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Posted byJ. Thornton 191 month ago

Why do we want 1st so bad?

Pretty simple. We are 19-4-3 against the pacific. Coming in 2nd gives us a team we have actually played good against whether its LA (fuck the kings), Anaheim or Calgary. Much rather play any of those teams over say Colorado, Minnesota, st. Louis or Dallas

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Home ice in round 2. That's the reason you fight for it.

Braun 613 points·1 month ago

What if in round 2 you are playing against the team that didn’t finish first?

Could happen but if you win you don't leave it to chance

J. Thornton 19Original Poster5 points·1 month ago

I def agree the players shoukd fight for it, but us as fans really should just want the teams we match up best against. I guess for me, being from Saskatchewan, Canada the home ice thing as a fan does not mean as much cause I haven't experienced a playoff home ice atmosphere

Either way we’re going to have to play the best, so what does it matter what round it’s in?

J. Thornton 19Original Poster6 points·1 month ago

I mean looking at washington I am sure all there fans wish they didnt have to meet pittsburg in the 2nd or 1st round every year

That’s one way to look at it. Another way is that you have a chance to beat a great team before they establish momentum and their playoff game and possibly play a better matchup in the finals.

Pavelski 81 point·1 month ago

Yeah, well we're not Washington, are we?

J. Thornton 19Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

All I am saying is seeding matters, and playing teams that you play well against can really help

Hertl 4820 points·1 month ago


Nabokov 204 points·1 month ago

Thiiis. And also home ice, especially if Anaheim gets WC1

J. Thornton 19Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

If anaheim got the WC than we would play pacific but i really think the ducks are better than the kings so I would rather hope we finish with an LA series

Nabokov 201 point·1 month ago

Eh, while Anaheim's stronger, we were much more dominant in the season series, and that's more important to my mind.

Thornton 191 point·1 month ago

Why do you think Anaheim is better? I know the standings aren't everything but LA also has more wins, more non-SO wins, and a better goal differential.

J. Thornton 19Original Poster2 points·1 month ago

Look up all the injuries and missed games by key ducks players it's insane that they are where they are

Yup. I'd much prefer the Kings.

Tierney 5021 points·1 month ago

Don't you think it would be fun to take the 1st away from LV on their first season? Only the Sharks can do that!

J. Thornton 19Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

I mean hell yeah, but I think knocking then out in the 2nd round will be even better haha

Another Division title banner in the tank

J. Thornton 19Original Poster4 points·1 month ago

Ah never seen those banners sadly, would prefer 2 different ones be raised at next years home opener

I dunno guys, every season we came in first we didn't do so well in the playoffs.

Nabokov 202 points·1 month ago

Prediction based on past results. Irrelevant in this scenario.

J. Thornton 19Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

I mean history is never irrelevant, if that was the case the media woulf never have anything to talk about during the playoffs. I am sure if we do face the kings we know that all the history will be brought up

Nabokov 203 points·1 month ago

It's not that history is irrelevant. That predicition was irrelevant. Would be like saying you can't win a cup because you've never won a cup before.

Vlasic 442 points·1 month ago

They're not saying history doesn't matter, they're saying it's a statistically shitty vehicle for making predictions about the future.

Remember when we really wanted the Ducks after winning the President's trophy?

Seeding doesn't matter, you have to work harder than the team you play. Whether we're first or second or third or fourth in the division, we need to out-work the other team and win the series. I don't care if we have more home games or not.

Pavelski 83 points·1 month ago

If you think having home ice advantage doesn't give a team an extra push as opposed to traveling and playing on the road over and over, with fans cheering against you, you, sir or ma'am, are fucking tripping

3 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

If you think hockey players are less motivated playing on the road and it leads to fewer wins, let me provide statistics for you...

Oh and I don't know if you remember our run to the Cup Final, but you can take a look below:

Who is "fucking tripping"? Yeah, that's you :)

Pavelski 83 points·1 month ago

Iirc, we were the best road team that year during the regular season, so that kinda skews the stats a bit. Our record at SAP was atrocious. I think in the playoffs, we started winning more at home than on the road, but ya, this year, we've faired better at home than on the road, so it might be better for us to have home ice advantage. Either way we seen to be peaking at a good time. Hopefully this makes for a great playoffs for us.

Pavelski 81 point·1 month ago

Honestly, the stats mean nothing to me as far as the playoffs go. And, if you don't remember, the Sharks also had the best road record in the league all year before we went on our playoff run, so there was something to that ability to win on the road that year...

Statistics show that in the playoffs home ice is less of an advantage than during the regular season.

I'm sorry the facts don't support your feeling and your argument. We don't need home ice to win a series- we need to out work the opposing team and play better than them. I don't care who we play or where we play, I want us to fight harder in the corners, to make smart plays in the neutral zone and play better hockey. Whether that happens in SJ more often than on the road doesn't matter.

Pavelski 82 points·1 month ago

Well no shit

2016 Stanley Cup playoffs

The 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs of the National Hockey League (NHL) began on April 13, 2016 and ended on June 12, 2016, with the Pittsburgh Penguins defeating the San Jose Sharks four games to two in the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals.

For only the second time in league history (1970 being the only other time), none of the NHL's Canadian-based teams, seven in total, qualified for the postseason. In addition, for the second season in a row and only the fifth time since joining the league in 1979, all four former WHA teams (the Edmonton Oilers, Arizona Coyotes, Carolina Hurricanes and Colorado Avalanche) missed the playoffs. The Washington Capitals made the playoffs as the Presidents' Trophy winners with the most points (i.e.

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Donskoi 272 points·1 month ago

Season ticket holder here. I definitely want more home games. I pay for 41 home games a season because I want to see as many as 16 more in the post season.

3 points·1 month ago

I’ve probably been caught preaching this too much, but I don’t care if we come in at the last wildcard spot, just please don’t get hurt!

Wherever we end up, be at full strength and ready. Only then can amazing things happen.

Meier 282 points·1 month ago

I agree!

Donskoi 271 point·1 month ago

But the satisfaction of beating the golden knights

J. Thornton 19Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

Satisfaction of sweeping the golden knights

J. Thornton 191 point·1 month ago

Home ice, but more importantly, it's a mental boost to be surging this time of year. Confidence plays a big part in team success.

J. Thornton 19Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

I completely agree about the mental boost! I just don't see a team gaining 8 points on vegas with 8 games remaining. Vegas would almost have to lose out

J. Thornton 191 point·1 month ago

We play them 2x so it is possible.

Just came to say fuck the kings

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