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Swab recommendations

Hello, I am new to saxophone and have just rented a Yamaha YTS 26 Tenor.

I was learning about basic cleaning/maintenance and found out about swabs. I see that BG swabs are highly recommended over the internet but will something simple and economical like this will get the work done nicely or should I spend the money on BG swabs?

Any other recommendations? I am looking for both body and neck swabs.

Also thinking to get this stand to hold my sax while practicing. Any better way to store it while practicing?



Beginner help with correct pitch

Hello, I have just started learning the saxophone, also this is this is my first musical instrument and I have no previous training in music.

I took my first class yesterday and I was told how to make the correct sound. If I remember correctly most of the time my instructor was saying that I am making a high pitch sound and I should make a low pitch one which I did a couple of times.

I am trying to practice making that sound and my embouchure but I am not sure if I am making the right sound. Note this is without any key pressed and is just blowing through my tenor saxophone.

Is there any way I can know if I am making the right sound. Maybe there is an app or something on the phone which can say if the sound is correct?



How Do You Put Your Sax Down?

Do you put your saxophone down palm keys facing down or front keys facing down? Theres been a lot of debate at my school about it. Personally I put front keys down but I’d love to hear what you guys think


Playing with Asthma?

Hi all, I've been playing alto for a little over 6 years now and recently I feel like I haven't been able to play as loud as I used to be able to play. I have asthma and I had an episode that caused my breathing to become worse (my breathing is at 80% of what it should be at according to my PFT results) and I believe this may be the reason. I used to play on Vandoren 3's, but now I have to use a La Voz Medium Soft (it's around a Rico 2...a little bit softer actually) as I am barely able to make sound out of a Vandoren ZZ 2.5. When I blow as hard as I can the sound is at most a loud mf. Any suggestions on what I should do? Any other players with asthma that can give tips? Thanks.


Reed hardness help

I recently decided to try to go from size 3 reeds to size 3.5 on bari sax assuming it wouldn’t be that much harder on low notes as I had no trouble with them with size 3. However I was wrong and it is a lot harder and I practically have no size 3 reeds left. Is there any way to make playing lower notes a bit easier until I can buy some more size 3 reeds?


Questions about the Yamaha WX11

I know these make a fake saxophone sounds, does this specific model also make more electric sounds? I know little about these things, will I need to purchase a MIDI synthesizer? Also, what would I need to connect this to my laptop for recording?


Picking up the saxhopone after 5 years

Hi i just re-picked up the saxophone after 5 years that i let him take dust on the shelf. Now, i'm a lil bit rusty and i don't know where to start, i tried "easy" songs like mercy mercy mercy and the girl from ipanema with decent results. I need some book where I can find some insight of basic stuff, from scales to the basics of improv. I really would like if it would be not something like youtube videos and stuff like that, because one of the main reason I felt like picking up this instrument after all this time is to get away from my computer that is literally ruining my life, lol.

I play on an alto sax.

Also sorry for bad english but I'm still not used to write in it.

Ty all in advance.


What are the main differences between the various models currently sold by Selmer Paris?

I want to move to tenor and I’m interested in buying a very very good saxophone. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a detailed guide regarding the differences between the modern Selmers. I know that eventually I will have to try them all (especially due to the financial impact that this purchase is going to have on my wallet), but I’m curious to know the main differences before going to the shop and listening to the seller. Which model is the best (or most used) for jazz play?

I know that in this sub are active massively experienced players who know a lot more than me about the various saxophones, so thanks in advance to whoever will post his opinions!


Mpc+reed recommendations for edgier sound

Hey all,

I have a Yamaha tenor (480) which I love. I had been playing a Yamaha 4c with Vandoren blue 2.5's. But as my technique improves, I want to switch my setup so I can achieve a slightly edgier, grittier sound.

I absolutely love Dick Parry's dark-but-still-breathy-and-edgy sound in Pink Floyd's Us and Them, if that helps provide an idea of the sound I'm looking for. I also love Tom Scott in Steely Dan's Black Cow, but I think his sound is brighter and edgier than I might want all the time. I guess what I'm getting at is that I want some degree of flexibility.

I know that tone is mostly embouchure, and replicating Coltrane's setup won't make me Coltrane, and so on, but I wanted to provide concrete examples of sounds I like.

Anyway, cutting to the chase: I'm looking for any and all recommendations/resources for mouthpieces (and reeds, I guess, if you think they make a big impact) for a beginning sax player interested in a rock/jazz sound. I'm willing to spend up to around $200 on a mpc but obviously I'm happy to spend less.


Meyer mpcs

I play on a 1958 Conn 6m and I'm trying to aim for a brighter sound. My current mouthpiece is more suited for classical music, and I can't get the brightness I want out of it. I want to upgrade to a meyer mouthpiece, but which size should I get for a brighter sound?


[Question] What are your thoughts on Rico vs Vandoren vs anything else?

My friend has become quite snobby in his reed selection, looking down on all of those people who don't play Vandoren. I have found this trait in other people over the years, so I have decided to ask around and see what the internet thinks.


[Question] earplugs for saxophone?

Hey - not sure if anyone else has experienced this problem, but I've always had trouble with playing with earplugs inside my ears (or with in-ear headphones, etc.), because it feels like the sound of the saxophone is reverberating through my head extremely loud, even though other instruments are of course cut down. My solution thus far has been to use over-ear protection but for some situations this is not appropriate visually so I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and has any suggestions? Would getting those custom-crafted in-ear earplugs help?


aileen sp1001g sax for my dad.

Hello, first of all I never played saxophone so I know nothing about them. I learn guitar at a music store and they gave me a nice price for a sax that I want to get my dad. aileen sp1001g, anyone know anything about this saxophone? Would it be good for my dad to start with? And also I would like to ask, my dad is about 60 and it’s always been his dream to play saxophone, would you say it’s possible at his age or would it be more frustrating than fun?


Opinions about Klose?

Out of all the old school (pre-war) books I've bought/downloaded from IMSLP, I've found the Klosé perhaps the most useful so far (along with De Ville's amazingly good Universal method).

What's your opinion about it? How do you use it?

Apparently Charlie Parker memorised some of the etudes. I memorised 3 of the simpler ones a couple of months ago and play them as a warm up (transposing them to a new a key each day). The reason they are so good is because:

a) They contain the technical essentials (e.g. intervals, arpeggios) that one should be practicing often. Each day go through them and oil up my majors, thirds, arpeggios etc for the day's practice.

b) They are really fun to play, unlike other (allegedly) "musical" etudes in other books

c) They are concise, so perfect for a quick warm up.

b) They contain some classic chord progressions (e.g. major progressions like I-II7-V-I, and relative minor ones too), making them worth memorising and playing in all keys. They are not too difficult so can be memorised fairly easily

edit: clarity


Help Identifying Old Martin Model

A friend of mine just got a job at a new school and found this horn in the "way back". The serial numbers say it's a Handcraft, but the design says otherwise. Any help.

Also it's missing a neck!!! So, any leads where he could track one down?

Thanks in advance.


Unhealthy reeds?

I recently got a box of Rigotti Gold 2.5 Strong for bari, and they've been awful. They're unresponsive, and every single one smells bad even though I've soaked them in mouthwash. I also noticed some of them making crackling noises when not on my mouthpiece.

Should I be worried and stop trying to break them in? I've never had this problem with reeds before, and the 2.5 medium box I have is amazing.

EDIT: I opened it up today to find mold... I guess I'll switch back to Vandoren after I try out the other box I have.

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