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So I asked "Wait, you have anosmia?" And he said "Yeah, I do! How the hell do you know what that is?"


And we both had a good laugh


Sometimes black, sometimes blue, it's just that blue seems much more common so I was wondering if there's any reason J.D. wears black scrubs sometimes, or if he just likes to.


I absolutely love the series, and I'm currently on my 10th or 11th time rewatching the whole thing, though this time with my girlfriend, and I gotta say, I think this is an episode I'll skip in future runs alongside "My Musical" (though this is because I'm not a terribly huge fan of musicals and dislike it when actors who can't sing well try to sing, I just find it so cringey). There's a couple of things that are sorta weird with this episode as a whole, and if you're down to read why, I'll explain it to ya.

But first, here's the synopsis, copied straight from the wiki:

"J.D. is jealous that Sean Kelly is back in Elliot's life, and also worried that his relationship with Turk will change now that he and Carla have set a date for their wedding. He can't understand why Turk is so reluctant to acknowledge how close their bond as best friends is, and in particular to go out and celebrate their friendship. A patient of Turk's makes the reason clear: He is gay, and the resemblance of him and his life partner to J.D. and Turk is uncanny.

Meanwhile, Carla discovers an unmarked urine specimen, but no one else seems to care about identifying it, and so it becomes her obsession. At last the Janitor, who is frightened of Carla, finds the label identifying it.

Although Elliot is happy to be with Sean again, he doesn't want to be a couple, because he was devastated the last time she dumped him. Elliot assures him that she won't put her job ahead of him now that she's not an intern anymore, but she is forced to cancel their first date and realizes that the hospital always has to come first. She admits this to Sean, but promises that she will give as much of herself to the relationship as she can if he is willing to give her a chance; he accepts this promise.

After Turk discusses his problem with J.D. with his gay patient, who makes him feel better, Turk and J.D. do go out for a celebration, and their friendship is restored."

I find it to be an odd episode but lemme give it some credit. The B-stories are solid. Carla trying to figure out who the pee belongs to is great, and I like how Elliot learns a lesson about how to manage her priorities in the workplace and in her personal life. Those and the little side gags are solid, just like any other episode. Even the parallel with Turk and J.D. and the patient and his husband is funny. However, there's a couple of points about the main story that really bug me.

1) It hasn't aged well. First off, I understand that sitcoms in the 90s and early 2000s didn't really know how to tackle the topic of homosexuality, and this wasn't a necessarily bad way to do it. However the "That's gay" jokes sorta feel weird in our world nowadays. I'm not a totally PC guy, but as I've gotten older, I feel kinda weird hearing, "That's gay" when referring to something that isn't traditionally masculine/something that's traditionally feminine. It's just kinda odd, and the jokes don't really land as well in today's current social context.

2) The conflict feels manufactured. Turk and J.D. are best friends, and have been shown to have been friends since their freshman year in college. So they've been friends for roughly 8 years until this point. It doesn't really make sense for Turk to be uncomfortable spilling his feelings with J.D., especially when he's done it several times before in the show. Hell, even going back to the very first episode, he tells J.D. that he loves him in a genuine way. It doesn't make sense that he'd suddenly be all weirded out about just hanging with J.D. and getting deep. I mean, he's talked to J.D. about falling in love with Carla, getting ready to marry her, feeling rejected by her when she wouldn't say yes, and giving J.D. his opinion on his feelings towards Elliot, and NOW he decides he's feeling awkward about sharing how he feels about stuff? It's just inconsistent and it doesn't mesh well with what we know about Turk so far.

3) Turk isn't shown to be all that homophobic before this episode, and even since then he isn't weirded out by the concept. Like I said, he's obviously not afraid to tell another man that isn't his family that he loves him. In the season 2 premier, they slept in the same bed when Carla kicked him out, and Turk keeps cracks jokes about them being in bed together, yet it's J.D. that's uncomfortable by the concept of being in bed with a guy. I forget which episode this next bit comes from, but once in season 1 I believe, J.D. mentions Turk felt up a transgendered person, and his response was, "Baby, he/she had a body that was rockin'.". He doesn't back away from his potentially having done it, if anything, he doubles down, something a homophobe probably wouldn't do. He's obviously comfortable enough in his sexuality to say out loud that he Loves J.D., to share a bed with another man, and to admit he felt up someone who might've had the same downstairs parts he does. So why does the man on man action make him uncomfortable? Like I said in the previous bit, it just feels manufactured for the episode and inconsistent with the character we've known up until this point.

4) While I'm knockin' down the episode, I looked at the wiki and found out there were a few inconsistencies. Copied from the wiki: "In the scene with Sean at SeaWorld, Elliot is already wet before the dolphin actually flips water on her.". "When Turk and J.D. are talking to Will Quinn for the first time, approximately five minutes into the episode, Turk says that they did not have a car in med school. However, it was revealed in "My New Old Friend" that J.D. has had Malik since he was 17.". "When J.D. throws the chart out of the window, there are two errors: Turk's stance changes from standing upright to leaning on the bed and Turk is holding a patient's chart at the end of the scene, despite not holding a chart throughout the scene.". Might as well mention it if I'm throwin' fuel on the fire.

