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I play tenor sax in my class band; I really love the instrument and I'd love to continue playing it and improve my technique after I graduate high school, but looking online it seems like you can't find a tenor sax that isn't at least $1,000. Why is that? Also, would I be able to find any tenor sax for at least $300? Or would that just be impossible? I love the tenor sax but being a beginner, spending thousands of dollars on one seems impractical.


Let's take the first two bars of Donna Lee where you start out with a I chord and then the VI7 chord (Ab -> F7). Here is the accompanying head I will be talking about below: Which one should my ear be hearing for the following notes of the head in the first measure and a bit of the second measure (G Ab G F E Eb Db C Bb A)?

  1. major 7th -> 1 -> major 7th -> major 6th -> minor 6th | major 5th -> major 4th -> major 3rd -> major 2nd -> minor 2nd
  2. major 7th -> 1 -> major 7th -> major 6th -> minor 6th | minor 7th -> minor 6th -> major 5th -> major 4th -> major 3rd

The reason I ask is because you can hear the beginning of Donna Lee as either a creative way of going down the dorian bebop scale (#1), or you can hear it as just a cute phrase that emphasizes the chord tones with chromatic descending approach notes during the VI7 chord (#2).


I started learning how to play the alto saxophone about a year ago but recently I have encountered an annoying problem. Whenever I play a song that has a lot of notes in the higher octave (the second octave counting from bottom, not some super high altissimo sounds) and little space for breathing, halfway through the song I get a strong lip pain that messes up my embouchure by making my lips sore and slack. At that point I cannot really hold the mouthpiece with my lips. When I try to bite harder in order to maintain a proper embouchure, my lips just slide down the mouthpiece uncontrollably. Blowing into the horn with such embouchure creates rather unpleasant farting sound.

I do not have such problem when playing songs that have a lot of rests for breathing or songs that have relatively few notes in the higher register.

What do you think causes that? Is it just the fact that my muscles are not developed yet or rather I am doing something wrong?

In advance, thx for your replies


After struggling for a while I finally hit the 4th overtone (fingering a low Bb, playing a high D).

I recently got back into playing after a very long hiatus and I've been trying to make overtones a big part of my practice. I was kind of stuck on the 3rd overtone and not really sure what to do in order to go higher, but something started to click today. It's a small victory, but it's a victory for me!


I feel like I'm doing to much movement when playing those high notes. What's the correct way to play and hold the sax?


So I am a tenor sax player, though I have played an alto before I dont have nearly as many hours on the alto as I have the tenor. So my question is when i find an alto to buy, what do I need to work on? Will my technical skills transfer well? If so do i really only need to work on tone and embouchure exercises (long tones, overtones, etc)? Thanks!


I've got an unrelacquered Mark VI. I don't really play much anymore, but I have strong attachment to the horn itself. I want it to last as long as possible. Currently, it's getting increasingly corroded and I'm not sure what to do. Should it be relacquered? Would this ruin it? Or would this help it last? Would it hurt the value? How does one go about finding a reliable professional to do this sort of thing.

Thanks in advance for any help!


I did some research and came up with DPA d:vote 4099, bluebird cardioid compresser, and the yeti, but what's your guys opinion based on experience? I'm looking for, obviously, a good mic to record sax.


Hi all,

I am new to saxophone and have the chance to pick up a Roland AE-10 Aerophone. I like to play many types of instruments and sax has always interested me. What are your thoughts on this instrument?...and yes, I am also looking at an alto but for now looking to start on the AE-10.Thanks for your help.


Hey r/saxophonics, it’s me again. What are your thoughts on the Selmer Soloist line of horns? My community has one for a great deal and I love the selmer brand. Any opinions?


I have a 1930s Conn 6M. When I first got it, I used my Selmer C* mouthpiece on it, and it played wicked flat. I borrowed a 1927 Buescher mouthpiece from my teacher, and that allowed me to actually play in tune. He suggests that I buy a large chambered Caravan mouthpiece, and is 99% sure it will play in tune on my Conn. Has anyone tried Caravan mouthpieces on vintage Conns? I want to make sure that it'll work before I make my purchase.


so i plan on teaching myself sax( i live out in a tiny town, no i cant just go down to walmart and buy a sax instructor or something like that) any advice on how to learn/ where to find instruction online or in a book, and how do i deaden the sound so as to not annoy the room mate?


Hello, I just got an old selmer radio improved alto fixed up at a music shop. I’ve been messing around with it and it seems like 1 out of 10 times I can get it to sound right, but the other majority of the time when I try to play a B I struggle to get sound out at all and when I do it’s not right. Too high. Is there something I should look for that maybe the repair guy missed?


I have a sax neck with a hole drilled in the neck for a pickup. An electric sax addition. Any advice on patching the hole? It's a vintage Conn 6m in otherwise very nice shape. Has anybody on here had any success with patching a hole like this?