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My son is a Shelton
1 month ago

So I tried to come up with the most cliche NJPW episode ever

Match 1: unknown rookie jobber vs unknown rookie jobber

Match 2: 2 vs 2 Tag Team Match

Match 3: 4 vs. 4 Tag Team Match

Match 4: 3 vs. 3 Tag Team Match

Match 5: 5 vs. 5 Tag Team Match (Jobbers in a stable)

Match 6: 3 vs. 3 Tag Team Match for the title

Match 7: 5 vs. 5 Tag Team Match (remaining members of stables)

Match 8: Singles Title Match

Match 9: Singles Title Match

Run time: 4 Hours everytime

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You forgot to rate everything 11 stars bb.

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26 points · 1 month ago

I can't say whether this is correct or not because I never watched a single episode of NJPW in my life. I don't speak japanese, christ's sake.

I just watch the streamable links of Okada, he's the best in the world, so much better than WWE.

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Autism REEEE:16
11 points · 1 month ago

You don't have to watch full episodes, only McHitler's m*rks do that. There are plenty of gifs you can watch to see the superior work rate of m'NJPW.

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10 points · 1 month ago

Holy shit, how do you know this stuff?!! You should be charging 11.99 for this!

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Meltzer has confirmed this is the card ... oops no he hasn't cause he doesn't spoil Japanese shit, he promotes it.

Plans change ... oops, no they don't, every card is like this

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Does every singles match end with move/finisher spam and terrible selling because m'fighting spirit?

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