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Over A Cliff written by Shonda Rhimes and directed by Tom Verica.


Why does Olivia Pope walk like she's got a tree stump rammed up her ass?


VERY CONFUSING & DISAPPOINTING SERIES FINALE.... I’m so confused and I don’t know what to do with what I just watched. S7E17 was so climactic and great. I’m hoping this isn’t just me...


I tried to get into Scandal last year, I think I watched the first 2 episodes. I don't remember them. I don't want to restart there.
I've watched all of Grey's Anatomy. So I assume Scandal has some dramatic, bomb in a body cavity, ferry boat crash, plane crash, shooting, heart in an evlevator, heart in a box, dramatic/outrageous episodes nobody should miss?
I also enjoy when social justice comes into play so any stand-out episodes in particular that highlight LGBT rights, anti-racism, women's equality.
And just any LGBT content in general if there is any?



This is my first time posting. So, I've been mostly binge watching for a couple weeks. I'm at episode 6 of season seven and I can't figure out if we are supposed to like Olivia? Does she have any redeeming qualities anymore?

I also can't figure out her intense anger at Papa Pope now. After everything, she still seemed to want his approval and at times a close father/daughter relationship. Why now is she so cold towards him? What am I missing?

I just feel really disappointed at this point. I'll keep watching but I'm not sure who on rooting for at this point!


Does OPA ever start taking clients again?

Right now Liv is just working for Mellie and I don’t think that they’ve had any clients in a few episodes...


I'm just starting season 3 and I don't get it. Did she murder some children that I missed or something?

Everyone is just so freaking mean to her. I can't remember the last time anyone was nice to her for a reason that wasn't self-serving.

I'm officially team Mellie.


I'm halfway through season three and getting bored but I don't want to miss something important.


Does anyone else wish Abby would have been casted off/killed 3 seasons ago?


I couldn't imagine Scandal without Tony Goldwyn as Fitz, but I was just wondering who we could've seen as Fitz.

I also read that Gabrielle Union auditioned for Olivia, imagine seeing that!


Olivia daddy had me rolling with those 70s styled gas up moves. He litterally did the James brown in front of a toy dinosaur for confidence. 😂😂😂😂 I love that man tho.


Hello Scandal and West Wing Weekly fans --

On June 15th, from noon to 1pm PDT (7pm to 8pm GMT/UTC), the cohost of the West Wing Weekly podcast Joshua Malina will be dropping by the /r/WestWingWeekly/ reddit community to answer your questions.

Please post your questions in the AMA thread posted at /r/WestWingWeekly/.

And while you're there, upvote the questions you want answered. We'll be running the thread in contest mode up until the time of the AMA.

Go to the AMA thread, ask your questions now, mark your calendar for June 15th noon PDT (7pm GMT/UTC), and come back on Friday to see the questions being asked and respond to Josh in real time.

JOSHUA MALINA: Upon graduation from Yale University with a B.A. degree in Theatre, Josh made his professional acting debut in the Broadway production of A Few Good Men, written by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin. Josh went on to star as Jeremy Goodwin in Sorkin’s critically-acclaimed television series Sports Night. He worked with Sorkin once again on The West Wing, joining the cast in the fourth season. On the big screen, he has appeared in Bulworth, In the Line of Fire, and A View from the Top, among others. Josh starred for seven seasons as U.S. Attorney General David Rosen in ABC’s hit show Scandal. (@JoshMalina)

THE WEST WING WEEKLY is an episode-by-episode discussion of one of television’s most beloved shows, The West Wing. The West Wing Weekly (tWWW) podcast is co-hosted by one of its stars, Joshua Malina, along with Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder. tWWW is a proud member of the Radiotopia podcast network, from PRX.

Thanks for participating.


HTGAWM & scandal are amazing shows and they are amazing bad ass African American women leaders in these shows. Dead.