5) Super nitpicky, but the whole Journey thing feels almost unearned and the ending sequence is too damn cheesy for my taste. I mean damn. I'm all for my silly stuff, but why is Elliot on a train if we know she has a car (which we even saw earlier in the episode)? We don't even get that many references to Journey throughout the episode to really justify calling it, "My Journey". J.D.'s love for the band gets mentioned once at the beginning, and that's it. It doesn't even feel like much of a journey has taken place in this episode, so why name it after the band or have their song play at the end? It feels like someone just wanted to make that ending sequence and did whatever they could to justify making it.

Overall, the B-stories and gags in this episode are just as good as all the other episodes, but the main story is just really off. It kinda dates the series when you see it, the conflict between J.D. and Turk feels forced, and Turk suddenly is homophobic when we've seen before that he isn't. The episode doesn't strengthen their relationship or give it some new context to deepen it. If anything, it feels like they were 2 steps back when it began and then got on track to how they always were. It's just really odd. Like I said, in the future, I'm probably gonna skip this one.

What do you guys think?


It was...ok. I mean it’s definitely not as good as the rest of scrubs. And it was hard to get through the first episode. And the main character, Lucy is...just awful. But the supporting cast is amazing. Dave Franco’s character Cole is really funny. I wanted to see more of him and Turk.I really got invested in Drew and Mahoney’s relationship. I kinda wished to see more...


And appreciate the absolute genius that is Brendan Fraser? He adds a tremendous amount of depth to every episode he is in. And his final episode is one of my top three favorites of the entire series, to the point that I can't watch it if I'm already sad. Just rewatching the series yet again and, every time, i think about how great he is... just felt like acknowledging it.

Also, him and Dr. Cox playing kissy-chicken is too good.

Edit: Fraser** not "Frasier", thanks u/randalpinkfloyd


“....If I were you, I’d go ahead and swallow that entire mouthful of baby carrots. Because, if I hear you make even one more damn crunch, I’m gonna use the remainder of the carrots in that bag to make you completely air-tight, son.”


Mention their names if possible for no confusion.


Found it on Hulu, not regreting binge-watching either! You know, reading comments and bad reviews with the voice of Dr. Cox in your head just makes reading them that much funnier Barbie! Lol




JD: Let's face the facts about me and you, our love unspecified Though I'm proud to call you "chocolate bear" The crowd will always talk and stare.

TURK: I feel exactly those feelings too And that's why I keep them inside 'Cause this bear, can't bare the world disdain And sometimes is easier to hide

JD & TURK: Than explain our guy love, that's all it is Guy love he's mine I'm his There's nothing gay about it in our eyes

TURK: You ask me 'bout this thing we share...

JD: ...And he tenderly replies

TURK: It's guy love...

JD & TURK: ...between two guys.

TURK: We're closer than the average man and wife.

JD: That's why our matching bracelets say Turk and J.D.

TURK: You know I'll stick by you for the rest of my life...

JD: You're the only man who's ever been inside of me!

TURK: Whoa whoa! I just took out his appendix.

JD: There's no need, to clarify...

TURK: Oh no?

JD: Just let it grow more and more each day. It's like I've married my best friend...

TURK: But in a totally manly way!

JD & Turk: Let's go! It's guy love, don't compromise, The feeling of some other guy. Holding up your heart into the sky.

JD: I'll be there to care through all the lows.

Turk: I'll be there to share the highs.

JD & TURK: It's guy love, between two guys.

JD: And when I say, "I love you, Turk,", It's not what it implies.

JD & TURK: It's guy love Between... Two... Guys.

JD: No hands.


JD gets shit on for saying this to George in “My Last Words,” and that always bothered me.

I think it’s a really simple, nice way to look at things. My grandpa recently passed away during a surgery, and he told my family before that he was going to be thinking about the beach before they put him out. If your last moment you’re thinking about something simple and happy instead of being full of anxiety and fear, I think that’s all you can ask for.


Rewatching scrubs again. Season one, episode 4. JD’s old lady, damn why, why does it have to be so touching. Just kidding that what makes this show so great, lots of humor and moments of compassion. Bring on the tissues.


Rewatching scrubs and just watched the episode which focuses on the perspectives of the interns. I absolutely hated the surgical intern. I hated how he individually roasted JD, Elliot, Carla and Dr Cox for their problems when he himself has a massive problem: he's judgemental af. Throughout the whole episode he's just constantly commenting on each of the main characters actions and being sarcastic and judgemental about them, both in his head and straight to the characters faces, like when he immediately sarcastically compared JD's speech to the Martin Luther king speech. It just annoys me how he feels he has a right to roast all the characters at the end when he should in fact be minding his own business. This is probably a strange, unpopular opinion but oh well I'll just post it anyway.

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