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This is a masterpiece. I am so proud, we are like brothers. Now only to get him going with some zetas. Ahem...

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You gonna be throwing G12+ pieces on the ol Loby?

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Yeah. I don’t know how to update pic without deleting post. I did it

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I put the two g12 pieces on him and modded him for speed. I’m going to run a gw with him as a lead. See how it he does with my droids.

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Got mine to g12 7* the other day. Love him to bits

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He is awesome!

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Can’t change screenshot, but added both pieces

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Just 3 pieces to go then!

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Looks like you arent quite done yet. It seems like you have 2 G12 pieces you can put on him as well. PITCHFORKS until I see another screenshot with him G12+5 haha

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I want that ubertanky Lobot from the rebel roundup bonus tier.

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Fuck yes, especially if he could taunt and/or gain protection back somehow. Lobot could be meta rebel tank, lol.

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Good man

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The true hero of the SW saga.

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I think this means you won. You beat the game. Congrats.

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So do you use him? He may or may not be my 2nd strongest toon - ok he is. I wanted him to lead General Grevious g11 87/100 shards. I fear lI may have wasted my first 8 months playing this game, goofing around with worthless droids.