Im in the middle of season 2 and I hate how they just covered up defiance and the president killed verna, and how david rosen got screwed. Does 'defiance' ever get justice?


I posted this a few days ago and several comments asked me to continue giving my feedback as I watched. So this is part two.

This comment is written mid-watch of S1 Ep. 5.

Spoilers below.


The gay chief of staff is like Hitler in a fabulous suit but I still like him? What. The. Actual.

And torture is treated like alcoholism? So stressful.

I found Liv trusting the President's word 'because you know me' a bit hard to swallow when that same line was a lie like two days ago.

I love the red head whose name I still don't remember. She's everything I want my spirit animal to be.

I'll keep posting and offering my opinion at the moment I'm viewing if anyone is interested in this sort of thing.


here are some thoughts in no particular order but I haven't been able to talk to anyone who's seen it while I was watching, so

  • what the hell happened after like season 5? did I miss the part where I started watching an entirely different show somehow?

  • I wish Shonda wasn't so obsessed with the idea of playing out the same story from different perspectives over multiple episodes, it gets really boring

  • she also did the same annoying monologue thing she did in Grey's where monologues are like 9th grade essays repeating their thesis statement at the end of each body paragraph, it's really impactful the first few times but after a couple of monologues you can pretty much tell when the character is going to repeat their thesis

  • did anyone else feel a little weirded out that for a while after Harrison died and then Marcus Walker came in to work at OPA and it lowkey felt like replacing a black guy with just another black guy (but also Marcus developed his own story pretty quickly so that weirdness didn't last long)

  • I can't believe I am this emotionally invested in a couple that literally bonded over torturing people

  • also related when Quinn fake died I came very close to just quitting because she was most of what I was watching for at that point, I mostly just continued in hopes of seeing Olivia Pope brought to justice

  • this is probably the angriest I've been at a main character ever

  • also Olitz was the least convincing TV couple I've ever seen?? like maybe it's because they were established when the show began but it just felt like there was no chemistry there

  • Olivia and Jake, on the other hand,,,,,,,,,,

  • there was a time when Jake was also interested in wearing the white hat I wish they hadn't done that Jake so dirty

  • Mellie is such a republican name, oh my god

  • I was really impressed at the republican gay couple who worked through their drama... but then bury your gays oops (although the fact that Cyrus survived the entire show is impressive, even if he didn't deserve to survive)

  • politically I really liked it and I was excited to see it discuss a lot of important and current topics (although I was, uh, taken aback to hear the words "that's certainly a hot take" on a scripted television show)

  • Susan Ross was a blessing upon this earth and I miss her

  • as an asexual person I really super enjoyed listening to an entire episode of Mellie and Fitz arguing and equating "not being a sexual being" to "being dead inside", that was fun

  • I wish they'd had more just like, working people's cases instead of the whole overarching world domination plots (but that might just be a me thing, I also watched Supernatural mainly for the monster of the week before it got terrible)

  • overall I'm glad I binged it after the whole thing ended because some of those cliffhangers would have destroyed me but also I'm pretty sure I would have dropped off somewhere in season 6 if I was watching week-to-week



- Cyrus would be dead or in jail

- Olitz would have better, more quality screen time

- Huck would have had a family

- David would live AND get to serve some justice

- Quinn and Charlie would have had a way better wedding

- OPA would have had an old school kick ass case! And done some SERIOUS Gladiating


Seems cool so far, but I hear it goes downhill. Is there a good point to stop at? Should I just watch the first season?


I didn't have time for tv the past few years so I've been binge watching a lot of stuff I never started recently.

I just got done/caught up on How To Get Away With Murder and The Expanse before that.

I forgot how much fun it is to see competent professionals that actually like each other and look out for each other without bodies dropping every other episode.

The drama feels real and relatable to the real world. The little ways the characters wink and nod to each other because they are all awesome is great.

I'm only halfway through the first season and really hope this tone is kept throughout.

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