comments in the thread.

1 point15 days ago

As much as I like Rizzo, (he鈥檚 my favorite RL player) I wasn鈥檛 really trying to defend Rizzo.. He made some pretty glaring mistakes that lead directly to at least 3 goals. That being said, all of G2 was embarrassingly bad. Jknaps making loft passes and hoping for the best, Kro was slow to challenge the ball it seemed, and Rizzo played probably the worst defense I鈥檝e ever seen out of him. Overall they need to tighten up and come out strong as hell tomorrow.

100% agree that it was a team loss. Not one single player lost the game for g2 none of them really showed up for the game. I still feel the series was beatable because the only player to defend that game was al0t. I just don鈥檛 like everyone blaming rizzo for the entire loss. It鈥檚 absurd if you know what you鈥檙e watching

2 points15 days ago

Yeah that I can agree with.

I am sorry, but that is such BS. He was not playing any worse than the other two.

Crowd chanting USA! USA! after JKnaps does a great solo play eyeroll.

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