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Am I the only one who checks the subreddit hoping to hear tales from other crews about your in game antics?

Everyday I find myself looking for tales that may be referring to the adventures of my crew. Happy sailing out there you scurvy dogs. So close to getting my sails!

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Nah man I enjoy them and hope someday to hear about a story I took place in. Becoming a "legend" from a cool story I think is more gratifying than turning in my 100000 chicken.

P.S. Nothing against your favorite current ingame legend, just wish becoming a legend could require something else than grinding.

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I read them at work to fill the void...

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I come here just looking for any crew stories. I love seeing all the different experiences.

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I do this constantly haha.

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Yep! Me and my crew sunk 7 galleons and never got sunk today, yesterday I duoed in a sloop with my buddy and we took out another 5 galleons and again never sank. The pvp portion of this game is amazing if you know what you’re doing,

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You okay there buddy? Want to talk about it?

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