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So, Mendini by Cecilio horns: Are they okay or are they terrible?

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They're really really bad. Get a used Yamaha sax

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No no no. Mendini and Allora are truly shitty saxophones and not worth the little money they cost.

Nope. Neither of those are good

I used to work for Music & Arts, and I can confirm that ALL of the Allora instruments are cheap garbage. They are the brand of M&A and they make a much larger profit over a comparable Yamaha.

The cheapest alto is currently the Allora AAAS-301 for $500, and I know M&A pays about $100 per unit. That means each instrument didn't cost more than $60 to make!

Yamaha's entry level alto, the YAS-26, is currently selling for $2300. M&A pays about $1300 per unit which means the instrument costs about $900 to make.

It may seem like $1000>$400 but spending $1300 to make $1000 is a worse Return On Investment than $100 to make $400.

Look at it this way: do you want a $60 sax or a $900 instrument?

A lot of teachers I know refer to Mendini instruments as "instrument-shaped objects". In addition to not sounding great, they're made from cheap materials that bend and break pretty easily.

They're absolutely atrocious. You might save money on the instrument but spend a lot more on repairs in the future.

As a technician, I will NEVER work on those horns. I cannot get replacement parts and it becomes a liability for me to take them into the shop.


They make pretty kickass lamps.

i got one on craigslist for 100 bucks and i love it, i wouldnt have been able to afford a saxophone otherwise

Per the comments.. I'm so pleased with my purchase!

I didn't want to drop the money on a new Yamaha so I ended up getting a new Mendini. I'm a struggling beginner but I just really wanted to get my hands on one December 2017. I did an only regret my purchase based on comments like this.. I haven't played a quality sax yet so no comparison.

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Just skip allora altogether

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